293: Balancing pH

Balancing pH


  • Health habits from Kellyann.
  • Alkalinity and acidity in the body.
  • Chlorella and aloe vera gel.
  • Fast results with PES foot detoxification

Balancing pH is an essential factor for optimal health. And there are so many other natural ways on how we can achieve good health through Holistic habits.  To teach us all about balancing pH, Kellyann Andrews is back for part 2 of our topic about creating wellness on a cellular level.

Importance of Vibration

Kellyann Andrews explains that when we are in a debilitative state or deep degenerative state, our vibratory level is at a very low frequency. As the health of our body goes up, there's a lighter feeling within the body. We then can see the vibrancy come back.

“The biggest thing we need to do is raise the vibration. And as we raise the vibration in our bodies and bring them together, we create a higher resonance. That's what we need to do,” said Kellyann Andrews. “When the body is at a higher resonance, you are mobilized at a higher level of healing capabilities.”

She also reveals that the thing that creates low resonance in the body is heavy metals. It is the heavy metals that are causing chaos frequencies in the body.

How To Achieve High Resonance

One way to keep the body at a high level of resonance is monitoring whether we are effectively balancing pH. Kellyann Andrews says if you test your saliva first thing in the morning, that will tell you what is happening in your biochemistry.

You test your saliva to see what your digestive tract is doing. On the other hand, if you test your urine, that tells you what is happening at the cellular level. Through those options, you can see whether your lifestyle is affecting your biochemistry the right way or if it is affecting it at all.

“When you test your pH first thing in the morning, you are likely to be more acidic because you had nothing to eat or drink all day. Monitoring your pH can show you what you are gaining or losing from your lifestyle choices,” Kellyann Andrews said.

She adds, “Because many of us are on the path of wellness, we're eating more alkalizing foods, as well as eating higher and more vibrational foods. We also avoid pathogen and chemical laden foods. A lot of the foods that we eat, even foods such as oatmeal are acidifiers.”

Balancing pH Tests

There are a lot of tests in the market to see if we are balancing pH. According to Kellyann Andrews, when it comes to balancing pH, aim for a number level of 7 or slightly above.

Kellyann Andrews cautions against getting an 8 or 9. Otherwise, we'll be too alkaline, and we can get other situations from that.

“People who have cancer will be down at 5. The pH in the urine indicates the cellular pH. Whereas the saliva indicates the digestive tract,” said Kellyann Andrews.


Kellyann Andrews stresses that our body cannot heal, repair or lose weight when it is acidic. When people are chronically ill, they will be acidic. And it's not going to shift overnight. Therefore, it's best to monitor yourself three to four days in a row so you can see a pattern.

“If you did all the right things, then you're going to be slightly alkaline pH. You'll feel good. But it's going to fluctuate like a roller coaster,” said Kellyann Andrews. “You're never always going to be alkaline because life doesn't work that way. Our stress levels are so undermining our body's health. So that's why you have to be your own best friend.”

Slippery Elm

Kellyann Andrews highly recommends taking Slippery Elm which is a powder. When you put it in water, it creates this gelatinous substance. And when you take that internally, you slick your whole digestive tract.  

Turmeric is also a great thing to incorporate in your diet. Kellyann Andrews explains that when you drink Slippery Elm with turmeric, your whole tract absorbs the turmeric. It is one of the most awesome bitters you can take into the body. Plus, it helps shut down the harmful elements in the body that cause the inflammation and turns off the mechanisms.

“When you put Slippery Elm in, it creates a barrier to stop the leaky gut. I get a cylinder tea mug and put warm water. Then put in first Mineral Matrix Goat Whey. Followed by Sunflower lecithin and turmeric. But you don't want the soy lecithin because that's GMO focused,” said Kellyann Andrews.

She adds, “I drink half of it, so you get the minerals immediately then mix it up, let it sit for five minutes. When it turns into a gel-like mass, add more water and drink. That's the part that will go through the tracts slowly. It will help to get rid of the bacteria, fungus, and bacteria.”


Chlorella is also what Kellyann Andrews highly recommends. She says it mineralizes and alkalizes the body. It is also a detoxifier and a binder. In effect, it pulls the bad content out like the heavy metals. Ideally, Kellyann Andrews says anyone who is doing chemo or has radiation should be using chlorella.

