79: Dana LaVoie – Preparing For An Easier Menopause

Healthy And Delicious Way To Balance Hormones

Dana LaVoie, my guest today, is an expert in helping women gain health naturally so their hormones balance and their nasty menopausal symptoms diminish or even vanish completely!

For some women, menopause sucks! You might be dealing with any combination of seemingly uncontrollable issues like weight gain, boiling hot flashes, soaking night sweats, or mood swings so severe they can take over your life. Not to mention the mental fog, dry skin, and low energy.

Dana LaVoie is the founder and creator of Menopause Basics. Dana is a licensed acupuncturist and tonic herbalist.

Her passion is helping women find relief from the hormonal symptoms of menopause. Using her 13+ years of clinical experience, Dana will provide you with simple, smart, and natural techniques based on the best of Asian Medicine and modern science.

Through online courses and consultations, Dana will tailor her approach to your individual experience until she finds the perfect intervention for you. She works with clients both in-person in Eugene, OR or over the phone or Skype.

Dana has a BA from Wesleyan University in Middletown CT, and a Masters in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine from The Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR, and have been a licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Oregon since 2004.

Dana's website is:

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The 4 Steps To Hormonal Balance http://bit.ly/Hormone-Foundation

Dana's online course is called “Menopause Basics: What To Eat”. It's an online mini-course on how to get all the right building blocks into your diet for hormonal balancing during menopause.

“I'm most passionate about discussing how setting the right foundation for diet & lifestyle paves the way for a woman's body to balance hormones naturally during menopause. It's then easy to add a few herbs on top of that for fantastic relief from Menopausal symptoms.

I have a 4-Step plan that sets the foundation for hormonal balance. For many women, these 4 steps are enough to relieve hormonal symptoms.

With this foundation in place, it becomes much easier to get relief by adding herbs, acupuncture, supplements, or any other method of hormonal balance.

I also love to discuss herbs in general and the difference between medicinal and Tonic Herbs, whether it's for hormonal balancing, the immune system, or one of my favorite topics – anti-aging and longevity.”

Dana LaVoie's 4 Steps to Hormonal Health:

Step 1 is that what you include in your diet is more important that what you leave out. (and I'll explain why and most important things to add in first)

Step 2 is lifestyle. By practicing stress management and eating protein and healthy fat often enough throughout the day, you can help balance cortisol and insulin levels, which helps your other hormones immensely.

Step 3 is avoiding the worst of the hormone disrupting chemicals. I would love to talk about where to find some of the really bad sneaky ones like the phthalates in artificial fragrance!

Step 4 is adding my favorite adaptogenic superfoods into the diet.

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