484: At Home Ozone Therapy for Immune & Mitochondrial Health, Eileen Durfee

If you’re looking to detox your body, try incorporating ozonated water into your daily intake. In this episode, Eileen Durfee discusses a host of benefits and uses for ozonated water. Get your energy back, feel healthy, and discover how it can help you on many different levels. Plus, Eileen’s got a treat for you, guys! Listen to this podcast, learn something new, and get an exclusive discount code for her ozone generator and other products.

Ashley James And Eileen Durfee


  • Silver amalgam fillings and mercury
  • Toxicity
  • What ozone is
  • Types of ozone generators
  • Ozonated water and its many applications
  • Glutathione
  • Coffee enemas


Hello, true health seeker, and welcome to another exciting episode of the Learn True Health Podcast. Today, we have a mind-blowing episode. A former nuclear powerplant engineer needed to become a health inventor in order to save her life and heal her body, and in doing so, has created some amazing inventions, which we talk about today on the show, and has gone on to save many people’s lives and improve the quality of life for everyone. After I did this interview, I came to the realization that every single household should have this device — that is that important. It’s like everyone should have a water filter, everyone should have an air filter. Those are important things. Everyone should have access to a furnace if they're living in an area that gets a cold climate, sort of like essentials, a hot water tank in your house. These things we take for granted. We think that it’s standard to come in a house, and I think her invention should be standard in everyone’s home that it would prevent so much illness and increase health dramatically. Just one thing. There’s over 10 things that this device does for you.

But the one thing is that it kills infections in the teeth, so it stops cavities before they become cavities. And if you use it every day just like a mouthwash, so you just rinse with it and you could spit it out or swallow, it prevents cavities. In fact, dentists use this, a holistic dentist uses this to even treat cavities instead of having to do a lot of drilling and filling with God-knows-what. Some dentists are actually still using metal amalgams which are so detrimental to our health. If you’ve been a long-time listener, you’ve heard of a lot of our holistic doctors talk about the importance of preventing, not using amalgams, metal amalgams, or mercury amalgams. Just who in the right mind thought it was safe to put mercury in the body that would live in your body for the rest of your life. Like, who said “Oh, well, I know mercury is dangerous, but let’s shove it in someone’s mouth”? Like, who does that? This is just such a crazy toxic world we live in, and common sense is not common. That’s why you’re listening to this show.

We have to be the outliers. One in three people in the United States have pre-diabetes or diabetic or have heart disease. It is so common. And 1 in 3 to 1 in 4, depending on whether you’re male or female, will have a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. If you’re in a room with three or four people, one of you is going to have cancer. One of you already has heart disease. One of you has pre-diabetes or is diabetic. And one of you is obese.

And I love you all, and I don’t want you to suffer and suffer. You should not have to suffer this way. But we have bowed down to the altar of modern medicine, which is Orwellian. I’m going to put my tin foil hat on. So everyone, get your origami tin foil hat for a moment.

George Orwell back in, you know, wrote the book in 1984, right? He talks about how everything is the opposite, right? If you call it healthcare, people will think it’s good. But really, look at our system, look at the state of health our country is in. Is this healthcare? Is this really healthcare or is this disease management where we’re waiting to get sick and then get on a drug that gives us more symptoms and puts more stressors on the body?

Now, I believe that allopathic drug-based medicine has its places. Amazing in emergency care. But if you’re listening to this show, you probably have one or more chronic conditions, and you don’t feel good and you want to feel better and you want to get healthier. So, we need to go outside the box of “modern medicine”, right? We need to go to holistic medicine, which is science-based. But what it does, instead of saying “what drug can I give you,” it says “what can I give your body so your body can heal itself.” 

So, today’s interview is about exactly this. What can we give our body to help our body heal itself? And sometimes, we need to lean on the latest in science and technology in the holistic space to be able to prevent infections like tooth cavities. Can you imagine if you had a machine for your whole family, all you had to do is slosh water in your mouth once or twice a day? And this kind of supercharged mouthwash was only discriminatory to the bad bacteria. And it had no ill health effects. It’s not a chemical, there are ill health effects. And your entire family, as long as you used it, would never have cavities. Do you know how much money you’d save? I have a friend who has three boys and all three of them, she’s constantly taking them to the dentist. It is costing her just crazy amounts of money to treat her sons’ constant tooth decay.

Some people, no matter how they eat, they have this. And my holistic dentist says it has more to do with the microbiome of the mouth. So, if we can balance the microbiome of the mouth, we can support not only our digestion, and as you listened to in a recent previous episode, we can support the cardiovascular system because the good bacteria in the mouth digest our food and creates nitric oxide, which is needed for heart health. So, if we take just regular Listerine or regular mouthwash, we're actually killing and wiping away all the good bacteria along with the bad. And that ends up increasing heart disease, which this doctor I’d interviewed before on nitric oxide, talked about those studies.

So, here we have a guest today who’s going to teach us what we can do in our home to increase our liver function, our detox, increase glutathione, increase superoxide dismutase, and it naturally kills and goes after infected tissue and sick tissue, but it does not damage the healthy tissue and the healthy bacteria.

One of those machines I think is actually quite affordable. There’s two machines; there’s like an at-home one of them and there’s like a professional one that large industries are using. The professional one is totally affordable, which I was really excited. I was surprised. When I went on their website, I was expecting it to be thousands of dollars. I’m like, “This is only a few hundred dollars. What?” So, I was really excited to see that. This is something we can all use to prevent so much illness but also support our body’s ability to heal itself.

So, strap yourselves in, and enjoy today’s show. Please share this with a friend of yours who is struggling with dental issues or detox issues because this episode is really going to help them. Awesome. Thank you so much for being a listener. Thank you so much for sharing this podcast with those you care about. Together, we’re going to help our friends and family and those we care about to learn true health and create true health. Awesome. Have yourself a fantastic day, and enjoy today’s interview! 

Oh, and one last thing before I forget. She’s giving us a discount – a coupon code. I asked her, “Could you please give my listeners a discount?” So, the coupon code is LTH which is I’m just so grateful that she’s giving us a discount. And you can go to LearnTrueHealth.com/ozone. That’s LearnTrueHealth.com/ozone and use coupon code “LTH”. The other thing we talked about, she’s an engineer so she’s invented some amazing stuff to help her save her life, which we’ll talk about in the interview. But the other link is LearnTrueHealth.com/enema where you can do coffee enemas and ozone enemas and other kinds of enemas, and we get into that a bit. 

And we’ve talked about it. Dr. Patrick Vickers. You can listen to my previous episode with him. He has a cancer clinic where people go to do the Gerson therapy method and they reverse their cancer. And coffee enemas are essential as part of the protocol because it supports the liver’s detox and also it makes the liver produce a lot of glutathione which is our master antioxidant. 

So, for those who are excited after hearing Dr. Patrick Vickers’ interview and wanting to know more about coffee enemas, she invented a no-mess, there’s zero mess, easy, easy, easy enema system that makes it super easy to do it without all the mess and the weird stuff. So, check that out. You can go to LearnTrueHealth.com/enema. That’s LearnTrueHealth.com/enema. And the links, of course, are going to be in the show notes on today’s podcast at LearnTrueHealth.com and any podcast directory, wherever you’re listening from, go to the show notes in there, and you’ll see those links. LearnTrueHealth.com/ozone and LearnTrueHealth.com/enema, and make sure you use the coupon code “LTH” when you’re going to LearnTrueHealth.com/ozone.

Have yourself a fantastic day and enjoy today’s interview!

[00:09:39] Ashley James: Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is episode 484.

I am so excited for today’s guest. We have on with us the master of health recovery, anti-aging, get our bodies to a point where we’re feeling amazing and looking 10 years younger. I’m chomping at the bit. I can’t wait to get in and dive in. We’ve got about 10 topics I want to cover, but we're going to do one at a time. 

Eileen Durfee, it’s so wonderful having you on the show. You’re covering things that I’ve been wanting to cover for years and today, we’re going to talk about ozone. But I want to have you back on the show to dive into very simple ways that we can detox like you have simplified coffee enemas to maximize the benefits without all the mess. And you’ve got a way to increase oxygen and immunity, to help with increasing nutrition and detoxification through our skincare. The list goes on and on. I’m so excited to have you on the show. Welcome!

[00:10:54] Eileen Durfee: Well, thank you, Ashley. It’s a pleasure.

[00:10:56] Ashley James: And you were saying before we have recorded, you said, “You should have seen a picture of me 10 years ago.” And I got to see you, we were on video together, and I got to see. You’re gorgeous, of course. But in the last 10 years, you have actually shed 10 years instead of looked 10 years older. You look 10 years younger. You could do like the 10-year challenge on social media and people would get it wrong. Unless if they knew you, they’d get it right. But people who didn’t know you would be like, “Wait a second. These are like 20-year-old, not 10-year-old challenge,” because you’ve actually lost 10 years when you’re 10 years older.

So, let’s just dive right into your story. What was going on with your health in your life that had you dig deep and discover how to restore the body and how to nurture the body to where it is getting healthier and healthier and looking younger and younger as you age?

[00:11:53] Eileen Durfee: Well, unfortunately, I’ve been sick my whole life. I’m 60 years old, and it started when the doctor ripped me out of my mom with forceps. Then as I started walking, my hips were twisted. The doctors x-rayed me and said, “She doesn’t have any abnormalities,” but I had to wear special shoes because one knee banged into the other knee. I was in pain all the time. I grew 9 inches in three months in the summer of the eighth grade. Then, I was run over by a car in a parking lot. It was like daggers being stabbed in my chest every time I took a breath. I couldn’t raise my arms, just very painful.

Then, when I was 19 years old, I got a silver amalgam filling in my mouth. And that was the downfall. I mean, became allergic to everything, was having hives all over my body, had psoriasis. My hair started falling out. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t remember anything. So, I started going down this rabbit hole. I mean, they had me on antihistamines which made me tired. 

Then, I started having problems with candida and cystitis, and they had me on antibiotics constantly. Then, I became allergic to every antibiotic and I didn’t find out until the mid-'80s from a doctor in Kansas that was going to do some allergy testing. He said, “Oh! You have leaky gut and candida. So, I went on nystatin and ketoconazole, drugs of course that keep that somewhat in check but do damage as well.

And I just couldn’t accept the fact that my body had to have all this medication. So, I started reading and learning and trying a variety of things where I was my own guinea pig. I did the Bernard Jensen, you know, Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management, where it’s colonics. I ate paleo before paleo existed. I did the avoidance where I wouldn’t eat the same thing within 72 hours or I’d become allergic to it. I would do the pulse test so I could tell if I became allergic to something because I had to carry an EpiPen, my lungs would close up. I had to crawl around because my feet were so swollen from hives. And it was very miserable – very miserable to say the least. 

And so, I started all kinds of things. I even got into electronic equipment, Rife machines, the multiple wave oscillator that was developed by a French man named Lakhovsky. He was friends with Nikola Tesla who helped him develop that. And, you know, the Hulda Clark zappers and just everything, the Bob Beck pulsers and zappers, and pulsed electromagnetic frequency machines. I must have had $50,000 invested in all these machines. And I was much better. But it took about an hour and a half a day to do my zapping, I called it.

