194: Being Lovable

Being Lovable Through Gratitude

Being lovable is so hard to do sometimes, considering many factors can weigh us down. We tend to seek validation from family, friends, and co-workers and when we don't, our self-worth plummets. Well, Michael Weinberger is back on the show to guide us on being lovable especially at our lowest point.

Struggling Through The Hard Times

It's hard to think clearly when we are dealing with a lot of problems or facing significant challenges. And Michael Weinberger is no different. He relates that when he was working on his A Plan For Living app, he used to struggle to find gratitude.

Trying to practice gratitude and prayer, it seemed so natural to come up with resentments and things he hated. However, Michael Weinberger slowly realized that in being lovable, he had to learn to slow down and recognize his thoughts.

“Happiness and joy is not a survival emotion. It is a ‘pleasure' piece,” explains Michael Weinberger. “When I was struggling to find things that I was grateful for, a friend advised that all I had to do was to be lovable today. That hit me. Consequently, the best part of being lovable is that there is no right way to do it.”

Being Grateful And Lovable

When Michael Weinberger was working on his A Plan for Living app, he realized that there is no right way to do gratitude, no right way to pray nor meditate. Essentially, going through and surviving every obstacle results in molding a person to become more lovable.

“By being lovable, I can be more present, I connect more intimately with people around me, and I can solve problems,” Michael Weinberger said.

Think of it this way. We all have that one person in the office or that one family member who is hard to work with or is challenging to be around with. Problems seem harder to solve because we tend to think that we are not going to succeed in getting along with that person. Consequently, we set up ourselves to justify our thought and actions, as well as rationalize and defend our position.

“But if you are lovable, things can work out a lot easier because the connection to the other person in the equation is there,” said Michael Weinberger.

Michael Weinberger cites an example. Let's say; you're coming home to your wife. You can go home and be defensive, ready to snap at your wife for not having dinner ready or going home to an untidy house.

However, Michael Weinberger says there is a better choice. Rather than spouting off adverse reactions coming home, you could make a conscious effort to be lovable. This way, your relationship with your spouse significantly improves. You will likewise want to do more for yourself, as well as have the drive to take care of yourself.

How To Love Yourself

Michael Weinberger suffers from bipolar disorder. Because of this, he tends to have suicidal thoughts on a very regular basis. Trying to eat healthily and making the right decision is sometimes difficult. When this happens, Michael Weinberger berates himself whenever he eats poorly.

However, we must realize that people tend to insult themselves immediately. Michael Weinberger says that if we can just be compassionate and love ourselves, then it's not a catastrophe. All we have to do is learn to become our own coach.

“Making better suggestions and forgiving yourself is being lovable with yourself. Gratitudes are easier, ” Michael Weinberger said. “There are some things on my prayer list to help slow me down. Those include practicing humility, being present, being forgiving, and having patience. Those thoughts help put me into a better state of mind.”

Establishing A Baseline

People are different, and not everyone thinks the same. One way to eradicate the blurry lines of communication is learning how to create a baseline. This way, our thoughts can be understood by other people.

We tend to project unfulfilled expectations onto other people. Then we end up getting upset when other people fail to understand us. Michael Weinberger says this is because when our thoughts and sentiments are not expressed out loud, we cannot expect the reality to happen.

“People believe they're wandering around in reality. The problem is, we merely wander around in our definition of reality,” explains Michael Weinberger. “We must share our reality with other people. Everyone has their own perspective of the world, and people begin to disagree when they believe that everyone is living in their reality.”

Michael Weinberger adds that reality can be challenged. Gratitude, spirituality, and mindfulness allow reality to change. Essentially, he says practicing gratitude gets you down to your authentic self. Hence, your job is to connect that authentic self to everyone around you.

Michael Weinberger is a dynamic and inspiring speaker frequently asked to speak on topics including Mindfulness, Coping with Mental Illness and Addiction.

He was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder in 1994 and has learned how to not only cope but to thrive while living with his illness.

Michael teaches individuals how to adjust their mindset to be mindful and grateful for everything their life! He is the founder and creator of APlanForLiving.com, a digital mindfulness manager, and wellness platform.

Everyone has problems, and Michael's approach helps people apply gratitude, spirituality, and mindfulness to their daily lives. A grateful heart is a happy heart!

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