480: Pornography-Induced Erectile Dysfunction – Treatment and Intervention

Ashley James And Brooke Hazen


  • Understanding Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • What are the three different kinds of ED
  • What is Chelation Therapy
  • Bad effects of pornography and semen release addiction
  • Dopamine Addiction

Erectile Dysfunction, commonly referred to as ED, is when it is hard to get or keep an erection firm enough for sex. ED is often a symptom of another health problem or made worse by emotional problems. In this episode, Brooke Hazen shares his wisdom on the causes of Erectile Dysfunction and how to heal the devastating effects without relying on medication.


Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I'm your host, Ashley James. This is episode 480. I am so excited to have Brooke Hazen on the show. Brooke is an organic farmer, lifelong athlete, physical coach, health and fitness enthusiast, and an author. I'm really excited to talk about our subject today which is a deep dive into ED, and uncovering what's going on in your health that is obstructing your sexual health. So what I love to look at is the body speaks to us its symptoms. And this is something I was been taught by many of my naturopathic mentors over the years that the body– we were born with a manual. Right? But if we listen really closely to the symptoms of our body, we can begin to hear the messages our body's trying to tell us. 

In Erectile Dysfunction both in men and women or I should back up sexual dysfunction in men or women, anyone, any adult who notices that they have a difficult time being aroused or painful sex or just all the issues around that or not even wanting it. Any of that is a great indication of hormone imbalance, of pelvic floor dysfunction, of nutrient deficiency, and the list goes on and on. In fact, Erectile Dysfunction just for men, as an example is an early sign of diabetes and heart disease as a result because it's a cardiovascular issue. One of the actual issues is cardiovascular.

Brooke, what I love is that you're really going to dive down deep into it and show us the different aspects of this dysfunction and how we can heal our body holistically as a whole to have a healthy sexual life because that means it's a symptom. Right? It means, if you have a healthy sexual life, it means that your hormones are balanced, your cardiovascular system is healthy. There's a lot of great things going on. Your pelvic floor is healthy. So we're going to dive into all those things up, but first, I'm just so curious about your organic farming company. I want to learn more about that as well. Can we talk about that first? 

[00:02:40] Brooke Hazen:  Yes. Thank you for having me on. Sure. 

[00:02:42] Ashley James:  Yeah, absolutely. So you have this beautiful organic farm in California. And you make, you cultivate medicinal herbs and a special type of olives that are high in healing properties. How can we buy your products? Because I know you've got this little organic farm to help people gain access to these medicinal products that aren't just in the grocery stores. 

[00:03:15] Brooke Hazen:  Well, I'm moving largely direct to customer at this point. So my website has all the information for getting engaged with my organic farming, part of myself besides my author first and it's called goldridgeorganicfarms.com.

[00:03:32] Ashley James: goldridgeorganicfarms.com. Great. Well, of course, the links to everything that Brooke does is going to be on the show of today's podcast at learntruehealth.com. And of course the link to your book, You Are Not Broken: A Holistic Guide For Men And Women To Heal The Pathways Of Sexual Dysfunction And Restore Relational Harmony Together. That's a mouthful. 

[00:03:55] Brooke Hazen:  Yes, it is. 

[00:03:56] Ashley James:  Absolutely. Well, I've been seeing a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, healing from my last two pregnancies and just I'm learning so much about how for both men and women. In men, it just goes so much more undiagnosed than women. And that, if there's an imbalance in the pelvic floor, it can lead to all kinds of pain or sexual dysfunctions and they might not even think to look there. 

So but that's just one aspect, right? The majority of it is diet and nutrition. Which of course, being an organic farmer and being really interested in medicinal foods, you're seeing that there's a difference that when you consume medicinal quality foods versus just going and eating conventionally grown foods. You see a big difference in your health. What led you because you're such an enthusiast around health and fitness. What led you to become an organic farmer and dive into this world?

[00:04:58] Brooke Hazen:  Well, I just love to be connected to nature and I wanted to do something with my hands that I could see the results of my work. And so I was interested in natural resources at first and then over time, I came a bit down to earth and started getting into organic farming.

[00:05:18] Ashley James:  And how many years have you been doing it?

[00:05:21] Brooke Hazen:  My whole adult life. I studied it in college and ever since I got out in evening college I started apprenticing and afterwards, I eventually started my own farm.

[00:05:32] Ashley James:  Love it. Now a little bit off-topic, but I'm really curious with this state of affairs going on. Are you being affected by the global fertilizer shortages?

[00:05:45] Brooke Hazen:  No. I believe that's more synthetic fertilizers and I'm organic and so those are usually natural materials. They aren’t natural materials.

[00:05:57] Ashley James:  Fascinating. So we're going to see sort of a bump in the organic farming world because they aren't reliant on the fertilizers that now we have a massive shortage of.

[00:06:09] Brooke Hazen:  Yeah. Yeah, we should. Hopefully. 

[00:06:12] Ashley James:  Cool. Well, keep buying organic. Keep supporting those local farmers that are doing such good for our bodies and for the world. I love it. 

[00:06:19] Brooke Hazen: Thank you.

[00:06:20] Ashley James: Okay, so tell your story. So what happened to you, when you went to school to become a farmer? You got super excited about organic farming. What led you down this path that had you write this book?

[00:06:33] Brooke Hazen:  Well, this beautiful journey started several years ago when I started noticing the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction. I don't even like to use that word, Erectile Dysfunction because that's really a word that's meant to sort of cast a veil of mysticism and disempowerment over us. When I'm going to end up breaking it down for you, it's really nothing that could be further from the truth. We have a very simple and easy solutions for all the different types of ED unidentified whether that's organic, or neurological, or energetic, and I actually had more of an arousal issue that's neurologically based. 

So that's Dopamine, mainly. I also had an energetic ED from releasing my semen too often and I was doing this because I was addicted to pornography. It really isn't an addiction and I'll tell you why, when we get into this further. So what I did at that time I had no idea what all this was. And I did what everyone else thought which was to reach out to Western Medicine. And they, of course, they prescribed me the only remedy they have which is a very specific pharmaceutical for cardiovascular blood flow. 

And I actually had in millions of men actually, and women, actually have porn-induced Erectile Dysfunction, which is the neurologically-based form of Erectile Dysfunction or really an arousal dysfunction where we become desensitized to sex, to our partner, and to life. And it can escalate to the point where eventually you no longer could get aroused to not only your partner, a real-life partner. Which is what was happening to me– but also your favorite pornography. Eventually, you become fully desensitized to life completely on every level. So, I didn't know all of this, so I was experiencing debilitating side effects because I was being misdiagnosed and misprescribed. Just like millions of men right now with blood flow-inducing pharmaceutical drugs. When I actually had something that was easily fixable and curable that was neurologically based. 

So we don't realize how the immense burdens that men are under when they're addicted to pornography. There's a few different things happening all at once. There's this unneeded burden of debilitating side effects from the Erectile Dysfunction drugs I just mentioned, which causes fatigue and all kinds of horrible symptoms. But there's also, what I found out later was debilitating side effects of being addicted to pornography, which is perpetual dopamine crashes and associated fatigue, and mood imbalance, and distancing in the relationships that takes place. 