One day, I was reading about hair analysis. So, it was just one more thing that I was going to try and that was the turning point in changing my life. But I had been through so much pain and suffering that it did, it caused me to dig deep. Not all hair analyses are created equal by the way, but the one that I chose, they don’t wash the hair at the lavatory because if you do, it takes away those water-soluble minerals, so the readings are not accurate.

But I went on a diet. I was pretty about 80 percent on the recommended diet and then the supplements. Now, lo and behold, I found out that some of the supplements that I was chasing my symptoms and medicating for the constipation, for not sleeping and all that, were further suppressing my adrenal gland and my thyroid gland and actually causing the joint pain that had been increasing.

So, it’s really kind of like Russian roulette when you start a supplement regimen because the wellness revolution does not look at the table of elements charts and how like, for instance, zinc lowers sodium and raises potassium, magnesium lowers sodium. The body is just like a plant. The farmers, for instance, to pick out what kind of fertilizer, they do a soil test and they don’t put nitrogen on the soil to raise nitrogen in the plant. With COVID, everybody’s going, oh yeah, zinc, let’s take zinc. Well, nitrogen releases calcium bioavailability in the tissues. Likewise, when we take any vitamin or mineral, it has this give and take where you move one, they all move. So, if somebody already has, for instance, too low of sodium in comparison to potassium and you’re taking excessive amounts of zinc, then they can actually become very susceptible to chronic infections.

So, that was amazing. I started feeling my anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, and all these things were improving. I found myself not having to go sit in that multiple wave oscillator for 30 minutes to be pain-free. I could go days and even weeks without it. So, I was just amazed. Then they said, “Oh, get a retest,” and I thought, I’m feeling good, I’m not going to get a retest. Then after five months of taking those same supplements, almost all my symptoms came back and I’m going, what the heck? So, I did a retest, and the only change was instead of taking two tablets of this one supplement three times a day, we only want you to take one three times a day. You wouldn’t think that would be much of a change, right?

Well, all the symptoms within three days went away and gone, and then I was horrified. It’s like these cupboards full of vitamins that I was using. What did I do to myself? But the interesting thing, how all my inventions and all these things that I’ve created since then was because when your body has the right minerals and the cells at the cell level, these ratios, these homeostatic balances, that certain things can flow and happen, it will freely give up junk that it’s been using to survive. Like, the body will use aluminum for magnesium or cadmium for zinc, but those are very toxic. So, this process removed the reason why I had to be a jalopy, why I had to use a junkyard part like duct tape and baling wire to get from point A to point B. 

My body freely gave all that up and if anybody goes on a cleanse, everybody gets warned about, oh man, you can have Herxheimer reaction, you’re going to feel terrible, you know, you just got to tough through it. Well, that would happen. Your body would think it won the lottery and it would get rid of all these toxins. And so, there’s detoxification protocols that you can do to speed up that, get that, because it leaves the organs and tissues then it travels in the bloodstream. When it’s in the bloodstream, if you have insomnia, you might have worse insomnia. Then people give up. But that’s not what I did because I knew that I had to get it out, I had to get the preferred minerals in my cells for me to be like a new car with new car parts.

So, I upped the things I was doing to help my body escort poisons out like jumping out of a trampoline, dry skin brushing, drinking ozonated water which we’re going to talk about today, and doing near infrared sauna therapy. Just all these things to help the body. 

It’s just been kind of a journey because I was a former nuclear powerplant engineer, auditor, and trainer who then went into real estate development, and I designed and built houses and ran construction crews, managed non-profit organizations. When I started regaining my health and just had this passion and desire to share what worked for me, I started my business in 2010.

[00:21:39] Ashley James: I love it. When you were working in the nuclear power plant, were you exposed to anything? Do you feel like your health deteriorated in that environment?

[00:21:52] Eileen Durfee: I believe it deteriorated in that environment a lot of times because you worked 6-7 days a week, 12 hours a day, so the massive amount of stress. But also back then, when they were welding and when they were doing all these kinds of stuff, they didn’t give us fresh air or oxygen hoods or protect the workers like they do now. They really weren’t up on that. So, there was lot of exposure during those times to all sorts of chemicals and fumes. That was right about the time when I got the silver amalgam filling and it was just all downhill from there. Long working hours, stressing out the adrenal glands, then you’re going to be more susceptible to accumulating toxins.

See, if your endocrine system converts your food into energy pretty efficiently, then the body is going to be less likely to use the junk that it’s exposed to. So yes, that was the downfall.

[00:23:09] Ashley James: You had mentioned that the body when it’s missing nutrients, so the body needs the 90+ essential nutrients, the body needs to build the 37.2 trillion cells in your body, and if you’re not getting enough of one nutrient, like you said, it’ll use duct tape, it’ll use something that is not a great alternative. But it’s better than not being able to produce any cells anyway, right? We don’t see people just dropping dead of a vitamin C deficiency. The body kind of chugs along and it starts to develop symptoms. 

So, maybe your gums bleed every time you brush your teeth when you spit out and after you brush your teeth, it’s pink. You have a vitamin C deficiency and you could have other deficiencies along with that because people don’t normally have just one. It’s a pack. They travel in packs. Nutrients are like wolves. You don’t find them alone; they travel in packs. Because there are co-factors and we don’t eat single nutrients. When we eat a meal, it either has like very little nutrients because it’s junk food or highly processed food. But if you’re eating, let’s say, a beautiful salad that you grew yourself, that’s got all those wonderful enzymes, it’s got wonderful vitamins. If you have mineral-rich soil, it has wonderful minerals in it that have been digested by the plant so they are colloidal and your body is able to assimilate it assuming that you don’t have digestive issues and absorption issues.

But when we are deficient in certain nutrients, the body’s going to look to try to put the body together. You mentioned a few. Ones that I’ve heard so often are the halogens. Like, there’s fluoride in our water and our body will use that in place of like chlorine or chloride in water I think it is. We’ll use it in place of the healthier ones. Is there any other sort of replacement ones that you can talk about or touch on just how deficient we are and how out of balance we are when we just go around eating a bunch of processed food? In our past, we did a lot of processed food eating before we realized that we really needed to focus on foods that contained nutrients.

[00:25:31] Eileen Durfee: Even organic food grown today, I read a study comparing minerals. Yeah, I didn’t have the pesticides or herbicides on it. It wasn’t genetically modified. But it really didn’t have the nutrient values of food grown in like the 1920s. I mean, the USDA even says that our foods supplied today have 40 percent less nutrients in it. So when your body doesn’t have the nutrients it needs being a mineral or vitamins or what have you, it has to do something, and that’s called an adaptation. Because it’s like the key to the front door isn’t there so it has to go around to the backyard, climb up a ladder and break in a window. Why are we all fatigued? Because we have so many darn adaptations going on. The body has a lot of pathways to accomplish the same thing. It’s like a backup of a backup of a backup.

And every cell in the body has an enzyme-binding site. Enzymes don’t do anything new, but you can’t bat your eyelashes without enzymes. I mean, I do take digestive enzymes with my food, but if we had the right minerals and our body could get it to the cell-enzyme binding site, the cell would make enzymes for us, and then we’d be more energetic. It’s like the sparkplugs of life. 

So, a common toxicity that I see, that I’d really like people educated on is mercury. Now, that’s the worst one, in my opinion, because mercury will substitute for selenium and our thyroid gland has more selenium than any organ in the body. Our thyroid can become dysfunctional because we have mercury, and it doesn’t let the cell function. Like cadmium, it almost is like drinking caffeine. It will cause the cell to work, but yeah, it makes it brittle and causes all these other diseases, but at least the cell is functioning, where mercury permanently disables, it distorts the enzyme-binding site or it goes alongside the cell and makes it impossible for the right mineral to get in the enzyme-binding site, so it’s just like a cell that’s there that can’t function. Mercury is so toxic and you would not believe how many people have high mercury in their hair, and they don’t have silver amalgam fillings. But they eat high amounts of fish. So, fish, you have to be really careful about sourcing the types of fish or getting ones that are certified not to have all that mercury because it is just so toxic.

Now, I will eat, like, brisling is a species of sardines. Instead of just getting a can of sardines that any small fish can fit into, they’re half the size, the brisling species, and then they’ve got a lot of bioavailable calcium, good omega-3’s, and they taste good. But they don’t eat other fish and they don’t live very long, so they're not toxic. And likewise, I’ll always eat wild-caught fish, and I will do sockeye salmon. But other than that, if I’m eating halibut, bass, especially tuna, the mercury is so poisonous and it just gets in our body and does havoc. So, that’s one of the most problematic toxicities that I see in people.

[00:29:36] Ashley James: Tony Robbins, many people know him. He was at one point homeless, and now he’s a billionaire. He is a motivational speaker. A wonderful guy. I’ve listened to his work for many, many, many years. Recently in the last few years, he almost died. He was kind of pushing himself. He was on stage though, because he’ll be on stage for 8-12 hours doing these really intense weekend workshops with people where there’s like 2000 people in a giant stadium. He was feeling sicker and sicker and sicker until he was collapsing. They tested him and they figured out that his mercury was in the deadly, deadly range. 

Luckily, someone connected with him with a PhD. I’ve had him on the show. Chris Shade, PhD, who developed a type of mercury test that tested mercury and it’s three different forms in the body. Then they were able to get him on chelation and detox. They had to get it done very quickly. Chelation is not something for everyone because of how it often strips other minerals, it strips the body. But he was at the point where he needed immediate detox and emunctory support there.

So, he has just become this huge advocate support for really being careful. Now, he’s a billionaire, he’s a biohacker. He eats impeccably clean. He does not eat out. He has a personal chef. He eats incredibly clean. And he thought it was safe to eat, I think it was swordfish three times a day. I think it was swordfish. It was one of those big fish. And he doesn’t have amalgams. He didn’t work in a mine. He hasn’t been exposed to mercury other than he ate fish a few times a week. 

Now, people can just go out for sushi a few times a week or just go eat fish because they like fish or eat the Mediterranean diet a few times with fish a few times a week because they hear that’s healthy. They can develop incredibly scary toxic heavy metals and mercury in their body. And you might end up in the ER with all these crazy symptoms, that doesn’t necessarily mean the doctors will know what to look for because they’re not always thinking, “Oh, this must be a heavy metal problem, it must be mercury.” So, they’ll see that the thyroid is not working but they're not necessarily going to know that it’s mercury. That’s why we have to go to holistic doctors who are going to look at everything and understand the early warning signs. So, I love that you pointed this out.

