73: Dr Andrea Pennington – The Orgasm Prescription for Women

How Pleasure and Intimacy Play A Role In Our Health

Dr Andrea Pennington is an integrative medicine physician, acupuncturist, meditation teacher and sex educator who has provided integrative healthcare to men and women for over 15 years. She is also a bestselling author, international TEDx speaker and sought-after media personality.

Dr Andrea has shared her candid, empowering insights on vitality and resilience on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Dr. Oz Show, CNN, the Today Show, LUXE-TV and HuffingtonPost and as a news anchor for Discovery Health Channel.

She has written and contributed to 10 books and her latest book and multimedia content experience, The Orgasm Prescription for Women, has been touted as one of the most comprehensive sexual and emotional health books of today.

Now as host of Sensual Vitality-TV she brings her unique ‘nerdy’ blend of medical science, Chinese energetics, positive psychology and mindfulness meditation to empower women to show up authentically, love passionately and live orgasmically.

“It is my passion to empower women all over the world to know themselves as the perfect, divine beings that they are, to fully embrace their sensuality and to wholeheartedly share their talents with the world.”   ~ Dr Andrea Pennington

In Our Interview Dr Andrea Pennington shares:

How women can reclaim their sexual power and their own voice about what they want and how they want it.

Techniques for women to amp up pleasure with mind-body connection via meditation & mindfulness and belly breathing.

How to overcome anxiety, body shame or lack of self-love that prevents women from enjoying their body and sexuality.

Visit her online at AndreaPennington.com

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