292: Creating Wellness

Creating Wellness


  • Heavy metal toxicity – what it does to your body?
  • Safely and slowly detoxifying.
  • Mercury is the most dangerous heavy metal that can intrude your body without you knowing.
  • Common illnesses that progress into degenerative diseases.
  • Acidic body means more severe symptoms.
  • How does the PES system work, what makes it different from other systems

In this episode Kellyann will be discussing about heavy metal toxicity. How do we detox our body safely and slowly with their top technology at home detox machine? Know the common illnesses progress into degenerative diseases and how can we restore the body into its natural healing state.

Sickly Child

Kellyann Andrews was a sickly child. During her younger years, she dealt with extreme asthma and allergies. When she was in her 40s, she suffered from arthritis, gout, and rheumatism.

Kellyann Andrews says both her parents had a genetic disposition. Plus, her living environment aggravated her stressful state.

“That stress level ignited the wrong epigenetics to occur. And turned on all the bad genes because of the extreme stress levels,” said Kellyann Andrews.

Searching For A Cure

Because of her health journey, Kellyann Andrews wanted to discover what is the core cause of disease. She went down the path of wellness to investigate how to achieve creating wellness at a cellular level.

“And I can tell you, the joy of the experience is that at age 61, I now take the stairs two at a time. I have the mobility and agility that didn't have in my 20s. And at age 60, my gray hairs turned dark again,” reveals Kellyann Andrews.

Dangers of Mercury

Like many other experts, Kellyann Andrews cautions against the dangers of mercury. She also experienced mercury blackouts because of her dentist. At that time, she didn't know mercury was harmful.

“They had no methodology to get them out. So, I went down this amazing journey of biochemistry and investigated the core cause of disease and wellness,” said Kellyann Andrews. “It brought me down to the cellular level of the body. Anything that was making the cell healthy eventually led me to toxicology.”

Domino Effect

Kellyann Andrews eventually understood that the poison inside the body was a huge trigger to so many biological and chemical responses. She also realized it was also getting stuck at the muscular level and arteries. Hence, affecting every cell.

“So, what we needed was the methodology that would get heavy metals, chemicals, and all foreign content out of the body safely, easily and gently,” said Kellyann Andrews. “The human body was designed to rejuvenate. So, that whole thinking of our parents and grandparents degenerating as you grow older is not accurate.”

She added, “We are experiencing an environment on the planet that human history has never experienced ever. And it's an accumulation of all the toxicity that has been caused by industry. The world has gotten to such a degree of toxicity that the human body is just completely absorbing it.”

Kellyann Andrews also stresses that in creating wellness at the cellular level, it's not just about what you have accumulated in your entire life that hasn't come out.  More importantly, it's also what you are absorbing daily.

Dangers Of Copper

Most of us have already heard the dangers of mercury. But according to Kellyann Andrews, the one that isn't as well-known is copper.

This is because, in old houses, there was copper piping. Kellyann Andrews says we were taught copper pans were a good thing to cook in. And women who are on birth control used IUD which had copper. If we get mercury amalgam fillings, there's also copper in there.  Kellyann Andrews says even very wholesome foods can have a lot of copper.

It's a domino effect. And Kellyann Andrews says these multiple sources are accumulating. She also adds that there is proof of a correlation between migraine headaches and copper.

“A lot of Naturopaths and Holistic Doctors do shy away from chelation. Because it depletes the body of absolutely everything. Then they play a guessing game on what to put back in,” surmises Kellyann Andrews.

Gauging Presence Of Heavy Metals

Kellyann Andrews says during that very low, vibratory state and the world is just completely overwhelming, it's so easy to be completely absorbed in your symptoms and how awful you feel. So, she highly recommends taking a photo of yourself when you were experiencing good health. Or a picture of someone who is vibrant.

Place the photo on the fridge and say, “Body, today, this is what we are creating.” Kellyann Andrews advises making it a now experience, not tomorrow or sometime in the future. Ultimately, we have to own it at the moment.

But before creating wellness at a cellular level, you have first to be aware of the signs. Kellyann Andrews says for heavy metals in particular when the whites of the eyes are grey, that is the classic symptom of heavy metals toxicity.

“The body does not purge one organ at a time. Whatever comes out of your colon, bladder, feces, and urine is a collection of debris that has been collected from all parts of the body,” said Kellyann Andrews.

How Our Body Copes

When you are at a debilitative state, Kellyann Andrews says it's like you're watching the illness movie. So, what you want to do is switch the channel. Start watching the wellness movie and do the wellness or healing habits.

When the body burden goes up, so does the volume of symptoms in the body. Kellyann Andrews explains that the more severe the symptoms, the more it is a window to understanding that you've got a massive load of toxicity. It's the accumulation factor that is causing the tipping point and then goes into degenerative diseases.

“And when the toxicity reaches a certain level in the body, what occurs is the autoimmune diseases. The amount of people that are experiencing this kind of effect nowadays is just so astronomical because of the exposure that we're all experiencing,” said Kellyann Andrews.

She adds, “Your body is your mirror. It sends alert signals to you on whether it's happy or not. You have to listen to those alert signals. Your body sends amazing signals to you to let you know when you are in a toxic environment.”


Kellyann Andrews says the commonality of all sickness is acidity. Because when the body gets more acidic, the more severe the symptom is. We know cancer exists in a very acid environment, but Kellyann Andrews says that same environment is what causes things like arthritis, rheumatism, and gout.

“So that hyperacidity within the body is what is undermining it. Through our Platinum Energy Systems detox, it is the fastest way to balance out the PH,” Kellyann Andrews explains. “Everybody needs to get their PH at a correct place. Your blood needs to be at 7.35 to 7.45 or else you're in a coma. So, of course, your body will sacrifice all functionality to keep you conscious. Because it knows you have to stay in a conscious state to operate.”

Detox Foot Spa

Among the favorite ways of creating wellness at a cellular level is using a detox foot spa. Kellyann Andrews explains that when you put your feet into the warm salt water, you open up the sweat glands. So, it is a sweating process. Generally, people get sicker because their detox systems in their body like the liver, kidney, lungs, skin, gallbladder, of those organs and systems, get clogged up.

“The lymphatic system helps the body detoxify itself. But unfortunately, it clogs up massive molecules. Our technology ties into this mechanism that is already designed by the body,” said Kellyann Andrews.

She adds, “So in our system, the reason why it's different is that we have multiple technologies. It's not just metal components sitting in the basin. And it's got multiple interventive technologies designed behind it to assist body open up these drainage routes.”

Controversies of Detox Foot Spas

Kellyann Andrews reveals that there are so many controversies in the field about detox foot spas. Regarding technology, these knock-off foot spas have no control over the electricity.

Kellyann Andrews says when people put more salt into the water, they are increasing the conductivity of that water. And the human body is not designed to have high levels of electricity.

“Ours is the only component that sits in the water that has the array that has the control mechanism. If a practitioner puts in too much salt, it causes the water to be too conductive. And an excess of anything in the body is a toxin,” said Kellyann Andrews.

Platinum Energy Systems

Platinum Energy Systems is the only system in the world that has the capability of controlling the electricity. Kellyann Andrews says this is because it monitors, regulates and controls electricity right in the water.

“The array itself is 100% automated. So, there are no dials. The technology is designed to do the rest, so you get multiple therapies. What this technology does is that it opens up the drainage routes which includes the lymphatic system,” Kellyann Andrews said.

Aside from that, one of the unique features of the system is that it is designed for people with high EMF sensitivity as well as in the Platinum Energy Systems, there's a device to block out dirty electricity.

“The mission of the company is broader than just selling a machine. Because of my background being a practitioner, the ambition behind the company is to teach wellness by focusing on cellular health,” explains Kellyann Andrews. “So, we consider ourselves to be an educational organization. We provide a lot of information for home users and practitioners.”

For those who want more information about what Platinum Energy Systems is, check out their official website. There's so much info about the ionic detox footbath. As an added treat, PES is giving Learn True Health listeners a 15% discount on purchases. Just type in coupon code LTH at checkout.



Hello true health seeker and welcome to another exciting episode of the Learn True Health podcast.

Today we are in for such a treat because we have with us Kellyann who is the founder of Platinum Energy Systems, www.platinumenergysystems.ca.

She has offered a fantastic discount for the listeners. So as you're listening to her, if you decide you want to purchase her ionic detoxification foot bath which has amazing science. We'll get into that and get into a lot of other things about detoxification. If you're interested in purchasing one, you can give her a call by going to www.platinumenergysystems.ca. Or you can use the coupon code LTH and just know that she loves talking to all of her customers, so she is totally looking forward to hearing from any of you that wanna chat about heavy metal detoxification or anything that we discuss in today's interview.

Enjoy today's interview. It was such a pleasure to do this and in fact it became a three hour interview because we discuss so much. So I broke it up into two parts. So today's part 1 and we'll be publishing part 2 very soon. In part 2 she gets into a lot of amazing healthy habits for supporting the body's ability to heal itself and in today's interview, we are going to dive into heavy metals detoxification and how to support the body's ability to pull out all of these pollutants in the body. She has amazing stories and I know you're just gonna love learning from Kellyann. So enjoy today's interview.

Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I'm your host, Ashley James.

This is Episode 292.

0:01:58.2 Ashley James: Today we are in for such a treat. We have with us Kellyann Andrews, who I have become a huge fan of since we connected a few months ago. She runs www.platinumenergysystems.ca with her husband. For Americans .ca is what Canadians put behind our websites. So just go to www.platinumenergysystems.ca.

Kellyann, I'm so excited for you to be here today. Really interesting how we connected. You saw a video interview that I was in, in a summit a few months ago and you reached out to me because you had some advice for me. And I cant talk to a holistic health professionals and it lights up my world. And it was really neat because you saw in my face some health issues that you wanted to point out, and I really am a believer. I know that naturopaths and ayurvedic practitioners, many different practitioners look at the face, eyes, skin color, and they can see – almost like reading a palm. They can see the internal health reflected in the face and you had some great advice for me. I have taken your advice, it's wonderful. Thank you, I really actually see it working. And after having a nice long conversation with you and subsequent emails, I asked you to be on my show  And it was really cool how it turned out that there was a 6 degrees of separation that we knew we were friends with and knew similar practitioner colleagues in this small world of holistic health practitioners. So it was just so neat to connect with you.

I'm really excited. I'm looking forward to you sharing with my listeners all of your wonderful information. So welcome to the show.

0:03:54.2 Kellyann Andrews: Thanks so much. Lovely to be here.

0:03:56.3 Ashley James: Absolutely. And it's so cool. You ended up to some episodes and told me how much you love them and how great they were, very conversational – which is my favorite way to have an interview. Feel like all the listeners are just sitting with us in a living room having a great conversation we're all part of the party. And so I hope we get to have that same experience today.

Kellyann, I'd love for you to start by sharing your story. You've been in medicine for over 40 years, and I'd love to know what prompted you to want to do that as a career, as your life's work, what led you to be so passionate about it. And just share with us the different things you've done in your past that led up to what you're doing today.

0:04:43.1 Kellyann Andrews: Well, like many of us on this path, we all came here because of the need. And mine was caused by extreme health conditions. When I was very young I had very bad asthma and allergies. Both parents were chain smokers and because I grew up in the 50's, one of those baby boomers, when food wasn't in the awareness that it is now and lifestyle wasn't understood either, we grew up in Campbell soups, TV dinners, and not great food. So as a child I had extreme asthma and allergies and then later in life in my 40's, I was really crippled by arthritis, gout, and rheumatism because of both sides of the family having that genetic disposition, and I was in a very stressful state at that time because I was in an environment that was having extreme floods and we had the threat of losing our entire house, and being 30 feet under.