Now, we’re talking today about ozone, but I know that ozone helps us in this way and supports us within this realm. Ozone really changed my life. I had really, really bad long-haul COVID symptoms. I had muscle weakness. I had to take one stair at a time, like I would put my foot up and then pull the other leg up to that step and then put one foot up, and I was grabbing the railing, pulling my body up. I didn’t really understand that this muscle weakness was from long-haul COVID because at the same time, I had lost my daughter last year during childbirth and then got COVID really, really bad all at once. So, the recovery, here I was six months later still recovering, but I noticed the brain fog was so bad I couldn’t remember nouns. It was like pass the thing on the thing was how I would talk because my brain wasn’t functioning. And I thought, okay, this must be grief and then I realized, you know what, this is more than that. So, I went to a naturopath here that does ozone IV and we did one session. It was a three-hour session of ozone. They would take my blood, put some ozone in it and then put it back in me and they did that ten times, so it’s called a 10-Pass.

When I walked up, because there’s a bunch of concrete steps going up into the clinic, it was the same thing, I had to walk one foot at a time. One foot and then bring that other foot up to the same step, so one step at a time going up into the clinic. Also in the place where I picked up Azure Standard, which is like this organic bulk food place, they ship direct to an area, and then you can pick it up instead of having to pay for shipping. So, I had two 25-pound bags of I can’t remember what it was, it was like lentils and brown rice or something. And when I was finished with my session, I was like, oh yeah, here let me pick up my order. I grabbed both bags and ran down the stairs, put it in my car, ran back up the stairs, and I nearly started crying. I’m like, my strength is back! My strength is back! My muscle weakness is gone. It’s like I got my body back. For about three days after, it’s like all the stress was gone and my body, I was in healing mode for three days straight. I was laughing with my son for the first time in six months. We were just having fun. We’re having like tickle fights. I was resting and sleeping deep. It was like my body finally let go of the stress and was in healing mode for three days straight. 

It was amazing. Then, the doctor told me that ozone, one of the things it does is it helps heal the mitochondria, and so she was going on and on about all the wonderful things which I want you to get into today. Because not everyone can go find a naturopath that does ozone IV 10-Pass, but there are ways that we can use it in our homes and get the benefits of it.

So, for me, I was so excited when I found out that you’re this expert on how to incorporate ozone at home safely and gain the benefits. Because for me, it helped me overcome something that I didn’t even know that that was as big of a problem as it was until I overcame it. I was like, wow, that’s such a huge difference. And I only needed one session. So, it didn’t come back; that muscle weakness didn’t come back. That brain fog didn’t come back. It was done, it was gone.

Another thing is my friend had cervical cancer, and she went down to Mexico and had 7 or 10 sessions every day of ozone IV and in a week, in a cervical cancer had gone away and she raved about it. She said that the doctor down there says that it explodes all the microbes in the body, allowing the immune system to finally do its work because it doesn’t have to constantly fight off all the sort of dormant and the microbes that are hanging around, waiting to take hold. So, it takes all that stuff out of the body, allows the immune system to focus on what it needs to focus on.

So, I’ve always been super curious about ozone and how it helps us on all these different levels. It’s not just one thing. It’s not just mitochondria. It’s not just microbes. It helps us in many ways. So, I’d love to go through and start learning all these different benefits.

[00:37:11] Eileen Durfee: Sure. It was one of the first things that I started on the natural side of taking care of my health. I learned about drinking ozonated water back in the 1990s. And I had an ozone generator which is different than the ones used for ozonating blood or another treatment that they do with people is they’ll have bags of ozone gas that they put up direct down in the vagina, in the orifices of the body.

Now, the type of ozone generator for those treatments must be fed with oxygen tanks, so that they’re ultra, ultra, ultrapure. But for water ozonators, a good affordable option is a Corona Discharge machine that uses ambient air as the source. Because we have about 15 to 20 percent oxygen in the air then nitrogen and with this Corona Discharge, it converts that into a strong ozone gas. Some people might not even know what ozone is, but it’s just three singlets, O1 + O1 + O1 of oxygen.

Now, in nature, things that are in pairs, positive and negative, are strong and stable. But like with three O1 molecules, the two are great but that third one is like a third wheel, it’s going to break off real soon. And that is one of the two miracles of ozone gas, is the O1 breaks off and it’s got a high oxidation potential where Ashley referred to her doctor about killing the microbes or the pathogens. 

The awesome thing about ozone oxidation, it’s not like an antibiotic where you create superbugs and they become resistant to it. It actually in the cell surface of the pathogen, it blows a hole and it oxidizes it, it destroys it, it breaks it down and it kills it. There is no mutating to survive oxidation. So, the miracle of ozone is its oxidation potential. 

One molecule of ozone, we’ll talk in the form of dissolved ozone because the ozonators that we're going to talk about dissolve ozone gas into water, so it’s like a liquid that we can use. We can drink, we can clean with it. But one molecule of dissolved ozone in water is like up to 10,000 molecules of bleach. So, immediately, your mind should be thinking “I can’t drink bleach. How can I drink ozonated water if it’s even more powerful?”

The answer is this: ozone is smart. In your body, healthy cells have an enzyme coating around them. So, ozone is selective. When you drink ozonated water or if you went to the doctor and they use the ozone in your blood or gave you ozone insufflation, that’s the gas like in the rectum or whatever, it does not destroy healthy cells. It will only attack the weak cells, the infected cells that don’t have that enzyme coating on them. Because every day, your body is making millions and millions of cells and recycling them. So, ozone whether you’re drinking it or getting your blood done or whatever modality of using ozone, it’s helping your body recycle those cells to build healthy cells. It’s anti-inflammatory. There’s all kinds of benefits of it.

But one of the other benefits that’s not really commonly thought about is the oxygen levels in the body. So, there’s water allocation mechanisms in the body, there’s oxygen mechanisms to allocate oxygen in the body. Because our body to survive has this minimum of what we need to keep ourselves healthy and, unfortunately, with most of us being indoors where the climate is controlled, with heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that’s stripping oxygen, negative ions out of the air, so when we're indoors working, we're breathing less levels of oxygen. But also, if you’re not active, you know, they talk about the sitting disease, people are sitting and working too many hours that’s why our fitness reminders are telling us to get up and move so many steps every hour. So, with sedentary lives, we can have lower levels of oxygen. 

The body actually allocates oxygen. It’s smart. It says okay, I’m going to protect the bone marrow over joint cartilage. I’m going to protect the brain over different other kinds of cells. So, cells actually when they don’t have enough oxygen lose the enzyme coating. And what that does is it makes the cell susceptible to infection by a pathogen.

So, not only is the oxidation of ozone so fantastic that it’s going to help your body recycle those cells so they don’t go rouge into cancer or something like that, the byproduct after that O1 breaks off is, guess what, pure O2. Drinking ozonated water boosts your body’s oxygen levels, so then it can protect more cells to make sure they have the enzyme coating around them, so that your immune system is stronger.

Another aspect. I guess there’s three things of ozonated water that are just absolutely phenomenal. It will be something if it only did one of them. We got two. Now, here’s the third bonus. The EPA, when there’s contaminated ground water, they drill wells and they have giant ozone generators and they inject ozonated water into the aquifer to break down heavy metals and pollutants.

Now, think about it. How much of your body is water?

[00:45:21] Ashley James: It’s 70 percent.

[00:45:23] Eileen Durfee: That’s huge. So, here’s another benefit. By drinking ozonated water, you can help decontaminate the liquid toxins in your body. It’s just so amazing. I don’t know of anything that’s this powerful at all.

[00:45:48] Ashley James: Can you dig in a little bit as to how ozone decontaminates?

[00:45:55] Eileen Durfee: It’s through the oxidation again. If the cell doesn’t have the enzyme coating, it will break it down. But when it’s exposed to petrochemicals and hydrocarbons and just all these different chemicals, because everything is just about the number of electrons spinning around the nucleus. Right? That’s all matter is. So, ozone gets in there and disrupts that structure and breaks it apart so it’s no longer what it was and it’s less harmful.

[00:46:35] Ashley James: Got it. For those who don’t know, ozone is three oxygen molecules where it’s normally air that we breathe is two oxygen molecules. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Ozone is less stable, right?

[00:46:53] Eileen Durfee: Yes.

[00:46:54] Ashley James: It’s less stable and so that third oxygen is kind of like shaking around, going, “Ah! I’ve got to do something. I’ve got to do something.” It’s unstable, it’s active. And this was my understanding, so please, please correct me or explain deeper. We have loose hydrogens jumping around in our body, which are free radicals, so they're piercing through, they're kind of like bullets in the body — piercing through the nucleus of the cells, damaging DNA. 

Just imagine if you’re shooting up these tiny, tiny, tiny bullets that are jumping through the body and just piercing holes into cells. And along comes this ozone, there’s this third oxygen molecule which is unstable and looking to create stability because there’s this magnetic pull. It will part from the two. So, the three oxygen, one will leave, and then now the two is now two oxygens, right? So then that’s what we breathe, that’s oxygen. And that one oxygen molecule will mop up two hydrogens, making water and, therefore, stabilizing. It’s like an antioxidant in and of itself. It’s mopping up those free radicals.

Then now, you’ve got oxygen in your body and more water in your body. And those are two things that are wonderful for your cells. 

So, is that an accurate description?

[00:48:28] Eileen Durfee: Yes. There’s additional studies on NIH.gov under PubMed articles that confirm the benefits of ozonated water. It increases glutathione, peroxidase, superoxide dismutase, catalase, prostacyclin, red blood cell glycolysis rate, and of course, we talked about the oxygen metabolism and it inactivates bacteria, virus, fungi, yeast, and protozoa. It’s like everyone should be using ozonated water, and I know that it’s not very popular because of people talking about our ozone layer, but, also, because breathing ozone is very dangerous. So, it’s hard to use this in your home and that’s why I created an easy-to-use degasser to make it safe.

[00:49:37] Ashley James: So, let’s back up. I want to touch on all those things you just said because it is really important that something that is incredibly healthy for you can also be dangerous used in the wrong way. Right? Like water can kill you if you drown in it. Water can kill you if you drink too much of it. But also, not having enough water will kill you. Right? So, water is incredibly good for you, you bathe in it. It’s absolutely essential for human life but used wrong, it is dangerous.

Ozone – incredibly healthy. One of the tools every single one of us should be using on a daily basis to create health and healing, and if used wrong can hurt us, just like water. So, I want to go on that, but I’d like to back up because I’d like to unpack that list that you talked about from the NIH studies starting with glutathione. A lot of my listeners know glutathione is the master antioxidant that the liver makes. It is so vitally important and I’ve used it before in the past as a supplement. I had taken it before just to see what it would be like, just to go hey, this is interesting because I’m into detox. I’ve had a real hard time with heavy metals in my past and I’ve been healing that through all these different modalities. And I can tell you that when I took glutathione, really, really high-quality glutathione, I felt like a different person. I’m like, wow! I can’t imagine like so. And then that’s when I went I really need to focus on my liver health and focusing on giving my body what it needs to up my glutathione because I should be feeling this way all the time. We should be feeling like on top of the world all the time.

So, let’s dive into how is it that ozone helps glutathione and why is glutathione absolutely so crucial to make sure that we have enough of it?

