162: Access To Joy

How To Get An Access To Joy

Whether it be through our career, health, relationships or spirituality, we seek avenues that give us access to joy. Contrary to what most people believe, having access to joy is easily attainable. Hence, my guest today, Katherine-Anne Boyd, will teach us how to be truly happy.

When my mother died in 2002 during my early 20s, I was utterly devastated. In an attempt to make myself whole again, I attended a team management leadership program. That's where I first met Katherine-Anne Boyd.

Little did I know that fateful meeting would be the start of a great friendship. After staying three years in the program, I started off as a coach for Boyd, and we eventually became so close, that she played a big part at my wedding entourage.

Dealing With Health Problems

Boyd overcame personal health problems before transforming herself into a health coach. Starting out as a life coach before focusing on health, Boyd initially was in a constant search for pathways that would give her access to joy.

Boyd recalled having to deal with a fish scale disease or ichthyosis when she was younger. Hopping from one allopathic doctor to another, Boyd was made to test out drugs and chemicals to heal her condition.

During that period, her treatment led her to gain weight. As a result, she explored a lot of diets. It was initially hard for Boyd to deal with weight issues especially since she was physically active.

Apparently, there were a lot of underlying issues that prevented Boyd from having access to joy. First of all, Boyd shares that a dear friend horribly failed her. Then her mother fell it and passed away shortly.

Downward Spiral

Consequently, because all these events happened within ten months, Boyd ended up doing physical activities as a reaction from her grieving. This led her to develop a severe leg infection and doctors consistently prescribed antibiotics to prevent her condition from getting worse.

Much as Boyd wanted to avoid pharmaceutical drugs, she couldn't get off medication due to her leg infection. Furthermore, she had digestive issues as well. And because she likewise gained a lot of weight, Boyd felt ill. There seemed to be no access to joy.

Picking Up The Pieces

Eventually, Boyd realized that she had to do something about her health. She was tired of being sick. Enough is enough! So one of the first things Boyd did was to look at how she was eating.

“I needed something to feel good. So I started eating healthy by eating natural and organic foods. Eventually, my body healed,” said Boyd.

Managing your life can be overwhelming, so Boyd suggests making small changes to make a significant difference. Furthermore, we all need to learn how to take in some breathing space.

Apparently, Boyd's health changes were her access to joy. And because of this positive change, she was able to lose more than a hundred pounds in the last year and a half. Now that's a fantastic achievement!

Eating Right And Sleeping Right

Boyd's weight issues gave her valuable insights into understanding why not all diet or exercise works for everyone. This is because each body is different and things change over time.

Like most health coaches, Boyd also stresses the importance of drinking water and getting enough sleep. To those who do not like drinking water, adding a slice of lemon helps flavor the water. Adding vitamin C or a drinking a vitamin mix is also beneficial.

Not surprisingly, Boyd likewise advises avoiding sleeping near the TV or gadgets. According to her, the blue light from the television disrupts our sleep cycle. Hence, turning off all electronics and gadgets should be turned off at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

I'm sure you all also have heard the advice that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Hence, Boyd says one should make time to prepare a healthy breakfast. Boyd's personal favorite is making breakfast salads.

“Breakfast salads balance your glycemic load to avoid sugar spikes,” revealed Boyd. “My meals are salad is full of vegetables and protein-based. Sometimes I eat cauliflower rice which is a great alternative to white or brown rice.”

Focusing On Health Coaching

Now that Boyd has her health on the right track, this motivated her to embark on a health coaching career. Her primary goal is to educate people to make the best of their career, relationship, spirituality, as well as health and wellness.

“The gift of a coach is to lift people up and help people be the best version of themselves,” said Boyd.

Coaching Vs. Counselling

“As a coach, I'm a guide on the side. I listen to what it is that is not being said. Then support my client to achieve what they want,” Boyd explains. “It's not about prodding to confess to me their deep dark secrets.”

As an example, Boyd recalls a client who came to her with a career problem. However, it turned out that was having problems at home. Because that client's home was always full of activity, there was no private space for her to relax.

Eventually, the client heeded Boyd's advice on the need to create space by selling her house and moving to a new one. Having a private space in her new house turned out to be life-changing for Boyd's client. Finally, that client achieved her access to joy.

On the other hand, Boyd explains that therapists primarily provide therapy. That's the way they are trained.

“There is an excellent reason if someone needs to see a therapist. However, a coach is someone who supports and someone who mentors,” Boyd said. “I provide a loving, listening space to improve their life.”

Self-Care As An Access To Joy

“Self-care is something not all of us know how to do. We spend a lot of times numbing ourself,” said Boyd.

In addition to that, Boyd said people tend to avoid working on a health issue because of fear. People feel scared to identify with serious health problems potentially leading to serious diseases like cancer.

However, Boyd says there are ways of improving health. And she finds it inspirational to show people it can be done.

“Food is part of self-care. It is access to joy,” Boyd said. “Happiness can also be found in your relationships. Don't be afraid sometimes to say no and just simply have fun!”

Katherine-Anne has two degrees, BA and MBA, and certifications in Human Resources, and as a Trainer and Master Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time-Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy. She has taught clients life skills and peer counseling.

Katherine-Anne is a Reiki Master, who brings a holistic approach to healing and life. She seeks to “tread lightly” on our Planet, with the intention of having her clients experience greater joy in their lives through achieving their goals, using her coaching to find ease in all areas of life.

Katherine-Anne has a belief in a Higher Power. That knowledge has led her to spiritual explorations that included many faiths and ancient and modern mystical traditions. She is grounded in her Spiritual Practice and holds a space of peace for her clients to explore their faith development.

An early interest in health had Katherine-Anne explore the best supplements available, and at one time, hold a certification as a Sports Nutrition Specialist.

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