Furthermore, we have this undue burden of The Scarlet Letter that Western Medicine places on men which is the word Erectile Dysfunction, and all the associated loss of identity, and confidence, and confusion, and disempowerment that comes with it. So I was going through all these burdens at the time and the reason I wrote this book because I want to help others avoid this and there are millions going through this right now. The fastest-growing segment of ED is Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction and this energetic form of semen release through pornography. 

So, as I was going through this process, I was going through so much. I'll never forget that I felt like a gerbil on an experimental wheel with all these different types of pharmaceutical EDs and they were debilitating, they were exacting and mechanical and I was dependent on them. It was not in resonance with who I am, my heart, and my soul. But during this time, I was praying to God and I was praying for a natural drug which could not have side effects and works. And I was never going to get that prayer answered because God had so much more in store for me besides a drug that I was dependent on, whether that's natural or that's pharmaceutical. As I ran out of options, there was nothing left for me in the pharmaceutical realm. I fell into a deep depression for weeks at a time. And now, it's when I began to let go of my control and release myself completely into God's arms and pray for a true healing miracle. 

It was at that time, God actually did hear me and gave me a true healing miracle. And God decided to start the journey that I was to take place of restoring not only the most incredible sexual health beyond what I ever could have imagined, but also my overall physical health, my relational health, and my mental and emotional health. And God also showed me how this is all intertwined. God is the ultimate, holistic healer, the power behind all holistic healing. If we just let God in, we can unleash all the power, unlimited potential of our minds. And the key to doing that, I have found and I'll never forget why God led me first to Your Brain On Porn website by Gary Wilson, was to show myself and everyone that this key, this foundation, all starts with our neurology. Having healthy neurology meaning balanced dopamine levels, as well as our overall chi sexual energy by simply getting rid of our addictions to pornography and semen release. That is really where we must start and that's where is the foundation for really launching us into massive transformation on every level. It's all intertwined and connected. It is all holistic.

[00:12:45] Ashley James: I love it. You were led to this website, Your Brain On Porn and how long did it take to reverse this issue and be healed?   

[00:13:01] Brooke Hazen: Yeah, that's a great question. So this process of rewiring, and rebuilding, and regrooving our neuro chemistry, these neurotransmitter hormones of dopamine because this is a dopamine addiction when you're addicted to pornography, on par with actually the same level as cocaine and morphine addicts. In fact, the dopamine levels have been measured to be just as low as cocaine and morphine addicts. But this process takes anywhere from, it takes at least months but sometimes a year. It could go as long as two years but what I've found is this process of rewiring and re-sensitizing ourselves to life, actually can take a couple of years and I'm still seeing increased sensitivity to everything around me. And this includes also sort of refraining from virtual type of imagery, not just pornography, but this whole fantasy of pixels on a screen because it's really our neurology is getting desensitized to life by this whole fantasy of what's going on in our brain. 

And our brain cannot actually tell the difference between a fantasy and a real life. So men actually believe they're on this successful campaign with meeting a wide range of novel needs, which is getting into the mating behaviors that is so prominent in pornography and in relationships today that is really poisonous to long-term sustainable relationships. 

But there's really three different kinds of ED and I want to demystify them. I want to educate us about it because I believe that there's so much myths and misconceptions around it that really Western Medicine sort of promotes indirectly because they really have one tool for resolving it and that is this one form of medication. They have no idea what to do with the fastest-growing segment of ED which is neurologically based ED. And they're never going to give you a holistic approach that's curative and preventative. You can try as much as you want, they will never give that to you. They only have this one tool and even that one tool does not actually resolve organic ED which is physical source of ED, which was everyone talks about. 

You were talking about Kegels and I get into all that deeply in the book. The second half of my book covers all of organic ED. But first, we have to really focus on the real problem. We have to go to neurologically-based ED and energetic ED first. And those are the first two that I've found are the preprominent source of EDs taking place today and where we must go first. 

And we're actually the only ones capable—we're so empowered. We're the only ones capable of actually resolving the first two major types of ED which is neurologically-based and energetic-based by simply refraining from pornography and semen release. Mainstream Western Medicine can't do that for us. Nobody can do that for us. Except each individual has to do that, that has this addiction. So the three types are PIED, Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction. Which we don't talk enough about neurology but we need our neurology for getting aroused, knowing to sex in our partner back to life. And the second form is Energetic ED, which is has to do with our semen release, releasing our semen too often and that just causes a depletion in our chi sexual energy. 

Our chi sexual energy cannot be separated from our overall energy because chi is really our life force. It's God within us. And dopamine is our drive or inspiration, determination, and the will of God for us to become our ideal selves. God has given us this gift of neuro chemistry and energies that we're simply abusing. And Eastern traditions are totally familiar with this. It's just in the West we aren't and we are simply abusing these gifts that had been given by God and the answer is really easy and simple. It's to give up this addiction to pornography and semen release. That's the answer.

And then, Organic ED is the third one. That's the one that we always go to. And we're sort of brainwashed to go to automatically. We gets so focused on Organic ED and I'm not saying that we shouldn't. I'm saying at first, we need to focus on the first two because the reason is that you can have even if Western Medicine does prescribe, if they look out and that one little slippery tool that they have for ED does actually land our selves on someone that has Blood Flow Restricted ED. They still maybe watching pornography and releasing semen in pornography and they will not resolve their ED until they first resolved those two. And then, we can look at whether we have a blood flow issue or we have a hormonal issue and all this is Physical Organic ED is definitely resolvable naturally without side effects. 

I go into it in my book with the Chelation IVs for arteriosclerosis. Western Medicine doesn't even with their ED medication, Viagra, and all that, the blood flow inducing nitric oxide, inducing medications, doesn't actually cure anything. I just saw it clear. I know, you know this Ashley, but those listening, it doesn't cure a thing. It actually just bypasses the real underlying source of vision which is what I get into my book in my exploration that God led me on. 

I got the real source of what is causing blood flow ED which is arteriosclerosis. But even deeper than that, it's not just arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is a symptom. What actually is causing nitric oxide dysfunction that Western Medicine is jumpstarting with nitric oxide-inducing pharmaceutical ED medication. Well, the answer is what goes in our mouths. It's what we drink or breathe through the form of heavy metals. It's what we eat with an animal-based diet which is full of saturated fats, carcinogens, and free radicals, as well as pollutants, and smoking. That's the source of arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is really a symptom. It's a conglomeration of plaque, calcification, and heavy metals. And we have ways to get rid of all this through Chelation IV therapy, Plaque X IV therapy, and we can break up that conglomeration. I did it myself, actually. 

There's numerous studies which also that I'll cite later that show that we do not need to have people dying anymore of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks. We do not need to have people suffering with this The Scarlet Letter of Erectile Dysfunction. I have solutions in my book that God has given me to give to everyone that I pulled together all aspects of holistic health related to sexual health. Because sexual health is intertwined with everything else, our neurology, our cardiovascular, our hormonal in our nervous system, as well as our mental health, emotional health, and our relationships. It's all intertwined and I think Western Medicine wants to make us think you can isolate sexuality, sexual dysfunction to simply the genital pelvic region can take one pill. One little pill that's going to resolve it. That pill will never replace true healing.

[00:21:35] Ashley James: Right. You just summed up my entire podcast.

[00:21:42] Brooke Hazen: I knew, you've loved that.