[00:51:31] Eileen Durfee: Well, after the oxidation and the oxygen boost, I don’t know how to explain why ozonated water increases glutathione production. I don’t know the biochemical, I’d have to ask my son who’s a biologist and a chemist to explain that. But I do know that it’s documented clearly in multiple studies that people can Google on the PubMed and read benefits of ozonated water.

I do know another hack to increase the body’s production of glutathione 600 percent, which we’ll have to talk about another time is coffee enemas.

[00:52:21] Ashley James: Yes, definitely. We had Dr. Patrick Vickers on a few episodes ago and he has a cancer clinic where he helps people with the Gerson method. Gerson plus, I would say, because he has added on some things since Dr. Gerson’s time that amplify the results he gets, where he helps people’s bodies. He supports the structure and function of their bodies to get rid of their own cancer and just feel absolutely amazing. They do six coffee enemas a day and it’s necessary because of the huge amount of detox you need to support the body. When you are killing trillions of cancer cells, when you’re killing all those cancer cells off, your billions and millions —

[00:53:07] Eileen Durfee: The toxins will kill you, not the cancer.

[00:53:09] Ashley James: Exactly. That’s what Dr. Gerson saw back in the ‘50s. He saw that people, if they didn’t do the coffee enemas, they would die of the toxins that would build up from killing cancer too quickly. So, we have to support the emunctory systems to release the heavy burden on the body, and of course, now, our bodies are more burdened than ever. We have 80,000 man-made chemicals in our air, our soil, our water, and our food. These are forever chemicals, they're endocrine disruptors, they’re obesogens; they are harming us for generations. They actually epigenetically change our gene expressions.

We are totally messed up as a race. We are completely messed up from the last 40 years of all the damage that’s been done to our environment and to our food. And so, we need to take matters into our own hands. We need to be very diligent with our food, but we also need to be incredibly diligent and double down on our detox protocols.

That’s why I love coffee enemas. But also, I love ozone. And I’ve only scratched the surface in my research but I do know that it helps with the Krebs cycle. I think that has something to do both with the energy in helping the mitochondria heal. I think there’s something about the glutathione. These things, again, we should talk to your son because I studied biology, but I’m like 101 level biology, and we need to get into like PhD level biology to really dig in.

What were those other points you talked about?

[00:54:46] Eileen Durfee: The superoxide dismutase. Back when I was allergic to everything, I had these Sod pills, superoxide dismutase, because it would cut the reactions, those enzymes. It’s just amazing. Catalase, prostacyclin, red blood cell glycolysis rate. It’s just everything that our immune system needs to function and to survive, that’s what ozonated water can do for us.

And one thing that I don’t know, probably dates me, but I think it was back in the 1980s, there was this Alpine ozone machine. Everybody was using these ozone generators to clean the air and finally, the FTC made them quit selling them because a lot of people, including myself, I’d be breathing large amounts of ozone gas and not knowing that I was actually harming myself. At the time, I had a lot of gut problems where I had bloating and indigestion, which is a direct result of inhaling ozone gas in too high of a level.

I still run across people who say, “Oh, I love the smell of it. It makes me breathe deeper.” I was talking with my son about, well, what’s going on? Why is it bad to breath over .1 part per million ozone in the air? After a while, we had another discussion. He says, “Well, mom, it’s competing with the oxygen receptor sites in the lungs.” So number one, that deep breathing that people are doing is a homeostatic survival response mechanism, so it’s not that their breathing is improving; it’s like trying to overcome that life-threatening circumstance of lower oxygen levels.

[00:56:58] Ashley James: Kind of like carbon dioxide. You’re starting to breathe heavier because you’re trying to get the oxygen in, so it’s competing with the oxygen. That is interesting. I love the smell of ozone. When there’s a thunderstorm, you could smell it in the air. Like there’s certain times when there’s a naturally occurring ozone and you could just smell a little bit of it. But that is really interesting.

Yeah, I was told once that ozone, when you breathe it in, it is like an oxidant for the lungs. Even though it’s an antioxidant for the body, when it gets in the bloodstream or when it gets inside the body, but inside the lungs it’s going to attack the lungs in a negative way, so best not to inhale it.

Our dentist, we have an amazing holistic dentist and he treats cavities and things like that with ozone. The first thing they do, they take a scraping of our mouth and then put it up on a big screen under a little microscope so we can see all the spirochetes and the bacteria, and he can point out what kind of bacteria and whether they cause heart disease and that kind of thing. So, he points out all the different kinds of bacteria and then encourages us to brush twice a day and floss twice a day to get rid of the biofilm that these guys basically build the condo buildings in between your teeth that we got to get out with the dental floss. Then he has us rinse with ozone water because it destroys the bad bacteria before he starts doing any work on the mouth. Like let’s say he scraped the gums as he’s cleaning, he doesn’t want that bad bacteria to get into your body, so he has us rinse with ozone water often and then he uses ozone to treat small cavities and if there’s ever any kind of dental surgery they need to do, they're using ozone before, during and after to increase healing time and significantly decrease infection rates.

My husband had a root canal and when they opened up the root canal to do the work they needed to do, they're like, this doesn’t smell at all. They're like if you go to any other dentist that doesn’t use ozone, it will smell like garbage, it will smell like decaying death. Because all they do is use antibiotics. They don’t use ozone to clean it out first. And our dentist was like, it doesn’t smell like anything. That’s because they use ozone to clean it out. So, it should be used by every dentist. It should be used in so many industries. So, I’m a really big fan.

Superoxide dismutase. I had a guest on recently who said that it’s like one of the keys to life. It’s one of the keys to everything. And he just geeked out on how important superoxide dismutase is to our existence, to our healing, to our health that for him it was one of the major factors. So, just the fact that this is just one of the many things that ozone does for the body is really exciting.

Let’s go back down that list. Was there anything else that you could dive deeper into that helps with?

[01:00:07] Eileen Durfee: As part of the immune system. I’m more of like creating the better widget to get the job done that we’re going to use and making it safe and making sure that it’s nontoxic. And just knowing that it did that was good enough for me, so I did not dive deeper into that. I mean, I explained about the oxygen metabolism and how it prioritizes to protect certain cells and with the enzyme coating, so that’s pretty much part of what it does there. Of course, any of the bacteria, virus, fungi, yeast, and protozoa, it is actually blowing a hole in the cell structure to kill it so it can’t mutate against it.

The one thing about ozonated water is like literally for the city of Los Angeles, they ozonate the sewage water and it’ll end up being as clear as drinking water. So, every pathogen has a concentration and a duration that’s required to kill it. Like E. coli for instance, we’re talking about let’s have good food supply. Well, let’s clean our food before we eat it because everything is grown in dirt so we’re not getting E. coli, listeria, salmonella from our chicken and those kinds of things that can cause food poisoning because the ozonated water, like at .1 part per million, can kill E. coli in 15 seconds.

[01:01:44] Ashley James: What?

[01:01:45] Eileen Durfee: My ozone generator produces 1.5 part per million. I mean, literally, practically on contact, washing your vegetables in ozonated water will kill it. You can take a black light. You know how they say don’t rinse chicken, you’re going to get salmonella everywhere. I always rinse my chicken in ozonated water. You take a black light and it’s crawling with salmonella before, and then it’s gone kind of like your dentist putting it up on the screen, showing you. So, you can make your food safe.

I did want to touch on why it damages the lungs. I do know about that. See, the lung tissue is full of lipids. So, the oxidation of lipids is very sensitive to ozone. It doesn’t take very much of it all and it’s oxidizing that tissue. It’s kind of like getting a sunburn. So what inhaling ozone gas does immediate to the lungs is it causes permanent lung damage. It’s like a sunburn on your lungs.

[01:02:59] Ashley James: Oh, wow!

[01:03:01] Eileen Durfee: Then, when it goes through your body, it causes the gastric bloating, upset, those kinds of things where these people that brag about they love the smell of ozone, it makes them breathe deeper, I go, “Oh, do you have problems with indigestion and bloating?” Oh, yeah. And I go, well, stop breathing ozone gas and see if that goes away.

I had this one person get back to me and say, “Oh, my gosh! That’s gone. You mean I caused my own problem?” I’m going, yeah. That’s why the EPA says not to breathe it.

[01:03:40] Ashley James: When you talked about the enzyme coating on the cells, the healthy cells which protect it from the oxidative stress of ozone, so ozone only attacks things that are infected or pathogens, so viruses, bacteria, fungus, mold, all that stuff, so it’s going to attack, it’s going to go after those, it’s going to go after infected cells and weak cells. What about cancer cells? Do cancer cells lack the enzyme coating?

[01:04:10] Eileen Durfee: Yes, they do.

[01:04:14] Ashley James: So by drinking ozonated water every day, would we be feeding ourselves with that additional support system that attacks the cells that don’t have enzyme coating? 

[01:04:25] Eileen Durfee: Yes. Before they can go rogue, it’s going to help your body recycle them because you get these Frankencells that start growing really fast instead of being recycled. Because every day, every single one of us have cells that are like pre-cancer cells, but our immune system recycles them. So, this is just giving us a leg up. It’s helping us do the job. Besides your doctor had told you that it’s killing the microbes, the level, the load of microbes so then your immune system is free to do the job of keeping your body from having cancer or recovering from cancer.

[01:05:21] Ashley James: I love it.

[01:05:22] Eileen Durfee: So, ozonated water is great. You definitely need to use a degasser so you’re not breathing it. And I made a simple gizmo that can hook up to any typestyle of ozone generator to get the job done. I got the utility patent for it and yeah, it’s just amazing to be able to make some ozone water and not have to leave. Because I used to just turn out the exhaust fan and leave and then come back after it was safe. But then it’s like I’ll forget that I ozonated water because I get doing something else. And ozone in water, that’s the other thing. You can’t go to the store and buy a bottle of ozonated water. Because depending on temperature, pH, and total dissolved solids in the water, that reaction where that third singlet breaks off could be anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, and then it’s done. It’s done.

[01:06:38] Ashley James: Bottled water companies that are saying you’re buying ozonated water. So, a friend of mine, she just moved her clinic, and she was ordering like a new Culligan service that was going to like Crystal Springs or something that was going to deliver her a bottle or two, these giant bottles each week so that her and her clients could drink the water. She goes, “Should I get the kind that is pH and ozonated?” I’m like, sure, why not? I mean, I’m all about the pH water as long as you’re not eating, like you don’t want to drink alkaline water while you’re eating because you don’t want to alkalize your stomach acid. Alkaline water is great in between meals. And I said, you know, I don’t know. I was honest. I don’t know much about ozonated water but I think ozone’s really cool. And I thought in the back of my mind, I wonder how stable that is. Because they do it in their factory and then it gets shipped to her, what, a week later, two weeks later, a month later.

