292: Creating Wellness

Creating Wellness

People need to realize the importance of creating wellness at the cellular level.  We have so many resources for diets and technologies that promote wellness naturally. But the problem is, which of those are truly effective? My guest Kellyann Andrews says of creating wellness at the cellular level does not happen overnight. Check out this episode to learn precisely what it takes to creating wellness at the cellular level.

Sickly Child

Kellyann Andrews was a sickly child. During her younger years, she dealt with extreme asthma and allergies. When she was in her 40s, she suffered from arthritis, gout, and rheumatism.

Kellyann Andrews says both her parents had a genetic disposition. Plus, her living environment aggravated her stressful state.

“That stress level ignited the wrong epigenetics to occur. And turned on all the bad genes because of the extreme stress levels,” said Kellyann Andrews.

Searching For A Cure

Because of her health journey, Kellyann Andrews wanted to discover what is the core cause of disease. She went down the path of wellness to investigate how to achieve creating wellness at a cellular level.

“And I can tell you, the joy of the experience is that at age 61, I now take the stairs two at a time. I have the mobility and agility that didn’t have in my 20s. And at age 60, my gray hairs turned dark again,” reveals Kellyann Andrews.

Dangers of Mercury

Like many other experts, Kellyann Andrews cautions against the dangers of mercury. She also experienced mercury blackouts because of her dentist. At that time, she didn’t know mercury was harmful.

“They had no methodology to get them out. So, I went down this amazing journey of biochemistry and investigated the core cause of disease and wellness,” said Kellyann Andrews. “It brought me down to the cellular level of the body. Anything that was making the cell healthy eventually led me to toxicology.”

Domino Effect

Kellyann Andrews eventually understood that the poison inside the body was a huge trigger to so many biological and chemical responses. She also realized it was also getting stuck at the muscular level and arteries. Hence, affecting every cell.

“So, what we needed was the methodology that would get heavy metals, chemicals, and all foreign content out of the body safely, easily and gently,” said Kellyann Andrews. “The human body was designed to rejuvenate. So, that whole thinking of our parents and grandparents degenerating as you grow older is not accurate.”

She added, “We are experiencing an environment on the planet that human history has never experienced ever. And it’s an accumulation of all the toxicity that has been caused by industry. The world has gotten to such a degree of toxicity that the human body is just completely absorbing it.”

Kellyann Andrews also stresses that in creating wellness at the cellular level, it’s not just about what you have accumulated in your entire life that hasn’t come out.  More importantly, it’s also what you are absorbing daily.

Dangers Of Copper

Most of us have already heard the dangers of mercury. But according to Kellyann Andrews, the one that isn’t as well-known is copper.

This is because, in old houses, there was copper piping. Kellyann Andrews says we were taught copper pans were a good thing to cook in. And women who are on birth control used IUD which had copper. If we get mercury amalgam fillings, there’s also copper in there.  Kellyann Andrews says even very wholesome foods can have a lot of copper.

It’s a domino effect. And Kellyann Andrews says these multiple sources are accumulating. She also adds that there is proof of a correlation between migraine headaches and copper.

“A lot of Naturopaths and Holistic Doctors do shy away from chelation. Because it depletes the body of absolutely everything. Then they play a guessing game on what to put back in,” surmises Kellyann Andrews.

Gauging Presence Of Heavy Metals

Kellyann Andrews says during that very low, vibratory state and the world is just completely overwhelming, it’s so easy to be completely absorbed in your symptoms and how awful you feel. So, she highly recommends taking a photo of yourself when you were experiencing good health. Or a picture of someone who is vibrant.

Place the photo on the fridge and say, “Body, today, this is what we are creating.” Kellyann Andrews advises making it a now experience, not tomorrow or sometime in the future. Ultimately, we have to own it at the moment.

But before creating wellness at a cellular level, you have first to be aware of the signs. Kellyann Andrews says for heavy metals in particular when the whites of the eyes are grey, that is the classic symptom of heavy metals toxicity.

“The body does not purge one organ at a time. Whatever comes out of your colon, bladder, feces, and urine is a collection of debris that has been collected from all parts of the body,” said Kellyann Andrews.

How Our Body Copes

When you are at a debilitative state, Kellyann Andrews says it’s like you’re watching the illness movie. So, what you want to do is switch the channel. Start watching the wellness movie and do the wellness or healing habits.

