132: Natural Medicine For Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment Through Naturopathy, Energy Frequency and Greenopathy

There are a lot of cancer treatment available nowadays. Dr. Lance Morris will explain today how Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Energy Frequencies and Greenopathy treat this disease.

Preemie Baby

Morris was a preemie baby during an era when premature babies did not survive. His parents sent up an oxygen tent at home, and along with his two sisters, they watched over him 24/7 until he was healthy.

Premature babies' weakest link are the lungs. So growing up Morris always had chronic sinusitis, bronchitis, and asthma. He had a frequent respiratory crisis, and the standard solution was always Allopathic intervention. But it never really helped.

Getting Into The Vegan Diet

In the 60s, when Morris was a freshman in high school, there was this group of students who were vegan. And that was not common then. He wanted to hang out with them, and they agreed, provided he wouldn't bring any animal products to their table during breaks.

“Three months into that, I woke up one morning and I felt something was different. I realized I wasn't coughing, gagging, snorting, sneezing or taking medicine,” recalls Morris.

Morris added, “It seemed like going vegan erased all those health problems. So I decided to confirm that fact by re-introducing dairy into my diet. The health issues can back.”

Apparently, Morris was allergic to dairy. Dairy is the #1 allergen on our planet.

“Naturopathy is a discipline that looks to nature. All mammals nurse species-specific. Based on that, what is true is that humans should consume human mother's milk until weaning like all animal species,” Morris explains. “Milk is good only for the species to which it is intended and not cross-species.”

Morris further says that if you look at the biochemistry of milk, you'll see that human milk is different from cow milk. Cow milk is one of the worse possible choices. Goat or sheep milk is a much better choice, but even that won't work because I have a very active allergy to dairy products.

Getting Into Naturopathy

Morris started studying all about nature and looking into medicine. In his junior year of college, he went to Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.

Morris met his wife there who was studying Organic Farming. She turned him on to Naturopathy. So Morris finished pre-med and went to Bastyr University. He graduated in 1985.

Morris has been in practice now for 35 years in Naturopathic Medicine, but he has a healthy respect for Allopathic Medicine.

“The most famous Alternative MD in the nation is Dr. Andrew Weil, and he integrated Allopathic and Naturopathic Medicine,” said Morris. “We have to join the best of these two fields. I specialize in chronic degenerative disease and alternative cancer treatments.”

Dissecting Cancer

Cancer is an embryologic disorder. Cells of our body are out of control, and the body is attacking itself. We know that embryonic tissue is fragile.

“The formula in chemotherapy is we give a very toxic agent that kills cancer cells over healthy cells because they are more fragile. Cancer is feeble and weak because it is embryologic,” Morris explains.

Finding The Best Cancer Treatments

“Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) uses insulin for low-dose chemotherapy,” said Morris. “We drive the blood sugar down and mix the chemo with the sugar solution, so it gets sucked up by the body. The result is that the chemo goes to the cancer cells and no healthy cells.”

But Morris says IPT is not a standard care in Allopathic Medicine. The insurance companies won't cover IPT because it is considered an alternative.

Morris does a lot of intravenous Vitamin C for patients.

“Vitamin C is chemotherapy when we start pushing tissue saturation levels at 75,000 mg or more in a single infusion,” said Morris. “At that level, it is an oxidant. But it does no damage to healthy cells, and cancer does not like it.”

As a Naturopathic Doctor, Morris always wants to do natural therapeutics as cancer treatments. But if something isn't working, then we have the Allopathic medical system to fall back on.

Some cancer centers have Naturopathic Doctors on their staff doing Integrative Medicine. Unfortunately, it's not very aggressive but rather merely integration for cancer treatments.

In a clinic like Morris', they do aggressive alternative therapies for cancer treatments. They also do ozone blood infiltration and ultraviolet blood irradiation.

Arizona has the best scope of integrated alternative medical practice in the country. Some therapies and cancer treatments are offered in Arizona only.

Energy Frequencies

Morris is currently doing a blotter-based chromo therapy modality. His team uses different frequency bands of difference light spectrums. No only in the ultraviolet range but in the visible and non-visible ranges concurrently.