SOP that kind of stress level will just as you know, ignite the wrong epigenetics to be occurring and turn on all the bad genes, because of the extreme stress levels as we know. That when you're in a hyper stressed state or hyper sympathetic nervous system orientation, then it just ignites all of the inflammation in the body. And so in my early 40's I could hardly climb up a flight  of stairs. My husband had to put my socks and shoes on. I jokingly now say although at the time it wasn't very funny, I was like the tin man without oil in Wizard of Oz. But because of my health journey and to the discovery of what is the core cause of disease, I went down the path of wellness to investigate how do you create wellness at a cellular level. And I can tell you that the joy of the experience is that at age 61, I know take the stairs two at a time, have mobility and agility I didn't have in my 20's, plus I had a series of car accidents in my life that my poor body endured. But also at 60, my gray hair has turned dark again.

0:07:20.3 Ashley James: I love it. So many people don't know that you can reverse the gray hair. It's not about vanity that your hair turning gray is a sign that there's other deficiencies and other issues going on that can cause cardiovascular disease. And so by you reversing that, you know that you've also healed internally.

0:07:47.5 Kellyann Andrews: Exactly. What was occurring, was 20 years ago when I did have my hair dyed, I would just feel absolutely horrible after having my hair dyed. And then I came to understand that of course in the hair dyes, is a huge amount of heavy metals. And about that time or a little earlier, I experienced one of the bad dentists who pretended to be a biological dentist. And to be able to mercury out of the mouth in the correct fashion, well it turned out not only wasn't doing none of those procedures and I was not well educated enough at that time to know that, but also he did it too quickly and I ended up with mercury blackouts. So if there was anything that really put me on this path, it was that experience of being absolutely crippled.

I would jokingly say like in Star Trek, I felt like Data when they took his chip out of the shoulder and he would just like sort of konk out and I would have that. I would be driving on the freeway and I have to pull over and just literally konk out and come to consciousness later. And so the memory was going and the fuzziness of the brain, and you know closing the bathroom door when I when to close the cabinet – like the circuitry in the brain just wasn't working. And to me that was incredibly scary, but even in my 20's I knew that I had a lot of heavy metal exposure because of the fact that, I had some hair analysis done and I had high levels of many different metals. But what was scary was not only having them, but at that time, they had no methodology to get them out. And that was even more terrifying.

So I went down this amazing journey of biochemistry because my background's biochemistry in nursing and 40 years in alternative medicine. So because I was already in the field and had science orientation myself, I went investigating what were the core causes of disease, what were the core causes of wellness. So of course then it brought me down to the cellular level of the body and so, anything that was making the cell healthy and enabling it to rejuvenate was the path I wanted to go on and get off the path that I was on, which my parents' generation was totally into – pain and gain mentality.

But the consciousness was that as you age, you just naturally get ill. Well to me as a baby boomer, that was not only not acceptable, I wasn't going down that path and nor was I accepting that concept. So then I started getting to health and there was all these orientations of you had to have pain to gain. Well, I wasn't buying theory either. I was like, “Ok. I want the path that gives me all gain and no pain.” I mean like, “I want the easy, safest, and gentle method.” Because I experienced in my own body, and my poor body, I used it as a field test for so many different things to see if they would work, and of course many of them didn't. And I found some of the methodologies to cleanse the body or detox the body is just incredibly aggressive and not only irritating, but more debilitating than the original state. And to me that was just not right. I mean you know, the body was already going through so much, and all you have to do into more of a warzone. So I just didn't accept those methodologies and I just found them too aggressive and too intrusive and stressful. More stressing and the sympathetic nervous system was on red alert already, why would you antagonize it further?

So as a result of my own journey, that led me to investigating the field of toxicology. And to be honest, it must have been one of those guided moments. Because you know, when I understood that the poison inside the body was just the huge trigger to so many biological and chemical responses that just carries a cascade of alert signals to go on. And that was the problem, it's these alert signals were going on in the body, and normally those alert signals would shut down. But what was occurring when this toxicity was infiltrating into the body through the lungs, skin, food, water, air – just like all roots into the body was absorbing content that was never designed to be inside the human body. And the human body knew it was foreign and knew it was not acceptable, but it had no mechanism in which to deal with it. And that was the scary part. And so the alert signals ended up staying on. So the analogy that I use for that is that sort of like, if you put your car on park and then stand on the accelerator, I mean it just got stuck in that mode, and that's the sympathetic nervous system.

And so then of course, the healing mechanisms of the body are designed around being in a restful state, not a hyperactive state. And so that's where it leads into the toxicity – it ends up causing the body to go into degenerative diseases. So that's where I was going down that same path with arthritis, gout, and rheumatism. As a result of that then, studying into the field of more biochemistry and recognizing that not only with you having to deal with a life accumulation that this content was getting into the body and it wasn't getting out, so it was building up, building up – and so then it was infiltrating into all parts of the body and it was being stored in the fat cells. But what I came to realize in having things like deep tissue massage, that it was actually getting stuck even at the muscular level. It was getting stuck in the arteries that was getting into the brain, and it was affecting just literally every cell. So what we needed was a methodology that would get it out of the body safely, easily, and gently.

0:14:58.3 Ashley James: When you say “it,” you mean heavy metals and toxins?

0:15:02.8 Kellyann Andrews: Yeah. That's right. Like agricultural chemicals, industrial chemicals, all foreign content that just is not biological and designed to be in the body, but especially heavy metals is one of the biggest problems that people are facing now.

0:15:21.2 Ashley James: And they don't know it.

0:15:23.1 Kellyann Andrews: And that's the thing that's the scariest. That there's so many people who are suffering and they don't know why, and they're suffering needlessly and they don't know what to do about it. And that what's so awesome for what you're doing, Ashley. You're bringing this awareness to people, and like you I just live to help people change and the shift that occurs is to shift them out of degenerative diseases into rejuvenation. Because the human body was absolutely designed to rejuvenate. And so that whole thinking of our parents and grandparents, you know, that you just naturally degenerate as you grow older – is not accurate.

We actually ended up taking a chicken cell, put it in a petri dish and kept it alive for 30 years. I don't know what the length of life of a normal heart cell of a chicken is, but it's not 30 years. And the only reason it stopped after 30 years was because they forgot to clean the petri dish that day. So long as they fuel that cell with nutrients, each day it just kept going and going and going. And we have all of these areas around the world that have proven to us, up in the Alps, Peru, all of these areas where people live sort of the Alpine lives- where they have the clean water, air, beautiful minerals from the river being put onto the vegetables, fed to the animals, and they just lived the life of Heidi kind of thing. I mean these people are living to amazing ages. Some of them have been reporting women having children at 80 and 90 years old.

0:17:19.8 Ashley James: I have actually heard of that. One of the naturopaths I work with is the oldest practicing naturopath and he helped a woman get healthy and he warned her. She was in her 70's and he warned her, because she said, “My feminine cycle came back.” And she was laughing thinking this is like a fluke. And he said, “You need to have birth control now with your husband.” And she just laughed at him like, “You're crazy. I'm in my 70's.” Sure enough she got pregnant. She did not believe him, she got pregnant and carried a healthy baby to term. And I love this, pulling people out of the matrix. These are ah-hah moments that we can have. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself and genetically, we should all be living to 120 or more. We have the genetic ability, but it is our over toxic world that is stifling our cells.

I had this really great doctor on. I think he's 84 years old and he was sent home to die in his late 30's. He was three days away from death, his liver had shut down, and the MDs had nothing else for him. And he went home, and because he has a background in biochemistry he said, “I just started to think how does the liver detox? How does it work? What fuel does it need? What do I need to do to get this going?” And here he is in his 80's, his whole message is very simple – if you want longevity, it's – a cell is like a house, take the garbage out, bring the groceries in. If you don't the garbage out, that piles up, and the house doesn't work properly, right? If you don't bring the groceries in, or if something is stopping the groceries from coming in and the garbage from going out, then the house just stops functioning – the cells stops functioning. And so his whole thing was, take the garbage out, meaning – the heavy metals, pollutants, toxins, agricultural chemicals, and all the stuff you mentioned. So we need to figure out how.

A lot of people might think, “Yeah. But we've been here for how many thousands of years. Why do we have to do something out of the ordinary to remove toxins?”

0:19:37.7 Kellyann Andrews: Here is the answer to your question, just in a really simple analogy that people can grasp and understand. If you use the analogy of two aquariums, and this one just came to me one day, one of those inspirational moments. So you got the first aquarium and it's full with mucky, slimey, yucky, green algae water, and everybody sort of seen an aquarium or a sewer, a pond or something like that. And so in that aquarium of course the poor little fish isn't doing so good. Now you take that little fish out of there and you put them in a pristine clean one, he goes from barely surviving to completely thriving. So that's almost like a no brainer, but why is that occurring – is the key. So what occurs in the slimey, mucky, yucky aquarium and what occurs in the clean aquarium is that they are two different environments. So the environment of the dirty aquarium is full of industrial chemicals, agricultural chemicals, heavy metals – and that environment cause low oxygen, high acidity, low alkalinity, and low minerals. But now you out the little fish in that beautiful, pristine, clean environment – and now you have high oxygen, slight alkalinity, low acidity, high minerals, and no pollution.

0:21:14.4 Ashley James: And good healthy bacteria.

0:21:17.1 Kellyann Andrews: Exactly. The whole environment is just completely supportive.

0:21:22.0 Ashley James: Right. The fish analogy – is our human body thrives. It thrives when we give it the internal and external environment for the best success. But coming back to people thinking – I think if we are 30 years old or older, we start to think, “Can I just do what my parents did or my grandparents did? My grandparents were healthy. They didn't need to do anything extracurricular to extract heavy metals.” So I think some people think that they say, “I'm healthy.” And then they start listing their symptoms like, “I have occasional migraines, but I'm healthy.” Or, “I need to drink three coffees a day to function, but I'm healthy.” You know what I mean? Or, “I'm only on two medications, but I'm healthy.” So people have these things, “Oh it's just genetic. My doctor told me it's just genetic.” Or, “My doctor told me, it's just because I'm getting older.” They're not healthy, but they've accepted that this is as good as it gets, and then they look to their grandparents and go, “Well, shouldn't we just keep doing what everyone else is doing or what everyone else has done?

And what you're saying is that now is different, the last 30 years are much different from any other time in human history.

0:22:45.7 Kellyann Andrews: My hope for this call is to give people hope, but I do have to say one negative thing, it's that unfortunately, the planet has gotten a hundred times more toxic in just 30 years. And so we are experiencing and environment on the planet that human history has never experienced ever. And it's an accumulation of all of the toxicity that has been caused by industry, and just the accumulation factor of all the different things that we have created artificially in this world, and we're not getting rid of them. And so, the world has gotten to such a degree of toxicity that the human body is just completely absorbing it. So it's not just what you've accumulated in your entire life that hasn't come out, but it's also what you're daily absorbing. And that is what's making the difference because our parents and our grandparents, and even me when I grew up in the 50's, I was not exposed to the level of toxicity that children now are.