Other Holistic Habits

Kellyann Andrews strongly advises never to drink tap water. Facts show that babies have about 90% water but adults or the elderly have as little as 50%. In other words, most people are completely dehydrated.

Affirming what numerous experts have advised, Kellyann Andrews also says to get some regular daily exercise. She says if you're doing a yoga movement in a flowing kind of fashion, it can be very soothing to the body. As a result, you're moving back into parasympathetic mode. 

“Doing something like Shi Ba Fa is a whole set of moves that will tune up all parts of your body and create your core strength to come out and also your balance. It works on so many levels,” said Kellyann Andrews. “If you want to create some balance in your life, you have to create some pauses like meditating or praying. It's about connecting to a different frequency.”

She adds, “The biggest thing we can do is be sunny in the world. You have to create that at a cellular level, expand it out to a gland level, then to an organ level and a system level. You then become this glowing sun presence. Ultimately, be aware of what vibration you are sharing with others.”

Platinum Energy Systems

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Hello true health seeker and welcome to another exciting episode of the Learn True Health Podcast.

Today's part two of our two-part interview with Kellyann. I know you're going to love today's continuation of yesterday's interview, because she dives into some awesome help tips for success that we can all benefit from. If you didn't listen to the previous episode, definitely want to go back, you can listen to this one and then go back and listen to the first one, because we discuss something really interesting. She has this ionic foot bath that draws heavy metals and pollutants out of the body. Really fascinating stuff. I know several naturopaths and clinicians and doctors and chiropractors that use this device in their clinic and successfully see results. So I thought it was so cool that I could get her on the show. Enjoy today's episode, I know you're going to love learning from her.

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Welcome to the Learn true health podcast. I'm your host, Ashley James. This is Episode 293.

1:58 Ashley James: So what are the health habits that you have seen? Since you've worked with thousands of people and  working with these clinics, you hear so many great stories as well? What are the health habits that you can instill upon us today that will help us to transform our lives starting right now?

2:17 Kellyann Andrews: One of one of the key things of everything we spoke about is that when you're in a debilitated state, when you're in a degenerative state, your vibratory level is  literally at a very low frequency. And so as the health of a body comes up, there's a lighter and lighter feeling within the body. And that's one of the things people tell us when they have a session is that they just feel lighter and brighter, and you literally can see this sort of vibrancy come back into them. And so the biggest thing that we need to do is to raise the vibration. And as we raise the vibration in our own individual bodies, and we bring them together, then we create a higher resonance, and that's what you need to do is you need to entrain to a higher resonance.

So what creates a higher resonance in the body? The thing that creates a low resonance in the body is heavy metals, and hence why you call them heavy, right? So so because of the high acidity and the key thing that a lot of people don't realize, especially when you're dealing with people with dementia, autism and those kind of issues, is that the heavy metals are actually causing chaos frequencies in the body. So it's no wonder that the poor little kids are going nuts. I mean, we had a mother who's a surgical nurse, and she has a four year old.  I mean, it's just a devastating story, really, because this child and the mother live in a very toxic environment. And now, they really should move but haven't yet. And when the four year old  had the first foot spa, the water turned so completely opaquely  black, this little one at four years old, just downloaded a volume of heavy metals. And the smell was so extreme that the mother who was an OR nurse, it was worse than the worst puke she'd ever smelt, and the husband was in the room at the time. And the smell was so strong that he was gagging, he actually had to leave the room. So this was in a four year old body.

So and that four year old was in a complete state of agitation all the time. The mother said to me, how are we ever going to get this little one to sit for 30 minutes when he wants it still for three? I said watch you should be amazed, the body knows. And so now when he goes to have a session, he sits there very patiently on a stool and just waits for the mom to set up the system. With that other children actually pull the equipment out of the cupboard and say, “Mommy I want.” And these children were like ADHD and very hyper  and some of them even raging and completely calm and chill out. Well, that's because we've changed the chaos frequency in the body, we've changed the alkalinity of the body, we've changed everything that was wrong in the biochemistry, from that mucky aquarium to the clean aquarium. But the biggest thing that occurs is that the frequency of the body has come to a higher resonance. And when the body's at a higher resonance, it will mobilize at a higher level all of its healing capabilities. So the things that exonerate that, and things that I recommend people do is one of the keys – is monitoring your pH. So if you test yourself first thing in the morning, urine and saliva that will tell you what is happening in your biochemistry.

