36: Deep Breathing For Optimal Health

Deep Breathing

Dr. Heidi describes the anatomy of the lungs. At the base of the lungs, down by our belly, is where there is the most amount of blood pulled for O2 exchanged. When we do not breathe correctly, our body cannot get the right amount of O2.

Oxygen is how we digest! If you are not getting enough O2 your body cannot do anything else optimally. Literally optimal health cannot be achieved if we are not breathing correctly. And most of us are NOT breathing correctly!

The immune system is within our sinuses and throat to aid us in fighting off germs that want to enter our lungs.  Our nasal passages moisten and warm the air which protects the lungs.

It’s best to breath in through the nose.

When we flex our diaphragm, we are pushing the organs in our belly down and out.  By breathing deeply we are also increasing our digestion and healthy movement of our intestines.

Proper Full Deep Breath:

Step One: Breath in through the nose
Step Two: Breathe into the belly, feel the belly push outwards and diaphragm flex downwards.
Step three:  Feel the sides of your ribs expand
Step Four: Firm up your belly and complete your inhale by filling the upper part of the lungs by the collar bones.

Deep breath on an 8 count:

Walking breathing meditation.

Breathe in fully for 8 seconds. Hold for 8 seconds. Exhale for 8 seconds.
Every time you are at a stop light, practices this deep breathing technique.

Take a couple of full deep 8 count breaths before you begin to eat. This will aid in digestion.

Alternate Nostril Breathing:

Right finger over left nostril, inhale.  Switch to left finger over right nostril. Exhale. Switch and repeat for 10. Then switch sides.

The nervous system controls breathing and breathing controls NS.  The vagus nerve runs down the chest. Stimulating the vasovagal nerve lowers heart rate and blood pressure. We can intentionally stimulate that nerve to lower blood pressure and calm the body.

Rib stretching:

Deep breath with hands on sides of ribs.
hold breath and gently squeeze ribs downward.

The Cleansing Breath:

Deep full inhale
Purse lips without poofing cheeks out
Blow multiple times like you are trying to blow candles out until your lungs are empty.
Take a full deep breath
This forces the lungs to get out all stale air, cleanses the lungs.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

When we breath we are eliminating metabolic waste!
Why do we yawn?
Why are we told to breath into a paper bag when we have a panic attack?
Deep breath increases energy!
We lose water when we breathe so drink more water when doing breathing exercises!
Proper deep breathing increases immune health by pumping lymph!

Health AH-HA Moment:

Deep breathing decreases pain and increases mood!

Your Challenge: 

Integrate the different breaths that Dr. Heidi teaches into your daily life. You will notice more energy!


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