196: Busting Health Myths

Busting Health Myths

Busting health myths is something the Learn True Health podcast has been passionate about. Over the past two years, I have invited experts in busting health myths especially with regards to seeking the best treatments to heal the body. My guest today, T.C. Hale (aka Tony Hale), is no stranger to busting health myths, so read on to find out his big reveals in this episode!

Shifting Careers

T.C. Hale wasn't busting health myths all his life. In fact, he first started his career in stand-up comedy, a lucrative career that spanned almost a decade. However, Valentine's Day in 2004 turned out to be the turning point in his life when T.C. Hale lost his voice.

As many as twenty-three doctors failed to diagnose T.C. Hale's condition. Hence, because T.C. Hale was frustrated with his fruitless doctor consultations; he decided to take matters into his own hands.

“I lost my voice, and it didn't come back. When you're a comedian, and you lost your voice, you're technically a mime. So I was determined to get my voice back,” recalls T.C. Hale. “I went from doctor to doctor, and they all put me on drugs. Nobody could give a proper diagnosis and yet I accumulated a six-figure bill in medical expenses.”

Learning from his own experience, T.C. Hale spent the next six years attending nutrition seminars and reading books. He partnered with health professors and started writing books busting health myths as well.

Physiology Of The Body

T.C. Hale says that he doesn't use remedies for anything. Instead, he teaches people how to look at their physiology and get a better understanding of the underlying cause of the problem.

A good example is busting health myths like insomnia. There is no one cure-all treatment. Like many other health conditions, insomnia may have more than one cause, and each person responds differently to treatment.

“I teach people how to use simple tests. When you understand how to look at these measurements, you can start to get an idea how your body is operating and what areas are malfunctioning,” explains T.C. Hale. “When you can figure that out, you can start to figure out what the underlying cause is.

He adds, “We have to be a participant in our health. The body works in the same way that agriculture works. It works over time. Things move slowly, so we would want to treat our body the same way we treat agriculture.”

Weight Loss

Dealing with obese clients, T.C. Hale asks his clients to refrain from looking at the weighing scale. He explains this is because there's too much emotion involved in that.

“Just because you're taking in carbs and sugars doesn't mean they're making it to the cells. And when they're not making it to the cells, the body in return feels like it's not getting it,” T.C. Hale said. “The body is more complicated than just looking at measurements. Essentially, measurements are the foundation of everything I do, but there are complications from looking at those measurements.”

T.C. Hale also says that no single diet is right for everybody because we all process foods differently. Most diets have you restrict something. Whether it's a type of food or macronutrient, they all focus on one thing.

“And when you remove that one thing, you usually notice amazing results because that change worked with your physiology in the way your body is functioning,” said T.C. Hale.

According to T.C. Hale, if a person can't process fat correctly, even eating healthy fats becomes a burden to the body. Consequently, despite eating healthy, your body won't be able to handle the nutrients if your system isn't working correctly.

Before starting any weight loss program, T.C. Hale advises to first look into finding the answers to these questions to help fix the areas where your body is malfunctioning:

• Are you processing carbs better than fats?
• Do you have the ability to process fats at all?
• Can you even break down protein?
• Does insulin function in your body in a way that allows the glucose to be used or is it just going around in your bloodstream?

Why People Gravitate Towards Processed Foods

T.C. Hale explains that processed food is easier to break down, and it pulls out some glucose or fuel so you can function as a human being. The brain primarily needs fuel to function so when you take away that source of fuel; you end up feeling miserable.

“People gravitate towards food for a reason. Those foods may not be the healthiest thing, they may cause weight gain, but it allows people to function as a human. That's the problem,” T.C. Hale said.

In addition to that, T.C. Hale says that when people go on these low carb diets, they increase their fats and remove carbs. However, if they can't break down the fat because of processed junk, they feel lousy and end up gaining weight. Hence, it is crucial to look at both sides.

Importance Of Digestion

Regardless of any diet plan you have, digestion plays a significant role in overall health. Without proper digestion, nutrients will not be absorbed by the body. Hence, T.C. Hale says it doesn't matter whether a person is eating the right nutrition, or if the food they eat contains nutrients and minerals. Consequently, they still can't access those minerals and nutrients if they can't break the food down.

“You must learn how to digest food properly. If you can't break down the food that you're eating, it's a burden to your body,” explains T.C. Hale. “Everything starts with digestion. If you're having any digestive symptoms, you need to correct those symptoms first before fixing a lot of problems.”

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a combination of minerals, sugars, and a little protein. These elements contribute to how thick your blood is. The thicker the blood, the harder the heart has to pump and increase that pressure.

Furthermore, whatever is thickening the blood is different from person to person. Example, a type 2 diabetic is often going to have elevated blood pressure because the excess glucose in the bloodstream is thickening up that blood.

T.C. Hale, however, clarifies that having excess glucose doesn't always cause high blood pressure. There are times our body is filled with toxins, and a lot of times it can be due to excess minerals. On the other hand, magnesium is a significant factor when it comes to high blood pressure and a lot of times it has to do with proteins not breaking down correctly.

Stomach Acidity

Generally speaking, when the food goes down in the stomach, it starts to acidify. T.C. Hale explains this is when the proteins start breaking down. However, when that acidic product starts to leave the stomach, bile comes down.

According to T.C. Hale, bile is very alkaline. So when an acidic product meets with bile, it creates a sizzle. Consequently, that's what breaks the food apart and pulls all the nutrients out. So if someone just has the acid side working, they won't be able to pull all the nutrients out of their food and vice versa.

A lot of things can cause that bile to become thick and sticky where it won't flow correctly. T.C. Hale says grains and gluten restrict bile flow. Hence, people remove these things from their diet.

Furthermore, T.C. Hale explains that if bile is not flowing correctly, toxins start accumulating and circulating in the bloodstream. As a result, blood pressure can go up. Consequently, when the blood is too alkaline, oxygen can't leave the bloodstream and go down to the tissues where it needs to be. When it fails to do that, horrible diseases start to develop.

Kick It Books

T.C. Hale is the author of three books — Constipation: Kick It Naturally, Kick Your Fat In The Nuts and Kick Menstrual Cramps In The Nuts. All three books thoroughly explain how and why the body responds the way it does. The books have a fantastic wealth of information and are available on Amazon so check it out!

T.C. Hale's Courses

Can't get enough of T.C. Hale? You're in luck! Because he offers two courses — 4-Week Online Digestion/Foundational Health Course and the 12-Week Kick Your Fat Course.

The 4-Week Online Digestion/Foundational Health Course teaches you everything you need to know about digestion. Primarily, this builds a solid foundation for your body to be able to process the food you eat properly. Best of all, it costs only 50 cents to sign up!

On the other hand, the 12-Week Kick Your Fat Course is an in-depth insight into the truth behind how to lose weight properly and how to make the weight stay off. The course costs $129 and is money well-spent so check it out as well.

Beyond working with many celebrity clients, T.C. Hale is on the executive board of The Coalition For Health Education, a nonprofit association that helps professionals and their clients learn about health through nutrition. Additionally, T.C. Hale teaches monthly webinars about nutrition to doctors, nutritionists and other healthcare professionals from more than thirty-five countries.

You can also find T.C. Hale producing documentaries like Why Am I So Fat? a film that teaches the truth about weight loss while showcasing T.C. Hale's client, Gabe Evans, who lost 200 pounds in 9 ½ months by treating T.C. Hale's word as gospel.

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