[01:07:39] Eileen Durfee: All bottled water companies have ozonation and it is simply to keep the microbes so it passes their bacterial test. It’s just for sanitation during. There is no way. There is one company who has a patented pressurized type container that can keep the ozone active from breaking down. It’s a special technology. But just your bottled water and Culligan, I mean, I’m a fan of Mountain Valley Spring Water that I get delivered in 5-gallon glass bottles because it’s got the natural minerals in it, and it’s got the sacred geometry, the surface tension in the water so that it’s more hydrating to my cells versus purified water that’s been ozonated and maybe some minerals added back in there, but it’s not alive like spring water just going through those rocks and creating the structure and the sound from all of that is like life in water. Water is so important for the body.

[01:09:01] Ashley James: I had a doctor on the show who swears by that same water and he has it delivered it to him. He says it’s the only water he drinks. He said something about the depth and the structure of the water was so superior to everything else that it hydrated the body better. He had the scientific explanation for it but I was like, water is water, right? It’s like, wrong.

[01:09:24] Eileen Durfee: No.

[01:09:25] Ashley James: I mean, I believe obviously in filtered water but the water that comes out of your tap is actually structured differently than water that comes out of deep springs or artesian wells.

[01:09:35] Eileen Durfee: Yeah. And the energy, you know, it is dead. You look at it under a microscope and it’s like dead water. In reverse osmosis and distilled water, just rip minerals from the body, it’s worse. So, a lot of people are drinking the wrong kind of water. But yeah, water is so important. Oxygen is so important, and that’s why utilizing an ozone generator in your home can just really help with the body hydrating and getting the oxygen. Because oxygen is going to help your body hydrate, too. 

[01:10:16] Ashley James: I’m a big fan of glutathione, the killing of any kind of cell that’s not healthy for the body like cancer and infected cells, the killing of microbes. Does it disrupt parasites at all?

[01:10:32] Eileen Durfee: Yes, it does. Parasites is kind of like there’s not really a silver bullet. I’m a fan of telling people to do their coffee enemas because how it changes the pH and all that, bile that gets produced makes it harder for them to live, and obviously, having oxygen-rich because the hypoxic areas of the body are where these things are going to thrive. So, if you can reduce the amount of low oxygen areas in the body, then you’re obviously to reduce the amount of parasites. Really, digestive enzymes, having enough stomach acid to kill some of these things, but making your food safe. I’m a big fan of breathing clean air so you don’t have to detoxify what you just inhaled.

Likewise, prepping your food, so you’re not ingesting parasite larvae to complete its life cycle in your body. Let’s minimize the amount that we got to have to try to go on a cleanse to get rid of. In Europe, in a lot of the other different places, people will go on antiparasitic cleanses and things like that. In America, it’s like, who does it? Maybe some of the people in the biohacking community, but I imagine the general population are just full of parasites.

[01:12:09] Ashley James: Yes. I’ve had several doctors, the holistic health professionals that say that easily at 1/3 of the world’s population, including Americans have parasites, easily 1 of 3 people. So, it’s definitely something. And we used to do – we used to do annual parasite cleanses a hundred years ago. That was the thing up until about 100 years ago. We’re really blind to the health practices that we have been doing for the last 10,000 years — the health practices that we’ve developed in the west. I’d say in the east, there’s certain practices they’ve been doing for over 5000 years because they work. Right? Like annual parasite cleanses.

And we’re completely blind because in one generation they were able to switch people through great marketing. They were able to switch us from doing our own herbal medicine and homeopathy which there was homeopathic hospitals in 1918. There were herbal hospitals/herbal medicine. These were places that you could go and get natural proven, safe and effective treatments. Then along came pharmaceutical-based patented medicine that is derived from the petroleum industry and the byproducts of petroleum, and they saw a market and they went in for great amounts of marketing and developed this style of medicine. And through the brainwashing of marketing and PR, they were able to make us forget that we ever did these things on a regular basis to help ourselves.

If we could all go back and talk to our great-great grandparents, oh my gosh, the amount. I wish we could all go back in a time machine and learn from our great-great and great-great-great grandparents. And those young men and women could teach us how to grow healthy food, how to eat healthy, the herbs and the plants we could go into the forest and pick and heal our bodies with, but those were the things that they did and they had to do.

Now, we wait to get sick and then get put on a drug that manages symptoms and doesn’t help our body heal from the root cause, like heal from the ground up. Right? So, that’s why all the listeners are super excited to learn how they can heal their body because we have to take matters into our own hands.

So let’s say we have some water, we have an ozone machine, we have your device that makes it so that we can make our own ozonated water in a safe way, so we're not inhaling it. We could put it, what, in a spray bottle and spray down our counters. You say it lasts about up to 30 minutes, so we have to make some and then put in like a glass bottle and then spray down all our counters. How does it work to use it as a cleaner?

[01:15:20] Eileen Durfee: Yeah, you can put it in a spray bottle and spray it down or you can just take a clean rag, have that wet and then just wipe things down. So, there’s several ways of doing it. I’ve got a large model that farmers use that screw a hose in, screw a hose out, and put like a mister on the end of it and they’ll mist plants because it kills powdery mildew and this and that. Or they’ll spray down grow rooms because it kills everything better than bleach does. I’ve got people using it to bathe their pets in. One 4-H farmer sprays down his pig pens every day when he slops the hogs and no flies in the pig pen, if you can believe it, because it killed the larvae. And now, he doesn’t have to put miticide on any of the animal’s eyes.

[01:16:30] Ashley James: Wow! So you’re talking about farmers spraying down plants because it’s killing the bad stuff. But my question is, what about good bacteria? So, we have good bacteria in our mouth, in our gut. The whole lining of our intestines has good bacteria that aids in different functions. The good bacteria in our mouth helps us to make nitric oxide. And I had a whole episode on nitric oxide and people who use mouthwash which indiscriminately kills all the bacteria, the good and the bad. They have higher rates, significantly higher rates of heart disease because they have lower nitric oxide. So, we want to do everything we can to support the body’s ability to make nitric oxide and, in some cases, even supplement with it.

Then, of course, there’s bacteria all throughout the lining, the entire intestines from mouth to anus, and it helps us to digest and assimilate our nutrition and it’s even like a pharmacy. I’ve had several episodes where we talk about that six pounds of bacteria in your gut is like a pharmacy that actually makes these compounds, these healthy chemicals take our food, makes stuff for us, and then we uptake those chemicals like a healthy pharmaceutical and our body uses it. So, we have this wonderful relationship with this six pounds of health bacteria in our gut. Does ozone disrupt healthy bacteria?

[01:17:58] Eileen Durfee: I was on a doctor symposium about two months ago and one of the researchers there that uses ozone did a study, and ozone did not kill the good bacteria. Now, that’s been up for debate for a long time and so, I’m waiting to be able to get my hands on this study once he publishes it. Now, personally, I rinse my mouth with ozonated water. I brush my teeth in ozonated water every day. I haven’t had a cavity since I was 19 years old and I don’t have any gum disease and my gums are healthy. I’ve been doing the ozonated water thing since about 1996. I wash my face in ozonated water. And I drink one glass of ozonated water on an empty stomach in the morning. Not with vitamins because that can break down the goodness of the vitamins and stuff like that.

I know that CancerTutor.com, they recommend cancer patients drinking up to two liters of ozonated water a day, it’s not a standalone cancer protocol. It’s just something that helps raise the body oxygen levels. I mean, I take a good bacteria capsule morning and night just because of how important the gut bacteria and stuff are. But there’s going to be more and more studies coming out about how selective ozone is, how it doesn’t damage the cell with an enzyme coating and how it doesn’t hurt the beneficial bacteria. So, these are going to be exciting things. 

[01:20:01] Ashley James: Just thinking about like for example, children who have a sore throat or children who have ear infections gargling with it, like how you would say okay, you take colloidal silver or gargle with salt water to help kill the bacteria, kill the infection. You could gargle with it. Could you take a few drops and put it in an ear if there’s an outer ear infection? Can you put it on, if there’s a rash or if there’s an infection in the skin or like cystic acne, does it help in those kinds of applications?

[01:20:37] Eileen Durfee: Yeah, I actually had a customer, her legs were so bad and infected that they were almost ready to amputate them. And she was using my first instant on-demand ozone generator and she would run ozone water on her legs and then in little strips and she’d saturate it with ozonated water and then she would wrap them on her legs. The before and after was incredible because all of the lesions and the deep infections in her legs were healed. She had smooth skin.

So, you’re going to want to do something with besides just washing it if you’ve got something really going on with your skin, you could create same bandages and keep the moisture of the ozonated water while it’s active on the problem area. Now, there’s a lot of people who sell like ozonated olive oil in a paste that you can put on your skin for things like that.

My ozone generator is not set up for that because that actually literally takes over a week of constant ozonation to turn an oil into a paste. But those are very healthy for skin issues. I mean, we have our own skincare line with tallows and stuff, they’re very, very, very healing. That’s kind of like on a different nutrient nourishing level. But yes, ozone on the skin, I think that’s why my skin looks so good is I’ve washed my face in ozonated water for many years.

[01:22:34] Ashley James: So every day, we could just wake up in the morning, hit the button, make ourselves some ozone water, drink it, use it, slosh it around our mouth, use it when we brush our teeth, wash our face and clean down our counters, water our houseplants to get rid of the bugs. You could feed it or bathe the dog in it, feed it to the animals, put it on our garden outside. The list goes on. I’m starting to think about all the different applications.

[01:23:08] Eileen Durfee: Yeah, well, I had one rancher that had chickens. He hooked up the bigger unit on a timer to dispense ozonated water in the troughs of the birds. So, the first thing that happened is he never had to clean algae out of the troughs anymore. The second thing that happened is the birds started drinking more water. And they were healthier because normally, from hatching chickens to growth in adults, you just have some birds that die. Ever since he put in the ozonators, he didn’t have any birds die. It kills bird flu on contact.

[01:23:57] Ashley James: Oh my gosh!

[01:23:59] Eileen Durfee: So, literally, they had a washing machine with the one that has the venturi injection where they would clean the rags and stuff, because that stuff is very contagious, so any of the work overalls or anything like that to have it cleaned there to keep things in check. And they started spraying the fly pens because a lot of the chickens too will get lice and different things on their legs and things like that. So with this constant spraying kind of like the pig farmer, any of the eggs, it would cause not as many of them to hatch. So, the populations of just all the stuff that you’d have to deal with reduced.

Then as far as watering ozone plant roots, the one big machine that I’ve got has a dial on it so you can go maximum for foliar feeding. Because foliar feeding, they did a study on onions and cucumbers. It got rid of powdery mildew, mold, but the side effect was the same crop area produced 40 percent more. So, the plants love it when they uptake it through their leaves and so then you’re not having to put stuff to deal with the mold and the mildew and things like that. But then the plants are healthier, they grow more, but for the roots, you really have to dial down the ozone so that the soil microbes stay good and balanced, but yet then it’s up-taking the oxygen.

So, there’s just so many ways and industries where ozonated water can be used, and now, you could do it at home.