[00:21:44] Ashley James: Drug-based medicine has its place. If you're looking for results, if you're looking for getting to the root cause, if you're looking for true health, pharmaceutical-based medicine is a very small slice of the pie. Very, very small. But what we've been raised to believe is that it's the whole pie or 95% of the pie and then there is some alternative pie you can go explore. But really first, you should get into a bunch of drugs. So the first thing we have to do is we have to pull ourselves out of the matrix that we've been born and raised in. We have been brainwashed since birth to believe that the medical industry is the best, and has all the answers, and the MD with their little prescription pad has all the answers. Right? 

And if you're listening to this podcast, you probably have a clue that they don't. I've had so many doctors on my show who went through the medical system and spent half a million dollars and 8-12 years to become these amazing doctors, only to find that they are just paid for and education on how to sell drugs. And that they weren't getting results. They were actually helping their patients. And so many of the doctors that interviewed them had health issues of their own and their own style of medicine couldn't heal them. So then they had to find natural medicine and that's what healed them. And then they woke up and they went, oh my gosh, I was brainwashed in a system. 

This drug-based system, again, is a very small slice of the pie, but the problem is we've been brainwashed to believe, it's the pie, its the whole pie. Once we wake up and realized, we have to advocate for ourselves. We have to do things like listen to podcasts and read books. Learn from people like Brooke Hazen, who's showing us that the mainstream medical system will never ever talk to you about your dopamine levels, about porn addiction, about your energetic health, about your pelvic floor health, about ways that you can reverse heart disease, and the diet, and the chelation. All the things that you can do to reverse heart disease, your doctors won't going to talk to you about that. You have to go out. You have to find the right holistic doctor. You have to find the books. You have to find the information yourself. We have to advocate and we have to be the conductor of our orchestra. Right? It's the orchestra is the holistic people that we go to. The chiropractor, and the homeopath, and the acupuncturist, and naturopath like our whole orchestra are there to help us and we're the conductor. We have to take matters into our own hands and be willing to explore different things like be willing to throw out, unplug the TV, unplug it, stop watching the news. Like you said, stop watching the screen and put the cell phone away. Stop watching porn and address the dopamine imbalance. And this is for men and women. I know, statistically, largely more men than women watch porn but this is not just a male issue. I believe that all people, all adults. And the problem now is children have access to it, younger and younger and younger.

In my state of Washington, they're teaching masturbation to fourth-graders in our public school system. It's getting kind of weirder and weirder out here. But what we have to get is that addiction. 

I had a great interview with Dr. Joan Ifland and we talked about this addiction brain is not just alcohol, or methamphetamines, or cocaine. It can be porn, right? It can be alcohol. Yes, but it could also be something that's more socially acceptable. Right? It could be sugar, it could be drinking wine, but it could be porn, it could be whatever you're addicted to, whatever that causing this dopamine imbalance. And then, the dopamine balance gives you this plethora of effects, of side effects which one is your sexual dysfunction but the other is like you said, you have distance with your partner. Maybe you're quick to anger, maybe you're depressed, maybe you're unmotivated or agitated. It'll show up in your work performance. It'll show up even in your willingness to live, willingness to like go out there and live a life, and your enthusiasm or your zest for life, starts just to deplete.

And from, I don't know, but it's more of a spiritual sense. It's almost like demonic energies, demonic vampires are sucking the life out of us when we plug into these little outlets that gives us temporary pleasure but then so drain us. They suck us dry of the vital life force. So we have to be really protective of where we go to get our pleasure. Go get your pleasure from walking with your partner, holding their hand, and looking at a sunset, or go play with your kids, or grandkids, or either your nieces or nephews at the park. Get pleasure from something that's wholesome and protects you from these outlets that might give you a temporary boost and pleasure but then completely suck you dry of your vital life force. So I see, you're talking about is part of this grand scheme to keep as rats just so preoccupied, running around preoccupied and we don't wake up. Let's advocate for ourselves.

[00:27:58] Brooke Hazen: It's kind of amazing because the elephants in the room are so in front of us but nobody's talking about it in Western Medicine with blood flow issues related to ED. Nobody's talking about diet when it comes to arteriosclerosis. Nobody talks about the root cause of it. Heavy metals have been shown to be a very big factor now, but also, what we're eating. The food what we're eating is what's causing it, as well as smoking and environmental pollutants. 

The other elephant in the room nobody talks about with ED is this pornography epidemic. We're at the end of a two-decade-long massive experiment on the global population with free internet porn. And the results are in and they are harrowing. There's an entire generation of young men who are unable to perform sexually with a real partner and engage with any connected, intimate relationship. It's really a dopamine addiction. And I want to tell you why this is. We don't understand in the West but Eastern traditions are well aware for millennia is the enormous tool in ejaculation really is semen release. That's why I don't say it as ejaculation but I say semen release because we can still ejaculate and have full-body orgasms. It's the semen release that causes this intense dopamine drop where dopamine crashes and prolactin rises. And this intense refractory period and period of replenishment takes place where the body pulls all the most precious resources of growth factor hormones and nutrients from all the parts of our body with the sole purpose of replacing that vital sperm. That's really is our liquid gold.

So the pornography and semen release is a super stimulus and it because it combines the two. It combines the semen release with that dopamine effect that I just mentioned, which causes massive mood swings, fatigue, and distancing in our relationship. But it's also the super stimulus of the novelty. The constant novelty that takes place with pornography, where we're just desensitizing and building these neural pathways in our brain that's specific to just gets us aroused. And this is what slowly replaces our partners in real life. That's actually what's happening. 

So this super stimulus that's taking place and actually the brain cannot tell the difference between a chemical addiction like alcohol, morphine, cocaine, and in neurological addiction which is pornography. And so, what happens is the brain actually is completely overwhelmed with this super stimulus of the imagery, combined with the dopamine crashes and the semen release. And the brain starts canceling out dopamine receptor sites and dopamine levels, and they crash to very low levels. And so, as I mentioned, these are gifts we've been given. This affects not just our sexual performance, but our arousal to life really, to everything because our physical selves, our physical health is completely inseparable from sexual health. 

Millennia is the protruding member of a vast orchestra, as you mentioned of neurological, nervous, cardiovascular, or hormonal health. It's really the canary in the coal mine that will shout out what our level of health or disease is currently within those systems. But again, the key to unlocking and to making it easier for us to make massive transformations physically lies in this neurology, the balanced neurology, and the balanced energy levels. And people freak out around the concept of semen retention but really it's such a misconception. It's actually, the opposite of what we think. 

The benefits of semen retention is so enormous. First, you have increased sensitivity and potency, sexually. Then, you also have a prolonged sexual experience where you're actually able to cum into alignment with your partner. And women are usually just getting warmed up at the moment and the man is finished. So this gets us in alignment where we can have a much more connective relationship. And most importantly, is we avoid the poison and the decency that takes place through this mating behavior of releasing semen with the sole goal of getting to climax. 

We can cope through Karezza, Tao, and Tantra for Millennia. Eastern cultures have been aware of this, that has been supplanting that's mating behavior with moaning behaviors. And this actually can build long-term relationships through eye gazing, caressing, deep connective sensual play, and respecting, honoring, communication, embracing, and holding, all these behaviors build connection through oxytocin. Mating behaviors are focused really driven by dopamine. We wanted to skip that imbalance. We’d have balanced dopamine levels by disengaging in any form of pornography and we want to get balance energy through semen retention. And we want to have connective relationships through building oxytocin-based behaviors.