0:23:58.3 Ashley James: Just the vaccines as an example. If you're 35 years of age or older and you've done all the vaccines that your doctor tells you to do. You have had less vaccines in your life than a six month old baby. A six month old baby right now, born in 2018 – has had more vaccines than you had in your entire adult life. And vaccines contain heavy metals, and that's just one of many sources of heavy metals.

0:24:29.0 Kellyann Andrews: Yes.

0:24:30.1 Ashley James: I learn something already from you. I dyed my hair for 15 years. Every three months, religiously went to the hairdresser and had my hair dyed, had my roots done, everything for 15 years. I have been suffering heavy metal toxicity for the last few years and I've been wondering why. My naturopath would say to me, “Did you live near a farm? Did you live near factories? Do you work in a factory? Did you work in the automotive industry?” She was asking me the obvious questions and I kept going, “No, I lived in a major city. Maybe I drank the city water.” You know I had bad habits as a teenager – smoking cigarettes, drinking some alcohol, that kind of stuff, but I didn't do anything crazy. But now you're mentioning dental things, like having cavities filled, and just having your hair dyed can be enough to introduce heavy metals, and of course I had all the vaccines that I thought was good for me – which contain either mercury or aluminum.

What other ways could someone be exposed to heavy metals in their lifestyle?

0:25:45.7 Kellyann Andrews: Let's take one metal as an example. Mercury is sort of very well known, but the one that isn't as well known is copper. Now, especially for your audience, we know that a huge majority of the audience is gonna be female, so we will give this illustration for them.

So what happens is that classically in the old houses there was copper piping. We were taught early in life that copper pans were a good thing to cook in. And then women who are on the birth control are being given copper, if they have an IUD they're getting copper, and if they have mercury amalgam fillings – there is also copper in there. And then many pharmaceutical drugs will have copper in them, but even your classic supplements will be a source of copper and multiple sources of copper. And even very wholesome foods, you can have a lot of copper. So what is happening is that you have a domino effect occurring, and these multiple sources are accumulating. So it's not just coming from one source, your body can deal with it. But when it becomes multiple sources on top of multiple sources, that's when the accumulation factor starts to occur. And so there's a huge correlation with migraine headaches and copper.

0:27:27.4 Ashley James: Fascinating. You know, when my mom had cancer and she was still alive in 2002, she sent me to see a naturopath and a medical doctor. There's only a handful of them out there because to go through medical school twice is kind of intense. And he had a clinic downtown Toronto and I remember I did a bunch of blood tests, it was sort of like functional medicine, but they didn't have a name for it. And he did a hair analysis and he told me I had copper toxicity. This is back in 2002. He wanted me to do chelation therapy. Soon after that, my mom was hospitalized then passed away, so my world kind of turned upside down. And I looked into chelation a bit, and kind of my intuition said, “Run away.” But I felt like I should do something, but I didn't know what to do  And it wasn't until years later that I realized that a lot of my symptoms were heavy metal toxicity. Everytime I want to lose weight, about 25 pounds into any diet, I would get huge symptoms. I would just almost not be able to function until I stopped the diet. I blamed myself for years. I beat myself up thinking. I'm trying to self-sabotage. Is there something wrong with me? I did over 30 diets – I went to diet clinics, worked with diet doctors, everything. And then finally through working with naturopaths I figured it out that it was heavy metals are stored in the fat tissue. And then when I want to lose weight, they would just accumulate in my blood. My liver were over toxified. My liver and kidneys just couldn't get it out and so I would just become overly toxic that everything would start to shut down and my liver become damaged. It was really scary, but what was exciting was that I figured it out, finally in the last few years. I figured out it was heavy metals and so I started seeking ways to do this naturally.

Naturopaths keep telling me I should do chelation therapy, but really, my gut says don't do it. I'd love to know your thoughts on this.

0:29:44.7 Kellyann Andrews: A lot of naturopaths and holistic people do shy away from chelation, and I think there's multiple reasons. One of them is it depletes the body of absolutely everything and then they play more or less a guessing game on what to put back in. And if they don't do it right, you know, if you don't have enough calcium or magnesium or whatever, you can have a heart attack. So it is a little bit of a dice game going that way. And also the other thing is there's a lot of people react to the agents and just the whole methodology, and it is sort of an intrusive kind of method.

The interesting thing while you're speaking, what came to mind was one of our clients. She had a fatty liver and her liver enzymes were off the charts, her blood sugars were so bad that they wanted to put her on insulin. So they wanted to put her on multiple different pharmaceutical remedies. And she just didn't want to go down that path, she ended up being referred to us. But as a result of what we saw in her progress was, she went back after six months of working with us and she had her liver retested. At this point she no longer had a fatty liver, her liver enzymes have normalized, her blood sugars have normalized, and the gift on top of everything was that she had lost 60 pounds of weight. As you mentioned, the fat cells are one of the cells in the body as well as muscle, but the fat cells store the toxicity. So because she was able to now liberate the toxicity out of her body, the storage closets were no longer needed, and she released that content.

0:31:54.6 Ashley James: That's really exciting. I'm so excited about that. That's why I bought a sunlight and sauna because I wanted a way of detoxifying heavy metals. But I know that you should be doing multiple things. I'm going based on Dr. Klinghardt who I know is one of you advocates and one of your customers.

0:32:19.8 Kellyann Andrews: Yes.

0:32:21.4 Ashley James: Dr. Klinghardt – I've had him on the show. He's world renowned. He's been practicing for over 40 years and he helps people detoxify heavy metals all the time especially children with compromised immune systems, autoimmune conditions, autism, cancer. He helps these patients – children and adults. His main thing is he helps them to detoxify heavy metals and nutrify the body and make some lifestyle changes and they get better. Like people on death's door, really complicated issues get better. And one of his clinics is just down the street from me, so I went and I visited. I got to speak to him one on one. They're protocol is using the sunlight and sauna and they're using our very specific array that you put your feet in. And they told me all about it and they give me the link to look at your website and everything. And it's so funny, because you called me maybe two months after that, and I thought we discovered on the phone together was we had that connection. That array – you're the distributor for it for all of North America. Is that correct?

0:33:46.7 Kellyann Andrews: Yeah. The company is actually. It's a detox foot spa and Dr. Klinghardt has called it “the survival tool of the century.”

0:33:59.8 Ashley James: He mentioned it in the interview, but I didn't know that it was you. I didn't know you at that time. Because I interviewed him maybe 6 months ago, he said when you do the treatment – your feet in it, three days later, the kidneys release a certain percentage of aluminum that was just outstanding. Can you talk a little bit about that?

0:34:29.3 Kellyann Andrews: Because of my science background I have to tell you, I started on the side of the skeptics, and so, I wanted the validation. So first of all, we did the clinical evaluations of having people have sessions what they work physically, how their bodies were physically responding. So we had 30 people go through and tell us what their experience was and all 30 people had different experiences. It just fascinated me being a field biologist by nature. When I was six years old, I was raising tadpoles to watch and change to frogs and wondering what caused man's metamorphosis. You know, I always jokingly say I was born a biologist, and my biggest field study is my own body. But watching other people and seeing what they're doing and what's working, so I went down this major journey of discovery of what will work.

When we field tested 30 people and they all had different experiences, I was sort of scratching my head, what was happening? So then, we went to test it medically. So this is a detox foot spa but it's the original one. What happens is that when you put your feet into the water and warm saltwater, saline solution, you literally open up the sweat glands. So it's a sweating process. The eccrine sweat glands are in your hands and in your feet, it's a door of exit for the lymphatic system. One of the key things as to why people are getting sicker and sicker, is that their detox systems in their body – the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, gallbladder. All of those organs and systems are getting clogged up. Even a cardiologist who uses our system in his clinic because he realized that if people have problems with their circulatory system or their heart, it's because they're literally clogging up with internal pollution.

So what is happening is the exit routes out of the body are literally logjammin, beaver damming – so the lymphatic system is one of the key factors of the whole way the body is designed to detox. So if you think lymphatic system of being a lava tube system in a mountain, so you got this core content laval at the center of the mountain and you need to release it to the surface. So the lava tubes of the body are like the lymphatic system and that's how the body detoxifies itself. So our technology actually ties into this mechanism that is already designed by the body. But unfortunately, what is occurring is that it's clogging up with massive molecules. So in our system, the reason that it's different is because we have multiple technologies, so it's not just metal component sitting in the basin. It's got multiple interventive technologies designed behind it to assist the body to open up these drainage roots. And once the drainage roots open, then the content can be released and that what makes this system from any other methodology, but it's that exiting of it.

So in the lab reports, what we did was the first thing from having a science background was to validate the process by running the equipment with no feet in the water as opposed to four different patients. And so the patients had been selected  purposely. They were different ages, lifestyles, body issues, symptoms, different levels of toxicity past and current. So we tried to get as many of those differentiations as possible in the sample. And so we ran the equipment using the same water, salt, same equipment, but ran five sessions. And in the first session it was only the equipment, but the other four sessions were with the patients. And so for example, when we then sent the water in to be profiled because it's not the color of the water contrary to what you hear, the color of the water is irrelevant really, it's the content. What's on the basin at the end of the session.

We had the medical lab analyze the water possession. In the control, no feet in the foot spa, lead for example is 1.7 because we used tap water and sea salt. But in the fourth client, she had 30 units of lead on her basin floor at the end of one session, because get this, she was a commercial artist who did stained glass and acrylic paints.

0:39:56.0 Ashley James: Wow. What kind of symptoms was she experiencing?

0:39:59.2 Kellyann Andrews: That was a very interesting case. I went to the library to return my book and as I was giving it back to the desk, this woman collapsed behind me at the librarian's desk which was opposite of the frontdesk. So we went over and picked her up and she goes, “This always happens to me when I get around too much electricity.” So we picked her up off the floor and as we come up over the level of the desk and behind the librarian was the bank of computers that everybody goes online. So she just to where the most heavy amount of electromagnetic energy was in the building., and it collapsed her. So we walked her out of the building and you know what was so amazing? As soon as she got out of the building, boom, her legs worked again. So we walked her to the car and I'm thinking what's throwing her breaker switch? So I asked her, “Have you ever been analyzed for heavy metals?” And that she was full of lead, she's had astronomical levels of lead and she knew it, but she didn't know how to get it out. So she was like me when I was in my 20's and didn't know how to safely and gently get it out of her body.

0:41:15.7 Ashley James: Wow. So the four people did four session?

0:41:23.6 Kellyann Andrews: They all did a series of sessions and each of them had completely different results, because they came to us with different kinds of conditions. It was so amazing, somebody who had such acute sinus infections all of their life that they had no sense of smell went home after a series of sessions, and now could smell. He actually had to close the windows, because for the first time he smelled the car exhaust and then he could smell his lawn and he went into his house and they had recently painted, now he could smell the paint. And that night he went out and he went paddling which is like in a canoe, and he could smell the ocean for the first time in his life.

0:42:13.9 Ashley James: Oh my gosh. That is so cool. I've heard that some deficiencies, like zinc deficiency and also certain heavy metals can shut down the nerves, can prevent the ability to smell.

0:42:28.7 Kellyann Andrews: As you know, mercury is the worst thing in the world, and you know where they put it? They put it in the mouth right next to the brain – all of the nervous system, all of the tissue.

0:42:45.2 Ashley James: Who thought that was safe? Who in their right mind, we need to fill these cavities, let's use the most toxic substance known to humans.

0:42:56.5 Kellyann Andrews: I know. Let's not even go there. We wanna keep on the side of home here.

