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Chakra Balancing As Energy Healing  

Chakra balancing is a powerful tool to realign the energies flowing through our body. We know the health benefits of eating right and ample exercise. However, we shouldn't underestimate healing powers through energy and the importance of chakra balancing.  My guest today, Larabeth Guthrie, is the perfect resource person to talk about chakras and energy healing.   

Natural Environment  

Larabeth Guthrie grew up on a farm. And because her mom and grandmother tended a herb garden, Larabeth Guthrie was influenced into thinking that natural things are supposed to be used as the first line of defense for illnesses as well as tools for building wellness.  

Then when she was 12 years old, Larabeth Guthrie got into Tang Soo Do, a Korean form of martial arts. During this time, she also started taking Qi Gong classes to learn how to move energy throughout her body.  

The Power Of Personal Energy  

Taking Qi Gong classes apparently proved beneficial to Larabeth Guthrie. She learned how to maximize the power of personal energy and indeed learned how to listen to her body.  

In fact, one instance stood out from her mind. Larabeth Guthrie remembers a lady in her Qi Gong class who suddenly got up in the middle of a meditation session and left in a rush. Thinking she would never see the lady again, Larabeth Guthrie was surprised when the lady showed up in class two or three months after.   

It turned out that the lady felt her energy shift after attending just two or three Qi Dong classes. During that fateful day when she left in a hurry during the meditation session, it suddenly dawned on that lady that she had to have a breast exam.  

Seeing a doctor proved her intuition was right. Tests showed that the lady had Stage 1 breast cancer. Fortunately, because that woman was in tune with the energy flowing within her body, she was able to feel that something was amiss. So doctors were able to contain her cancer and as far as Larabeth Guthrie knows, that lady is currently healthy and in remission.  

Battling Health Issues 

Larabeth Guthrie also dealt with a lot of autoimmune and endocrine issues when she was younger. In fact, it was so bad, that she had to battle all kinds of allergies all year round. To top it off doctors couldn't figure out a long-term cure. How frustrating is that?  

“Doctors told me this would be my life. But I refused to accept it and changed my diet. I went gluten-free and got rid of avocado which I was allergic to,” said Larabeth Guthrie. “I also drank more water because I found out that dehydration increases the number of allergic reactions.”  

Getting Into Energy Healing  

Before getting into chakra balancing and becoming a Reiki master, Larabeth Guthrie was a 911 medical dispatcher.  She admits that during this time, she had no idea that being a full-time Holistic practitioner was possible.   

Because her job entailed dealing with high levels of stress, she didn't recognize the warning signs of her health. One day, Larabeth Guthrie recalls that her hand started itching which rapidly escalated to a burning sensation.   

The sensation spread to her feet and rashes started growing more prominent. Apparently, she was initially diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency and was given prescription drugs. However, because Larabeth Guthrie once again refused to accept the doctors' verdict of being dependent on drugs for the rest of her life, she started doing her research.

Larabeth Guthrie did extensive research and slowly applied what she learned about herbalism, aromatherapy, crystals, and energy work. Here she realized that there was indeed a better way to heal and that it dived right into the root cause of her ailments.

“I healed in three months. Then I got into chakra balancing and became a Reiki master. I worked with crystals for a while, and started to get a new appreciation for plants from a more ethereal standpoint and respect their vibrations,” said Larabeth Guthrie. “Then I got into teaching and was inspired to create the energy keto system, where the main focus is tackling root issues at an energetic level.”

She adds, “Sometimes diet and lifestyle change is just the first step. Balancing my energy is how I got rid of my autoimmune and endocrine issues.” 

Qi Do School  

Upon signing up for her classes, Larabeth Guthrie initially administers tongue and iridology assessment tools to be able to gauge a person's institution as well as their general energy work. She explains that it is best not to base assessments merely on full intuition since there will be a tendency not to see the broader picture.   

“‘Qi' is the universal life force that we all have flowing through all living things. ‘Do' means a way of life in Korean. Hence, my primary concern is to make sure that energy is balanced,” explains Larabeth Guthrie. “If you honor and respect the flow of this energy in your body, you have a better chance of staying healthier longer. Acute things will not necessarily turn into chronic things if you can work with those imbalances.”