We're now able to take fiber optics and insert that right into the blood stream and generate these color band frequencies directly in the blood. Hence, all of Morris' patients with cancer live longer and have a better quality of life.

Dangers Of Using A Cellphone

Morris says a big problem is our cell phones. We have to stop bringing cellphones near our head. It's a dysfunctional stress. The toxicity of the radiation from these gadgets is bad.

“I have not found any technology that will shut down the signal of the phone. These phones have a waveform that causes the problem. Bluetooth is even more dangerous that the phone itself,” Morris said.

He also adds, “A simple earbud it's safer but not safe enough. The safest technology so far is an airbud. This a plug-in right on the adapter on the phone that converts the signal from digital to analog to air.”

The more in touch we are with our bodies and energy, the more we feel and then can differentiate and discriminate things we should be bringing into our field versus out of our field.

Prolonging Life

Morris had a 20-year-old patient with squamous cell carcinoma which is a highly aggressive skin cancer. It attacked his left eye.  So the whole side of his head was swollen.

His regular doctors wanted to cut out his eye, cut away half of his face and poison him with radiation and chemicals yet guaranteed he would die anyway.

They wanted to operate immediately. So the patient came to Morris. As a result, Morris saved his patient's eye, and he lived for another ten years.

Benefit Of Essential Oils

Morris had the opportunity to work with a colleague who was specializing in chronic disease particularly cancer. He was doing IV using natural substances.

“My passion is essential oils because it is the purest extraction from herbs. There is a clinic in Costa Rica that using essential oil intravenously. So I started doing my research,” Morris revealed.

Learning About Homeopathy

When Morris was in Naturopathic school, they didn't teach about essential oils. It is because there was a strong emphasis on Homeopathy.

Morris has always had a problem with this premise. One of his professors said that Homeopathic  Medicines are not fragile as most Homeopaths around the world.

“Homeopathic Medicine is like energy medicine. It's the frequency of something,” said Morris. “That's why Homeopathy was debunked quite a few decades ago by Allopathic Medicine as being placebo.

Homeopathic remedies diluted in water are called X, C., and M. X means a substance diluted in a ratio of 1:10. C means a substance diluted in a ratio of 1:100. M is 1:1,000.

Morris says that in the early days of Homeopathy, Homeopathic Medicine is made by monks. They made medicine by hitting them against leatherbound versions of the Bible.

It's the dilution and the hitting that induces a release of the frequency band that will neutralize the symptom complex.

When Morris was going to Bastyr, they were involved in a project taking Homeopathic remedies of different potencies and doing Nuclear Magnetic Resonance studies.

Furthermore, if you take distilled water and do an NMR on it, it will show a particular frequency pattern. The frequency pattern of the remedy showed it is radically different than distilled water.

Greenopathy To Treat Cancer

In Naturopathy, Morris says there's something called Greenopathy. It's using natural substances to replace drugs. And we're using natural materials where we have isolated the after constituents of the herbs so that it's standardized.

Furthermore, Morris says it looks even more like a drug because there are so many milligrams of a particular ingredient. In addition to that,it lets us enter into the credible zone of scientific research.

Consequently, Morris is very pragmatic. Hence, he has this respect for all tools as long as the tool can give us the best result.

“The key is finding this balance point and being more responsible to our patient's needs,” Morris said.

Dr. Lance J. Morris received his BA in biochemistry, psychology and fine arts from the University of Arizona in Tucson and his Naturopathic medical degree from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. 

He did a post graduate fellowship in Family Medicine through the American Board of Naturopathic Medical Specialties, as well as multiple residencies at Alternative Cancer Clinics in Mexico. He is a past president of the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association and was physician of the year in 1997.

Dr. Morris was one of the founding board of directors of the SW College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona as well as a member of the clinical faculty.

He lives in Tucson, Arizona, where he has a private medical practice. He is the developer of RST:Resonant Sound Therapy© and RMM:Resonant Movement Meditation©, a demonstration-practice video is available through this website. 

He is also developing a clinical training program for RST certification he intends to take worldwide for all allied health professionals. Dr. Morris has developed a vocal singing style based on what he calls the ‘Universal Sound Language, which integrates pure vocal toning with uplifting spiritually grounded lyrics.

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