0:43:02.8 Ashley James: Ok, ok.

0:43:03.1 Kellyann Andrews: It is is so amazing though to be doing what you're doing. To be doing what I'm doing and completely turning this people's lives around. It's like giving them back their life again. Because you know when you're in a debilitated state, one of the things that I really want to insight everybody with is that when you're in that very low – I call it when the tide is out, when you're in that state, you're in a very low vibratory state and I mean the world is just completely overwhelming and you can't deal with anything because you have zero energy, if not minus 10, but also your emotional and mental being just completely collapses behind your physical. And when you're in that state it's so easy to be completely absorbed in the you symptoms and how awful you'll feel. But one of the things that I would highly recommend for people to do whatever path of wellness that they're on is to take a photograph of themselves when they were experiencing good health. And if you had never experienced good health, then take a photograph off of a health magazine of someone who just looks to you like the world's most vibrant alive person you've ever see – the vitality is just exuding from their pores. And put that on your refrigerator and stand in front of it everyday and say to your body, because the body is like a computer, it just takes the input in, it doesn't know whether it's reality or imagined, and stand in front of that photograph of you at your healthiest or of someone who is absolutely just a perfect example of health to you. And say to your body, “Body today, this is what are creating.” And make it now experience, not tomorrow or some time in the future, because then you're just putting that to a later date, but to own it in the moment.

0:45:10.1 Ashley James: Body, this is what we are creating…

0:45:13.8 Kellyann Andrews: Today.

0:45:15.2 Ashley James: What we are creating today. Love it. That's great because it has you focus on what you want to create instead of lament about all the things you don't wanna have.

0:45:24.6 Kellyann Andrews: Yeah, exactly. See my point of this illustration is that when you're in a debilitated stage, you're watching the illness movie and you're creating the illness movie. What you wanna do is switch the channel. Now start watching the wellness movie and doing the wellness habits – I call them healing habits. Just daily healing habits.

0:45:50.3 Ashley James: I want to get into these healing habits. We're gonna definitely do that so that in this episode people can walk away today and have actual steps to improve their health. But first, I'm super curious about learning more about this foot array that you have. Tell me about the other two, because you sort of open this loop and I wanna close it. Tell me about the other two people. So you had that one person you met at the library who was basically fainting and falling over when she was near too much electromagnetic radiation, and she was the artist?

0:46:26.8 Kellyann Andrews: Yeah. She was an artist who did stained glass and acrylic paints. So that's where she was getting the lead.

0:46:34.6 Ashley James: Right. And so after she did a series of working with your sessions, was she able to be around computers, does she still faint, or is she able to be around electromagnetic radiation?

0:46:51.7 Kellyann Andrews: The reason that she was so hypersensitive to EMF was because she was a walking antenna. So you know, any of us have a sensitivity to it because it's not a natural frequency. It's not the body's own frequency, not the earth's frequency, not nature's frequency, it's man made. And so it doesn't resonate with the cells and cells don't like it, they get irritated by it. And so now when she put more heavy metals in her body by her industry, not only just being in life are you getting it, but now several people in their industry are getting it, so as a result of her industry she was even more a walking antenna. So as those amounts came down then her sensitivity also came down, there was a direct correlation. Even when she came in for her first session, she came in and she was like, I jokingly say 100%, 110% on her cane, like she was just having to use a cane. I literally had to shutdown all the equipment in my office just to have a go through and come to have a session with the Platinum Energy detox system.

What happened was, she had the session, and it was just so amazing. I had to run out to. the car after her because she had forgotten her cane.

0:48:33.2 Ashley James: I love it. very cool. But now, to this day, because she's detoxified to heavy metals so she's less of an antenna, is she able to be around computers and things like that without getting weak in the legs?

0:48:50.6 Kellyann Andrews: Yeah and we've had many people who were literally housebound, they couldn't go out in the society because either they were so chemically sensitive or they were so [Inaudible 0:49:01.7] sensitive. We had one woman who couldn't go to her children's basketball games because she was so chemically sensitive. She couldn't stand what people were wearing as personal care products, nor what they have when they were cleaning the gym. And through using our system, she was able to go to the children's basketball games and in the latter stages she actually even had a house renovation which is just so amazing.

0:49:27.9 Ashley James: That's awesome. Because those who are chemically sensitive just could not possibly go through a renovation with all the new off-gassing.

0:49:35.3 Kellyann Andrews: Exactly. And so what happens is that when the body is burdened – and that's what they call toxicity, body burden. When the body burden goes up, so do the volume of symptoms in the body. So the more severe the symptoms, the more that is a window into understanding that you've got a large load of toxicity. So, we wrote an article about this and showing the correlation between the severity of symptoms and the severity of toxicity. But then we also correlated it to the four stages of degenerative diseases, showing how that when the body's burden got to a certain point, which the term “tipping point” has become well known – now, when it got to the point where it can no longer tolerate it, then that's when the severity of symptoms went into a major degenerative disease.

Now, when we started this company back in 2004, we would have people phone us who were in their 60's, 70's, or 80's and onwards that had the degenerative diseases – this is 2004. I have to tell you, nowadays we have people phoning us who are 20, 30, and 40 with those degenerative diseases. I had a woman come to us who at the age of three had rheumatoid arthritis. How does a three year old have a senior citizen's disease? Her mother lived three blocks from the pulp mill when she was carrying her, when she was pregnant. So it's the absorption of this toxicity.

Nowadays I hear about teenagers having heart attacks and so it's the accumulation factor that is causing the tipping point and then they're going into these degenerative diseases. And when the toxicity reaches a certain level in the body, what occurs is the autoimmune diseases. So the autoimmune diseases is when heavy metals get into the body and attaches onto the proteins, and so the body knows there's a foreign particle. There's an intruder in the system and it shouldn't be there. So the body goes and missiles seek out where the introducer is, but because it's now attached to healthy tissue in the body, it starts to attack the body's healthy tissue, and that's the beginning of an autoimmune disease.

As you know from all of your exposure through all the people that you spoken to who are experts in the field of wellness and integrative medicine, what is occurring is that the amount of people that our experiencing this kind of effect nowadays is just so astronomical because of the exposure that we're all experiencing. Like Flint in the United States, it was just a horror example of what can go wrong when lead toxicity gets into the water system of a city. But what's so brilliant to emphasize here is that all somebody has to be aware is where they're getting their exposure from and the number one thing that they just have to do is tune in to how they're feeling. If they're dragging anchor and they're feeling absolutely awful, their energy level is their first cue. How is you energy level today? Did you wake up at 5 AM and you wanted to get up? Most people do not affirm that answer. They do not say yes. They hit the snooze button as many times as possible.

So anyways, your body is your mirror and it's your best friend and it's sending alert signals to you on whether it's happy or not. And the key thing is you got to listen to those alert signals, but your body sends amazing signals to you to let you know when you're in a toxic environment. The classic examples are; sneezing, wheezing, colds, flu'ish kind of symptoms, when you're expressing a lot of mucus and you've got runny eyes and a runny nose, your body is literally in an export mode. It's trying to release the toxicity that it's just absorbed. And if you get an extreme headache all of a sudden, or your respiratory system goes into distress where you're not breathing very well, your body is cueing you, get out of that environment, it's very very toxic.

We just have to listen to those signals and heed the body's messages.

0:55:03.1 Ashley James: Exactly. Listen to the symptoms of the body. That's the language of your health, the language your body's trying to tell you. And also, don't just dismiss symptoms because you've always had them, or your doctor said they're genetic, or you think that's just normal. Like, “Oh well, isn't everyone tired in the morning?” Or, “Doesn't everyone have constipation?” Or whatever it is, these little things are huge signs – signs of something deeper going on that we sometimes just negate because we think that's just how it's supposed to be.

0:55:38.3 Kellyann Andrews: Exactly. The only reason that whole genetic component comes up is that what occurs is where the weakest link is in your body is where the symptoms will show up first. But I guarantee you, if the bottom right corner of the aquarium as an analogy of the human body – if the bottom right corner of the aquarium, like the colon is having distress signals, I can guarantee you, it's in every part of the aquarium. It's in every cell of the aquarium. It's just that it's gonna show up in the genetic weakest link first.

0:56:17.6 Ashley James: Exactly. Like if your whole family has asthma and your family is EFA deficient, it's not that it's genetic – it's that, that's the weakest link and you fill your nutrient tanks and help get rid of the toxins and all the symptoms go away, it doesn't mean that you're supposed to have arthritis because your grandmother or you're supposed to have diabetes because your mom did or you're supposed to have asthma because everyone in your family does. It just means that that's where the symptoms show up to let you know. So one person might get migraines, the other person might have weak legs and fall over, but they both have heavy metal toxicity.

0:57:02.6 Kellyann Andrews: And here's the correlation that you love is that, remember we talked about the mucky aquarium opposed to the clean one, well the commonality of all sickness is acidity. The more acidic the body becomes, the more severe the symptom is. And so we know that cancer exist only in a very acid environment, but that same environment is causing ulcers, arthritis, rheumatism, gout. So that hyperacidity within the body is what is undermining it. One of the things that we found with the PES – Platinum Energy Systems detox foot spa, is that we have found it is the fastest way to balance out the pH, because the body's own innate understanding of where the balance should be and experiencing what it is, it works as we know from the word homeostasis – meaning to balance out. It tries to balance out, adapt to, realising that, but when the logjam, beaver dam – the drainage systems of the body are not occuring, the lymphatic system is log jammed, the circulatory system isn't moving. Then of course the immune system can't get to any part of the body to fix and repair and heal. And with that hyperacidity, then you become an absolute, perfect habitat for viruses, bacteria, fungus, and autoimmune diseases and cancer.

The number one thing that everybody needs to do is to get their pH to the correct place. Your blood needs to be at 7.35 to .45, or else you're in a coma. So of course the body will sacrifice all functionality to keep you conscious because the number one thing it knows is that you have to stay in a conscious state to operate. The number one thing that we see with people when they release the heavy metals especially is that, it starts to balance out the pH in the body. Because the heavy metals are causing hyperacidity.

0:59:44.2 Ashley James: And in order for the body to maintain homeostasis in terms of acidity, it uses calcium and other minerals. So if we're in an acidic state because of heavy metals and toxins and maybe lack of some nutrition, our body will tell the bones to release their minerals. So now we're stealing from our mineral banks basically to bring these minerals like calcium and magnesium that our body uses as part of the buffer system to bring down the acidity. I mean you can take a tooth, if you have a kid that has a tooth that's fallen out. Take that tooth and put it in a can of Coke, the next day it will be rubbery, you can practically tie a knot. It's gonna be a rubber band, it's not going to be a tooth anymore. And that's only a few hours and some acid that people drink on a regular basis and thinking that's normal – drinking Coke or Diet Coke is enough to chew away at the minerals in that tooth. But what happens in our body, our body uses up minerals to try to bring down the acidity and bring it to that healthy level that you mentioned. A very strict level in order to stay conscious, and if we're in that state too long, like you said – degenerative disease; arthritis, osteopenia, osteoporosis, because the body was spending all that time taking out of the mineral banks of our bones just to stay conscious, to keep the acidity balanced.

1:01:29.9 Kellyann Andrews: Exactly. Did you know that the pH of Coca Cola is 2, and the blood is 7.34 to 7.45? So that's how extreme it is.

1:01:43.7 Ashley James: Right, and people drink it, you know for fun.

