76: Andrew Warner – Empathy Grows Health and Wealth

Andrew Warner Has An Incredible Story

Andrew Warner is the founder of Mixergy, where proven entrepreneurs teach.

Because holistic health is about finding balance and achieving success in all areas of our life I knew interviewing Andrew would offer you value.

I have been listening and learning from Andrew for several years now. I consider him one of my mentors and one of my heroes.

He built a highly successful company that did $30 million in sales annually and after selling it began his journey as an interviewer.

Through his website Mixergy.com, he teaches how to be a successful business owner through interviewing highly successful entrepreneurs.

What I have always loved about his interviews is I end up learning the mindset of what it takes to become successful and, best of all, what NOT to do by learning from the mistakes of others.

Andrew isn’t just a business guy. He is an inspiring mentor who teaches several courses on mindset and gaining tools for success. He is also a wicked long distance runner.

The main point we discuss in our interview is why empathy is so important to gaining results in our life and how we can learn to become more empathetic in our personal and professional relationships.

Andrew also shares how setting up a daily routine can take your results, in health and wealth, to a whole new level. He gives some great pointers for how to implement new daily habits for success.

To learn more about Andrew Warner visit: http://www.andrewwarner.com

To check out Andrew’s awesome podcast interviews and courses visit: http://www.mixergy.com

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