[00:33:58] Ashley James: Can you give us examples of behaviors that would help us to balance this in our day-to-day lives?

[00:34:07] Brooke Hazen: Yeah. Well, mating and bonding behaviors- this is something that Marnia Robinson, who wrote a review for my book because she went into detail about in her book, Cupid's Poisoned Arrow. My book actually draws together all the different types, the neurology of pornography, the neurology of relationships, and then, also organic ED, and overall physical and mental, emotional health, and spiritual health. I tie it all together, but she talks about in there how through studies have shown that over hundreds of thousands of years, the brain has developed these neural pathways of either bonding or mating-based behaviors. We have both. 

And we're able to actually talk about biohacking. Biohacking is reclaiming our vitality, vibrancy, and youthful vigor. This is actually a big biohack is supplanting mating behaviors with bonding behaviors. And these bonding behaviors are built over 100,000 years through family, friends, through our immediate culture, through our babies, through our immediate family. These are the kind of behaviors that are extremely connected and build oxytocin. So the mating brain, the mating behavior, which pornography fits perfectly into is actually incredibly poisonous and destructive to long-term relationships because the real sole goal of the mating brain and mating behavior is to spread maximum genetic diversity to a wide range of novel mates. And there's really no end to this search. There's no end to this dopamine addiction of this novel search and this dopamine crashes. In fact, as I mentioned, the dopamine crashes, when we have this semen release, the brain's dopamine levels crash. This process of replenishment and the refractory period lasts for up to two weeks. 

In fact, the largest reverberations can take place at the two-week level. I can tell you as a man that when we're addicted to pornography and even just in masturbation in general, but usually pornography is involved almost all the time. Men are releasing their semen not just every few days, definitely not every two weeks, but they're doing it daily usually, and sometimes multiple times per day. Now what that means is we're getting a perpetual state of chronic fatigue, mood imbalance, and distancing in the relationship. It's truly poisonous to relationships and that's where sexual health crosses into relational health.

[00:37:15] Ashley James: What is interesting, this concept is that by overstimulating yourself with pornography or over masturbation that the brain is in this mindset of wanting to spread the seed as opposed to grow roots in a relationship. And so they become restless within the relationship, they're become agitated, they're not bonded, they're not connected to emotionally to their partner. And are they looking around? Are they looking to cheat? Is this pornography lead to infidelity?

[00:38:07] Brooke Hazen: Yeah. Yes, absolutely. At least, it's going to inevitably lead a partner towards finding a new novel mate in the relationship. Just like it's happening with pornography, it's an escalating addiction where men and women, that actually women are also can get addicted to pornography. It's just that, women, she has more connective behavior. So only 26% of women end up watching pornography weekly, whereas men are at 80%. I think it's probably more.

[00:38:45] Ashley James: You talked about this two week, it takes up to two weeks after one ejaculation for dopamine to rebalance. Can you keep and dive into that and explain that a bit more?

[00:38:57] Brooke Hazen: Yeah. So, science shows that when a semen is released, that this refractory period. This period of replenishment where prolactin rises and dopamine crashes, continues in that sort of ratio for up to two weeks, and it weaves up and down. So maybe, in a few days, it'll sort of you'll come out the overwhelming haze of the first few days can tend to be more intense, but this does continue for up to two weeks that has been shown. So what we're getting is overlapping cycles of dopamine crashes and prolactin rising. 

I mean, forget it, if men are releasing semen multiple times per day, or once a day, or even every few days. They're in a chronic perpetual state of crashed dopamine levels. And again, dopamine is our driver, inspiration, our determination. That's how we become our ideal selves. It's that motivation to be the best we can be. We don't have that anymore. 

And it's entertainment about pornography, this is also new to people that don't understand this in the West. But this is a new experiment that is coming too. But we don't understand what men are going through. Prolactin is actually going back to the replenishment cycle. Prolactin is actually what causes fatigue. It's a chemical that causes fatigue. And the dopamine is that important, what's we need for life. And so, well, I think, as I’m gonna say is that we don't realize that this truly is an addiction that like if we had a cocaine or morphine addict or an alcoholic, per se, and that was our partner in real life, we would not expect them to be fully capable of having an intimate, beautiful—that's the relationship that can possibly have to be at their peak of physical conditioning and to have balanced neurology. Would we? We could expect that.

[00:41:18] Ashley James: While they're fighting the addiction or while they're in the addiction or while they're using?

[00:41:23] Brooke Hazen: While they're in addiction. While they're aware of addiction. Even while they're still in the grips of it. Even if they're aware that they want to get out of it. 

[00:41:29] Ashley James: Right. 

[00:41:30] Brooke Hazen: We wouldn't expect that but with pornography, we're completely unaware that this is the same as an addiction, the brain cannot tell any difference between an alcohol, cocaine, or morphine addiction, and a porn addiction because these are all dopamine addictions that even we have food addictions that are dopamine-driven also. All these are dopamine and that's why I get into organic ED which I want to get into.

Diet is so important. I mean, we could end up using Chelation therapy and get rid of our symptom, arteriosclerosis as is a symptom. Which is we can get rid of the free radical damage. We can get rid of calcification, and plaque buildup, and heavy metals. But if we're continuing to eat an animal-based diet, which is the source of this free radical damage, oxidation through saturated fats, and carcinogens. As we continue to not to deal with the heavy metal buildup in our bodies which is so important and collate that out. Work through the diet. We're going to continue just to keep creating the same problem. We'll never resolve the source of organic ED through cardiovascular. There's really a few different markers that neurologists just look at with organic ED which is the physical ED that's where we always jump. We're always like, oh my god, oh my god, physical ED. 

Well, first we got to deal with neurological and energetic but we can also heighten up even if we don't have organic ED. We can increase our sexual health and prevent further possible organic ED in the future by looking at hormonal. That's what they look at first and that or they look in addition to blood flow. They don't really look at blood flow, they just prescribe medications. But hormonal, we can resolve easily with Bio-identical Pellet Therapy, TRT-Testosterone Replacement Therapy. It's bio-identical and it's natural. It's a pellet that mimic as best as we can find the natural cycles of hormones, testosterone within our body. They'll look at blood flow and that's where I get to the root source of it. And that's where, if we don't look at this holistically, where we're looking at diet too. We're going to just continue to have the same problem because there's this big elephant in the room that is standing right in the middle of our living room that Western Medicine and Western culture is not willing to talk about, which is what we're eating, this heavy metal exposure we have, environmental pollutants, smoking, pornography, and too much semen release.

[00:44:32] Ashley James: So it's like all lifestyle. I mean, it's all lifestyle and then we go to the doctor and they want to give us a drug. I love the meme. I keep seeing it on Facebook. I love the meme, you know, I keep trying to follow the science but it keeps leading me to the money. And the pharmaceutical industry which is petroleum-based — and please if you want to go down to a fun rabbit hole, go down the rabbit hole of the history of the modern medical system beginning with petroleum-based pharmaceuticals. I've had a few guests on that talk about it. But it is a wild trip to go down the understanding last 150,120 years and what's led us up to where we are now.