[01:26:17] Ashley James: Just the bird flu. My family’s plant-based but I have a lot of friends who rely on chicken and eggs as part of their diet. Several of my friends are freaking out because the bird flu is wiping entire farms across the states, just wiping them out. And there’s a deep concern. I mean, we’ve already seen like a bit of a food crisis in that the prices have gone up, inflation, and that the supply change has been disrupted for the last two years. There’s many farms that have stopped growing crops for various reasons. We’re seeing issues. And then, now, we’re seeing the bird flu. Just crazy.

I don’t know if you know about this but in the last few years, they had to cull more pigs than the entire population of China. It was some wild number of pigs. They had to cull because of the swine flu that it’s like Ebola for pigs. They had to cull so much that it disrupted their food supply and they stopped exporting many of their key foods in the last few years. There’s all these disruptions, right? We’ve got the crops in Ukraine and in Russia disrupted from the war. So, we have all these disruptions and then to add on, in addition to that, in the United States entire chicken farms and egg farms completely destroyed and decimated from the bird flu/the avian flu. And so, if we were to get this ozonated water in all of the farms, it’s leading to a better quality of life.

[01:28:11] Eileen Durfee: This machine that I have has a handle on it with folding legs. You screw a hose in from your faucet and you want the hose to be no longer than 10 feet long. Then, you screw a hose on the outset of it and if you have that more than 10 feet long, you need an inline pumper. You can get that 3/8 inch. It’s like a coiled hose with the sprayer you see on it. Then you’ll have enough pressure to spray and mist and I tell you what, the chicken farmers that I have, one of them just breathing, that’s one that I was talking about, and there’s other ones that are doing the 4H and the home thing.

But it’s normally like these big industrial type ozone machines, they’re making and spraying in the vineyards and all that, most small farms, they don’t have $25,000 to $30,000 for that. And this little machine, it’s a little over $2,000 and you could have this machine and take it and use it wherever you need it. And it produces up to 6 parts per million. It’s a bad boy man. It is powerful.

They did a study where they scrubbed cow feces on the walls. There’s like 50 different pathogens that can grow out of cow feces. They took different concentrations of ozone and sprayed it on there and figured out what it would take to kill it, and you need 4 parts per million. So, my big Tri-Oxy Complete Machine, it makes 6 parts per million. It is just like an annihilator man.

So, that’s meant for using outdoors or in larger areas where you don’t have to worry about breathing too much ozone gas. The growers that are using it in greenhouses, what they do, is like the painters who paint houses, they have that airless paint sprayer, they just fill up a 5-gallon bucket of ozonated water, and they hook it up to their airless paint sprayer, and they’re spraying the plants with ozonated water that way so it coats them completely. So, there’s ways around not having to be in fear about that stuff and protect yourself.

[01:31:05] Ashley James: And all the chemicals. That just eliminated so many chemicals from our air, from our water, from our food, and from our soil. What if every farmer used your machine? We’d be able to eliminate so many chemicals. It’s just amazing.

[01:31:23] Eileen Durfee: I read a study on strawberries, where not only did they not spoil it as much, but their nutrient concentration of ozonated strawberry plants, the produce, the berries actually was higher. It’s just like, is this a miracle or what?

[01:31:46] Ashley James: Well, it makes sense, right? So the plant loves it; the plant uptakes it more and it disrupts the bad microbiome, allowing the healthy tissue to grow. Then because the plant is so happy absorbing all that, it’s absorbing more nutrients as a result. So, that just makes so much sense.

Now, ozone kills mold. So, someone could use it in their bathrooms when they clean, on their windowsills. Like when they see mold in their home, they could be using this as a nontoxic way to combat mold.

[01:32:20] Eileen Durfee: Yes. But also, the ionic refresher, I have a plug-in gizmo that kills 99 percent of pathogens in the air. And every time you flush the toilet, you’re sending E. coli everywhere in the air. And keeping those in your bathroom really reduces molds, spores, and everything else in the air.

But yeah, you go at it from because you don’t want mold spores in the air, but you got to clean mold off of surfaces too. One in two homes have a moisture problem according to the government. And I used to build 12 houses a year and ran construction crews, so I’m very informed about moisture problems in buildings and things that people need to create a safe home.

[01:33:13] Ashley James: And your machine helps us do that. I’m really, really excited because the problem is, is we are using so many chemicals in our environment just to clean. People that don’t know, right? They're using like baking soda or vinegar or something, like spraying down the house with vinegar and then the house attracts flies and smells like something fermented. But that’s what we deal with. We’re realizing everything under our kitchen sink is dangerous for us.

An early interview I did a few years ago was with a woman who puts a device in your home and it’s like an air filter that captures particles. Then, she takes the machine and plugs it into a computer and based on the particle – so this is just air that’s in your home, like you’re walking around breathing in your home. You don’t smell stuff unless you have like Febreze plug-in thing. You’re not smelling anything, right? So she has this machine, you put it in your living room and basically breathe your air just like you breathe your air, and when you breathe, there’s fine particles of chemicals in your air that’s floating around. Your air is not pure unless you have these amazing HEPA air filters all around.

So, you’re breathing in chemicals in the air. And we don’t smell it, we don’t see it, we don’t taste it. We don’t realize that what it does is when it gets into our nasal cavity and then we swallow it and it goes down into our stomach and we absorb it, then it gets into our body, our liver has to process it, it gets into our adipose tissue and hangs out basically until we get overly toxic and then maybe we lose a little bit of weight and something happens. And now it’s released again into the body and the liver has to do something with it again. It just kind of keeps cycling through the body over and over and building up and building up and building up.

But it’s so small and we don’t see it or taste it that we don’t realize it’s there. So, this little machine breathes in our air just like we do. And then, she analyzes it and she can tell you, get this, this has just freaked me out, she goes, “I can tell you which Mr. Clean you are using based on the chemical readout.” The Mr. Clean that is in your cupboard, in your kitchen or down the hallway in your bathroom because every plastic bottle in your house, and if you have an attached garage, every can or jar or bottle of chemicals. So think about if you have an attached garage, all the stuff for automotive, all the paint stuff. Just everything you’ve got in there. All of your stuff you got under every single sink in your house is off gassing all the time. Your liver is processing every chemical that’s in a bottle in your house all the time.

Because these are not like her medically sealed bottles, they’re plastic. And so, it actually leaks through slowly. But it’s this constant slow drip of toxicity and as we’ve heard from many people, many experts that our indoor air population is ten times worse than outdoor air population. You live in New York City? Go outside and breathe the exhaust out there. It’s probably better than what’s trapped in your house because of everything that’s off gassing.

So, if we can get rid of all the junk, all the chemicals and the junk that’s under your sink, and replace it with something that actually works better as a cleaning agent that actually works better as a disinfectant agent that’s safe to wash our produce with, to wash our counters with, to wash our floors with and everything, and wash our face with, and is incredibly effective, that decreases the toxicity in your life while at the same time increasing your health. So, I just think it’s a much-needed device on all those ends.

For those who are excited to dive in and look into it, they can go to LearnTrueHealth.com/ozone. Tell us about the different devices. Once they go there and they’re seeing your systems — you’ve talked about farms versus the home — is it sort of one size fits all or are there different ones that you would explain that people could get based on their needs?

[01:37:47] Eileen Durfee: I have two ozone generators. One that’s called the Tri-Oxy FRESH. It’s a countertop model. I have a nice video on that. And that uses diffusion where we give you the silicon tube with the different diffusers, balls, cylinders that you submerge in water and you can turn on the machine. It’s got a touch panel and a remote control, timer, and all that kind of stuff.

Then, we have the bigger one that has folding legs, it’s all stainless steel with the handle. It’s kind of like the monster that you screw a hose in and screw a hose out that’s got the adjustable from 0 part per million to 6 parts per million. See, the smaller one is 800 mg/hr. So, it’s just under 1 versus this other one producing 6 parts per million.

Basically, you can use the big one with the hose. I have people hooking it up to their washing machines. I have people hooking it up for the farming needs, for watering systems. Then the one for the countertop model, that also comes in a kit. You save money when you buy the kit. There’s this ozone water sterilizer, food, and enema prep kit. It doesn’t have your enema kit in it but it’s got the degasser and the Tri-Oxy FRESH generator. So, you save money buying that together. And you can buy them individually. If somebody already has their ozone generator, they can get the degassing kit.

And that’s it. So, there’s really just the two systems. The big one uses venturi injection. The difference between diffusion, which we didn’t get into, that’s what you use in the water bottle plants. They use diffusion where they’ll have bubbles going up these towers to ozonate the water. So, the smaller the bubble, the quicker it dissolves into water because it’s got more surface area. It’s like versus sand in a container versus rocks in a container. There’s more surface area in sand than the bigger rocks. 

With the FRESH, you’re given multiple different diffusers that have a variety of hole sizes, so you can dissolve ozone gas really fast, which is nice because the ozone generators that I used to buy when I’d use it every day would wear out in a year. I’d have to buy a new machine and when I designed mine, it’s like, man, I don’t want that to happen. So, I have the 8000-hour ozone generator so it’s going to last years and years and years, but still, if I can ozonate water, dissolve the ozone gas in the water faster, that’s better. Because diffusion, only 15 percent of the gas that the machine makes dissolves in the water; 85 percent of it goes to the air. And it’s the absolute reverse for the diffusion, the big guy, 85 percent dissolves and only 15 percent goes in the air.

So, with that degasser, you’re going to get some diffusers that instead of having to run it with the container of water for 30 minutes, you can ozonate that container for 5 minutes. It’s going to extend the life of your ozone generator besides protect your lungs.

[01:37:47] Ashley James: Fascinating. With the countertop one that does 1 part per million in an hour, is that enough to use therapeutically?

[01:42:11] Eileen Durfee: Well, if you ozonate cold water for instance, I have had a meter and measured, it’d all make up to 1.5 parts per million. And that is like the oxygen-fed ozone generators produce less ozone concentration than the corona discharge. So, this is way sufficient for anything that you would want to do with your drinking water doing an enema with ozonated water.

Another comment I wanted to make is that corona discharge still has .003 percent nitrous oxide, and that’s why you cannot use it for ozonating your blood or doing the insufflation with the gas. So, don’t think you’re saving money by buying this unit and not having to have the prescription for the ozone tanks. You can only use this for ozonating the water that you would drink or maybe follow up with an enema or cleaning your food or sterilizing your counters. That’s what this machine was created for – to be easy to use, with the degasser of course.

The degasser is just a 32-ounce glass jar with a handle that has a filter cap that you screw on and the filter media that you put in there one time, which I have a video on how to do it, it will last you 10 years. You only have to put it in there once, screw it on, and then it just basically is copper manganese pallets that when ozone gas interacts with it, it causes that O1 molecule to immediately break off. So then, the only thing left that comes out in the air is nonflammable concentrations of oxygen. So, it’s totally safe. I had one of those ambient meter tests, and sure enough, it degasses 100 percent, so it’s very effective.