1:01:47.6 Kellyann Andrews: And then they wonder why they feel the way they do, and that is a classic example of dragging anchor and having no energy, no stamina, and foggy brain, and just not feeling good.

1:02:04.5 Ashley James: It sounds like so many symptoms could be as a result of heavy metal toxicity. How would someone know that they have heavy metal toxicity? Or should this just be a good thing, we should all preventively do things to eliminate it because everyone is exposed to certain amount of them, or should everyone go get tested, or should everyone just listen to the symptoms of their body and then wait until they have some symptoms before they take action to detoxify heavy metals?

1:02:39.1 Kellyann Andrews: Well absolutely I can guarantee you that everybody on the planet now has heavy metal toxicity. Recently with all the fires that you've had over there and up the West Coast and even on Vancouver Island here to the north, we had the smoke and I heard of it going all the way to Norway. But anyways, when I was working with some clients here, I noticed that their eyes were gray. The whites of their eyes were no longer white, they were gray, and that is a classic symptom of heavy metal toxicity. So when we worked with detoxifying their bodies, their eyes went white.

1:03:21.5 Ashley James: Wow. I had an interesting experience last year. So I'm near Seattle, and last year I was ignorant about how bad it was to breathe in the smoke. I just thought you know, I've been around campfires, it's not a big deal. And so we had our windows open, we played outside during the big fires that were going on last year in Oregon, in California, and in BC. And so we were getting inundated, I mean you couldn't see across the street, it was just so thick. We breathe it in and I noticed my lungs hurt, I had a sore throat, and then a month later I developed pneumonia, and my husband developed pneumonia, and my son had months of respiratory irritation. And talking to Dr. Klinghardt, he said, “Of course you did have pneumonia.” And I talk other naturopaths that all had a huge increase in lung issues. Dr. Klinghardt said, “Of course you did. You were doing damage to your lungs by breathing that in.” I believe he said this, either he said it on-air or off air but we had a discussion about this and he said, the pine trees for example – spend 50 to 100 years breathing in all the pollution and storing the pollution in the tree. The tree is like a big sponge to help bring in and filter the air and you're burning all of them and breathing in the ash. The ash is not just benign, it's filled with concentrated pollution and heavy metals.

1:04:58.0 Kellyann Andrews: Right.

1:04:59.9 Ashley James: And so this year I saved up money and bought an Austin Air Filter. I had it in our bedroom when the fires happen which they were very bad this year. We stayed indoors, we had kept the air filter with us and we just hang out with the air filter and we feel amazing. It was night and day difference. I even got better sleep, we started to get better sleep. My son used to bring home all kinds of colds, and we always catch them. I noticed that after doing this, we stopped catching all the cold. He stopped catching colds. I'm doing everything I learned from all the guest, so I can't say it's just having an air filter, but being conscious of not throwing gasoline on the fire.

1:05:45.6 Kellyann Andrews: Exactly. The input and output, as a nurse I was trained to monitor input and output. So if you guard against your over exposure to toxicity and then do the lifestyle that helps your body to release the toxicity that is absorbing that you can't help because you're just in the world, then that's the perfect remedy. Minimize the danger and maximize the output.

1:06:20.0 Ashley James: Right. Exactly. Tell me about the other two people. So you talked with the artist, and you talked about the man who couldn't smell. And then afterwards could, after doing the sessions. Tell me about the other two people in your study.

1:06:36.7 Kellyan Andrews: One of the women was really interesting. Her sister brought her to us because she was 88 years old and had extreme arthritis and was in a very debilitated pain state and completely was liberated from that, and she said, “I've got to bring my sister who is in a nursing home and one of the nightmare stories.” Anyway, so this woman came and when she showed up, she didn't know where she was, and I don't think she even knew who she was. In the process of her having a session, she released into the basin what looked like an inch of tube goop. I mean literally it looked like when you make chicken soup and you stick it in the fridge overnight, and that layer of fat that's on the surface – that's what her water looked like after one session. And in the process of her releasing that, I mean that is a classic example of a clogged lymph system.

This woman, she had been a nurse in the war time and did all the x-rays, but she didn't have an apron at that time. And so that exposure was one part of her story, but even as a child as young as three years old, she said that she would turn beet red and never sweat. So probably most of her entire life, she did not have the capability of sweating. So that indicates a clogged lymp system. So now in the process of sessions, this completely released and her mental cognitivity came back. She spoke many different languages, she was well-traveled, well-read, and all of that articulation came back.

1:08:30.8 Ashley James: Oh, that is so exciting.

1:08:34.3 Kellyann Andrews: Well it was such an amazing journey of us doing the original investigation, because I had the concept of toxicology. I have that slight understanding in my own body if you get these pollutants in, the body is gonna react. But I have to tell you, the journey of discovery was astounding, to see when people release this internal pollution and got it out, so our slogan was better on the outside. So when they got it out of the body, it was just so extraordinary to see how they are completely liberated by their symptoms. And now I began to understand that when you're truly symptom-free, is when you have a clean aquarium, being the body. And now those fish, which are the cells, are just so happy in that environment. And to have a methodology that enables the body in its innate ability to have a methodology now to open it up, to help it to release, to do it in a gentle, safe fashion and a pleasant method – non-intrusive, non-painful, all gain no pain. I'll tell you I just dance for joy everyday when people phone me up and tell me their experiences of their transformations.

1:10:02.2 Ashley James: So you had the water tested, the weird sludge that came out of her? What was in it?

1:10:08.6 Kellyann Andrews: Yes. She also had a lot of heavy metals, but when it occured in her specific situation, I mean she's in a nursing home, so you can well imagine what she's fed, but also she's been in a lot of pharmaceuticals at the time. They even had her on warfarin which is the blood coagulant drug. That drug is supposed to be monitored for appropriateness, because if the blood gets too thin, then they can actually start to bleed, and if it's too think then it's like a heart attack. And they weren't even monitoring her. So she was a complicated kind of case where she had lots of interference going on. In a body that just wasn't releasing the fat content was just like the lard and the trans fats and everything that she had in her life and she was not a slim toothpick of a body type, she was the opposite. And so she was carrying a lot of excess weight, so she had a lot of toxicity. But when you look at her eyes, her eyes were just like cesspools and even her sister had said that.

What was interesting in her state of dementia, and you often see this with people who are going into that stage, is that when the liver isn't happy – different organs will portray different emotions. And so for example the liver, when people are clogged up in their liver, they get very cranky and ornery and belligerent and her sister admitted that her nature had gone that way. But as she detoxed the sister who's the 88 year old told me that, that part of her was no longer there. It completely left and evaporated.

1:12:10.7 Ashley James: That's so beautiful.

1:12:12.5 Kellyann Andrews: As the liver got happier and happier, and of course the Chinese have a saying, that you are as happy as your liver. So I tell everybody make your liver really happy.

1:12:25.1 Ashley James: That's beautiful. And tell me about the last person that you guys tested the water with.

1:12:32.2 Kellyann Andrews: That person was experiencing a lot of neuropathy, which is the numbness occurs in the feet so that they can't feel their feet. We've had many different people with this issue. At first it's sort of a continuous tingling sensation and when the nerves have been driven crazy to that point, then they start numbing out and then people can't even feel their feet. So we had one young man who was a forklift operator and I though they use the controls with their hands, but in fact they use their feet. He couldn't work anymore because he couldn't feel his feet. So through a series of sessions he was able to now go back to work because he got the entire feeling back in his feet, except for one part – the ball of his left foot. So we're just continuing doing sessions on him to liberate it. But what happens is that gravity takes everything down to the feet, and so what happens is these heavy metals get in the body and they go down to the feet and they get stuck there and they can't come back up. And so then the nerves are driven crazy, now you've realized that heavy metals are releasing  acidity into the body. Just imagine if you got acid on your skin, how that would feel, and now here's this poor little nerve cell and you pour acid on it, and it just completely berserks out and has no defense mechanism that can counteract that. So then it just starts to drive the nerves crazy.

1:14:24.0 Ashley James: So many people are in pain medication because they don't know what to do. it drives me crazy when people have restless leg syndrome, and they don't have a medication for that. It drives me crazy because I know that's over toxicity and mineral deficiency.

1:14:39.8 Kellyann Andrews: Exactly. A lot of times it's the arterial system clogging up with this pollution and of course the irritation, that restlessness feeling is because the body knows it's not being able to circulate the blood the way it was designed to do and the hindrance is causing the irritation.

1:15:08.7 Ashley James: So when you did these tests with these people, what were you looking to accomplish? I know it's expensive to have that water tested, so you couldn't like take a thousand people. Sometimes people say, “That's just four people. It's just not enough.” What were you looking to accomplish by choosing four people to so these tests with?

1:15:33.5 Kellyann Andrews: It's just the scientific side of me wanting to validate the process because if it was only the equipment causing the effect, then all five samples – the control, their feet in the water, plus the four patients would have had identical chemistry in the water. But in each instance comparing the control, no feet in the foot spa to the four different patients, the content difference showed up in every single case, the profile of the water was entirely different for each sample.

1:16:12.4 Ashley James: And did you see it over time that the water became less and less toxic as they kept using it?

1:16:20.0 Kellyann Andrews: Well, mostly. But now we've got that bad part of the story in here, is that as the intensity of pollution increases in the world and people's exposure to it, they talk about the polar bears now, but what is occurring is it depends upon how much toxicity the person has accumulated but also what their daily environment is. And we're finding that indoor pollution can be equally as toxic to outdoor pollution, that's why it is just so important, I mean you only get one body in this lifetime. It just so amazes me how much people spend on their car in terms of maintenance, and they're not maintaining their body. So we've got to do everything you can to assist the body to release this content. And as I say it's foreign to the body. So it can't neutralize it, it can't alter it, it can't change the chemistry, it can't any of those things that would do with natural products in the body. And so it's only other choices – the storage closets, but as the storage closets get fuller and fuller and that's why you see especially with allergies, when the liver closet is full, then the body just goes into a hyperreactivity, and that hyperreactivity or the severity of your symptoms is telling you the level of toxicity in your body is beyond your body's capability.

1:17:53.4 Ashley James: I have been really looking forward to this next part, which is you explaining how this thing works. When I heard Dr. Klinghardt rave about it, before I even knew you, and then when we met, I thought, “Man, this is so cool.” The universe aligning to help me bring the information I'm looking for. For myself and also for all the listeners. So how does this thing work. Because I've seen the knockoffs that are on eBay and Amazon, I stay far away because I've looked into it and I see that they're knockoffs. But the problem is, is that the knockoffs out there give your system, the true system, the one that actually works gives it  a bad name because there's a bunch of knockoffs, similar to the sauna industry. There's a really amazing sauna that actually sauna that actually works, and then there's a bunch of toxic knockoffs, but with your system there's a science to it. Dr. Klinghardt said that not only does the toxins come out of the feet during the session, but that the kidneys for three days afterwards release more heavy metals. So it helps to stimulate the body to work better. I'd love for you to get into the history of this. Who designed this? How did they figure it out? How did they figure this technology out? How does it work? And why is your system different from the knockoffs out there?

1:19:33.7 Kellyann Andrews: Let's start with the last question first. So, what is occurring as you've pointed out is when something works in the world, then you have a lot of people make imitation or knock off models. Those systems I jokingly call the wannabes. They have no sophistication and whatsoever. They are just metal rings or rods or plates in the water and the majority of them have copper or zinc. Now when you put copper or zinc with a saline solution or salt solution, it will create a huge coloration in the water. And now these knockoff companies, having sleek marketer, they realized that it was gonna create discoloration in the water, so they create a story around the coloration. And here's the story, that the color of the water is indicating what organ is purging. If anybody tells you that story, just walk away, because that is so bogus.