Larabeth Guthrie also clarifies that even if you are not looking into joining a program, one of the things that you can do is meditating at least 30 minutes everyday. Clearing the mind and allowing yourself to breathe can sometimes tune you into things that are happening in your body.   

Furthermore, Larabeth Guthrie says that you may not notice it at first but eventually, you will feel that things will start to shift. She explains that this is because when you are working with energy, you are still somewhat in a meditative state. It is also during this time that you will be able to pay attention to what your body is doing.  

What is Chakra Balancing  

Ready to do chakra balancing? Larabeth Guthrie suggests learning about the chakras first. The seven main chakras are along the midline of our body, and they correspond to different things.  Some specific sounds and colors match each chakra. And because it is also lined up with the endocrine system, it is easy to see what needs to be balanced.   

These are the seven chakras and the colors they represent:  

  1. Root chakra – red
  2. Sacral chakra – orange
  3. Solar Plexus chakra – yellow
  4. Heart chakra – green
  5. Throat chakra – blue
  6. Third Eye chakra – purple
  7. Crown chakra – silver or gold

Auras and chakras are different. According to Larabeth Guthrie, reading auras takes a lot of practice. Hence, it is advisable to get an excellent practitioner to guide you. Chakra balancing, on the other hand, is easier to practice.   

How To Practice Chakra Balancing  

According to Larabeth Guthrie, when you see colors that you dislike, those are the chakras that may be overactive or irritated. That is why she recommends people must first learn how to do deep breathing.  

“As you breathe in, imagine the colors you are attracted to. Upon exhale, release the colors that do not attract you. Your Root chakra stands for identity and creativity is represented by the Sacral chakra,” Larabeth Guthrie said. “The Heart chakra is mostly a healing and a feeling of love that you may be giving or receiving. The Throat chakra is for communication, the Third Eye is for intuition, and the Crown chakra stands for the Divine.”

The energy systems in our body also communicate with each other. If they get cut off, it can cause more imbalance in the long run. Therefore, Larabeth Guthrie suggests taking deep breaths starting with the Root chakra.   

Once you are comfortable, release your Root chakra. Move up to the Sacral chakra and do the same thing to all seven chakras. By doing this, Larabeth Guthrie says you give each chakra a chance to communicate with each other and rebalance the area they are supposed to be in. 

“I like connecting the microcosmic orbit. You will use this in Qi Dong often. It's the little white light that goes up midline, down the back and back up again,” says Larabeth Guthrie.   

By doing this, it allows the flow of energy in general. It opens the current to the central section of the body. Because this exercise is a powerful energy healing tool, Larabeth Guthrie recommends doing this everyday for 30 minutes. She likewise recommends drinking a tonic tea for nervous system support that also balances the Sacral chakra and using crystals to help with body imbalances.  

Benefits Of Sound Therapy  

Larabeth Guthrie also believes that sound therapy is extremely effective. It is a vibration that we can feel. Everything vibrates, so if you are using sound the appropriate way, the waves from the sound will consequently influence your vibration to help you raise your body to a healthier level.   

“Most energy work is a matter of intention. Our brain controls our physical body, but our brain also controls what is happening in our energetic system,” explains Larabeth Guthrie. “So you can be listening to the music, processing the music just through earbuds and yet it can make a significant difference.”

At the age of 12, Larabeth Guthrie discovered Ki Gong through her martial arts association and witnessed the power of energy healing. She began to learn aura cleansing, chakra balancing and went on to become a Reiki Master at 21.

Now a multi-modal energy healer and instructor with over 15 years of healing experience, she has studied clinical herbalism, aromatherapy, Reiki, and crystal work. She also developed the Qi Do system of energy healing to connect clients to the balance that our mother Earth provides.

A musician and Black Belt, Larabeth Guthrie understands the importance of harnessing our vital energy across multiple disciplines and strives to incorporate this holistic approach into her teachings.  

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