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Dr. John Veltheim and Ashley James

AnimalTalk and PlantTalk were also founded by my guest, Dr. John Veltheim.  Understanding the connection that we have with animals and plants can affect our well-being in some way.  That's why Dr. John Veltheim is still with us in part two of our interview to explain how our brain works and how our body responds accordingly.

Left and Right Brain

Dr. John Veltheim explains that our right brain is very much the intuitive side or the higher learning side. Left brain, on the other hand, is more practical.

He cites a Cambridge study wherein experts studied human skulls. The study found that in the 1400s to 1600s, the right brain is bigger than the left. That's why religion dominated during those time.

“If you're a scientist, you usually got killed for it. In the 1800s, science started to win out. Due to development that people liked,” said Dr. John Veltheim. 

He adds, “So, we saw this dominance from right brain to left brain going into the 1900s. There was a transition inside the skull. But in the meantime, it destroyed the relationship between the left and right brain because they had to move physically and got out of alignment from one another.”

Understanding Brain Response

In the same Cambridge study, Dr. John Veltheim said it showed that when the right brain is sending signals to the left, the left brain usually responded. But the response was to destroy or negate the information coming from the right brain. That explains the battle of the sexes. It's either the right-brain female or left-brain male.

“So, while this adoption occurs physically, we have this problem of electromagnetic frequencies. The technique we do in reaching the brain and tapping it out restores and increases the brain function dramatically and keeps stress levels down,” Dr. John Veltheim said.

BodyTalk is a combination of ancient practices with modern science. It promotes total wellness naturally. Furthermore, Dr. John Veltheim says it is a first-aid kit for the body to compensate for the changes occurring in the brain and all the stuff in the outside.


Most of us who love our pets so doubt can feel a strong connection with them. It is invisible to the naked eye, but we can affect each other's well-being.  Especially with dogs, sometimes they would get sick so that we wouldn't fall ill.

AnimalTalk can help you understand your connection with your beloved pet in a profound way. The sessions can significantly benefit the energy around you and your pet, as well as your surrounding environment.

According to Dr. John Veltheim, doing AnimalTalk three to four times for about three days can be transformational. This is because he says animals respond beautifully.

Dr. John Veltheim recalled a time when he was invited to a rehabilitation area for rhinos and elephants in Nairobi. Those animals were abandoned as babies and left to die. They would not eat or drink. But Dr. John Veltheim applied the principles of AnimalTalk, worked on them, and the animals, fortunately, responded so well.

BodyTalk Courses

BodyTalk Access, in particular, is currently being taught by hundreds of people all over the world.  It is affordable and easy to learn because the training manual is clear. Dr. John Veltheim says that even children can quickly learn on the same day.

“There are first-aid treatments that you can use. It's designed to help injuries like a sprained ankle, and it gets better faster,” said Dr. John Veltheim. “We encourage people to do it regularly on each other and their family because it is maintenance. It's not a be all end all. But it is designed to be a very helpful home tool.”

Dr. John Veltheim says health practitioners can take the Fundamentals technique which is a four-day course. The training program guides you through the principles of BodyTalk, Acess and has fifteen more techniques.

To those who want to upgrade their skills and knowledge can sign up for the diploma course wherein the government recognizes graduates. There is even an advanced certification that takes two to three more years of study.

“I teach a lot of Theoretical Physics. A lot of the techniques of BodyTalk is based on Quantum theory. And we learn a lot of advanced courses for high-speed communication for treating difficult things. We also do a lot of philosophy,” said Dr. John Veltheim. 

He adds, “It's about the power of the body to heal itself if given the opportunity. BodyTalk is setting up the conditions in the body to enable it to heal itself.”

Dr. John Veltheim has a high success rate in teaching practitioners and treating patients with BodyTalk. To avail of the courses he offers, as well as excellent reading resources on BodyTalk, do check out his website.

Better Food and Lifestyle

Dr. John Veltheim firmly stresses that what you eat is very important. But it could be easily misunderstood because so much of it depends on our belief system and our attitude.

“When it comes to eating right, it is state of mind and state of the way we look at things,” said Dr. John Veltheim. “And the fact is, in certain cultures, having extra weight is something very important for the culture.”

When Dr. John Veltheim was developing BodyTalk, he revealed that he needed more weight because the weight helped anchor him. But a year ago, Dr. John Veltheim decided he had too much weight, so he decided to lose weight.

But Dr. John Veltheim didn't change his diet. He took extra effort to walk for exercise, but his mental thing was that he was going to lose weight healthily. And he did.

Ultimately, it was about shifting the state of mental consciousness. And with losing weight, it's about accepting your genes. Dr. John Veltheim also encourages people to nurture their thirst for knowledge and find out the best way to truly take care of their body.

“I'd like to educate people that there are some things I do would be better handled with natural therapy. It will be less traumatic to the patient and faster,” Dr. John Veltheim said.


Dr. John Veltheim D.C, B.Ac is the founder of the BodyTalk System and the International BodyTalk Association. He is also the founder of AnimalTalk and PlantTalk. Dr. John Veltheim is a chiropractor, traditional acupuncturist, philosopher, Reiki Master, lecturer, and teacher. 

The BodyTalk System was first developed in the 1990s by Dr. John Veltheim. Originally from Australia, Dr. John Veltheim ran a very successful clinic in Brisbane for 15 years. He was also the Principal of the Brisbane College of Acupuncture and Natural Therapies for five years. 

His extensive post-graduate studies include applied kinesiology, bioenergetic psychology, osteopathy, quantum physics, sports medicine, counseling, and comparative philosophy and theology. 

Dr. John Veltheim discovered the BodyTalk System in the mid-1990s.  His state of health was compromised despite being a leader in the healthcare field working with both eastern and western methods.  He eventually found a simple technique that corrected his condition.  Dr. John Veltheim saw this breakthrough as a new priority in his life and proceeded to investigate the techniques and principals involved. 

In 1998, Dr. John Veltheim moved to Sarasota, Florida to further his practice and research of BodyTalk. Soon he began to teach advanced levels of the BodyTalk System to professionals as well as lay people. When word spread about the successes of this remarkable new healthcare system, he took on the task of training other instructors, so the BodyTalk System could be taught worldwide. Today there are over 200 instructors teaching in over 50 countries with a translation of training materials into ten languages. 

Today, Dr. John Veltheim travels the world, teaching sessions in BodyTalk and its related wellness programs to professionals as well as lay people. He continues to mentor and train a network of instructors to ensure this remarkable new healthcare system can be taught worldwide.

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