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An Interesting Glimpse Into The Life Of An ND

Dr. Maya Baylac is a Naturopathic Doctor and psychotherapist. She obtained her BA in psychology at the University of Toulouse France in 1964 and her doctorate in naturopathy at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2001. She is the founder and medical director of Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center, which specializes in detoxification and lifestyle changes for chronic disease reversal and prevention. She has created a unique model of recovery based on detoxification with the FIR sauna, coffee enemas, colon hydrotherapy, juicing, water fasting, raw food diet, supplementation, and IV therapy. Patients are taught to master lifestyle changes through trauma resolution and positive psychology.

Dr. Maya Baylac’s compassionate staff includes experts in EFT, hypnotherapy, the work of Byron Katie, neurolinguistic programming, craniosacral therapy, and massage. She personally uses mindfulness, meditation, and powerful breathwork, to bring people to the present, let go of their fears, and release their anxious and depressive thoughts.

We would like your listeners to come join us at our healing sanctuaries on the big island of Hawaii. The Aloha Wellness center is a bed and breakfast that offers healing treatments and yoga therapy. Our Kapoho retreat offers intensive inpatient healing for medical conditions, weight loss, addiction, and lifestyle change.

Most people know what they should do to get healthy, but why aren’t they doing it? We propose three theories:

—The resistance to change is underestimated (change is easier said than done)
—The foundation for change is missing (self-hatred, past trauma, psychological issues are impairing change)
—The method is missing (change requires cannot be achieved without intensive planning and strategy)

To address this we provide:

—interventions for the mastery of lifestyle changed (nutrition counseling, stress management, meditation, mindfulness techniques, exercise classes, cooking classes, etc)
—Building motivation and awareness
—PRACTICING new skills
—strengthening the foundation through trauma resolution, positive psychology, and mindfulness

Website:  https://www.HawaiiNaturopathicRetreat.com

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