When you go to a doctor and we put them on such a pedestal, and then they give us a drug that it's not in anyway like giving you an Advil or a Bandaid. It's not in any way figuring out why you had the headache in the first place. It's just that not fixing the problem whatsoever. The problem like you said it's neurological. We have such a dopamine addiction epidemic. If you don't watching porn, look in your life, where you have a compulsion or an addiction. Do you have to watch cooking segmented TV or sugar or like I have a friend, who, she has to drink alcohol on the weekends. Like she'll not drink alcohol on Monday through Friday, but on the weekend, she has to drink alcohol. And it's just like, I'm not saying you're an alcoholic. Right? Because you and I think, maybe an alcoholic is someone who's like shaking up if they're not drinking alcohol. Right?

I talked to her because we're talking about doing a long-term fast and she's like, I can't fast. I have to drink alcohol on the weekends. I have to. I have to drink alcohol on the weekends. So I'm like, you can't skip a weekend? Because we're talking about doing it like a seven-day or longer fast. Absolutely not an option. She has to drink alcohol on the weekend. And if you have there's like, I have to do this and you're not flexible then there's an addiction there. If the substance is controlling your life and you can't leave that substance, like I dated a guy when I was a teenager who couldn't fly on airplanes because he wasn't able to smoke on the airplane. Like he wasn't willing to not have a cigarette for two hours to take a flight somewhere. 

So if a substance is controlling your life, that's an obvious answer. But there's less obvious ones and sometimes our dopamine addictions are really in our blind spots. So talking to someone who's in your life that you really and trust you get vulnerable with to uncover what's going on but like food is a big one. Right? Food is a really big one. Do you get upset if you don't have access to the food you want? Like if you don't get to have dessert or if you don't get to have there's some kind of food you want that you don't have access to it. Do you get angry or irritated? You have to have it. Right? That's just an example. There's a food addiction that can be obvious that you know like you're binge eating. There could be less obvious ones like you always, always have to have a certain thing in your house because you have to eat it every day. So looking at how we can uncover this. 

I had a friend, unfortunately passed away, a really nice guy who was a raging alcoholic. And then he quit cold turkey because his family was losing everything including his family. So he quit cold turkey, and he was amazing after that. Sober for 20 years. But every time I visited him, he had a cigarette in one hand and a candy bar in the other. He absolutely traded one addiction for another. Now he was sober and he was paying the bills and loving on his family. But he always had Halloween candy all year round. It was amazing. How many bags of Halloween candy he buy because he always had giant bags of Halloween candy surrounding him when inside the couch. And a cigarette in one hand, and like just constant candy and sugar in the other. And if he go to a meeting, you'll see always he have copious amounts of sugar. Yes, I'm so proud of them for gaining sobriety from alcohol but they actually didn't stop. They did not conquer the addiction. They didn't bounce their dopamine levels, they're still using. They're just traded in one drug for another. 

So when someone stopped porn, the first thing the brain was going to do is trade in one addiction for another and that's what we want. Make sure we set ourselves up for a success so we don't do that. We want ourselves up so that we heal—like what you've said, heal the nervous system, heal the dopamine levels. Dopamine is not the only chemical going on in our brain like my interview with Joan Iffland, who's a Ph.D. in addiction. And she talks about bouncing different brain chemicals by love. 

Brooke, you are a shining light on this taboo subject because we really want to take – so men, and again, women are affected by this two indifferent way. Like I believe they're affected in a similar way, I should say. But men in our society still are taught and not allowed to be vulnerable. They have to be strong and tough and not allowed to have emotions, that they are not allowed to have breakdowns, and there's a lot of shame and hidden shame. And so for you to shine a light on such a taboo subject where men feel so like they cannot talk about it, right? So you're bringing healing to a part of humanity. Where humanity has not been allowed to shine light on this and heal. So I love the work that you're doing.

[00:50:36] Brooke Hazen: Thank you. Well, dopamine is a cycle that builds further dopamine addictions. It's cyclical. So that's why I said, and God really is telling us that the gateway to allowing God into our lives and for massive transformation on healing level holistically, opening that door to that massive change in our life really starts with balancing the neurology and the energies that we have within us. Those gifts we have, it has to start there. 

[00:51:08] Ashley James: You're going to mention some studies, that you said, you talk about later. Do you have these studies?

[00:51:14] Brooke Hazen:  Yeah. I do want to get into that also. I just want to say to about, I mean, my books were full of biohacks. I mean, the mother of all biohacks is what I just said is that nobody that talks about is, balanced neurology and energy. That's the launching pad for that I've experienced. I can tell you firsthand, this is how I went through this incredible transformation. I believe that's why God led me to this and had me write this book. I promised God to write this book. But I also want to get into the organic further and talk about when I mentioned the plant-based diet, or I mentioned the animal-based diet, and how that's elephant in the room. We can have a plant-based diet and this is really the pinnacle of all diets is a plant-based diet, but if we're not careful, we can still have problems with a plant-based diet.

[00:52:10] Ashley James: You know, Oreos are vegan. The Oreos are vegan. 

[00:52:13] Brooke Hazen: Yeah. Right. 

[00:52:14] Ashley James: You going to watch out this plant-based. If you buy packaged foods and it says plant-based on it like just walk away. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Don't go down the aisles. Like these Frankenfoods, they're not healthy. They're full of oil like full of these processed oils, polyunsaturated, fatty, whatever, like all that stuff. You don't want to eat it. You don't want to eat the canola oil and all that stuff, right? You want to eat real food.

[00:52:40] Brooke Hazen:  Yeah, because if we eat like lots of flours, not all flours, but grain flours. We're going to end up having a lot of obesity take place which I've experienced myself in the past. So I'll call it a light, plant-based diet meaning it's full of light, like high-end vegetables and fruits in different forms, how we prepare it, nuts. If we're going to have grains just have a small amount of quinoa or whole grains but stay away from processed flours, but that's really important. I also want to talk about, before we get into your question about the Chelation therapy and those studies. I want to mention that something that really amazing which is another biohack is donating blood. 

You never would have guessed this but donating blood decreases the chance of heart attack by 88% which is one donation per year. Now, we should be practicing this on every level but Western Medicine doesn't clearly not telling us about this, but I'm telling you now, donate blood. It's like an oil change for your body. It reduces iron stores and oxygens in our body and increases antioxidant capacity. And when going back to when I mentioned earlier about the source of arteriosclerosis, a source of blood flow ED at which we're also scared of because that's the only tool that Western Medicine has. They really don't know what they're doing. So that's all they can do is prescribe that one medicine because it's money driven. But the source is free radical damage. 

So the different ways to get to that is to get rid of the free radicals which is the heavy metals through the IV Chelation Therapy block x which gets rid of–it's a natural source from soybean, which gets rid of the plaque buildup that gets rid of that, that breaks apart the arteriosclerosis. But we also can add in antioxidants, both IV as well as orally. It's just that IVs are much more transformative than oral because it bypasses the digestive tract in 100% of these chelations, nutrients and antioxidants are able to go to every cell of our body as opposed to a fraction through oral and actually holistic health sector of our medicine is moving more and more in this direction. We can heal cancers, arteriosclerosis, immune system issues through Myers' cocktail. I've seen an enormous boost in my immune system. And I had NED which NED is anti-aging. It's another biohack that these are incredible biohacks. 