Now, because many of us are on the path of wellness, and focusing on the wellness channel, the wellness movie, we are now eating more alkalizing foods, we're eating healthier, higher vibrational foods, we're avoiding packaged and chemical, you know what they call food. But it is not a fuel source. So what you do is you test your saliva, and that tells you what your digestive tract is doing. But when you test your urine, that tells you what's happening at the cellular level. So you can see whether your lifestyle is affecting your biochemistry the right way, if it is actually affecting it at all. So when you test your pH first thing in the morning, you're most likely to come in more acidic because you haven't had anything to eat or drink all day. So what you want to see is, what is the score first thing in the morning and then retest before lunch and retest before dinner. And see if your scores are staying the same all day or they coming up during the day? Are they going down? So are they starting acidic? And going more alkaline? Are they staying the same all day? Or are they acidic and getting more acidic? Because the trouble is a lot of the foods that we eat even healthy foods such as oatmeal, is actually one of the most acidifying foods, people don't realize the grains and the lagoons are also acid fires. So one of the key things that I suggest is people start to monitor their pH, so they can see if what they're doing and their lifestyle choices. They're healthy habits that are actually improving them. So that's key one.

8:05 Ashley James: Before you go on to the next key, I just want to clarify something. So how do we test the urine pH? Do we buy pH test strips? Is there specific urine test strips for that?

8:17 Kellyann Andrews: Yeah. The ones that we have, you can test both the urine and saliva. And if people phone me, I can tell you  where to get them. We actually buy them in Brooklyn, New York, because they're the highest quality they come  from a lab. And so you can use them both for urine and saliva.

8:41 Ashley James: Great and what numbers should we want to see?

8:47  Kellyann Andrews: Well, you're you're aiming to be up at seven or slightly above. You don't want to be at eight or nine because then you're too alkaline and you can get in other situations from that. But it's a rarity. And I almost never seen it. So yeah, the goal is to get to up towards seven.  So the key thing is, it's like people who have cancer will be down at five. And I've actually seen people bleach at lower than the original pad. They bleach it to a lower color than the pad was actually, you know, the chart was in existence. So yeah, the more acid you are, the more ill you are.

9:29 Ashley James: And that's the acidity in your urine?

9:34 Kellyann Andrews: And also the digestive tract too.

9:37 Ashley James: So when you pee on a stick, that's showing the acidity of your digestive tract and your urine, which is all a combination, your urine is a combination of all the fluid that's bathed every cell in the body, right? Because your kidneys are taking that out.

9:53 Kellyann Andrews: Yeah, just to pinpoint that again, the pH of the urine indicates the cellular pH. Whereas the saliva indicates the digestive tract.

10:03 Ashley James: Oh, okay. Okay, great. Okay, so in the morning, if we have too much acidity, or we see acidity, and then it comes down throughout the day? Is that what we want to see? Or do we just want to see good alkalinity all the time?

10:22 Kellyann Andrews: Yeah. So let's just give some examples so that we're illustrating it well. So say you start out at five first thing in the morning. Now, don't be concerned, if your urine is at a very low number, the lower the number, the higher the acidity. So say it's five first thing in the morning, then you retest before lunch, and it comes up to six, and then you retest before dinner, it comes up to seven, that's ideal. Your kidneys are dumping acid overnight. And that's what you want to occur, because the body's working on homeostasis to release the hyper acidity. So you want to release that but then, if you have a score of five on your urine, and five on saliva first thing in the morning, and you retest, and it's the same at lunch, and you retest the same at dinner, that's a red flag. You definitely need to change your lifestyle, because that's indicating your body's extremely acidic. And so the bottom line of acidity is the biochemistry shuts down on acidity and wakes up on alkalinity. The body cannot heal and repair or lose weight when it's that acidic.

11:38 Ashley James: So in order to heal, repair and lose weight, should weight loss be a goal. But everyone wants to heal and repair as a goal, we can't be in a state of acidity because the body is too busy trying to just keep everything balanced. And it won't put its resources towards healing and generating a new healthy tissue when it's kind of in emergency mode.