[01:44:35] Ashley James: Very cool. I had a man who he healed his own cancer and has gone on to help others do the same and he swears by doing daily enemas with ozonated water or the other way, which is basically getting a bag of ozone gas and holding it up your rectum like a reverse fart. You just have to hold it up there and then it gets into your lymph system and into your venous blood flow system the same way with the coffee enemas, so it gets in you. But it’s not straight IV. Right? That’s something different and a different machine. He swears by that.

He also said we really should look at other countries to see what they're doing and which countries have better rates of success. Because when we compare America, for example, has one of the highest death rates for infant mortality of the industrialized the world, has the worst outcomes for chronic disease. We spend the most money. We’re the number one. The only thing we’re number one in health is we’re the number one spenders of money for a healthcare system that doesn’t work. It’s a healthcare system that’s broken, that has some of the worst outcomes in the world for, when I say industrialized nations, other countries that have access to the same pharmaceutical medicine.

So, the problem is, why are we continually going back to the system that is broken that is continually keeping us sick? It’s because again, it’s like the wolves of our eyes. We don’t know that there’s a better way out there. In the UK, in the EU, in the European Union, it is allowable to give a cancer patient ozone. It’s allowable to do hyperbaric chambers to do treatments where they bring the body up to 109 degrees while protecting the vasculature to the brain. They bring the body up into a state of fever, like getting in a sauna but even higher. With the heat shock protein, it helps kill most cancers. Same with ozone that it’s used and it’s allowed. In the United States, oncologists are not allowed to use those medicines. They are only allowed to do surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and now, there’s been a few immune drugs that still fall under the category of chemotherapy as far as I’m concerned. But they're not allowed to go, oh hey, let’s do a hyperbaric chamber, let’s raise your oxygen levels, let’s do some ozone. They're not allowed to do that. 

Why do we have to go down to Tijuana, Mexico to cancer clinics? There’s cancer clinics lining the border with American doctors who have to go across the border to give you medicines that you can get in hospitals in Europe. Why do we have to feel like we're criminals going across the border to Tijuana, Mexico to do something illegal in the States. Why is finding a better solution illegal in our country. We have to start questioning the status quo because the status quo is killing us. Right? So, that’s why I love your machines. This is something we should all have access to, and people in other countries do.

So, I absolutely am so excited for the solutions that you bring. Of course, listeners, go to LearnTrueHealth.com/ozone, you’re going to see that. Then, you had said to me before we hit record that you wanted to make sure our listeners got a discount, so please give us some more information on that and anything else in terms of buying this that people should know about.

[01:48:41] Eileen Durfee: I would definitely buy the ozone water sterilizer prep kit because that’s $399.99 versus paying $249 for one and $219 for the other. But I’m going to give Ashley a special coupon code that she’s going to have on her ozone page that you can use for the next 30 days to buy anything on the ozone page and get your discount.

[01:49:13] Ashley James: Thank you for giving us a discount. I really appreciate it when guests do that for us.

So, in terms of the enema kit, you said that there’s all these different kits. Just break it down for us to make it real simple. What should we get when we want to treat our bodies to get better health, to get optimal health. We also want to make sure we’re washing our food, cleaning our counters, that kind of thing, but we also want to do the stuff that helps our body detox and get all the benefits that we talked about throughout the whole episode.

[01:49:46] Eileen Durfee: Yes. We have a standup no-mess coffee enema kit. I call it “the enema fix.” I always gave my clients the two-week coffee enema challenge. If I could just get a person to do it daily for two weeks, I’d never have to ask them again to do it, but the common complaints are… and some of them weren’t excuses. People had back pain or they have problems with their knees, and it was too difficult for them to lay down. Then the people that could, when they would get up, when they had to eliminate, then fecal water matter would go everywhere and make a mess, and so people weren’t too fond of doing the coffee enemas just because it was such a mess, even though it made them feel fantastic.

So, I had a client that was bound and determined to do the coffee enemas. This is back when I had a bag that you could turn inside out to clean because the bags, you couldn’t clean them, so I got one that I could turn inside out. He wouldn’t lay down, but he stood up and he painstakingly rolled the bag so it pumped the fluid up inside him, so he was doing the coffee enemas standing up.

That gave me an idea to get like a pump. And I had a little pump bottle, I would have to fill it up multiple times and the hose was kind of short, and so, I created an adaptor to fit on a glass jar, and by the way, not all glass even though it’s food-safe is toxin-free. So, my glass jar that I had made for both the enema fix and the degasser is SGS certified, and I put all my product testing on the website, too, so there’s transparency there. But I created a jar with a handle that’s 32 ounces, so you can pour. I use my spring water. Then I brew up some coffee and just pour a little bit of that in there. That way, I’m taking room temperature water with hot fresh brewed coffee, pour it in. That way, there’s no waiting. It’s just perfect tepid temperature. Then there’s an adaptor with a pump. So, you can prime out the liquid and you can stand in your shower, and you can fill up with half of it or whatever is comfortable, then you can just massage up your ascending colon across your transfers. Then, when you need to eliminate, you just sit on the toilet. 

So, it just took all the medicine. I was one of those people that I spent $300 and I had a Climaboard. As a matter of fact, I bought three because I was going to make a better one because I didn’t like all of them. But that’s a lot of money for people to have to invest in and after I created the pump, I don’t even use my Climaboard anymore. I put it up. Because this, it’s just cleaning the bottle, not scrubbing the laying surface and all that kind of stuff.

But go to the enema page and there’s the standup no-mess kit. It removes every excuse and you can just enjoy yourself, meditate, you could work on your fascia while you’re in the shower. You can do a lot of different things. I always try to stack my hacks because how else are we going to fit all these wonderful into our daily life?

[01:53:43] Ashley James: Yes, right. I love that idea that we could be using like a fascia brush or we could use a lymph brush and be moving our lymph flow while we’re doing it. We could do some stretches. Well, as long as you’re holding that Kegel, you could do some light stretches. You could be singing in the shower. The acoustics are fantastic. So, there’s all kinds of fun you could do. How long do you do a coffee enema for? Five to 15 minutes? Or is there like a sweet spot?

[01:54:13] Eileen Durfee: The sweet spot in those studies when Hitler’s army was cut off from supplies and they were operating on soldiers without anesthetics and the pain relief was so unbelievable, that’s for a university study, and they found that all of the caffeine and palmitic acid was gone from the rectal solution in 12 minutes. So, I always tell people, I mean nobody’s going to be able to hold it for 12 minutes the first time. You just don’t have those rectal muscles to balance. So, that’s part of that two-week challenge. By the end of two weeks, I bet you can. But I just tell people don’t sweat it. If you can hold it a minute, great. Or three or whatever it is. That’s the purpose of that nice 32-ounce glass jar because you could do half. And then, when you’re done eliminating, you can fill up again. You know, whatever total hold time, our goal is to get to 12 minutes.

[01:55:17] Ashley James: Yes. I like that you said you could do half. Because you don’t have to use all 32 ounces at once. Really, you just need a little bit of liquid in the rectum. This isn’t the American “if some is good, more is better.” I always have to remind myself. We’re not filling the entire colon with coffee. This is a little like one cup, half a cup, one cup to start. Just a little bit, right?

I notice that I would do is first of all, I would do an enema just with warm water just to clean out and then I would do half of the coffee and sometimes I would be able to last one minute, two minutes, and then sit on the toilet. Then that next go, I could go for 15 minutes. As long as I did my little cleanout beforehand and kind of psych my body up with the first installment of coffee, which this coffee is not like Starbucks. It’s very different. And we’ve talked about it with Dr. Patrick Vickers but I’d love to have you back on the show t go into more detail because it is so important as a regular health regimen, as something you could do daily, or weekly to support your body and your liver in detoxification and getting rid of parasites. There are so many benefits to this.

For people who are facing major illness, they want to do it more often. For someone who just wants to maintain health or just a little bit of a leg up, it’s a wonderful solution. I always feel amazing after I do it. And it does become a little addictive simply because of how good you feel afterwards and how good you feel for the rest of the day. You can really feel the difference it makes.

I’m going to make sure that the links to everything are in the show notes of today’s podcast at LearnTrueHealth.com/ozone. I’ll also do just to make it easy, I’ll make a link, so LearnTrueHealth.com/enema. That’ll go straight to the coffee enema solution that you’ve made it tremendously easy because man, I can’t tell you. I’ve spent a lot of money on different enema kits and they all are frustrating, and so I’m really excited to try yours because you figured out how to take the mess out of the whole process and make it easy. If you can make something quick and easy, just as easy as brewing a cup of tea or coffee, then we’re going to do it. But if there’s like 20 steps like these other coffee enema kits out there, then the harder it is, the less likely we are to do it. So, you’ve taken the work out of it, made it so that we can easily integrate it into our daily habits for health. And I really appreciate that.

Thank you so much for coming on the show. I really appreciate you being here today and I can’t wait to have you back on the show. Is there anything you’d like to say to wrap up today’s interview?

[01:58:31] Eileen Durfee: Just that trying something new is going to get you different results. With the ozonated water, don’t do it at night because it’s going to give you a bunch of energy. People don’t realize how lacking of oxygen they are and when their body has it, you’re just all energized. So, you maybe find yourself drinking too much coffee in the morning. That’s why doing ozonated water in the morning is so fantastic because it just gives you that natural energy that your body is looking for.

[01:59:14] Ashley James: Love it. So there’s that and then there’s also the coffee enemas. Then, you can take the coffee enema kit and use ozonated water, right? 

[01:59:25] Eileen Durfee: Yes!

[01:59:26] Ashley James: So we can also gain the benefits of that.

[01:59:27] Eileen Durfee: Yes! And don’t mix. Don’t mix. Okay, this is the other thing. Remember, ozone oxidizes and breaks everything down. It changes their structure. So we want caffeine and palmitic acid to remain intact. We don’t want the ozone using up its power by breaking down the goodness out of the coffee. So, you have to do them separate.

[01:59:56] Ashley James: Got it, got it. Could you be brewing or simmering the water like that’s kind of getting ready, and you go and you grab the ozone water, and you run into the bathroom and do an ozonated water enema, and then you sit on the toilet, clear out, and then go grab the coffee and then do it?

[02:00:21] Eileen Durfee: Yes, you can.

[02:00:22] Ashley James: So it could be part of the whole routine. How long should we hold the water in the rectum, the ozonated water? Again, this is, what, like a cup of water. It’s again not like a colonic where you’re filling your entire colon. We just need a little bit, so a few ounces of water. How much water is good and how long is good given that the machine, like you said, can make 1 to 1 ½ parts per million? 

[02:00:55] Eileen Durfee: So your body temperature, the higher the temperature, the quicker it oxidizes. So, as you put the ozonated water in your rectum, you’re going to find that it’s oxidizing quite quickly. So, five minutes should give you a lot of benefits.

[02:01:20] Ashley James: Got it. Do we need to use cold water, or can we heat the water?

[02:01:26] Eileen Durfee: Well, it’s up to you. I have a meter that measures ozone, and I actually have an ozone generator set up on my shower.

[02:01:43] Ashley James: Nice.