The body in its brilliance does not purge one organ at a time. Whatever comes out your colon or your bladder, in the feces and in the urine, is a collection of debris that has been collected from all parts of the body. So when you're releasing from those two organs, you are releasing a stream of content that has come from everywhere in the body. So to say that the “green” is the gallbladder purging, is so stick-your-finger-down-your-throat. Not true. When people come and tell me and tell me that story, I'd roll my eyes. But the gift that I had was a science background and a strong understanding of physiology, anatomy, and biochemistry. So I knew that wasn't valid. Of course that immediately caused my hackles to rise. That's why there's such a controversy in the field about detox foot spas because of the reputation that these knockoffs have created.

There's so many bogus things that they're saying as to how they work and what they do and all of that, and so it has misled the public. But ultimately the real true story is when you have a session, how do you feel? Like when you release from your bladder and your colon, your body feels different afterwards because it has actually released some toxic content that it no longer wanted. And so when you have a session in these knockoff foot spas – we had a woman who came to us who is a nurse and she was also a reflexologist, massage therapist, aromatherapist, so she did multiple different kinds of therapies. She was exposed to one of these knockoff foot spas in which they put a tablespoon of salt into the water and then they added more and her feet were going [buzzing sound] and her legs were [buzzing sound]. And so she said to the woman, “Are you sure this is right? Are you sure this is how I'm supposed to be feeling?” “Oh yeah, yeah everybody feels that way.” Just completely dismissed her and so her body was telling her get out of this because this is not right. She allowed someone who was a complete stranger to override her body's intelligence. Now that's really silly.

If we would just listen to our body in the first place, our body is telling us if it's in a not good environment – get out. So the moral of the story is, listen to your body. But behind that, in terms of technology, these knockoff foot spas have no control over the electricity. When they put more salt into the water, they are literally increasing the conductivity of that water, so that it's holding more and more electricity. The human body was not designed to be exposed to high levels of electricity. Hence, we're that sensitive in the first place. So, that is the problem with these knockoff foots spas – they have what I call “junior technology” no ability. There's actually one with a wrist band, and the wristband they call it “completing the circuit.” What that means is that it doesn't have a grounding wire, so where did they put it on, the human? They put it on the wrist.

So I was telling a man that was following up and telling me he was having sessions with one of those systems, I said, “My god. Stop immdiately.” And so then I said, “Would you send your wife up on the roof and hold on to the lightning pole in the middle of an electrical storm?” And this man was a little tongue-in-cheek, he came back to me and he said, “Depends on who my wife is.” [Laughter] So he was very cheeky. Anyways, it just floors me that these systems are on the market with no ability to control electricity.

So to answer your question, ours is the only system, and why you got focused on the word array – ours is the only system, the component that sits in the water that has the array that has the control mechanisms designed right into the array. So when you put your feet in the water and you have a bad practitioner putting in too much salt and causing the water to be too conductive, or you are purging sodium as an excess because you've been eating canned soups especially. Just look on the back label of the can and find out how much salt they put in it. Anyway, so excess anything on the body becomes a toxin. So now you're purging the toxin into the water which is a salt and you're jacking up the level of electricity. Ours is the only system in the world that has the capability of controlling the electricity. Because it monitors, regulates, and controls the electricity right in the water. The only way you can tell what the sodium level is, is if you have the monitor right in the water. Because the unknown variable is what is the client purging. Is the client purging salt?

That is how we differ from any other system in the world – is that the array itself is 100% automated. So there's no dials, no diddle, no fiddle, there's no having to alter anything, there's no dials to watch to make sure. When I originally had a session in someone else's system that was a knockoff, the woman had to change the water four times and I said, “Why do you have to do that?” And she said, “Because the electricity is going up into the danger zone and it could wreck my machine.” Well it was on the fourth session I finally had the wisdom to ask that. And so my feet were instantly out of that water and I left the place, because I realized that that system had no ability to monitor, regulate, and control the electricity.

We also have a hospital power source. Medical power source that's controlling electricity. So it's the same power source that you would have if you're in ICU or the emergency room. That's the precision level of the monitoring. So if there's any weirdness with the electricity like a blackout, lightning strike, a surge or whatever – it will just shut down the system immediately. And our system is 100% automated as I mentioned. And so, that's what makes it so unique, it's because you don't have to do anything but turn an on switch. The technology is designed to do the rest and there's multiple technologies designed in it, so that you're getting therapies.

1:28:07.2 Ashley James: Let's go into that. I wanna go into the multiple therapies, but how does it work? How does it work to stimulate the kidneys to remove more heavy metals and to actually get heavy metals out of the feet during the session?

1:28:22.6 Kellyann Andrews: Now, we have the body's intelligence. So what occurs with ours is what these multiple technologies, is that it's lining up behind the body's intelligence. Because when we were doing our due diligence and seeing all these different recoveries people are having in different parts of the body. I was like, “How come she knows somebody has a sinus problem or someone has a digestive problem, or a gout problem or whatever?” I realized it's the body that's doing it. So we're just helping the body to open up its drainage roots. So literally the whole concept is the log jammed beaver dam.

Going back to the lava tubes, the lymphatic system is the body's designated system for exodus. About what happens is, this debris get stuck in it, now the debris may be heavy metals, it may be other kinds of internal pollution, it may be microbes that are actually growing in those areas. One of the people we worked with had ulcerative colitis, and she lived in a town where there was a nickel mine. What was occurring was that when the body's lymphatic system is working and has what's called nodes – so if you think of a node as a coffee filter, so what was getting stuck in the coffee filter was all the heavy metals. Of course that was creating a hyperacidic condition and there's huge amounts of lymph nodes in your digestive tract, and she was just hyperacidic. That turned out to be a fabulous habitat for H. Pylori which is the bad bacteria that causes ulcers. She had just created a perfect environment for this microbe to take over. She went to a naturopath and was diagnosed with heavy metal toxicity and this naturopath happened to have our system. So she did the lab results of seeing what her levels were and then she started her sessions and she could see how the lab results were decreasing as she had more sessions. And in the end her ulcerative colitis completely disappeared and she never had a problem with it again because she got rid of the heavy metals that was the core of the condition behind the illness. And that's what you see in all these different illnesses. It's that there is some kind of toxicity that's driving that part of the body into a disease and illness state.

So what this technology does is it opens up the drainage roots. Like when you had Ann Louise Gittleman on, she really pinpointed in your podcast how it's the gallbladder – liver is such a huge component. When those get clogged up, then it's like it debilitates the entire body, but it's the drainage systems of the body clogging up – that is the core of the illness, but behind the illness is why are they clogging up. So this technology helps to open up the lymphatic system, and the lymph system is the one part of the body that goes to every cell of the body. So it doesn't matter whether it's your toe or your brain. So when people have neuropathy or gout in the feet, it's because that's the area that's clogged up. When they're having dementia, it's because the brain is clogged up. When they're having a heart attack, it's because the heart is clogged up. When they have liver or gallbladder diseases, it's because that's clogged up.

So the liberating aspect to this technology is that it gets the lymphatic system opened up. Now when you put your feet into warm saltwater, you open up the door of exit which is called the eccrine sweat glands, and you can use the hands as well. And so that opens up the door for the lymph system to export out the toxic content. You see the wisdom of the body is just so brilliant, your body has thousands and thousands of years of understanding on how to heal itself, but it can't do so if it's in a slimey mucky yucky aquarium, it's just all clogged up and nothing's moving. So now you get the environment internally clean and you get the lymph system moving. So now the body's wisdom is to dump out of the cells into the lymph system. It's like a moving conveyor belt, to just continue to move that content out of the body. And now, when we open up the eccrine sweat glands in the feet and use that as the door of exit for the lymphatic system, we now understand that, that is the liberation – in the moment of why the toxicity is coming out in the basin during the session. But when you stop the session, it does continue on, but it's just now gonna come out your normal exit routes. So it will go out through the liver, urine, feces, or in the gallbladder – all of those will be an export or a drainage system for toxicity to come out of the body.

1:34:02.9 Ashley James: So it stimulates the among three systems of the body kick and release and so it's really helping to get it all out during the foot bath and after.

1:34:19.4 Kellyann Andrews: To answer your question on how, what happens is we have two electrodes – two metal rings in the water. One is an anode, a cathode; one negative and one positive polarity. When you open up the sweat glands, the sweat is toxicity, and that toxicity has particles, and the particles have a positive or negative. What happens is we create a higher osmotic pressure in the water so it really pulls the content across the skin barrier because the osmotic pressure is higher in the water, and so like a magnet – the coils in that moment work like a magnet to draw the particles physically out of the body.

1:35:09.0 Ashley James: What does it feel like? We're obviously not getting electrocuted the whole time.

1:35:13.8 Kellyann Andrews: No. That was one of the things with the nursing background that I have 100% assurance that I felt comfortable putting my own body in there, my family, clients, that there was no way that anybody ever could get hurt. And that's why the Platinum Energy System is so unique in the world market because it's the only one that has almost no electricity. It's so low level electricity that nobody could ever ever get hurt because of the way the technology has decreased the electricity. The amount of electricity going into the water – if you were to put your finger live on the wire which you never would of course, but if you did, the amount of shock that you would get would just be equal to two little kids rubbing their feet on the carpet. So nobody could ever ever get hurt in the system and that's why I felt so confident.

What makes it unique, is that every single session in our system is the same potency. The other models on the market, they start with weak electrodes and every single session they get weaker and weaker. The electrodes are eroding as part of the treatment process because that's just how electrolysis works. So each session in the other systems is weaker and weaker, but we have been able to standardize the treatment so that every session is identical in terms of potency, and every session for the entire 30 minutes is held at the ideal treatment level.

What occurs is that the technology is liberating the content, but it's the body that's doing the liberation. We're just creating the mechanisms, so that we assist the body to be more efficient. And what happens is that the molecule size when things get too big is that that causes log jam beaver dam. The technology just helped to break up the particles into their minute size and now they can be released into the water.

1:37:44.5 Ashley James: How does it work, that it stimulates the kidneys and all the among three systems? I understand what you're saying about the really cool process of it becoming a magnet opening the sweat glands and magnetically pulling out the toxins, that makes sense to me, under the high osmotic pressure that it's creating. But I still don't understand how does it stimulate the kidneys and the liver to keep detoxifying for days after. Because Dr. Klinghardt said, you might be able to quote some studies here, but he said that your could test urine three days later and it's still has an increased heavy metals coming out of the body after doing this treatment.

1:38:32.8 Kellyann Andrews: You're not gonna love my answer because now you've moved in to the proprietary technology zone, and I can't reveal that. You know if we were to reveal that answer then, we'd have more other imitation models trying to create our perfection.

1:38:52.3 Ashley James: I can respect that. But it works, can you talk about what Dr. Klinghardt says, have there been clinical evidence to show that you can see – like we took 50 people and they all did this thing and peed in a cup, three days later we saw an increase in release of heavy metals. Can you talk about that.