12:05  Kellyann Andrews: Exactly. And it's not got the nutrition when it's so acidic to affect the healing repair.

12:12 Ashley James: Now, what if the saliva is like seven but the urine five or vice versa?

12:18 Kellyann Andrews: Yeah. Well, say first thing in the morning, I had a client this morning phoned me after her first session, and her urine was 6.5 and her saliva was seven. So that's good. And so you know, 6.5 or up that way on urine is okay, you just don't want to be a continuous five, because five, don't quote me exact, but it's something like 5 is a thousand times more acidic than a seven. So it's exponential. So every point on the chart is worth 10. So when we did the original bloodwork, we shifted the person who had the flu from a six to 7.5 and 30 minutes. So we move them from very acidic to slight alkalinity. And that's why the blood started to open and liberate. So the goal is to get up toward seven, both for the urine and saliva. It's just not to stay at the lower end of five or six. So yeah, you just want to get those scores up towards alkalinity.

13:25 Ashley James: Really exciting, because it's something that's very affordable that we can all do at home. And that would give a great insight into what's going on. You know, that we're under nutrified, that we have over toxicity, it just gives us a great early warning sign system. Someone in their 20s, who feels fine could do this and go, “Wow, okay. That three days of partying and look at my urine and my saliva results, I really am going down the wrong path.” They can see. Or maybe they have a bad night, and they don't get a lot of sleep. And they can see things that we sort of take for granted, or people drinking so much coffee and not eating any vegetables, and you just see like one month of eating the standard American diet versus eating a healthy whole foods diet, you can see your body going in the right or the wrong direction, long before the symptoms start to kick in. So we can really get a hold of this before major issues happen. And for people who are chronically ill, I think that would be such a great way. Because people who are chronically ill, it sometimes could take them a year before they're feeling like 100%. Right?

14:35 Kellyann Andrews: Well, and that's the other thing and thank you for bringing that up. It's that when people are chronically ill, they will be acidic, and it's not going to shift overnight, so not to have that expectation. So what we recommend in the beginning is to monitor yourself, but first thing in the morning before anything to eat, or anything in your mouth, even brush your teeth, or whatever, then before lunch and dinner, but to monitor yourself for like three or four days in a row so that you can see a pattern. Because if you ate all acidic yesterday, and someone almost hit your car, and you had a confrontation with someone at work  and your spouse wasn't in a good mood, I can guarantee you're going to be very acidic today. But you know if everything went right yesterday, and you did all the right lifestyle choices and input choices, shall we say, and exposures in the outside, I always say the pH will tell you how your externals are impacting your internals. So if you did all the right things yesterday, then you're going to be a slightly alkaline or towards alkaline pH today, and you're going to be feeling fabulous. But it's going to fluctuate like a roller coaster. And so you're never always going to be alkaline because life doesn't work that way. Our stress levels are so undermining our body's health. And so that's why you have to be your own best friend and do the health habits to assist your body. But the pH monitoring is such a gift because as we said, It's inexpensive. It's easy to do. And it gives you such wonderful insight as to if what you're doing in life is aging or rejuvenating your body.

16:21 Ashley James: Excellent, thank you. And then we can source those strips to test saliva and urine on your website or give you a call?

16:31 Kellyann Andrews: Yeah. Well, there's actually a company in Brooklyn that sells them, you can get them at the health food store. But usually they're ribbons and I haven't found the ribbons to be as accurate. And some of those green drink companies will put out a ribbon. And when I tested them against this one, the ribbon will actually show that the more acidic than ours shows. And so then that makes me wonder about those green drink companies. And if they're making people who look more suited to take more of their green drink, but that's the skeptic side of me.

17:05 Ashley James: Well, I appreciate the skeptic side of you because I think we need to be a little bit open minded skeptics here when it comes to everything. Question everything and also be open enough to try it. And so I'm glad that you're going to refer us to the best place to source these strips, because I've tried the ribbons that I was not happy with using them. So I'm glad you brought that up. I'll make sure the information is in the show notes of the podcast. And also people can call you to ask you about it. Alright, so what was step two?

