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Cathy Cooke and Ashley James

Have you ever heard of a building biologist? A few of you may know what a building biologist is, but many have not. It is essential to understand that a building biologist can significantly help improve our health.  Check out this episode where I have Integrative Health Coach, Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and Building Biologist Cathy Cooke who can explain how an expert like her can change your life.

True Health is not about eating healthy and having a positive mindset. Sometimes, we do all that, yet we will find ourselves still dealing with chronic issues and erratic sleeping patterns. And more often than not, the culprit is something invisible like electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and other harmful frequencies in our environment.

Personal Struggles

Like most experts, their road to better health and helping people was brought about by personal health issues. And Cathy Cooke is no different. She struggled with health issues for 30 years starting around 1986. And even got bit by a tick at 12 years old.

“Lyme disease was not on the forefront that time. I got extremely sick. And I tried to find answers by seeing dozens of practitioners,” recalls Cathy Cooke.

And just a couple of a years ago she was finally able to improve her health with the help of a doctor. Cathy Cooke then researched everything—food, supplements, and the environment. And the more she got back to nature, the closer she was to how we're supposed to live, the healthier she felt. Eventually, Cathy Cooke wanted to help other people.

Educating Herself

In her mission to help others, Cathy Cooke pursued further studies and training. She started to eat better but had sleep issues. She also had tinnitus in her left ear for ten plus years. 

Through her research, Cathy Cooke noticed that EMFs kept coming up. She then decided to stop using a cellphone for a few days and her tinnitus when away within two days.

Cathy Cooke then stopped using wi-fi or decreased exposure. She began having a better sleep pattern and her thyroid issue, and anxiety went away. That made her all the more determined to train as a building biologist.

“When you close the wi-fi, the heaviness goes away. It's a difficult thing to get skeptical people to understand because they don't see it. Something happens at a deeper level that's affecting you on a cellular level,” said Cathy Cooke.

She adds, “If we are in an electromagnetic environment and we have metals, that's also going to act like an antenna. And will cause us to have more symptoms.”

Building Biologist

A building biologist will be able to assess your house for air quality and what they look out for is molds. Mold exposure can be devastating, as well as chemical exposure. Plus, a building biologist also looks out for areas that emit electric, magnetic, radio frequencies and microsurge electrical pollution or dirty electricity.

According to Cathy Cooke, the Institute of Building Biology and Ecology started in Germany in the 80s. After World War II, Cathy Cooke says soldiers were promised a house and all the chemicals left over from the war. Out of those excess chemicals came all of these chemically-based manufactured products like pesticides. And a lot of it went into building materials.

“Many people started to get sick in Germany inside their homes. Because all the chemicals are off-gassing. So, the Building Biology started in Germany to help these people to address their health symptoms and to clean up air quality,” Cathy Cooke said.

She adds, “And we started bringing in this EMF component. So, in the 90s, we developed a branch of Building Biology Institute here in the US. That's where I was trained in air quality and EMF.”

Electric Component

Cathy Cooke explains that electric components come from electrical wires running through your walls. And then voltage comes out to our living space.

Our body is electric, so when we add on these other fields, Cathy Cooke says our body has a hard time communicating because it has human-made electric fields interfering with that communication.

Magnetic Component

Magnetic fields are from power lines. Cathy Cooke explains that if you have wiring errors, there are magnetic fields. The magnetic field will also come from appliances.

Some appliances include the refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and even an alarm clock. Another appliance is a space heater which should be 8 to 10 feet away from you.

Microsurge Electrical Pollution

Microsurge Electrical Pollution, on the other hand, comes from the power that we are putting onto our electrical system. Cathy Cooke says the power that our gadgets are hooked on to our electrical lines creates spikes or a microsurge of electricity on the sign waves.

Radio Frequency

Radio frequency is what most people think of when we are talking about EMF. Cathy Cooke reveals that our cellphone, Bluetooth devices, smart meter, and all wireless communication devices have radio frequencies.

In recent years, there has been a growing concern over the impact of 5G. The 5G frequency has not been determined yet, but there are a lot of uncertainties. So, Cathy Cooke says the goal is going to be shorter waves.

But she also says that just because one frequency is higher than another, it does not mean it is worse or better because there are different impacts.

Steps We Can Do

One main suggestion of Cathy Cooke is not to use wi-fi. Instead, get an ethernet cable and plug the computer into the modem or router. This cuts out radio frequency exposure.

If there are a lot of members in your household who need to use the internet, Cathy Cooke recommends running multiple ethernet cords through your house. Or you can also unplug if you are not using it, especially at night.

Another way is to put your router in a shielding material like a metal box or place a cloth drape over the router. Cathy Cooke has that special type of cloth shield on her website. She also cautions people on the clothes they wear.

“Not everybody does well with material that they wear or put on your body. Some may find that it makes those symptoms worse. For the highly sensitive people, they take the jewelry off,” said Cathy Cooke.

She also suggests educating our neighbors regarding the effects of wi-fi, especially when you live in a building with so many units having their own wi-fi devices. Encourage communication between members of the community and get the guidance of a building biologist.


According to Cathy Cooke, the flicker from LEDs disrupts the nervous system, and we can't see that. So, it is better to have old school incandescent light bulbs. Not the CFOs nor the compact fluorescent light. Because they give off a lot of dirty electricity.

Safer Use Of Gadgets

Cathy Cooke recommends placing our cellphone in airplane mode. It is also not advisable to use a cordless phone which is even worse than a cellphone.

The is also a meter that you can buy to measure frequency. Otherwise, just like you can plug your computer in the ethernet, you can do the same thing with your phone. You can't receive a phone call, but there are ways to make phone calls through the internet.

Another way is using a safe sleeve phone cover. It has a shield that will drop some of the exposure. Cathy Cooke also recommends using an air tube headset with the phone.

An air tube headset is like earbuds, but halfway up, the electrical cord turns into this plastic tube. So, the cord or wire is not going all the way to your head. This way, it cuts off the electrical field.

Green Wave Filters

Green wave filters can address areas affected by magnetic fields. But Cathy Cooke says one has to know how to test or use this to prevent the situation from getting worse.  The green wave filters along with other products to reduce EMFs are available on Cathy Cooke's website.

“How much is your addiction to technology impeding the things that bring fulfillment and joy to your life,” said Cathy Cooke. “And if we look at it that way, I think it's sometimes easy for us to put our technology down and refocus why we are here. And what brings fulfillment to our life.”


Cathy Cooke has been working as an Integrative Health Coach since 2014. She is a Board-Certified Holistic Nutritionist with the National Association of Nutritional Professionals. Recognizing that many of her clients were ‘doing everything right’ yet still suffering from health issues, she realized that many home and work environments were contributing to illness. 

Seeing dramatic improvements in her health after limiting radio frequency exposure from wifi and cell phones, Cathy Cooke received training and certification from the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology, affording her the expertise to evaluate all areas in a person's life that may be contributing to illness. 

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Cathy Cooke now lives in Boise, Idaho. She is available for consulting via Skype and phone and is also willing to travel as needed for home assessments.

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