1:39:17.1 Kellyann Andrews: We haven't done a study as such, what we've done is we monitored clients since 2004. A lot of these clients are being sent to us by medical clinics and these patients are coming to us in such a debilitative state. Many of them had seen 20 or 30 doctors ahead of the clinic that sends them to us and they're all in a state that they're so debilitative that they cannot detox naturally. But also they're so debilitative they can't handle any form of detox, they go into absolute overwhelm. So we had a couple patients go to one of these clinics that we work with. This clinic picked these two males as an example because neither male had ever ever had any intervention. Never been to a doctor, naturopath, no kind of practitioner, no kind of intervention ever in their lives. So this was a pure case study. And so what they did was they did the urine challenge test on the initially because they suspected by their symptoms and what they were experiencing and because they knew their industry which was construction, especially one of them was also a fisherman. Anyway, they knew by their symptoms that they probably had metal toxicity. So they did a urine challenge test and the first male came in with lead at 23 and mercury at 12. What they did was they used no other intervention, they only used our PES system so that they can see what kind of results they would get just with that. As I say it was unusual because no other intervention had ever been done on these two males.

What occurred was the first male had six sessions and they retested him. But the second male came in because he had been involved in several different industries where he was exposed to lead and so he had lead at 79, and so they did 10 sessions on him. In six sessions, the first male, they had a 50% reduction and in 10 sessions the second male had a 50% reduction with no other intervention, only using PES detox.

1:41:55.5 Ashley James:  Outstanding. That's really exciting.

1:41:59.4 Kellyann Andrews: It was, because the trouble with trying to do a real pure case study is that so few examples in the world where somebody has never been to anybody, and most of these clinics are doing multiple therapies. So we have seen over the years many many cases of amazing results coming in the lab results. What's been really interesting is we've worked with detox experts in the world who have done 20, 30, 40 years of different kinds of interventions and had results with our system, nothing else gave them. But as in this case, the case studies we've had people using no other intervention and seen the results that they had with just only using the PES system.

1:42:49.5 Ashley James: You had mentioned that there were multiple technologies happening at the same time. Are you able to discuss? Or tell me which ones you can discuss. [Laughter]

1:42:59.8 Kellyann Andrews: Well, the ones that I already have actually.

1:43:03.0 Ashley James: Ok, great. I'm thinking there's like a rife machine in there, my mind is going crazy and I respect your proprietary. But I'm thinking like what's in there? [Laughter]

1:43:15.3 Kellyann James: I know. It's the combination of several brilliant inventors. So it's not just one source, it's a combination of things, but it's just creating environment internally that optimized the body's ability to release the toxicity.

To give you an example, we had a dentist. Of course this is such a perfect example. We had a dentist come to us, his doctor sent him to us because his astronomical levels of mercury – having worked with mercury for 40 years. He put mercury fillings into people's mouths for 40 years. Well, he talked about his blood levels being very high. What occured in the process of discovery, he talked about having a cyst on his shoulder. When someone says cyst to me, I think of something small, like a mole or maybe a little bigger. It turned out that this mass that he obviously wasn't fully facing was the size of a grapefruit on his shoulder.

1:44:29.5 Ashley James: Oh my gosh.

1:44:31.5 Kellyann Andrews: But look at the wisdom of the body, I mean this is what's so brilliant about the human body. I mean only God could design it. The body knew how toxic that content was and it put it on the outside of his body in a water balloon.

1:44:48.3 Ashley James: Right because cyst have a skin, the body develops a membrane to hold the cyst in place.

1:44:57.7 Kellyann Andrews: That's what has often occurring in the body where people have these sacs, they're sacs of toxicity. The body has crowd and closeted the toxicity into a sac. And now people go in and open them up and liberate that content. Luckily, his was on the outside of the shoulder, his only saving grace was they didn't wanna do the operation because he'd end up with a whole on his shoulder. So he was referred to us and over the process of using our system, that did shrink to the size of a pimple, and he was using no other methodology.

1:45:37.8 Ashley James: How did his doctor know to send him to you?

1:45:43.6 Kellyann Andrews: Because it was a holistic doctor. He was actually an osteopath, so full on bone doctor, but medical bone doctor as opposed to a chiropractor which is also a full on medical person. It's just such a crime that chiropractors had been belittled since the 20s as you've seen in documentaries such as The Truth of Cancer where they tried to purify the world of holistic orientation.

1:46:16.0 Ashley James: Right, and that the whole history of the Flexner Report 150 years ago and Carnegie putting his money – it's almost like a mob to snuff out holistic medicine. Well youn know what? We're not having any of that. It sticks around in the world because it survived because it works and because there's people like you with big hearts that are gonna keep following your passion to help people no matter what.

You've got clinics around the world that are customers of yours, because I know you have a system that they can buy for their clinic. I wanna talk about what's the difference between the clinic foot system and the at home one? I do have a lot of great practitioners that listen to the show, so I'd like to speak to them for a minute and just explain what does it look like to work in a clinic, what kind of results do clinics get. You've had practitioners around the world worked with you for years with this device. So I'd love to hear what that looks like.

1:47:33.0 Kellyann Andrews: Yeah. It's really interesting because we have practitioners who do often multiple therapies. One of the clinics that we are working with was a woman who did five different things, so clients would come to her for one of those five different things, but they would only do that one therapy. It was another client of ours that referred her to us because she had actually experienced one of the knockoff foot spas and was not impressed. So this client said, “You should check out theirs because theirs really works.” So she came to us and she started to use it herself. She was in her 60's and she was starting to experience hip problems and she just loves to go hiking, she lived in Vancouver and she couldn't do it anymore because her hip was just causing her such distress.

She purchased it initially just to get her own body in order, which often the way. She had such liberation on this hip issue, she was quite a talker anyway. So she couldn't shut up about it and was telling everybody about it. So all these clients that were coming to her for one therapy, now said, “Well I'd like to try that.” So they dovetailed whatever their normal therapy was with that and it totally completely exonerated whatever that first therapy was. Because once the body is open and realising and circulating and liberating and happily habitating those wonderful fish in that beautiful aquarium – whatever therapy is being joined to it, is gonna have heightened results. Because as you know when the cells are clogged up the pollution sticks to the outside of the cell because there's a lipid or a fat layer, and it also sticks to the inside of the cell. So now you got this goop on the outside and you got the goop on the inside, and that's totally inhibiting the import and the export of the cell. So, your nutrients are not getting in and toxicity is not getting out. So we had multiple people people tell us how they didn't have to take as much supplements and one of the biggest things people feel is they sleep so much better, but the energy – your energy level tells the level of your health. If you have extraordinary levels of energy, it's because you're more toxic free. But if you have zero energy, that's telling you something too.

In the process of using this with other therapies, it's just amazing. This woman literally doubled her business overnight because once the clients experience more exonerated effects of the first therapy they were doing along with the PES system, the results were increases that they started referring all of their family and friends which they had never done when they only came to her for the one therapy.

1:51:01.9 Ashley James: I love it. I can imagine acupuncturists, naturopaths, chiropractors, aromatherapists, ayurvedic practitioners, massage therapists, even aestheticians that are more holistic minded, because you could throw someone's feet in there while you're working on their hands.

1:51:29.8 Kellyann Andrews: Exactly. Dentists – we have a lot.

1:51:34.4 Ashley James: Really?

1:51:35.6 Kellyann Andrews: We have a lot of dentists starting to use it for themselves but also referring to their patients. We have a holistic [Inaudible 1:51:42.6] was one of the original pioneers in the field. She would do the mercury amalgam removal, so of course her exposure was high. But guess where she was doing it? She was doing it in her house and as a result to this day, neither of her daughters has been able to get pregnant, her husband ended up in a huge disability situation and ended up having to go into a home because of his exposure – because it went up to the air system in their house and just completely infiltrated everything in the house. And the dentist herself was hugely sick for years, so she was a huge advocate of teaching people what was happening with mercury. Now she has continued her holistic practice and she does live blood cell analysis which is one of the other initial testings that we did with live blood cell analysis.

She would test the patients before they had the session and then put them back under the microscope after having a PES detox. She was able to show them the difference in their blood and that's what we did initially. We took someone who was having the flu at the time because we knew that they'd have horrible looking blood. So we took him and this person never had a session before, so we'd put them under the microscope before their first session, and then we did the session and put him under the microscope afterwards. In the first example the person had a pH of 6 which is very acidic and we said before, the goal is to be 7 or above because then you're starting into alkalinity – 7.35 to 7.45 is ideal. This person was at 6, so the blood was completely coagulated, the sinuses were completely congested, so as the chest, the eyes look like cesspools, the face was white, no energy, just feeling absolutely horrid in the middle of having the flu.

We put him under the microscope after their session and they released a ton of heavy metal. When we put him back under the microscope, the blood completely opened up, it was liberating and moving. So there's an example of what we're talking about – the aquarium. The mucky slimey yucky aquarium – perfect habitat for the virus. Now you had changed the pH and the blood will start to open up and move and liberate and now you get the oxygen state up in the body because you dropped the acidity, up comes the oxygen state. And so you could see how it started to completely open up right after the session.

We did a series of sessions with this person and brought him back, and now the blood was perfect, like little Lifesavers – complete circles on their own, completely liberated, flowing, and the pH was now at 7.5.

1:55:08.5 Ashley James: Wow. Were they able to recover better from the flu?

1:55:13.3 Kellyann Andrews: They recovered within that week from the flu. When we did the dry blood cell analysis, you could see in the red blood cell all this black content which was the heavy metals. So in the first photograph there was a huge amount of heavy metals. The second photograph there was less in it. And then the third one after a series of sessions, there was hardly any black in it at all.

1:55:38.9 Ashley James: That's really cool. I know I rattled off a bunch of examples. What did I miss? Can you think of some of your clients that are holistic health practitioners and how they utilize your system to help their patients or clients?

1:55:56.0 Kellyann Andrews: Yeah. One of them is a massage therapist who do lymphatic drainage. And this is a perfect supplement to use along with lymphatic drainage. Because the lymph drainage massage helps to get the circulation moving and now you put them in the foot spa and you liberate that content that's been clogging them up and you get it out.

1:56:24.8 Ashley James: So they would do the massage first and then have them sit and do the foot bath?

1:56:29.5 Kellyann Andrews: Yeah. And what happens when doing very deep tissue massage, like rolfing – that opens up, literally pulling the strands. If you want to have an all-pain and some gain experience, I recommend it.

1:56:47.1 Ashley James: I love rolfing.

1:56:50.4 Kellyann Andrews: Yeah. I mean you have to have a certain mindset to endure that torture session which I have done. But what I found was when I had previously had it done, and I just ended up in extreme acidosis state following it. The muscles were just screaming with lactic acid. But when I followed it with a detox foot spa, what occurred was, I had no aftermath at all. And we learned this from my husband who would go and do what I called Zeolit exercise classes. So he got his circulatory system really just moving. And then he would come home and have a detox foot spa and boom, out would come amazing amount of content. So we found that when people hydrated and did exercise ahead of the session or even an infrared sauna ahead of having a session or even having a colonic ahead – we had one client who is a colonic therapist and she said she got at least a third more content out of the colon if the client had done a foot spa prior for the colonic.

1:58:05.3 Ashley James: Wow. That is impressive. I know that Dr. Klinghardt at his Sophia clinic here in Woodinville Washington has a medical spa. It's not a fun go-get-your-nails-painted spa, it's like go-get-a-colonic and foot treatment array. I'm sorry, what do I call it, detox?

1:58:35.2 Kellyann Andrews: Detox foot spa.