17:36 Kellyann Andrews: So one of the key things you know, when Ann Louise Gittleman was on your podcast with you, she hugely pointed out to how, and also Dr. Christopher Shades podcast was brilliant, in which they brought up the whole awareness of the gallbladder, liver, and bitters. And there was one other aspect in there. But one of the things that that I highly recommend is people doing slippery elm, slippery elm is a powder and when you put it in water it creates this gelatinous substance and when you take that internally you literally slick the whole track so not only is that great for moving the bad guys out because they can hang on anymore, but when you put turmeric in with it, so now you have this brilliant orange concoction and you drink it and I'll give you more specifics on that in a second but when you drink it and you take it in at the mouth is this brilliant orange color like a marking pen orange but when it exits out the other end there's no color. So that turmeric is being absorbed through your whole track. And turmeric as you know is one of the most awesome bitters you can take into the body and why the Ayurvedic medicine absolutely exonerates it and so has many studies. So it's antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti viral, but an anti inflammatory. It's huge for anybody who's in pain and helps to shut down the bad elements in the body that are actually causing the inflammation and turn off the mechanisms. And so when you put slippery elm in, the biggest thing that the two of those people that I mentioned earlier talked about was you know, leaky gut. Now leaky gut is just causing amazing problems in the body and this slippery elm will create a barrier and stop the leaky gut.

19:58 Ashley James: Oh, I love it. Slippery elm was one of the powders that my naturopath, when I was six years old, my mom and I were sick, my mom took me see naturopath and it was Dr. D'Adamo the original,  not his son, but the father, the original creator of the Eat Right for Your Blood Type diet and he had a practice in Philadelphia and he had a practice in Toronto and we went to see him and that was a game changer for me. He looked in our eyes and ears and took our blood and said you are allergic to milk, yeast, sweet and sugar, stay away from them, take these supplements, and here's this chart here eat this way don't eat this way. And every morning he had my mom juice grapefruit and mix in slippery elm with some other stuff. I think there was like diatomaceous stuff in there, there was Cilium and a bunch of other really good stuff but slippery elm was one of them and he had us mix it all together and drink it like a half an hour to an hour before breakfast. So the first thing when do we woke up was drink that every morning and I gotta tell you pooping was the easiest thing in the world in my childhood because we drink that every morning and I liked actually waiting until it turned into gelatin and I was just like slide down my throat. It was delicious to me.

I know it's weird, but when I was from age six to age 13 I didn't get sick once. I went through the German measles, I'm now immune to German measles with feeling like it was maybe like the cold, it was like, “Oh that's that's a tickle and then it was gone.” I was not sick once until I rebelled at age 13 and started eating all the junk and doing everything other adults did and totally rejected. Yeah, because I was a rebellious teenager, rejected everything that my mom was trying to do. But I quickly learned that you do the standard Canadian or standard American lifestyle and diet you create illness you create the toxicity, you create the acidic environment. And so I went from being totally healthy to totally unhealthy in a matter of years because of shifting the diet and lifestyle. So then I destroyed my body in my teenage years and I spent my entire 20s suffering for it, and I spent my entire 30s rebuilding my body and I'm very grateful that I went through all that because now I can see it's sort of like the rags to riches story for health that now that I can take everything I've learned and turn around and help others and show them the path because I know what it is to live a healthy lifestyle and how that affects the body and I know the opposite and how it affects the body. So I love that idea of the slippery elm bark. Is it a slippery elm bark or just slippery elm?

22:51 Kellyann Andrews: No, slippery elm is a powder. So the formula that I use actually as I'll get a cylinder kind of tea mug and just an upright one rather than a very broad one. So in terms of volume of water, I put warm water into it then I put in first mineral matrix from goat's whey. And goats whey by the way is alkalizing. Where cow's whey is acidifying. So I put the goat's whey mineral matrix in there, so I'm putting my minerals in, then I put lecithin, but I don't put the soy lecithin in there, I'd put the sunflower lecithin in there, and then I put the turmeric in there. So I mixed those all up. So when Dr. Christopher Shade was talking in his podcast with you, he talked about how important acetylcholine was at for breaking up the fat deposits. And so lecithin is amazing, people just look up lecithin and all of its properties, but you don't want soy lecithin, because that's GMO for focus, you want the sunflower lecithin. And so anyways, when you put the mineral matrix and the goats, and you put the turmeric and the sunflower lecithin together, you mix it up in warm water. So what I do is I drink half of that, just straight with those in it so that the liquid goes into the body ahead of time. So you're just getting the minerals and everything immediately. And then  start with a quarter of a teaspoon and work up as your tolerance. And and then mix it up. And then just let it sit for up to five minutes or and it will turn into this gel and mass then I just add a little bit more water and change it from the pudding to a semi liquid again, and then drink it and then that's the part that will go through the track slowly. And things like that, and aloe vera gel which will move through the track slower, is so fabulous, because as we said that that will get rid of viruses, bacteria and fungus and re-change the environment. Aloe vera gel will actually heal any kind of ‘owies', shall we say in the track, and like ulcers and things like that and move the bad guys out. And because the aloe vera gel, which is like the plant that you put on the outside of your skin, when you have a burner, some kind of skin issue, that outside skin is epidermal layer, but it's the same composite as the inside of the track. So it will heal it.

