50: Caroline Blazovsky: Dangers Lurking In Your Home

Little Known Domestic Chemicals, Toxins, and Molds In Our Air and Water That We Need To Avoid

Caroline Blazovsky is nationally recognized as America’s Healthy Home Expert®. She is a media personality as well as being chosen as a leading health and safety professional in AARP, 2016. With over 16 years experience, she is a council- certified Mold Remediator (CMR), and Indoor Environmentalist(CIE) with graduate Sustainable Design educational background from Boston Architectural College. She is also credentialed through the National Environmental Health Association as a Healthy Homes Specialist (HHS). Caroline is a member of the ACAC, NEHA, IAQA, as well as serving on the national IAQA Public Education Committee. She resides as President of My Healthy Home® LLC, a company specializing in indoor air quality products and services. Additionally, she is enrolled in a medical graduate program at Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California.

Over the years I have met people who suffered from seemingly incurable health issues only to find that hidden mold in their house was causing their health problems.

I have heard the off-gassing of paint, new carpeting and even new clothing can cause systemic inflammation, trigger flare-ups in those with chronic conditions and weaken the immune system.

I have heard that chemicals put in our city water have been linked to causing CANCER and that living by cell towers and power lines is unhealthy.

So much in our environment that we cannot see or smell could be slowly poisoning us. It feels overwhelming, doesn't it?

The interview I released today with Caroline Blazovsky is the longest and most informative interviews I have ever done! Caroline has been helping people around the world for 20 years eliminate the dangerous chemicals, molds, and toxins that are in our homes.

Even if you are a renter, she teaching things you can do now to make the environment in your home healthier for you, your pets and your family.

Before my interview with Caroline Blazovsky, I felt somewhat powerless against these hidden domestic dangers.

During the interview, Caroline arms us with many science-based actionable steps that we can use to improve our health through improving our domestic environment. She empowers us to make the simple, affordable and effective changes that make the biggest difference in removing domestic toxins from our daily life! I'm so excited to share this info with you.

Please share today's episode with those you know with children, pets or chronic illness. It will make a BIG difference!

Consult with Caroline Blazovsky on testing for contaminants in the home, reducing allergens & chemicals, improving indoor air and water quality, mold and using environmentally-friendly building materials and products. Learn more at HealthyHomeExpert.com or 866-743-8563.

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