How To Become Your Own Healer

Become Your Own Healer – Mind, Body, & Soul

Holistic medicine involves healing the body, mind, and spirit. A person’s emotions are also taken into consideration in Holistic healing. My guest today, Dr. Jerry Gore will educate us on how to become your own healer so you can achieve optimal health and wellness in all aspects.

Discovering Holistic Medicine

Although Gore is currently practicing Holistic medicine, it took him several years of self-discovery before he decided to shift from traditional medicine. Gore even took time off after college graduation before getting into medical training.

After taking up a Psychiatry course at Northwestern University, he was able to practice but again decided to take another break. Shortly after, he apprenticed for Holistic physician Dr. Rodolf Ballentine in 1978 at the Himalayan Institute. He fell in love with Holistic Medicine, and the rest is history.

“Holistic medicine is where you become your own healer by learning about yourself through nutrition, supplements, mindful activities. It is a vehicle to help uplift a person and assist them to grow,” said Gore.

Principles Of Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine embraces a positive philosophy, believing that faith and love are the most powerful way to become your own healer. Furthermore, unlike traditional medicine, Holistic treatments empower an individual to listen to symptoms instead of masking them with conventional drugs.

Consequently, each is responsible for his or her own wellness. However, because it takes time to learn the practice of how to become your own healer, it is important to find the right kind of doctor who can guide us along the way.

Tips In Finding the Right Doctor

Gore says that ideally, the first and foremost tip in finding the right Holistic practitioner is finding somebody who is a good listener.

“A person has to be interested in what you eat, in your exercise routine as well as your mindset and stress levels,” said Gore. “Underlying all this is that the practitioner doesn’t act like a parent but rather is a facilitator.”

Gore adds that a good Holistic doctor is friendly and not a know-it-all. He or she must be willing to learn things from patients, provide information as well as have a good philosophy of medicine.

“It’s important to go where the patient wants to go and establish an alliance to be accepting of a patient,” advises Gore. “The Holistic paradigm is one about empowering the person so that they learn to become their own healer.”

Finding Your Life Purpose

And just how do we know if we are going down the right path? Gore believes that a person’s soul has a purpose and that part of this life is to be healthy and search for that purpose.

Gore usually advises his clients to align themselves with a life purpose or what he calls practical spirituality. Once you do your life purpose, only then will you feel complete.

“There is a unique purpose for every soul that is alive, but many of us are too distracted with everyday concerns to get in touch with what our life’s purpose is,”Gore says. “By using a truly holistic approach to health and wellness, we can become the people we were truly meant to be.”

Holistic Medicine Book

Gore reveals that he wrote his book as a gift for his teachers at the Himalayan Institute. The book teaches you to how to become your own healer and touches on the following topics:


To connect to our inner self, Gore says we must focus as well as we are aware of our thoughts and actions. This action is especially beneficial when it comes to eating.

Eat with consciousness, like avoiding sugar and eliminate the habit of cooking with vegetable oils. If you eat with consciousness and mindfulness, you’ll know how much to eat as well as figure out what to eat. Gore says regular exercise is likewise beneficial to our physical and mental health.

Talk Therapy

Talking to someone about your inner thoughts is beneficial for optimal health. By speaking with a health coach or therapist, we get to realize our flaws and strategize on how to let go of any mental or emotional baggage.

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Breathing Techniques

Surprisingly, many people do not know how to breathe properly which is a way to reduce stress levels. Start off with being still and breathe slowly. Allow yourself to rise to the surface and connect your body to your soul.


In this fast paced world, we need to learn how to practice daily meditation. This way, a deeper level of consciousness is developed, and our mind becomes clear and alert.

“You have a unique soul as well as a gift and a purpose. Accept it, and everything snaps into place,” said Gore.

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With a background in traditional medicine and psychiatry, Dr. Jerry Gore believes that having good physical health, combined with good mental health, is not only essential for healthy living but is also a path for achieving a real clarity of consciousness.

Dr. Gore says you need to have a healthy body to house your mind. That is why it’s important to have the proper diet, nutrition, and exercise and to find non-harmful ways of treating your body when necessary.

Then you need peace of mind, which you can get through therapy, and spirituality. Having a healthy body and a healthy mind are the steps you need to recognize your purpose of life and achieve fulfillment.

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