When the body burden goes up, so does the volume of symptoms in the body. Kellyann Andrews explains that the more severe the symptoms, the more it is a window to understanding that you’ve got a massive load of toxicity. It’s the accumulation factor that is causing the tipping point and then goes into degenerative diseases.

“And when the toxicity reaches a certain level in the body, what occurs is the autoimmune diseases. The amount of people that are experiencing this kind of effect nowadays is just so astronomical because of the exposure that we’re all experiencing,” said Kellyann Andrews.

She adds, “Your body is your mirror. It sends alert signals to you on whether it’s happy or not. You have to listen to those alert signals. Your body sends amazing signals to you to let you know when you are in a toxic environment.”


Kellyann Andrews says the commonality of all sickness is acidity. Because when the body gets more acidic, the more severe the symptom is. We know cancer exists in a very acid environment, but Kellyann Andrews says that same environment is what causes things like arthritis, rheumatism, and gout.

“So that hyperacidity within the body is what is undermining it. Through our Platinum Energy Systems detox, it is the fastest way to balance out the PH,” Kellyann Andrews explains. “Everybody needs to get their PH at a correct place. Your blood needs to be at 7.35 to 7.45 or else you’re in a coma. So, of course, your body will sacrifice all functionality to keep you conscious. Because it knows you have to stay in a conscious state to operate.”

Detox Foot Spa

Among the favorite ways of creating wellness at a cellular level is using a detox foot spa. Kellyann Andrews explains that when you put your feet into the warm salt water, you open up the sweat glands. So, it is a sweating process. Generally, people get sicker because their detox systems in their body like the liver, kidney, lungs, skin, gallbladder, of those organs and systems, get clogged up.

“The lymphatic system helps the body detoxify itself. But unfortunately, it clogs up massive molecules. Our technology ties into this mechanism that is already designed by the body,” said Kellyann Andrews.

She adds, “So in our system, the reason why it’s different is that we have multiple technologies. It’s not just metal components sitting in the basin. And it’s got multiple interventive technologies designed behind it to assist body open up these drainage routes.”

Controversies of Detox Foot Spas

Kellyann Andrews reveals that there are so many controversies in the field about detox foot spas. Regarding technology, these knock-off foot spas have no control over the electricity.

Kellyann Andrews says when people put more salt into the water, they are increasing the conductivity of that water. And the human body is not designed to have high levels of electricity.

“Ours is the only component that sits in the water that has the array that has the control mechanism. If a practitioner puts in too much salt, it causes the water to be too conductive. And an excess of anything in the body is a toxin,” said Kellyann Andrews.

Platinum Energy Systems

Platinum Energy Systems is the only system in the world that has the capability of controlling the electricity. Kellyann Andrews says this is because it monitors, regulates and controls electricity right in the water.

“The array itself is 100% automated. So, there are no dials. The technology is designed to do the rest, so you get multiple therapies. What this technology does is that it opens up the drainage routes which includes the lymphatic system,” Kellyann Andrews said.

Aside from that, one of the unique features of the system is that it is designed for people with high EMF sensitivity as well as in the Platinum Energy Systems, there’s a device to block out dirty electricity.

“The mission of the company is broader than just selling a machine. Because of my background being a practitioner, the ambition behind the company is to teach wellness by focusing on cellular health,” explains Kellyann Andrews. “So, we consider ourselves to be an educational organization. We provide a lot of information for home users and practitioners.”

For those who want more information about what Platinum Energy Systems is, check out their official website. There’s so much info about the ionic detox footbath. As an added treat, PES is giving Learn True Health listeners a 15% discount on purchases. Just type in coupon code LTH at checkout.


Kellyann Andrews’ background is biochemistry, nursing, and holistic, alternative and energy medicine for 40 years. She is always digging deeper into the core of “well-being” – on all levels.

Kellyann Andrews is a health coach by nature and trade. She does not have any specific certifications. She was at university and nursing school until a sudden family death which left her grief-stricken and devastated. Due to this experience, Kellyann Andrews stepped away from traditional medicine. 

Kellyann Andrews continued to educate herself by researching all areas of health recovery. This is now her life’s work – sharing discoveries and her recovery with others on the same path. 

When both parents died prematurely, and Kellyann Andrews suffered poor health, she was inspired to find ways of creating wellness at the cellular level. She is the President of Platinum Energy Systems, her husband and her own business – specializing in detoxification for health recovery and prevention. They have clients (home-users), medical clinics, and practitioners all over North America.

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