29: Cancer and Natural Medicine

Breast Cancer

Barnetty Kushner is treating her stage 3 breast cancer 100% naturally. In the Fall of 2015, days after Barnetty held her sister’s hand while she died from Uterine cancer, Barnetty was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Barnetty, who is only 37 years old, has seen her father also pass away from cancer, or from the effects of the mainstream medical treatments that often do more harm than good.

In this interview Barnetty shares her story and why she is fighting cancer naturally. A big inspiration was watching the docuseries The True About Cancer.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

Different ways people are reversing their cancer naturally
A diet that starves cancer cells
The gut is the most important aspect of your health. Without a healthy gut, your immune system is compromised.

Health AH-HA Moment:

There is no sense of urgency. You do not have to get rushed through the “cut, burn, and poison” treatment. Give yourself time to do your research and get second AND third opinions!

Your Challenge:

Even if you do not have cancer, go get
The Truth About Cancer Docuseries ( https://learntruehealth.com/truth/ )and watch it. You will learn how to prevent cancer and all of the many effective ways people are reversing their cancer naturally. Share this video series with loved ones who have had cancer as well because there is great info for those who are looking to stay in remission!


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