1:58:36.5 Ashley James: Detox. Yeah, go-get-a-detox foot spa, which is he uses your system. And the sunlight and the sauna, and go-get-a-colonic – and that's his kind of spa. So I don't like more traditional doctors kid, you know start adding these they called spa. It's so funny. But yeah, it rejuvenate your entire body, so it's better than a facial. It's better than a manicure and a pedicure. [Laughter]

1:59:05.8 Kellyann Andrews: Well, it's really interesting because from these clinics, these people as I mentioned were being sent to us that couldn't do any form of other detox because they go into overwhelm. Often these people as we talked about before, very chemically intolerant. They were very sensitive to all kinds of foreign chemistry, but also EMF sensitive. And so one of the unique things about the way our system is designed is that it's actually designed for people with high EMF sensitivity. It has a special device on there to block out dirty electricity. And because it is such a soft, gentle release, because the body is choosing – see, it's not as like vacuuming out the body. The big misconception in the world is that detox foot spa is like chelation and therefore it's pulling everything out of the body like chelation does, but it's not. With our technology, and the way that it is designed, because it's aligning behind the body, it's the body choosing what is being released each and every session. It is releasing what the body considers top priority at this time. So it's a priority release, and it is only doing it at the pace that body is able to handle. Because the body is doing the selectivity.

2:00:34.2 Ashley James: That's really exciting. So you make it easy for practitioners to have this in their clinic. I know you have a whole system and you set them up for success. Then you have that's for home use. What's the difference between the two?

2:00:51.0 Kellyann Andrews: Basically, it's just the basins. The basin for the clinic use has the controls at the front of the basin and in the back of the basin. It's just that what clinics found it was a lot easier to have the controls at the front rather than reach behind the basin. But when you're a home user and you're giving yourself a session, I call it self serve. You have to have the controls on the back wall behind your heels because you have to be able to reach them. So that's why the home model is designed, if you're doing the session by yourself and you're a solo person, then you can do the session for yourself. A lot of people choose the basin – we call it PS1, is the one with the controls on the front and the back. A lot of people at home also prefer that design because it's just easier to give other members a session and have the controls at the front.

2:02:00.7 Ashley James: Oh, so it's kind of like buttons.

2:02:04.4 Kellyann Andrews: That's right.

2:02:05.4 Ashley James: You know, female and male buttons on a button-up shirt are different, because women used to have someone else dress them or something. It's like the lfet hand right hand. [Laughter]

2:02:16.7 Kellyann Andrews: I found that odd, you know.

2:02:19.0 Ashley James: Right. I think men are supposed to dress themselves and women had other people dress them and everyone's supposed to be right-handed, so they had to do that. It's silly and archaic. Yeah.

2:02:28.5 Kellyann Andrews: Yeah. But this is just a convenience factor of accessibility. In the original design, we only had the controls at the back and that was so that nobody else who walk into the room would trip over and turn the session off.

2:02:43.7 Ashley James: Ok. Got it. But you've made it easier. Obviously you took in feedback from practitioners and you realized that the controls should be on the front. I liked that it's not like, “Well the cheaper model is the home model.”

2:02:57.9 Kellyann Andrews: There's no difference. Again, the games that get played in the commercial world – this one is the industrial model, and this one's the home model. Like hello, you need the same technology for both. So to call one industrial and one not, our system is designed for clinics, both of them are designed to be run back to back. So if you had a whole bunch, we had one family who had eight children. We had one woman who has bought it to use in her practice because she was a massage therapist. But when the eight members of her family found out about it, she was spending all her time just doing her family members and didn't have hardly any time left for her clients.

2:03:47.5 Ashley James: That's amazing.

2:03:48.4 Kellyann Andrews: It's designed to be used continuously. So there's no difference in the technology between the two different models. It's just the basin and convenience.

2:03:57.4 Ashley James: That's really cool.

2:03:58.6 Kellyann Andrews: And they both come with a carrying case. So it makes it super lightweight. The basin weighs two pounds and the carrying case is designed so the components fit right into it. So it weighs very little and it's just a shoulder bag that you can carry it anywhere.

2:04:16.0 Ashley James: Great. Because you know when someone loves it, they're gonna want to bring it with them to help their friends and family, or a practitioner that travels.

2:04:23.8 Kellyann Andrews: Exactly.

2:04:25.1 Ashley James: That makes sense.

2:04:26.2 Kellyann Andrews: We have people in the home level that will take it back to their family. They've come from Europe originally and they'll fly back with the system and do their family in Europe because the other thing it has is a universal transformer on it. So you can use it in any country in the world and you just need the wall plug as the difference.

2:04:47.3 Ashley James: Awesome. Very nice. I know that you make yourself so available. So if someone who's listening is really interested and talk to you about getting one either for their home, for their family or for themselves, or for their clinical use, should they be a healthcare provider? I know that you make yourself available to chat with them. We're gonna have your contact information in the show notes. Your website is gonna be in the show notes, www.platinumenergysystems.ca.

And you have so graciously provided a coupon code for our listeners. So anyone who is interested, definitely give Kellyann a call just to chat with her about it. Ask your questions. I know she really loves helping people. And the coupon code, if you are to just go straight to the website and buy the system for yourself is LTH. I like to ask guests, guests always use the coupon code LTH. So now you don't have to remember a different coupon code for every single guest. So it's LTH as in Learn True Health.

You are giving us 15% off, that's so gracious. Thank you so much for providing that for us. And because you're in Canada, those who are in the States will get a huge deep discount right now because the American Dollar is so strong at the moment compared to the Canadian dolla, which always fluctuates. So we just could take great advantage of the economy at the moment.

2:06:22.3 Kellyann Andrews: And there's one more bonus, because you're buying from Canada, and you're in the United States, there's no tax.

2:06:29.9 Ashley James: Well, there you go. Excellent. Is there anything else? And I'd love to always have you back on again. You're just a well of information, we could go on for hours. Before we get into the next topic, which I want to make sure we cover, is there anything else about your foot detox system that you'd like to share right now that we didn't get a chance to cover?

2:06:54.3 Kellyann Andrews: Actually, just one keypoint. The mission of the company is much broader than just selling the machine. Because of my background being a practitioner, the ambition behind the company is to teach wellness. So we really consider ourselves an educational organization. So we provide a lot of information for home users and practitioners.

From the practitioner point of view, we provide the literature, newsletters, blogs, research ongoing materials, everything that you need to do as a business – we provide for you. And we just send you the brochures and a PDF and then customize the back page to your information. And we just send it as a PDF so that you can just print it up any time you want. We provide you a lot of information. We have a hundred page plus manual that has a lot of holistic information, articles to pass out to clients to help them understand. We have a toxicity guide, helping them to understand how they got toxic, how to avoid toxicity, how to reduce it, how to make better lifestyle choices, and correlating to the severity of toxicity to the severity of symptoms.

So we provide a lot of information. The ambition of the company is to really teach wellness and how do you focus on cellular health. I'm 61 years old now and I've spent, since my early teens being in the field of wellness and the focus of wellness. And so we really highlight that information, but because we are also in such a network of people such as Ashley is, we're connecting with many different medical clinics, many practitioners, many home users, and they all have the issues that you're experiencing. So they tell us from their own life story what it is that they did that gave them the best results. And so we pass that information onto you on an individual level. So one of the things that I jokingly say is that I come in the box.

When people purchase a system from us, we don't charge for initial training and ongoing support and customizing it to their specific use, and their family's use, or in their clinic. And we provide that ongoing support to practitioners in clinic. So there's a huge support aspect behind the company. It's not just buy something in a box and see you never. We have an ongoing relationship. So I have people phone me from all over and giving me their insight, but also asking for insight. And so that's a huge part of the inclusion with this technology. There's so many of us on the planet that are here to liberate the environment in which we're in. And right now unfortunately, the reality of the world is that we are in a toxic environment and there's toxic things that are happening in the world. But it doesn't mean that we're stuck there. It's the same as with the disease process in the body. This is only that the tide is out right now, but the tide will come back in again. And that's the real message that I want you to have in this moment of time – it's that even though it seems the darkest hours before the dawn, and we are in a state on the planet of liberation, and yes it seems like many bad things are happening, but it's because the dinosaur industries are dying and that the old fork that has had power is not in its last stance of fight. And so, that's what we're experiencing at this time. But just like the body transitioning from transitioning from a degenerative disease to a regenerative state, that is actually what is really occurring on the planet.

The intensity of the experience that we're all here for and we have signed up to be here at this time, to be part of this transition, to be a part of this transformation, we are experiencing it personally. We are experiencing it professionally and we are experiencing iot globally. And it's an awesome time, I want everybody to realize that it is the most awesome time in all of history to be on the planet because we are such a pivotal point of transition.

2:12:10.8 Ashley James: I love what you just said. I absolutely love it. I am so happy to be here at this time. To observe the world awakening as we are all doing. The age of information is allowing us. There's no barriers now. In the past, the mainstream media was the only way we can get information, right? And even books, not everyone could publish. It had to go thrnough those major publications. And now anyone can publish a book. The information is free flowing. So people like you were able to share the miraculous ability of the body to heal itself. And we can all begin to learn and shift our lifestyle for the better. I'd love to get into that to wrap up today's interview.

You said at the beginning that you have healthy habits that you'd love to teach us.

2:13:08.1 Kellyann Andrews: Yes.

2:13:10.1 Ashley James: To shift the daily environment so that we can stop putting gasoline on the fire. Get the gunk out of our fish tank as best as possible. I'm excited to experience your foot detox system. I know my family will definitely benefit from it. And I'm really excited to hear also from the listeners who choose to try your system as well. Because we're all here to learn and grow and experience. And please all the listeners that do use the system, give me an email, connect with me, ashley@learntruehealth.com. I want to hear from you. I want to hear your experience. Just like the listeners who have gone on to try other things that I have said, “Hey, I'm giving this a try.” Like the magnesium foot soak or the chlorella and spirulina from EnergyBits or the sunlight and the sauna. These are all the things that I'm applying to my own personal health journey and seeing great results. And so I'm letting everyone know. And this foot detox is the next thing that I'm really excited to try because I really wanna get these heavy metals under control and I'm seeing that this is in conjunction with everything I'm doing. Going to play a big role in the recovery of my health. So I'm very excited, and I'm very excited to help the listeners recover their health as well.

So please email me, you guys. Let me know how it goes. I love hearing from you. I get almost daily emails from people telling me how these other things that I'm doing and sharing are working for them. So it's really exciting to hear that this stuff works. And it's working, it's helping people shape their lives.

Outro: This wraps up part one of our two-part interview with Kellyann. Stay tuned for part two. She teaches some amazing tips for health. I know you'll just love them. Catch us soon in part two and have yourself a fantastic rest of your day.


Kellyann Andrews' background is biochemistry, nursing, and holistic, alternative and energy medicine for 40 years. She is always digging deeper into the core of “well-being” – on all levels.

Kellyann Andrews is a health coach by nature and trade. She does not have any specific certifications. She was at university and nursing school until a sudden family death which left her grief-stricken and devastated. Due to this experience, Kellyann Andrews stepped away from traditional medicine. 

Kellyann Andrews continued to educate herself by researching all areas of health recovery. This is now her life's work – sharing discoveries and her recovery with others on the same path. 

When both parents died prematurely, and Kellyann Andrews suffered poor health, she was inspired to find ways of creating wellness at the cellular level. She is the President of Platinum Energy Systems, her husband and her own business – specializing in detoxification for health recovery and prevention. They have clients (home-users), medical clinics, and practitioners all over North America.

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