NED increases the length of our DNA strands which is literally anti-aging and happening in front of our eyes increases energy levels, clarity, mental clarity and also rebuilds receptor sites like dopamine that have been and we can rebuild chemically, neuro chemically from ED, from addiction to pornography, or dopamine crash levels. But the studies for the Chelation therapy are astounding. There was a study in 1991, well, there's been a TACT one study and a TACT in two study that's recent but this other study from 1991 involved 22,765 patients, and 87% of them had market improvement and vascular disease which is one course of disodium EDTA. Now, in this podcast, I'll tell you, I recommend calcium EDTA does the same thing as disodium EDTA but back then they were using disodium EDTA for the study in there. They estimated that in 1991 that 363,000 of the 407,000 bypass surgeries that year could have been avoided saving an estimated 8 billion dollars. Yeah, 8 billion dollars. With a B.

[00:56:56] Ashley James: When you say saving, you have to remember, no, no, no, it was making them 8 billion dollars. It was profit.

[00:57:04] Brooke Hazen: Exactly. And that's the politics. This is astounding. So the TACT one study which is the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy. It's a government-based study showed a 51% reduction in cardiac events and a 43% reduction in mortality in patients with diabetes. And I'll repeat that again, a 51% reduction of cardiac events and a 43% reduction in mortality in patients with diabetes after receiving one course of disodium EDTA which is I believe it's around, it can be anywhere from 20 to 30 different IVs but when you combine black x with this, as I mentioned before, this is sort of a trifecta of getting rid of this heavy metal calcification and plaque x which causes arteriosclerosis. Now we should be practicing this in on a massive scale and actually as holistic health people, we need to be demanding this because right now we're at war with the FDA and the different political bodies and insurance companies and pharmaceutical industries, who are selling statins. And they are trying to hinder and harass this process of obtaining these. So we should demand this. We should absolutely demand that they need to stop killing people because statins are actually been shown to increase deaths from cancer and heart attack because they're actually lowering our LDL cholesterol artificially, while again, they're missing the entire picture. LDL is a symptom. LDL cholesterol is produced in increasing amounts. It's an antioxidant, antiviral, anti-cancer. And it's our only source to protection other than these Chelation IV therapies from free radical damage. They're missing the entire picture that the source of arteriosclerosis is free radical damage. Arteriosclerosis is a symptom of what they're trying to sell us with these statins, these pharmaceuticals, and they're actually doing the opposite. They're actually killing people by giving them the statins.

[00:59:20] Ashley James: So, I'm going to get on my soapbox for a little sec to do that.

[00:59:24] Brooke Hazen: Yeah, go for it.

[00:59:25] Ashley James: So statins, and so for those who don't know, because this is so monumentally important. I was taught this by my naturopathic physician mentors. Statins, so that they believe that cholesterol causes heart disease because they looked at let's say, your heart and they said, Oh, look, there's a clog in the heart. There's cholesterol in that clog, therefore, cholesterol causes heart attacks. That is like saying showing up to a house fire seeing that there's firemen there and saying, there's always firemen when I see a fire, so firemen cause fires. 

[01:00:01] Brooke Hazen: Exactly.

[01:00:03] Ashley James: That is, so cholesterol, the blockage is not the cause, it is a symptom of a problem.

[01:00:10] Brooke Hazen: Yes. 

[01:00:11] Ashley James: What they decided to do is the pharmaceutical industry just like the pharmaceutical industry decided to “treat or cure ED” by like giving you Viagra or some kind of vaso, something that increases the vasculature when we know it's actually seldom just a blood flow problem. It's seldom a blood flow problem, but they've got a pill and they're treating all forms of Erectile Dysfunction with a pill that only forces the body to do one thing. Right? 

So the same with “preventing heart disease.” Right? They give you a statin and what statin do? And this is very enlightening. Cholesterol is so important for your health, that your liver makes it. I could be eating a raw food vegan diet where I'm only eating salads and fruit, occasionally some nuts. There's many people out there that eat that way. I could be eating that diet and I still have cholesterol in my body. Right? My liver makes it. It's so important. Your liver makes it. It's protective of every cell in the body. Every cell, 37 trillion cells in the body have a fat layer that is the cell wall. Your nervous system has insulation just like your house, all the wires in your house have insulation, so there's not a electrical fire. So to your nervous system has insulation and the insulation is made of cholesterol. So made of healthy fats. 

So your brain has cholesterol. Your sex hormones and stress hormones, both of them very important for your optimal health are derived from these healthy fats, of this type of cholesterol. So your body needs this. I'm not saying go out there and eat a keto diet or like always eating fat. I'm not saying consume high amounts of fat. I'm just saying that is so important.

[01:02:11] Brooke Hazen: Yeah, that could be dangerous.

[01:02:13] Ashley James: Yes, it's so important that I can eat a very sort of clean and not eat any cholesterol. Right? No cholesterol at all. Right? I'm not eating any animals. I can eat no animals, just like salads and apples and some seeds and my liver will make all the cholesterol my body needs. Now, statins, what they do is they bruise the liver so much. They damage the liver that the liver ceases to produce the amount of cholesterol it was producing. That's all statins do.

So the doctor says to you, oh, your our cholesterol is high. I'd like you to have more cholesterol. Here, please take this drug. Now back until I was up until I think it was 2012, then you can go and it's actually a wiki. It's like on mainstream websites. You can find the history of the statins but up until 2012, you had to go in for regular blood tests as either every three months or every six months but regular like more regular than once a year. If you're on statin, you had to go for regular blood tests to test your liver enzymes to make sure that those statins were not over damaging your liver and basically over-compromising your body because the drug is designed to punch your liver to the point where your liver stops functioning enough that's what statins do. Now, as a side effect of hurting the liver so much, as a side effect, you then develop neuropathy. How many and just raise your hand if you have a family member who has been on statins and now can't feel their hands or feet and starts falling because I have three family members who won't listen to me. I mean, this is the problem that because the doctor has the plaque behind that and the half a million-dollar medical degree that says they know better and that these people are now, they’re elderly, so their body doesn't have enough cholesterol, it's damage their liver now, it's damaged their sex hormones. Now, it's damaged their nervous system, their Myelin sheath is being eaten away because you don't have enough for this healthy cholesterol. And you get neuropathy, and you also have neuropathy from other things too. But statins are known to long term effect caused neuropathy, so that you can feel your feet and then you can't, you end up falling. 

So I actually have three family members who were constantly falling and hurting themselves because of the neuropathy because of the long term use of statins. Very frustrating that statins are still being recommended on a regular basis when it is like saying, we have to get rid of firemen. We need to defund the fire department because firemen cause fires. That's the same logic. I've had, I believe five cardiologists on my show, award-winning cardiologists on my show and all of them say, statins should not be on you, got to throw them out. Well, don't move down the toilet but really take it back to the pharmacy and have them dispose of correctly. Throw them, throw them out. They do not work. 

I had Dr. Esselstyn on my show and he wrote the book, How to Reverse and Prevent Heart Disease. And he shows that with a very clean whole food plant-based diet, very specific. He has a specific, so he lays it out, a plan, and when you follow it, people's Erectile Dysfunction goes away but their heart disease goes away within tears, all clogs, all arteries are gone. So you can mop up and clean up the cardiovascular system with a clean, healthy diet. And it's something to look into and I often have guests on the show that boast the benefits of the whole food plant-based diet and then listeners think that I'm being biased and this is a vegan show. 

Listen, I have also have had guests that talk about the benefits of eating organ meats. Just the fact is look at the proof. If you take someone who has heart disease and you put them on Dr. Esselstyn diet, three months down the road, their angina is gone. They're not winded anymore. Now, they can walk long distances, whereas they couldn't before. The blood clots they had in their legs are gone. Like you don't get that from any other.