25:43 Ashley James: Oh, very cool. When it comes to aloe, do you have any recommendations?

25:49 Kellyann Andrews: The desert of the valley is the one that I use, and that comes from the States.

25:53 Ashley James: Nice. I think I've seen that one before.

25:56 Kellyann Andrews: And the gel, not the juice because the trouble with the juice is that it's got too much citric acid and if someone's already got an issue with ulcer'ish, kind of you know, or a stomach issue or sensitive system, that's the two gas it is going to burn when it hits that zone. But the gel don't do that.

26:16 Ashley James: I like to point that out because with aloe vera, there's a film around sort of a gel and and with juicing, they just just everything, just the whole thing. And unfortunately that skin around the gel on the inside of the aloe vera leaf causes diarrhea, it causes irritation. And so if you're someone who already has intestinal issues and they think, “Oh well I should just drink aloe vera juice to heal my gut.” They might actually have a negative response to aloe vera juice and then they think, “Oh, this is a sham.” Or, “All this holistic hooey is a sham.” When it's the gel – they have to cut and then squeeze the leaf to get the gel out and then they they don't juice it, so you don't get the parts of the aloe vera leaf that irritate the intestines, you get only the good stuff that you'd put on a sunburn, right? The gel that soothes and heals and has wonderful healing properties. very cool.

27:18 Kellyann Andrews: Well, that one company has the two formulas and that's what you're talking about, it's the way they've done it. So the one you want is the white cap because it's just the inner lining, whereas the green cap is the whole leaf. So you want the white lid one.

27:32 Ashley James: Or the one that says gel, not juice.

27:35 Kellyann Andrews: Well no, the gel – there's actually two different gel formulas, one is whole leaf which has a green cap. And the white cap is just the inner fill.

27:45 Ashley James: Got it, got it. Very cool.

27:48 Kellyann James: So then  just moving on to other health habits. Now I absolutely loved your your podcast with Catharine, you know Energybits. I mean that is just such a beautiful podcast, you have three different ones with her and I think was  265 and 266 were the ones you've done recently. And anyways, her chlorella is what I would highly recommend. Chlorella is such an amazing substance, it mineralizes the body, it alkalizes the body, it's a detoxifier, and it's a binder, so it actually pulls the bad content out like the heavy metals. But then it's interesting in the podcast that you did was that she brought in that it's high in vitamin K too and it has a lot of protein in it and so she gives you what the the other gifts that chlorella give you, but most people in my field are using it as a binder or a detoxifier. As a matter of fact, when that whole fiasco happened with Japan and also Chernobyl, people knew immediately to go get chlorella because that helps with radiation. So anybody who's doing chemo and getting radiation should be using that so that the side effects –

29:15 Ashley James: And not only that, but their immediate family. My friend, she's gone through cancer treatment. Her naturopath told her and her whole family need to take chlorella because you off gas, chemotherapy patients off gas and then she went through radiation. And radiation – you're not just containing it, like you don't have a lead barrier stopping radiation from leaving your body. And so yeah, her naturopath said absolutely everyone in your family needs to take chlorella and to the point where no one's allowed to touch her or be like physically really close to her for a few days after her treatments. And she says that even like her sheets, they smell. She uses the bio mat and I gave her the bio mat and she lies on it and, and her body detoxes, it just smells. I can't wait for her to try this foot bath, your detox foot bath. I cannot wait. I'm so excited to share this with her.

