242: Eating Right

Eating Right 

Eating right has always been what health experts recommend for optimal health. But I know many of us are guilty of taking eating right for granted. I am thrilled that Dr. Joel Fuhrman is with us today to thoroughly explain the benefits of eating right.

Childhood Influence

Dr. Joel Fuhrman was into competitive figure skating in the early 70s. He shares that his dad was overweight and sickly, so the elder Fuhrman bought a lot of books about eating right.

Because so many books about eating right were within reach, Dr. Joel Fuhrman embraced the importance of excellent nutrition during his teenage years up to his early 20s.

When Dr. Joel Fuhrman's athletic career ended and went on to medical school, he decided to become a physician specializing in nutritional medicine. It was not a surprising choice since eating right made Dr. Joel Fuhrman maximize his athletic performance.

Harsh Reality

Dr. Joel Fuhrman says he already knew from way back that most people were often sick. Common health problems were high blood pressure, headaches, diabetes, autoimmune conditions and many other mental illnesses due to nutritional ignorance.

The rising number of sickly people is also traced to the standard American diet. Processed food has been the cause of health problems since the 70s.

“Now it's up to over 65% of calories from processed foods. One in five Americans are mentally ill in response to junk food diet,” shares Dr. Joel Fuhrman. “Never did I imagine a career as rewarding and fulfilled, and with this much impact in this country.”

Fulfilling Career

Dr. Joel Fuhrman says that choosing this career path has been very rewarding. People in his line of work has a positive effect on millions of Americans. That is why he is excited over the potential of nutrition.

“I knew I was going to medical school and learning that doctors are mostly drug prescribers, doing surgeries and emergency care,” Dr. Joel Fuhrman said. “I was self-educated, and I made it my career to review, as well as study the science and literature in a comprehensive fashion about nutrition. So I know all the studies that have been done.”

Benefits Of Mushrooms

Dr. Joel Fuhrman has always been fascinated to learn about all the phytochemical factors and biological features of mushrooms among other things. Apparently, mushrooms have anti-angiogenesis effects, and they don't allow tumors to spread.

“Angiogenesis means the growth of new blood vessels. Insulin is a hormone that angiogenesis is promoting,” explains Dr. Joel Fuhrman. “Mushrooms, onions and green vegetables have anti-angiogenesis effects that oppose the effect of insulin, prevent fat from being stored and prevents tumors from growing in the body as well.”

Dr. Joel Fuhrman even mentions one study on mushrooms. The study found that women who ate 10 grams of mushrooms regularly for over a decade, has 64% reduced incidents of breast cancer.

Current Statistics

Raw onions and scallions were likewise found to have 55 to 88% reduction rate in most major cancers for people who eat them regularly. Because of this, Dr. Joel Fuhrman sees the importance of putting a diet portfolio together.

“Include all these foods that individually have shown to be the most protective. Put them together in a diet that removes cancer-causing elements,” Dr. Joel Fuhrman said. “In reality, we can win the war on cancer. We can wipe out 95% of cancers and save millions of lives.”

New Technology

One good thing about the current generation is the fact that medical technology has been rapidly improving every year. More high tech equipment has been made available to detect many health problems in its early stages.

“We now have new technology enabling to diagnose breast cancer, perhaps 10 to 15 years before mammograms can. In the next five years, medical care in the U.S. can be revolutionized as we can diagnose cancer much earlier. The earlier the detection, the more hope for nutritional intervention,” said Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

Success Stories

Dr. Joel Fuhrman has countless stories of success treating patients who signed up for his programs on how to eat right. Most of them did not need surgery, got off medication and their heart disease melted away. Many of his patients are thriving in health in their 90s.

“Don't underestimate the therapeutic potential of nutritional excellence compared to the relative ineffectiveness of drugs. If only people knew how dangerous most of these drugs were,” said Dr. Joel Fuhrman. “The real healthcare is self-care. What we do in our own lives is what keeps us healthy, not what doctors can do for us.”

Changing Ways

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is passionate about teaching peers and patients on how to eat well to live well. He has advised doctors to spend more time with people whom they usually prescribe medication.

“They don't have time to educate people. People need a lot of knowledge to protect themselves against problems like cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and dementia to be able to live a hundred years old,” Dr. Joel Fuhrman said.