[01:06:35] Brooke Hazen: Even more than that, you can literally just drink water and you can cure yourself of all this and get off those medications. I mean, the elephant in the room that they will not talk about, and really none of us really talk about is an animal-based diet that's causing these problems and heavy metals and other things. But this gets back to the pressure, the peer pressure and I want to encourage everyone to let go of our fears, our myths and misconceptions, the addictions and negative habits that keep us bound and the peer pressure from family, friends, cultural pressure and corporate peer pressure. Let go of all that. Because that is what is going to continue to keep us harming ourselves. We need to throw all that away. 

Really, I don't believe that Western Medicine has any other place other than emergencies. Where they really it's a sick care system. They're waiting for a symptom that serious to come up and then they just patch it up with these pharmaceuticals and surgeries. That's all the habits but as you said one podcast and loved it. You said that's one sliver of medicine. But really for ED and for cardiovascular health, all this, our physical health, Holistic Health is the only way to practice curative and preventative natural modalities without side effects. Side effects are just a symptom that we we're reducing things too much. We're not looking at everything. And that's why we get side effects. They're looking at one process within one process within one process. They're not looking at the whole. They never will look at the whole if you expect anything like that from Western Medicine, you will not get it. I guarantee you. You could ask any Western Medicine doctor that truly believes in Western Medicine. 

They will not provide any natural holistic curative and preventative types of healing modalities, period. Only pharmaceutical surgeries. That's it because that's what it's built on. It's built on sand. It's got huge limitations. That we need to recognize and stop giving all our power away to corporations with—I even feel pressure to bring up a plant-based diet. Why there's so much pressure around it? There's corporations through Big Pharma and animal industry are pressuring us and they're causing us to pressure each other. And I feel closed down and I'm not allowed to bring it up. That's not right, because the science shows we should live by the science. Everything I have in my book is 111 scientific studies that are firsthand studies that back it up. We should go by the science. It shows that plant-based diet protects us from the 15 leading causes of death in the world. It actually protects us from cancers and from cardiovascular disease. It fights against that instead of gives it to us. 

I also want to talk quickly before our time ends about a couple more really important biohacks. There's intermittent fasting which has to do with diet. This burns visceral fat. Visceral fat is the most harmful form of fat. It wraps around our organs. It's linked with all kinds of diseases, neurodegenerative, cardiovascular diseases, cancers. But when you go from to deeper hours like if you go to 18 to 24 hours of fasting, you start to burn off misshapen cellular components that cause neurodegenerative diseases and cancers. So, that's an incredible bio-hack I found. I practice it every day. I've been doing it for two years. And another bio-hack that I really love is, well, I mentioned donating blood, there's stem cell PRP for ED. PRP is Platelet, I'm sorry, PRP, it's where you spend your blood, your own blood at for 15 minutes and it yields a golden nectar for growth factors, and that can be used internally as well as in the lingam.

Also want to dimension EPAT which is Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology. That's a ultrasound that is used on the lingam and can be used anywhere in your body. It's actually used primarily to for any sort of pains in the body for and what it's used for erectile health, and for can be used for anyone, men and women, is for breaking up plaque on the outside. So now we have ability to not only break up plaque and calcification of our blood vessels on the inside through Chelation IV Therapy and plaque acts. But on the outside in we can actually break it up EPAT, with Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technique. And you mentioned Kegels, too. Kegels are highly effective too as a monotherapy for ED, for Organic ED. Again, we get so hyper focused on organic ED.

I like to think of it more as we're rejuvenating and enhancing our sexual function. But Kegels practice, I have in my book where there's certain practices where you do it twice a day. And they've been shown to be incredibly effective at increasing basically sexual function. And can also, I wanted to tell people that, one thing I discovered was something in the East they've been trying to, for millennia, figure out ways to block semen release during sex. I found that Kegels are actually the easiest way to do it. During the process of intercourse, when you can pull out and allow and slow things down and prolong the experience and get fully embody this experience. But then, when that moment does arise, where for men there's this point of no return, where this automatic process of semen release starts, you can just do the Kegel technique, which is flexing the muscles. There's three different points, there's sort of the anus around the lingam, and then in between a coccyx. Now, you can flex that and it'll keep your semen from going out. I mean, there might be a teeny bit or like it took me a little while to learn this technique, but basically, the main goal is to avoid full climactic semen release as well as partial semen release.

And I was at first, experience a lot of partial semen release, but the Kegels were what really fit perfectly for avoiding semen release because again, avoiding semen release is so critical. It's keeping all of our life force inside of our body, all those incredible growth factors, hormones and nutrients, cycles throughout our body during lovemaking. And instead of distancing after sex, we're actually able to stay close to each other in bonds, in timeless, breathless union.

[01:14:16] Ashley James: Cuddle time.

[01:14:20] Brooke Hazen: Yeah, like pass out time where you go into this other state.

[01:14:23] Ashley James: Yeah. Oh, man, I love that. When you nap together in each other's arms. So good. Right. So it's so great.

[01:14:28] Brooke Hazen: You both in heaven.

[01:14:31] Ashley James: Right. So, it's so great. 

[01:14:33] Brooke Hazen: Just for sex, we should we need to honor sex. Sex is part of God. That's why I wrote this book. We shouldn't shy away from it. I'm not afraid to talk about it. And I asked everyone to let go of their fears. The only way that you're going to experience transformation like I've gone through and what hundreds of thousands of people are doing now through the NoFap movement, of giving up pornography and addiction, and anything in life. If you want to transform your overall physical health, neurology, your relationships is to let go of those fears because I just want to end this my portion by saying asking each person out there. What is it that is blocking us from becoming the ideal versions of ourselves? I mean, really, look at it. What exactly is it? Just break it down? What is the thing that is keeping you from becoming that ideal version of yourself and working towards that right now? There's something that's doing it. And I ask that we just let ourselves go completely to all these misconceptions that our culture has been teaching us and let ourselves go to God and allow God to transform us.

[01:15:42] Ashley James: I love it. I love that you brought up the NoFap movement. I learned that from my husband because he's been on his own journey and he gave me permission to share this, his whole life he struggled and he thought there was like a mental emotional block. But he felt, he internalized so much shame. And for him, it wasn't an Erectile Dysfunction issue. It was a completion issue. It's like he was like he couldn't. It was, he was desensitized, and so there wasn't as much pleasure and there was a lot of frustration. And then he just felt like he just internalized so much and he thought it was sort of his fault and there's some you know. 

[01:16:27] Brooke Hazen: Yes right.

[01:16:29] Ashley James: And so there's a lot of emotions. So when we married each other, 14 years ago, I was kind of surprised. I'm like, is it me? And he's like, no, it's not you. So, of course, at first, I thought, so how many like the other partner thinks it's them? Right? 

[01:16:43] Brooke Hazen: Yes. Exactly that's what happens.

[01:16:45] Ashley James: Right. And he opened up and started sharing. I'm like, Okay, well, let's work through this because I'm very passionate about personal growth, and I believe if you're not growing you're dying. Right? So, we're like, let's dive into this. Let's figure out. So we did a lot of emotional work and we talked through and we were looking at different stuff and he got into looking at how harmful pornography is, and he was like really blown away by that, the NoFap movement. He looked into that and he was telling me about it. One of the biggest things and that of course, it blew his mind when he joined like the NoFap movement and removed pornography and when he did that, huge, huge success around that. But the biggest breakthrough for him was– this was I want to say five or six years ago, maybe a little bit longer. It was right around when medium.com came out, and it was just brand new. And he's like, hey, you should write on medium.com and I'm like, what is this? He's like, it's kind of like a blog but said you have your own blog, everyone, right? 

