92: Becoming A Health Coach – Kimberly Lackey

Self Empowerment and Self Discovery in 2017

“Through self-discovery, I hope to cause a ripple effect in healthcare that spreads positivity and uplifts people to be their best selves.”

At age 25 Kimberly Lackey battled a vicious form of cancer. The treatment threw her info menopause. After beating cancer she suffered a mysterious illness that left her temporarily crippled. And if things weren’t bad enough, she then went through a divorce.

All of this did not break her spirit. It only fueled her passion and desire for healing and personal growth. Her attitude and mindset are what saved her.

Kimberly Lackey went on to become a health and life coach! She gained her health back and participated in marathons.

In our interview, Kim shares her story and the mindset it takes to overcome what life throws at us.

“Improving health isn’t a one size fits all solution. There are many reasons why we veer off of our personal paths but it should never be viewed as a roadblock; it’s simply a detour to get back on the right path towards your life purpose. Learning to understand and listen to your inner self and working through this discovery process often requires external support, and this is how I work with others – providing the gift of facilitating and validating your own healing journey through coaching, nutritional counseling, motivational speaking and more. You have what it takes to live your best life – no one knows you better than you and I am here to help you remember that!”

We also discuss one of the institutions that Kim studied from, Institute For Integrative Nutrition. As you listen, if you are also interested in becoming a Health Coach, give IIN a call and mention you heard about it from Ashley James as they will give you a great special!


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