But Dr. Joel Fuhrman clarifies that he is not claiming that most cancers reverse themselves. The early stage he says is more predictably reversible. Apart from physical health, Dr. Joel Fuhrman says our emotional health is also essential.

Busting Myths

Dr. Joel Fuhrman says that most things people believe about nutrition are wrong. That's why he advises people to look for studies with a lot of credence.

“Micronutrient insufficiencies lead to an unrelenting desire to overeat calories and food addictions. Regardless of the mechanisms involved, we have to achieve an excellent level of micronutrients,” explains Dr. Joel Fuhrman. “We have to be exposed to the full spectrum of micronutrients that the human needs for proper health and survival.”

Dr. Joel Fuhrman also reveals that most Americans look for fads and gimmicks to speed up metabolic rate and prevent getting fat. He adds that the real science leading to slow the aging process and enhancing longevity is eating slightly less food so we can slow down metabolic rate.

Diet And Longevity

In connection with the topic of health, diet, and longevity, Dr. Joel Fuhrman cites the book, The Good Life by Helen and Scott Nearing. Scott Nearing was an M.I.T. scholar and economist.

The Nearing couple lived in Maine. Living in one of the coldest areas in the United States, the couple ate healthily and grew their food to survive. Scott Nearing lived to be 101 years old, and Helen Nearing lived until she was in her late 90s. Their long life is attributed to eating right.

“It's not just about living longer but rather having a healthy life expectancy as we live longer. The problem with most Americans is that ten years before these people pass away, they suffer from a poor quality of life. They don't enjoy their later years,” Dr. Joel Fuhrman said.

He adds, “Most of these chronic illnesses that plaque Americans are not predominantly genetic. They are mostly from food and ignorance.”

Benefits Of Vegetables

Dr. Joel Fuhrman explains that our body has the ability through its anti-oxidant response element to repair and fix defects. Raw green vegetables can make cells clean and healthy like cabbage, arugula, broccoli, and watercress.

But did you know it's not vegetables alone that do the job? Apparently, it's the chemical reaction that happens when we chew vegetables that benefit us.

“Once vegetables mix with our saliva, it forms nitrous oxide and other beneficial compounds when the mouth bacteria activate it,” said Dr. Joel Fuhrman. “As you crush those cell walls, the chemical reaction activating in your mouth forms cancer-protective compounds. So, chew salads exceptionally well.”

Other Recommended Foods

Aside from onions and scallions, beans are highly recommended for a healthy diet. According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, beans extend our lifespan. Studies have shown that all the people who lived long ate beans.

“Beans also reduce the risk of breast cancer. The lectin in beans have anti-cancer effects, strengthens bone mass and immune system,” Dr. Joel Fuhrman said.

Animal products, on the other hand, shortens lifespan, increases cardiovascular death and cancer. Dr. Joel Fuhrman says studies have proven that there is a link between dairy and breast cancer.

Fast Food Genocide Book

Dr. Joel Fuhrman likewise believes that health and nutrition should have a more in-depth curriculum in schools to teach kids the importance of eating right. The health problems caused by eating fast food is most certainly a valid concern.

“There is no better link between criminal behavior and drug abuse than candy consumption and junk food in childhood,” said Dr. Joel Fuhrman. “I want people to be a ray of light, be informed and educated so they can articulate the problem. We have to arm our population with the right knowledge and increase our life years.”

He adds, “As Americans, we all stand for equal opportunity and the ability to have a great life. And by getting people to eat healthier, we can have so much more potential and leave this tragedy happening around us.”


Joel Fuhrman M.D. is a board-certified family physician, 6 X NY Times best-selling author, and nutritional researcher, who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional methods.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman presently serves as the President of the Nutritional Research Foundation. He has published multiple scientific articles on human nutrition and involved with various ongoing studies addressing heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. His foundational discoveries on food addiction and human hunger were published in the scientific journal, Nutrition Journal, in November 2010. He also serves on the Nutritional Science faculty of Northern Arizona University.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman has appeared on hundreds of radio and television including, the Today Show, Good Morning America, Live With Kelly and Michael, and The Dr. Oz Show. His four PBS television shows were some of the top fundraising show for PBS, not only crucial for PBS but have improved the health of millions of people across America.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (1988). He is a former world-class figure skater, second in the United States National Pairs Championships in 1973, and third in the World Professional Pair Championships in 1976. He is involved with sports medical committees, professional and Olympic athletes for maximizing performance and preventing injury.

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