124: Alan Bell is The New Erin Brokovich

Alan Bell: From Victim To Superhero

Alan Bell is the author of Poisoned. It tells how a prosecutor turned his medical mystery into a crusade for environmental victims.

I have a lot of guests who have stressed the negative effects of environmental toxins from chemicals to ordinary items such as make-up. People are getting sick and doctors are making them drink lots of medicines.

Successful Prosecutor

“I was a prosecutor in South Florida in the 80s. That time, they were filming ‘Miami Vice' and I was there. Suddenly I came down with really bizarre medical symptoms. I started getting a sore throat, my eyes started burning me, my lungs started burning,” Alan Bell said.

It progressed to the point where Alan Bell began feeling fatigue. Like flu that wouldn't go away. So he went to several doctors but they didn't know what was wrong.

It became worse and Alan Bell was experiencing seizures. He went to the Mayo Clinic, Cleaveland Clinic and National Jewish Hospital among others.


Finally one day, there was a physician at National Jewish Hospital in Colorado who told Bell he was poisoned based on blood test results. He flew back to South Florida and talked to his investigators and told them the doctors' findings. He instructed them to investigate what was causing his condition.

“I went to another doctor in South Florida who specialized in environmental health. He told me the building I was working in is making me sick. I didn't believe him at first but when my investigators came back with results, they affirmed what this Florida doctor said. That was my ‘Ah-ha!' moment,” recalls Alan Bell.

That doctor advised him to get out of South Florida and settle somewhere else far away. He referred Alan Bell to a support group that deals with people who are environmentally injured.

Erin Brockovich and Bubble Boy

“Hence, they relocated me to an 800 square foot bubble in the middle of the Arizona desert. So along with my wife and daughter, we went to Arizona, to that bubble in the middle of nowhere,” recalls Alan.

Inside the bubble was nothing. In addition to that, it was like a cold, steel cell. Consequently, Bell ended up in a wheelchair. And his health deteriorated. Soon, his wife couldn't handle the situation so she left and left their child with Alan.

“I fought to stay alive for the sake of my daughter. All I had in the bubble was a phone, fax, pencil and paper. Hence, I began to use those tools to talk to the top scientists on the planet,” said Bell.

Pandora's Box

In my quest to regain health, Bell stumbled upon a Pandora's box. But he discovered that his plight was just the tip of the iceberg.

The scientists Bell talked to said all human disease and premature deaths, boils down to two common denominators:

1. The genes you were born with.
2. The environment that you are exposed to.

“More people get sick and die from environmental exposure than all those afflicted with AIDS, automobile accidents, war, and crime combined. This is the silent epidemic of the 20th century,” Bell said.

In addition to that, Bell tried to look for charities looking into this so he could donate money to them. But there was nobody who was focusing on saving the humans.

“I spoke to health organizations. But they focused on their separate diseases. And they recognize that there is a huge environmental component to the separate disease that they look at. But none of them were focusing on how all of those diseases are inter-related to common environmental factors,” said Bell.

The Environmental Health Foundation

“I started my own little charity inside my little bubble and called it The Environmental Health Foundation. At that time I was able to get the support of then Vice President Al Gore, Eugene Cernan (the last man to walk on the moon) as many more. In addition to that, we were able to raise money and donated it to research,” shares Bell.

Al Gore with Alan Bell Reviewing Environmental Document

“Then I called this one doctor who did a brain scan on me. He found out I had brain injury due to the chemical exposures. So he put me on a new medicine at the time, which is an anti-seizure medicine.”

Slowly but surely, Bell got well. It was amazing because, by that time, Bell was trapped in that bubble for 8 years. It took a while to be re-introduced to society.

Lawyers Jan Schlichtmann (the lawyer portrayed in the movie A Civil Action) and Ed Masry (the lawyer portrayed in the movie Erin Brokovich) worked with Bell to look into this environmental case.

A Survivor

Many victims were like me and Bell helped them. Bell was a victim, became a survivor, became a health advocate and legally helped other people. He has come full circle.

Bells says, “That's what prompted me to write this book called Poisoned. So I could share my personal journey with everybody else. To alert them that you could modify your lifestyle and prevent this from happening to yourself and your family.”

Latest Statistics

The alarming environmental statistics should wake us up. We can't afford to anymore put our head in the sand and ignore that our children are dying of cancer due to exposure to pollutants. Some research shows there are toxins that have contaminated placenta blood of the baby. Our children are literally being born toxic.

Since 1950, more than 85,000 chemicals have been introduced into our environment. And few of them have been tested for their toxic effects on humans. We can't rely on our government to protect us and we can't rely on our doctors to cure us. It's up to you should protect yourself.

What Happened To The Building?

“The only reason why I got sick from it is because it was a brand new building. They merely re-circulated the old air to save energy costs. I was too sick to sue them. By the time I got better the statute of limitations (4 years) are gone,” shares Bell.

But years later, when Bell walked into the building, he was fine. It was like a brand new car. The nice and new smell is toxic. But when a car is two years old, the smell dissipates. The toxins dissipate as well. Same thing with the building.

Bell says the difference between now and then is, now they require new buildings to have at least 10% fresh air coming into the building. When he got sick, there was no such law.

Lesson Learned

“My book teaches you to be smart on what to buy. You don't have to give up anything. If you want to figure out how to live longer and healthier, by this book,” said Bell.

Alan Bell has devoted his life to helping victims who cannot fend for themselves. Despite overwhelming odds, his personal misfortune has turned into a benefit for others.

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