30:18 Kellyann Andrews: We've had we've had people who are doing chemo and radiation and they had zero side effects from from them using our system. We had a grandmother who lent her granddaughter. The granddaughter had a growth on her kidney. And so they took out the whole kidney. And then put her at age seven through chemo. But anyway, so the grandmother lent them the system. And the granddaughter was the only one of all the children that was having chemo that didn't have massive side effects. But also, interestingly enough, we had someone who had, you know, when they give you that radioactive dye to do – Well, so anyways, you know, like, Chuck, what's his name? His wife had a major reaction to that. Well, we had had a client who instantly had an allergic reaction to whatever that diet is and what's in it. And I'm in the eyes again, went to cesspools, the skin went white, the body went into such agitation just like total anxiety, panic attacks, I mean, literally, the person was in a full fledged panic attack. And so within an hour, we have them in the PS detox system. And half an hour later, none of those symptoms  were present.

31:36 Ashley James: I love it. I'm very, very excited for people who have chronic disease, and how much all of what you're teaching and what you provide can help them. That's really exciting.

31:48 Kellyann Andrews: Well, and what's really great is that one of the things that happens, and why a lot of these talks that are given are just completely overwhelming people. I mean, they're telling them, you know, what the state of the world is in way too graphic details, like worse than the news. And people are just absolutely in despair, because one, they're overwhelmed by what to do, or two they can, you know, do it because of their energy levels or whatever. But the wonderful thing that I've found  in being involved, what we're doing is that people now realize it, you minimize your exposure. But whatever exposure you have, I can go over to Vancouver on the world's worst smoggy day where you can't even see the mountains from the airport, and go down into the chemistry of soup that's in the downtown area held in by the mountains, and not be freaking out what I'm absorbing because I know I can come home and get rid of it. One time I went into a grocery store and they had a meltdown in their freezer and it released freon gas into the store. Well 10 minutes exposure to that, I had the most severe headache, like someone slammed my head into the floor feeling and I felt like I had an elephant on my chest. And my whole nervous system was agitated. So I came home within 20 minutes and had a session, I just looked at my husband, I said I've got to have a session. So I didn't even tell him why and I went in. And within that period of time it was 30 minutes, all of those symptoms completely evaporated. So it's great for acute exposure, as well as chronic.

33:33 Ashley James: That is phenomenal. I'm very excited. And we have to advocate for ourselves. And we have to practice preventive medicine. We need to arm ourselves with our own tools, because there is no utopia where we wait until we get sick and then go get a magic pill and makes everything better. We've all discovered that so that's why we're here. We have to take responsibility for our own health. Thank you so much for bringing all these amazing points. Was there anything else that you want to share? Or was that the last point?

34:06 Kellyann Andrews: Well, the key thing, of course, is water. I mean, the biggest problem that we're facing is pure water. People are consuming pure water and for God's sakes, never drink tap water. I mean, if anything else, Flint would have taught us all that lesson. But the thing is, is that getting pure water into the body. Babies have  90% water, but elderly are often is as little as 50%. So the difference between a plum and a raisin is hydration. And most people are completely dehydrated. So besides getting the water and nutrients, the other thing is exercise. And one of the things that I love is Shi Ba Fa, which sort of looks like Tai Chi now. Dr. Christopher Shade talked about what was the effects of, of Tai Chi.

Now when you're doing a sort of yoga movement, in a flowing kind of fashion, it is very soothing to the body. So you're moving back into parasympathetic. And by the way, our technology moves you out of sympathetic mode to parasympathetic mode. And that's why the children completely calm down, even if they're autistic or ADHD when they're having a session. So what you want to do is you want to create pauses, even if it's 5, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and our foot spa works fabulously. But doing something like Shi Ba Fa, which is spelled S-H-I B-A F-A, the Chinese developed it to keep the Chinese out of the hospital. And so it's a whole series of set of moves, yoga stretches that will actually tune up all parts of the body and create your core strength to come up but also your balance because one of the things they found with the seniors was that they fell too easily because they didn't have that ability to sort of reorient the body when they started to fall. But when they did Shi Ba Fa, the elderlies, the degree of falling, decreased immensely. So it's really amazing because it works on so many levels, you're doing breath with movement and slow posture.

