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Eczema is a common skin condition that affects millions of people regardless of age. It usually is mistaken as a rash. To those who are seeking a natural remedy for eczema, this is the perfect episode for you! My guest, Denise Henry dealt with eczema at a very young age, and she gave excellent tips for healing.  

Starting Young  

Denise Henry's journey dealing with eczema started when she was barely a newborn.  However, medical doctors then couldn't pinpoint the real cause of her condition.   

Then when Denise Henry was three months old, she was diagnosed with an ear infection and was prescribed amoxicillin as her medication. However, it turns out she was also adversely reacting to animals and dairy. That was devastating since Denise Henry loved to pet animals.   

Eczema vs. Psoriasis  

People often mix up eczema and psoriasis. Eczema is a skin condition which is triggered by a hypersensitivity reaction. Some factors that trigger the condition include textile fabrics, animals, and chemicals.  

Eczema is known to be common in infants, and some outgrow the skin condition when they become adults. Symptoms of the skin include factors like being reddish, inflamed, peeling, blistered, cracked or pus-filled.  However, it is not covered with scaly dead skin, unlike psoriasis.  

As for psoriasis, it can appear anywhere on the body. People who suffer from this experience intense itching. Compared to eczema, psoriasis is harder to treat.   

Coping With Eczema  

Having to deal with eczema all her life, Denise Henry was given steroid creams by dermatologists as a medication. Although the creams break down the skin, it does the job by relieving the itch.   

As years flew by, Denise Henry recalls that the turning point in her life was when she traveled to Southeast Asia for self-healing. She volunteered at a small resort near Kuala Lumpur for a month. Life was good. However, her eczema started flaring up badly during that time.   

It turns out that the pool water had fecal coliform bacteria.  Apparently, the water from the limestone pools was pumped into showers and drinking water in the resort.  Hence, aggravating Denise Henry's sensitive skin condition.   

After barely recovering from that bout of skin irritation, Denise Henry then flew to Bali for a festival. This time, her skin was again inflamed due to the papaya she ate. It again triggered her eczema so when she recovered from the irritation and flew back to Malaysia; she started practicing meditation when she settled in Langkawi.   

Fast-forward to a trip in Argentina, Denise Henry met a dermatologist who happened to prescribe a different brand of steroid cream.  It was initially efficient but it was not able to completely get rid of her eczema.  

Going Back To The United States  

Denise Henry once and for all decided to get to the bottom of her skin condition when she went back to the United States,. From the steroid cream that she was given by the dermatologist in Argentina, she researched all the ingredients and found natural solutions for each of them.   

From there, Denise Henry started making her creams while regularly teaching and meditating.  As her body developed a sense of calmness, Denise Henry realized that she stopped itching!   

Healing Naturally  

Apparently, Denise Henry discovered that eczema could be treated naturally.  That is why she created a framework of mindfulness, environment, symptoms, and solutions. Aptly called as M.E.S.S., Denise Henry put together simple steps to live a pain-free life.   

“Be aware. You can heal. Changing that mindset is so powerful, and care is the key,” said Denise Henry. “Medication and going out in nature absorbs bioenergy. Working out is also part of the care.”  

Recommended Foods  

Denise Henry says that a significant factor in healing from eczema is consuming the right foods. She recommends collagen-enhancing foods like bone brother and a lot of non-GMO and grass-fed options.  Other food choices include:  

  • avocado
  • sweet potatoes
  • oranges 
  • leafy greens 
  • white tea cabbage
  • turmeric
  • beets ginger
  • berries
  • dark chocolate
  • salmon
  • garlic
  • rosemary
  • fermented foods
  • coconut oil 

Denise Henry also advises staying away from processed foods and any dish containing chemicals that your body doesn't know how to digest properly.   

Heal Yourself Book  

To those who would like to know more about healing yourself naturally, I suggest grabbing a copy of Denise Henry's book. The book is an excellent resource for natural remedies, making the right food choices and how textiles can affect eczema.  

Essentially, Denise Henry recommends looking for a plant or vegetable-dyed textiles like bamboo, flax linen or hemp. According to Denise Henry, bamboo, in particular, is sustainable and good for the environment. Plus, they are also non-reactive for the skin, unlike synthetic fibers.  

“Bamboo sheets are soft. They do a finer thread count and are coated just lightly in a little bit of natural wax from the plants. That deters the dust mites, so there is no mold growth,” said Denise Henry.  

Skincare Line  

Denise Henry's skincare line is a work in progress. She is continuously expanding her list of products and takes pride in sharing that her ingredients are all natural.   

“All my ingredients are anti-inflammatory and anti-reactive.  My products range from natural butter, sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, lavender, beeswax, soy wax, and sandalwood,” said Denise Henry.  

Success Stories  

Denise Henry has countless stories of clients who have successfully healed naturally. One client was even able to do away with bipolar medication!  

The solution, however, is not at all complicated. Denise Henry says that one must start with simple steps. A good place to start is changing the way you eat and tracking your food intake.   

By tracking your food intake, you would be able to identify what food you are reacting to. It can also determine what part of your body responds to a particular food.  In most cases, Denise Henry says it is usually stress-related.  

“Mindfulness is the base of any healing. Believe that you can heal and that you can heal. I just want people to realize that they can heal themselves. And they can also heal the people around them,” said Denise Henry.  


Denise Henry got her Fine Arts for Fashion Design Bachelor's degree from the International Academy of Design & Technology. She earned her Master's degree in Environmental Sustainability from Green Mountain College.  

She is passionate about creating beauty and healing without harming the planet. After receiving her BA, Denise Henry realized that she cared less about what people were wearing and more about what fashion was doing to our environment.   

Naturally, Denise Henry's Master's Thesis focused on eliminating waste in the retail apparel industry. Not only from the textile development side of it but, also within the transportation and marketing departments.  

Denise Henry's main criticism is that even with Global Reporting Standards like the GRI and the HIGG Index, companies are not required to present the entirety of their data from all levels of production and logistics and on to the sales floor.  

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