49: Dr Rachna Patel: The Medical Marijuana Doctor

Eliminating Pain, Disease, and Inflammation with Medical Marijuana

Dr. Patel has been practicing as a Medical Marijuana Doctor since 2012. In her consultations, she step-by-step walks patients through how to use medical marijuana for their particular medical conditions. She completed her medical studies at Touro University College of Medicine and her undergraduate studies in at Northwestern University. You can learn more about the work she does at DrRachnaPatel.com

I know for many people marijuana is a hot topic. It’s illegal in many countries and several US states.  To some, it’s still thought of as a street drug, something rebellious teenagers do. Something college kids “experiment” with.  Not as an herb with powerful healing properties to be taken seriously in the medical field.

There’s another side to marijuana’s reputation that has begun to gain traction among doctors and research scientists. Discoveries of its potent healing properties have opened the minds of many doctors. Pharmaceutical companies have already made synthetic versions of the healing properties of marijuana and are selling them as prescription drugs.

There is still so much more to understand about this herb, beyond its reputation as an illegal street drug, and that is why I said yes to interviewing Dr. Rachna Patel, an expert in medical marijuana.

This interview is for everyone. Those who feel marijuana is nothing more than a street drug will find Dr. Patel’s information compelling. Those who have rooted for medical marijuana’s legalization will also enjoy learning new information.

Dr. Patel has an e-mail series that addresses the most pressing concerns that patients have about medical marijuana. To receive Dr. Patel’s emails please visit DrRachnaPatel.com/sign-up.

Dr. Patel is obsessed with the healing effects of medical marijuana. If you have ANY questions you would like to ask Dr. Patel directly, you can visit her Facebook Fan page where she hosts an “Ask Me Anything Wednesday” https://www.facebook.com/The-Medical-Marijuana-Expert-Dr-Rachna-Patel-158338067700593/

In this interview Dr. Patel Discusses:
– Why cannabis aids in pain reduction / elimination
– What combination of cannabinoids would work well for your particular medical condition
– How to select a medical marijuana product based on laboratory test results
– How to figure out how much, how often, and when to use medical marijuana
– What conditions improve when the patient uses proper doses of cannabis
– Why is cannabis an effective anti-inflammatory agent

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