The problem with the world today is that is to sped up. Everything that we do in life is about speed. It's about multitasking, how much can I get in this minute. So if you want to bring balance back into your life, you got to create the pauses. And as I say, one of the most brilliant pauses that I've ever experienced, is just even sitting in a chair for five or 10 minutes. Just focus on your breathing, you know, whether you're meditating, praying, or just breathing, it's the same thing. You're connecting to a different frequency and remember, the key thing about wellness is that your frequencies at a higher level. And that's what our goal is, is to create our bodies to vibrate at a higher resonance. And then we joined together as this wonderful, absolutely fabulous community of people joining together to heal and being healers, and bring that level of consciousness and awareness in the world. And we are shifting this place into what will be a paradise. We're just experiencing a little turbulence, sort of like we're in a plane and we go into the clouds and there's that rumbling and agitation. That's the state that we're in constantly. But on the other side of the rapids is this beautiful, pristine, calm lake. And that's where we're all heading. And we're here together to create that.

38:12 Ashley James: Beautiful, I love it. Yes, we're flying to Hawaii and paradise is at the end of our flight.

38:19 Kellyann Andrews: Exactly. But  the key thing is to enjoy the journey. And that's the trouble, that's why I said put the photograph on your fridge and say, “Today, it's not sometime in the future because there's only one place that you can change anything in your world, and that's this moment.”

38:37 Ashley James: Body, this is what we are creating today.” I love it. This is going to be a two parter. I'm gonna split this up into two parts because it was wonderful. Listeners, please visit Kellyann's website www.platinumenergysystems.ca. She has a huge resource library. Give her a call. She'd love to talk to you. The coupon code if you're just going to go to our website and buy the system, the foot foot detox system is 15% off using coupon code LTH or you can give Kellyann a call and say, “Hey, I heard you on my favorite podcast.”

It's been such a pleasure having you here today, love to have you back this has been marvelous and it's so cool. You're very humble. You're a servant of health and healing. You really want to give to people and help people, but if people knew like how many of their favorite  famous doctors or your your or your customer and just how much of an impact you have in helping thousands of thousands people get their health back, I mean it's just boggles my mind. Thank you so much for bringing this information to us today. I'm really looking forward to hearing how these two episodes have helped the listeners. Listeners please email me ashley@learntruehealth.com, you can come to our Facebook group, join Learn True Health Facebook group. Just search Learn True Health in Facebook. Join the group, let's have a discussion. Tell me what you thought of this episode, these two episodes. Tell me what you thought of all the information Kellyann was sharing today. And also if you get the foot detox system, I want to hear your results. I want to hear how you feel and how your kids feel and how your friends feel as you share it. There's so many people in my life I'm thinking of right now that I want to share it with. So I'm really, really excited to get going on it. Kellyann, is anything you'd like to say to wrap up today's interview?

40:43 Kellyann Andrews: It's just I think that the biggest thing that we can do is be a sun presence in the world.

40:49 Ashley James: Is to be what?

40:50 Kellyann Andrews: Sun. The sun presence – Sunny in the world. Yeah. And so you got to create that at a cellular level expanded out to a gland level to an organ level to a system level. And then you just become this glowing sun presence and so you know, be aware of what vibration you are sharing with others.

41:15 Ashley James: That was beautifully said. Thank you so much for coming here today.

41:19 Kellyann Andrews: Glad to be of help.


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Kellyann Andrews' background is biochemistry, nursing, and holistic, alternative and energy medicine for 40 years. She is always digging deeper into the core of “well-being” – on all levels.  

Kellyann Andrews is a health coach by nature and trade. She does not have any specific certifications. She was at university and nursing school until a sudden family death which left her grief-stricken and devastated. Due to this experience, Kellyann Andrews stepped away from traditional medicine.

Kellyann Andrews continued to educate herself by researching all areas of health recovery. This is now her life's work – sharing discoveries and her recovery with others on the same path.

When both parents died prematurely, and Kellyann Andrews suffered poor health, she was inspired to find ways of creating wellness at the cellular level. She is the President of Platinum Energy Systems, her husband and her own business – specializing in detoxification for health recovery and prevention. They have clients (home-users), medical clinics, and practitioners all over North America.

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