So everyone writes their own article on this thing. And I'm like, okay, well, let's look into it. And so I clicked on the health section, because I wanted to see what was in there and the number one health article was on regrowing your foreskin. And at first, we laughed. But then, we realized they're being serious and we clicked on it and it was this very long and detailed explanation of how to regrow your foreskin. Now, I have had an entire interview on circumcision and also we talked about foreskin restoration, but on circumcision and everything you do lose there's– it's actually part of your immune system. There's over 40,000, I think it's 40,000 or more nerve endings like there's a lot that is being removed from you that you're never get back.

But one thing the foreskin does do is it protects because without a foreskin it becomes completely desensitized. The head. And so, I mean, imagine for women, imagine if your clitoral hood was removed, your clitoris would be raw and become desensitized over time. So it's the same thing that happens to men. It's genital mutilation. And so, he regrew most of his foreskin. It took a few years but once he just wore a device, and it wasn't painful at all, and he was very excited about it. What we discovered that most of his problems from teenage hood up, most of his problems was that and this is a very common thing, they botch over 200,000 circumcisions in America. You're a botched. And you don't know, sometimes you know it because it's obvious, but sometimes it's too tight and the doctor just does. You don't know, right? And so, it was too tight. All the scar tissue was too tight, for him and so once he regrew some foreskin, it loosened up and also that it protected it. 

So there's less desensitization and it was like he could finally breathe. It was so healing for him because he let go of a lot of that shame and a lot of the negativity or when he realized this was a physiological problem. That he's not broken. Right? And then, in addition to doing the NoFap, and no porn, he's like, for him, he's like a new person. And so he was so excited. 

So although, he's a very private and introverted person, he gave me permission to share this because it could help others even if it's just one other person. It's worth it to share. So, again, there's so many avenues out there, and you're not going to find the answers by going to one doctor. Right? And this is what we're taught in a doctor's office. You have to dive in and dig in and explore. I definitely recommend that listeners get your book, You Are Not Broken. Just like my husband found out that he was not broken. You Are Not Broken: A Holistic Guide for Men and Women to Heal the Pathways of Sexual Dysfunction and Restore Relational Harmony Together. A beautiful book. The links to that book are going to be on the show of today's podcast learntruehealth.com. But also, you can just go to brookehazen.com which has so much information there as well. 

[01:21:33] Brooke Hazen: Thank You.

[01:21:34] Ashley James: Is there anything that you'd like to say to wrap up today's interview?

[01:21:40] Brooke Hazen: Yes. The point you just made, I agree. I look around and it seems like people are just sort of waiting to die like they're afraid to truly live. And that's the real message God wants to bring through my book is that we're actually able to revitalize ourselves to gain that youthful vigor and vitality back in our lives. And I have techniques on every level both spiritual, neurological, energetic, physical, relational that can help us to do this. I just encourage everyone to be open and stay open and let go. Let go of all these myths and misconceptions these fears so that we can actually start living again because I was sort of dead myself before this. I was in the deepest darkness. In the deepest darkness, I've found the brightest light and that's what I want to encourage all of you to do is to live life fully. Don't be scared of living life. Don't just wait to die and I do believe that our culture is corporate culture is really caused us to both do and believe things that are slowly killing us. And we need to look out for ourselves now because we don't want to die because we're following some mistaken, leadless, corporate monsters that are being given to us and that we're exerting on others as peer pressure. We want to follow our own hearts and God and in lead what, follow the science and do what it actually is going to lead us to vitality, vibrancy and life. 

[01:23:26] Ashley James: Love it. Thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing with us today and shining a light. We can help men and women lead fulfilled lives and empower them. Letting them know that they can find answers, they're going to keep digging, they can find answers. And that if a doctor says, well, you're going to have diabetes for the rest of your life, you just have to learn to deal with it. It's so not the truth. I had Eric Adams, the Mayor of New York City on my show, and they sent him home with a bag full of prescriptions and told me he'd be sick for the rest of his life. Like he have diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems and heart disease for the rest of his life. And he said, nope. And he turned to a whole foods diet, he turned to natural medicine, and now he's on no prescriptions, and he's super healthy. And that's just one example of thousands and thousands of examples of that. If your doctor says, you have to be sick. It’s genetic! Whatever they say, do give it a grain of salt. That's it. Just take it with a grain of salt and go. I'm going to find the answers to my health. Keep digging.

[01:24:38] Brooke Hazen: All you have to do is just drink water and literally he'll be better off than taking the pharmaceuticals. Just stop eating so much animal based foods and stop watching pornography. Stop releasing your semen all the time. Don't eat blood. Let go. All these things are free. They don't make them any money. And that's why they are not interested in telling you about these things. But it's so simple and easy. We just need to wake up and see the elephants in the room.

[01:25:09] Ashley James: And I'd say, find a holistic doctor as part of your team, naturopath, holistic doctor that believes in looking at all aspects of your life and helping you achieve that balance. It's really great to have a naturopathic doctor on your team or holistic doctor. Now, there's some doctors that are greenwashed, they’ll say their holistic but then, they like, they have their prescription pad in their hand ready to–you want a doctor that for 90 minutes of naturopathic are just great. They'll sit with you for an hour to two hours. Go through your entire life, every aspect of your life and look at what they can do to help you in every way not just what drug can I give you? They're looking to help you uncover all these different aspects of your life. 

And then hopefully they offer things, like you said, like the Myers' push or the Chelation therapy and those are the kind of doctors I like that they are on the cutting edge of the holistic science. So, go find one in your area and interview them. Go interview like 15-minute free consultation. Go interview a bunch of holistic doctors and work with the ones who sort of pass your litmus test ask them of what they think of cholesterol meds and see what they say. Like that's a good litmus test. What do you think of cholesterol meds if I have high cholesterol would you put me on them? And see what they say or what changes would you make for me if I have high cholesterol and see what they say. And that's a good litmus test. But make sure that you have the right tools for the job and the right tools being the right practitioners to help guide you.

[01:26:53] Brooke Hazen: There's all these scientific studies from really brilliant scientists that we can also, I actually wrote this whole book and researched this whole book with God's help and through intense research with scientific studies and through experience and experiential evidence from others. We also have the power. Don't give away our power to Western Medicine, and think that we can't do anything. I did it. I heal that naturally. I had nobody leading me. They didn't know what to do with ED. In fact, ED, even naturopaths– I totally encourage naturopath– but even naturopaths don't necessarily know how to deal with ED. So sometimes you have to just realize that you have the power within you. Don't give your power away.

[01:27:45] Ashley James: Exactly. I love it. Don't give your power away. You have the  power within you. Keep digging. Keep exploring. Thank you so much for coming on the show and giving us all these little nuggets of your wisdom. I really appreciate you coming today and I hope that this podcast helps so many people. And please come back on the show if you uncover any new science that you want to share about healing Erectile Dysfunction.

[01:28:12] Brooke Hazen: Absolutely. I wish everyone the most beautiful life full of journey ahead for you.

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