[02:01:45] Eileen Durfee: So, cold water, I had it at 1 part per million. The hot water, like a hot shower, is .3 part per million. So, you’ll be able to achieve higher concentrations of ozone in the water when it’s cooler. But I would just recommend the tepid because that’ll be somewhere in between. It’s not a hot shower. It’s not ice cold. So, it’s going to be somewhere in between. Like room temperature water, you could get it to 1 part per million very easily.

[02:02:21] Ashley James: And that should be fine. I mean, people who are new to enemas though, maybe start with internal body temperature. I think for those who are not used to enemas, then they put cold water in the rectum, it can cause cramping and kind of shocks them a little bit. So, it’s just like drinking a really, really cold ice water when you’re hot and you weren’t expecting it to be cold and you’re like “ooh!” and the body reacts. So, you want to ease into it. Everything should be easing into it slowly. 

Great. I love that whole idea, that process that we could use the ozonated water for an enema for a few minutes while the coffee water is preparing and then go get the coffee water and do that enema. And the whole process is going to take about half an hour because again, you’re not holding it for a very long time. But this, although half an hour out of someone’s day when they're very busy seems like a lot, something you can do in the morning, wake up a little earlier, go to bed a little earlier, wake up a little earlier. Then, the entire rest of the day, all your cells are singing. Everything is working better that it’s just so exciting to think about your liver is functioning better, it’s making the glutathione, all the antioxidants are going through the body, all the pathogens are exploding and your body is able to recycle those damaged cells. Just all the benefits go on and on.

So, thank you so much for coming on the show. Please come back and continue sharing about the things that we can do to incorporate into our life that we’re not taught, that we should be taught. This should be something that’s in everyone’s home. In Vegas you buy a house and there’s water softener just already there and there’s reverse osmosis just already under the sink. That’s kind of standard for certain parts of America. There should be an ozone machine inside people’s home. This should be something that we have access to because of all the numerous benefits. But it’s up to us – it’s up to us to do it.

So go to LearnTrueHealth.com/ozone, check it out. I can’t wait to have you back on the show. Thank you so much for all this information today.

[02:04:30] Eileen Durfee: Thank you for having me, Ashley.

[02:04:32] Ashley James: I hope you enjoyed today’s interview. I am so excited to get myself one of these ozone machines. I’ve been thinking about everything I’m going to use it for. Our family doesn’t have a lot of cavities. We’re better than most. But just the thought that we could prevent cavities for the next 10-20 years or more, that we could have better oral health, just that alone is really exciting. And to be able to use ozonated water to treat scrapes and little skin infections and maybe my son in 10 years will start developing acne as he goes through puberty, who knows, and just be able to wash our face with that. Of course, everything is about balancing the microbiome. And so the idea that we can support ourselves in this way, support our liver and support our bodies in detoxification, use ozone to mop up those free radicals, those extra hydrogen.

Here’s something you might not know. A former guest recently explained this. You know pH, right? Everyone knows alkaline versus acidic. I’m sure you’ve heard, if you’re listening to a holistic health podcast, you’ve heard, “Oh, we want to eat alkaline. We want to make sure that our body is in a state of alkalinity. The alkaline diet and drink alkaline water.” Of course, don’t drink it while you’re eating. You actually want your stomach to be acidic. There are times when certain parts of your body need to be acidic like your stomach when you’re digesting. The first 75 percent of time that you’re digesting is acidic and then right before the stomach dumps its contents into the small intestines, it neutralizes. So, about an hour or two, maybe two hours after you’ve eaten, you can start drinking alkaline water. If that’s your thing, cool.

But here’s the thing: pH is actually the measurement. So the H is hydrogen. It’s the measurement of loose hydrogen bombarding the body, like I had said, like bullets bombarding the body. So, if we have more acidity, we actually have more loose hydrogen bombarding the body, like bullets piercing through our cells, damaging DNA, which you might know that damaged DNA can turn into or it’s hypothesized that damaged DNA turns into cancer. But also, the more damage we have to cells, we have premature aging, that’s not good. The more damage we have to cells, the more our body has to use up its resources to heal and repair and restore rather than fight off illness and rather than create optimal health, so our body is always just sort of maintaining like rebuilding after a war instead of getting to that next level of health.

So, if we can mop up those free radicals and prevent those free radicals, then our body goes into a state of balance and then it can use all of its resources, enzymes and energy towards becoming even healthier. I’m just so excited for all of us to know this, to use it, to experience it. Please come to the Facebook group. If you’re going to get one of these machines or if you have already gotten one, come to the Facebook group and please, please, please share your experience.

Now, she’s only giving the coupon code for the next 30 days, so I hope you’ve listened to this episode in the first 30 days. After 30 days I’m going to ask her if she could extend that, so I’m hoping she does. So, still try it out, go to LearnTrueHealth.com/ozone, try the coupon code “LTH”. I’m going to go back to her and see if I can get her to permanently extend or something, give us something because I really like giving you guys specials from my guests that I have on and extending that to you guys.

So, if you’re going to use the machine, come to the Facebook group, the Learn True Health Facebook Group. You can go to it by searching LearnTrueHealth.com/group. Come to the Facebook group and share with us your experience. I want to know, I want to hear, what you’re using it for, what’s your health benefit. Let’s talk about this machine.

I have had guests on the show that talk about using this style of machine for their personal cancer protocols and immune boosting protocols. So it’s interesting to hear about the other applications which we talked about throughout the podcast. And I’d love to hear why you’re going to use it and what you’re using it for. So please, come to the Facebook group and share. Or if you have any questions, let’s start conversation and I can see if I can get her to come into the Facebook group and answer those for you. So, come to the Facebook group, let’s start the discussion about today’s episode and I’d love to see you there.

Have yourself a fantastic rest of your day. Thank you so much for sharing this podcast with those you care about. It’s through sharing that we’re going to get the word out and help as many of our friends as possible to end their suffering.

You know, about 10 or so, actually it’s been longer than that, 11 years ago when I started to get my health back, which is really exciting. So, let’s say about 15 years ago. Fifteen years ago, I was crying myself to sleep almost every night. I was tortured by a sick body and I wanted out, but I didn’t know how. It wasn’t until I found this naturopath I started to discover this information and it was one step that led to another. And you don’t know in your life the people you care about, because I didn’t tell anyone how miserable I was. I didn’t. Buy you could have looked at me and you could have seen that I was not doing well. I did not look healthy. I did not feel healthy.

Look at your friends and family and those you care about. If there’s something that just might look off, like maybe they're not happy, maybe they're living in a body they're not happy with, maybe they're feeling symptoms and they're not telling you, share my podcast with them because you don’t know that might be the one friend who’s crying themselves to sleep in their pillow so sick of the suffering, living inside the prison of a sick body. And they don’t even know this information exists. So, please, be that hero in their life. Be that angel in their life and share with them an episode that may give them the hope that may open the crack in that door that shows them a whole world of healing. 

I had chronic adrenal fatigue, chronic infections in which I was on monthly antibiotics for. I had polycystic ovarian syndrome. I was told I was infertile after a battery of tests by an endocrinologist that I’d never have kids. I was so sick that every morning I couldn’t get out of bed until about 11. I couldn’t process human language in the morning. The brain fog was so severe. I was constantly hungry; I had to eat every 45 minutes. It drove me nuts. I was so sick. It was agony being in my body. And how many people did I bump into or come across that knew about holistic medicine that knew about these answers but were too shy to tell me? I finally, finally, finally found it. And you can have someone in your life that might be suffering and may have been told just like me by their doctors that they’ll always have this illness. 

Here’s the thing. My doctors told me you just have to take these drugs, you’ll always have type 2 diabetes, you’ll always have chronic adrenal fatigue, you’ll always have these chronic infections, you’ll always have polycystic ovarian syndrome. When I discovered naturopathic medicine and true holistic naturopathic medicine, and I went down that rabbit hole of changing my diet, changing my lifestyle, taking really, really high-quality supplements from TakeYourSupplements.com, when I did that, that’s when within three months I no longer had diabetes, my chronic adrenal fatigue started to go away within 5 days. I woke up on day 5 feeling like a million bucks. And I had been sick for years.

My chronic infections went away the moment that I shopped the perimeter of the grocery store, meaning don’t go in the aisles and buy processed food. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store and choose organic. I was just doing an experiment. My chronic infections went away. That’s how important going organic and not eating processed food is to the immune system. And I thought, holy crow, what else can I heal just by making one change?

So that’s what my whole podcast is about. This one change at a time that you can make, that you can say hey, what your doctor has told you is a lie. Because all those doctors that said to me I’d be on these meds my whole life, I’d always have these problems, you know, my bloodwork has shown for the last two years that I no longer have polycystic ovarian syndrome. It’s actually been longer than two years, but I’m just remembering back to the last few doctor’s appointments. All my blood work shows I no longer have it. My A1c is 4.7. For those who understand diabetes, that’s amazing blood sugar. I have outstanding blood sugar. Type 2 diabetes is reversible within three months. It’s just crazy that doctors are going on and saying you have to be on metformin and insulin the rest of your life when it is lifestyle and diet, and in some cases, it’s a mineral deficiency as well. So, we address that. TakeYourSupplements.com has an amazing blood sugar protocol for increasing insulin sensitivity.

So my point being, that we can heal. And you, our listeners, so I’m already preaching to the choir, but you might have someone in your life who’s suffering and they don’t have to suffer anymore and you have the answers, but maybe you’re afraid to share it, please know there are people in your life just like me who are crying themselves to sleep suffering deeply. And it takes a little bit of courage on your part to say, “Hey, do you want to listen to this podcast I’m really, really enjoying? They might have some answers for you.”

So, I’m just putting it out there because my goal is to end the suffering of millions of people that no longer need to suffer. Eventually, I’m going to get on the radar of big pharma. I am praying to stay under the radar here. But I want to make a difference in millions of people’s lives. And you’re part of that. You’re part of that. I have talked to listeners who are like “I tell everyone!” I had a listener who printed out laminated cards like business cards with Learn True Health podcast and how to listen to it and every single person she came into. I was like, I love her. This is it. Because she understands that people no longer need to suffer. We are able to heal. We are able to heal the body. The body is able to heal itself. We just have to give it what it needs and get out of its way.

That’s what my goal is with each episode, is to extract that information for you and condense it so that you can walk away after each episode going “Okay! I got an action in plan. I’ve got some steps I can take.” So, please share it, come to the Facebook group if you haven’t already. We have very active conversations about health and healing, it’s wonderful. So many people are helping each other and I try to answer every single one. I’m pretty sure I do. It’s every single post we have between 1 and 8 questions a day that come in. I’m in there and we’re all in there answering each other’s questions and helping each other. And I’m discovering resources too. We’re all helping each other in the Learn True Health Facebook group.

So, come join it, share with your friends. Thank you so much for being a listener. Have yourself a fantastic rest of your day.

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In 2016, Ashley launched her podcast Learn True Health with Ashley James to spread the TRUTH about health and healing. You no longer need to suffer; your body CAN and WILL heal itself when we give it what it needs and stop what is harming it!

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