223: Developing Consciousness For Healing

Developing Consciousness For Healing  

Developing consciousness for healing is a power of the mind that most of us have yet to explore and maximize. Being healthy is not just about being physically fit.   

So, for today's episode, my fantastic guest, Ned Wolf, will teach us some actionable steps on developing consciousness. Because we need to pay attention to our mental, spiritual, emotional and energetic aspects as well.  

Starting Point  

Initially working as a journalist and writer in the corporate world, Ned Wolf was in his mid-30s when he received an award. During the ceremony, he recalled that a member of the audience stood up and asked him what was he going to do with the rest of his life.  

“I said that if I have to do this the rest of my life, I'm going to go out and shoot myself. I was aghast at what I said,” shares Ned Wolf. “Within six months, I left the corporate world and went back to school to study Holistic health. My subconscious said that I could not devote my talent to supporting organizations when in my heart the greater dream was to support individuals.”  

Ned Wolf further explains that he decided to pursue a career in Holistic health to gain a clearer perspective of how the world exists. A big part of his work is helping people in developing consciousness so that they can become better versions of themselves.    

We Are Energy  

Ned Wolf says that every person is a powerful collection of energy that is essential in developing consciousness.  We are also the most powerful manipulator of energy. Now, if only we can incorporate that awareness into the question of health, the whole process of healing becomes much simpler.   

“We are intimately connected with what causes health, what causes the well-being or what detracts from it. But we don't realize that our attitude has something to do with the results of our healing,” said Ned Wolf.  


Ned Wolf says that when we do not see the importance of developing consciousness of our body's energy, blame and self-pity become stumbling blocks of healing. He says blame and self-pity blocks accepting responsibility for the incredible power we have as beings of energy and spirit.  

I experienced that when I was a teenager when I got money from my dad's change drawer to buy junk food. Overwhelmed with self-pity, I blamed others for my misery.   

That is why Ned Wolf advises taking steps in developing consciousness to tap into our awareness.  We then would be able to recognize our potential. Being aware of what we can do produces positive energy from within us.  

“We must accept that our consciousness is incredibly powerful because we get whatever we concentrate upon,” explains Ned Wolf. “It is our choices, our thoughts, our beliefs, our feelings that are creating our state of health.”  

What Is Dowsing   

So how do we shift perceptions to create better health? Ned Wolf recommends dowsing. Dowsing uses a pendulum or other tools.  It is a process that aims to help us access intuitional knowledge.   

Ned Wolf first learned of dowsing while he was living in Australia. Here he learned how to identify an herb for healing through an aboriginal way. Apparently, dowsing is a tradition that dates back to thousands of years ago.  

“Aborigines are taught to go out into the bushland focusing their consciousness of the illness or medical problems they want to resolve. They do this by listening to the plants sing,” Ned Wolf shares. “When they hear the plant that sings the loudest, that's the plant to use for helping remedy a particular problem.”  

It makes sense.  Because these are pure intuitive skills that we are capable of maximizing if we just learn the art of developing consciousness. It's all about training the body to listen and training your conscious mind to listen to your body.   

“Knowledge that is not limited by time and space perception. But rather access to other dimensions of the self,” adds Ned Wolf.  

Dowsing For Healing   

Ned Wolf says dowsing is indeed a powerful tool for healing. It essentially acknowledges the access to inner sources of knowledge. Dowsing also strengthens intuition and intellect so that they can work in partnership.   

“In our world, we often get caught up in the battle between intuition and intellect. They seem to be at odds with one another,” said Ned Wolf. “But as beings of energy and beings of spirit, the intuition and the intellect were meant to work with each other.”  

Our Powerful Brain  

I am reminded of this fascinating book called The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. The book explains that the brain is not the only place where we store information. Apparently, our memories are stored holographically through our entire body and nervous system.  

The Holographic Universe book is filled with many examples how our body works.  We have a limiting belief system that we've adopted because we were taught that way. But our body is so much more capable of many other things.  I highly recommend this book to expand your knowledge. It's mind-blowing!  

“That's one of the great gifts of dowsing. It helps access that broader source of information. The placebo effect is that unexplained ability that we can measure,” said Ned Wolf. “People who had brain injury do not respond at all to the placebo effect.”  

Taking Accountability  

Ned Wolf says that we are responsible for our well-being. He believes one of the great gifts of Holistic health is to help people dealing with illness realize that they can open their minds.  They can also experience greater well-being in the process.  

“One of the realms that I like to operate is helping clients realize that it is how they use their consciousness that's producing their state of health or lack of it. For example, our dreams have information on how we can heal.”  

Dreams and after-death experiences highlight the power of energy and consciousness. But Ned Wolf says we do not need to die to realize this aspect of our existence. Understanding the afterlife can be complicated but Ned Wolf mentioned that philosopher and author Dr. Raymond Moody's books on the subject are an excellent resource.  

“We do not need to die to get to this place. Sometimes people need to work with their attitude to discover how they're blocking their dreams,” said Ned Wolf. “Part of the growth is being able to accept the dark places within ourselves, not condemn them but rather recognize there's something that seeks to heal.”  


Ned Wolf also mentioned that radionics is another tool that can we can benefit from. Radionics is an alternative medicine claiming that diseases can be diagnosed and treated with an energy that is similar to radio waves.  

“It is also similar to Homeopathy. It's a study on how particular frequencies affect imbalances, emotional congestions or unresolved emotional conflicts,” Ned Wolf explained. “Radionics also helps an organ in the body release that unresolved conflict.”  

Actionable Steps For Healing  

Ned Wolf believes that the first and foremost step to healing is learning to love yourself. Especially that part that is in ill-health. It is also important to be aware that as long as we do not know the power of our consciousness, chances of healing are much more remote.  

“Learn to adjust so we can use consciousness constructively. Self-reflecting is also important,” advises Ned Wolf. “Physical imbalance can also mean we are using consciousness expressing vibrations of hate. And hate causes destruction. So take out judgment, self-condemnation, and self-punishment.”  

Ned Wolf again mentions dowsing.  This is because dowsing is a natural state where our consciousness connects with the consciousness of the cells in the body.   

“If we can allow that possibility to exist, we can start using those channels and listen when the body speaks to us,” Ned Wolf said.  

Spiritual Mentoring  

Ned Wolf does offer spiritual mentoring for people who are engaged in the process of supporting others in their healing. I advise checking out his amazing website to have access to his books, videos, and blog where you will learn so much about the power of healing.  

Speaking of mentoring, I'm also offering an online program to help you end your anxiety. I have spent 14 months collecting information on removing anxiety, and I'm giving it to you for free! Link to my Free Your Anxiety webinar so you can end your worry and control your fear from this day forward.  


Ned Wolf wrote his first book when he was seven years old. He wanted to write a compilation of what he found useful in life so that he wouldn't forget the essential ideas later on.  

When Ned Wolf is not working on his novels, he serves clients as a counselor, mediator and natural healer. He uses vibrational therapies, including Reiki energy, Rebirthing breathwork, and vibrational remedies that are produced radionically.  

Ned Wolf got his Holistic Health Practitioner Degree from Pacific School of Holistic Health 1987. He learned a lot about himself playing tennis twice a week and singing.   

Ned Wolf writes music for the soprano sax and also perform at markets, pubs and open mic nights. He is also a student of Tai Chi and has taken much inspiration from Jane Roberts Seth books.  

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 Awaken Your Power To Heal 

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