336: Energetic Boundaries – Part Two

Eric Thorton And Ashley James

This is part two of our interview with Metaphysical Counselor, Exorcist, Psychic, Healer, Eric Thorton who talks about how energetic boundaries play a significant role in healing. Energetic boundaries are in everything we do.

Even what we experience in this life is brought about by energetic boundaries from our past lives. To know more about energetic boundaries, energy exchanges and how it affects our whole being, check out this episode.


Whatever it is you do, it’s going to come to you naturally in a future life. Eric Thorton says that in all of our lives when we resolve issues, we bounce energy typically.

“For example, if a person has committed suicide in a past life, it is a bad thing. The knowledge that would come into it subconsciously like fear of a high object will affect the present life,” said Eric Thorton.

He adds, “So then you’re going to start re-living being thrown off a high object. You’re going to think about negative things and then feel negative. And then they are going to remember jumping off a high object, and then they’re more likely to do that again.”

Eric Thorton also explains that if they are tapped that suicide is not a bad thing, it’s just a way of dying. And start having memories from jumping from something high, they can feel sad. It removes it from the table for the next life.

Going Towards the Light

Just because we die doesn’t mean our soul dies. Even ghosts have energetic boundaries. Eric Thorton says so many ghosts and souls have not moved on. Because they’re afraid of the things, they were tapped that were going to happen after they died.

“In our life, just like if you’re taught suicide is bad, if you are taught that this is the way to heaven, then that’s what you’re going to be looking for when you die. And if it’s not there, you might think it’s going to lead to hell and don’t go to how people would call it — the light,” Eric Thorton said.

He adds. “The light is knowledge. So, when you do die, you leave the body and see everything around you. You don’t feel your body anymore, and you have full knowledge and full personality.”

Dealing With Death

If you’re taught to fear death, Eric Thorton says you are going to fear death. And you most likely won’t move ahead as easily or at all.

“People who become ghosts, some of them are become ghosts simply out of fear,” said Eric Thorton. “Others don’t move on because of their narcissism. They must control the family. They’re the patriarch or matriarch. They hang back to control people.”

He adds, “If they are a ghost with some possessions from the life they just left, we call out a poltergeist. Because those kinds of ghosts will have a hard time separating themselves with their possessions, that’s why you’ll experience situations where things move even when no one is there.”

Level Of Possession

Eric Thorton reveals that depending on the level of possession, the poltergeist can walk into your energy field just like a ghost can. That’s another set of energetic boundaries. Once you enter the energy field, it can control every aspect of your body in every way. It changes your personality. You can’t protect yourself. If it happens, it happens.

“If you can make it safe for people to explore who they are on a soul level, that’s when they can get through the drama and start coming out on the other side of the field. And you have to do it step by step as per each’s guides,” said Eric Thorton.

Using Your Gift

“Everybody wants my gift. And the fact is, if people have my gift, I earned them in a past life and this life,” said Eric Thorton. “On the gift of second sight, it can break your brain. So, you have to be psychologically ready for that. And anyone who says they want it is not psychologically ready for that. That is the first dead giveaway.”

This is because Eric Thorton says Masters are born. It takes a unique gift to recognize energetic boundaries and how to use it properly. Masters have these series of past lives that had old souls and gained the wisdom that keeps their brain from doing drama.

Because ultimately, if you are seeking to be a healer, you have to care. And you have to understand what energetic boundaries are. If you don’t care, you still have some learning to do. And Karma is the learning tool.

“If you don’t care, you have to learn to care. So, you will live life then, or you aren’t cared about in whatever way it is. And that’s your karma. You learn by not being cared about, and you learn to care. That’s the learning tool,” Eric Thorton explains.

Acceptance and Truth

The soul doesn’t learn by reading a book. Eric Thorton says the soul learns by doing things. Humans have to legitimize where we are at to feel safe. So, people legitimize bad behaviors, so they feel safe. And the safe is righteousness and proof.

“Possessions play on the filters that we develop so they can keep you in a certain pattern. This is where the bigger possessions start to come in. These are the ones that will make your belief system so strong,” said Eric Thorton.

He adds, “Different influences are thought forms. Those are cultural thought forms. Denial is a big wide river. It gets worse when you deny it.”


A session with Eric Thorton internationally recognized metaphysical counselor, exorcist, psychic, healer, and author of Educating the Soul, Spiritual Healing, and Our Eternal Psychology® can awaken the spirit within you. Healing and liberation through clear channels by a gentle, loving and humorous man. The gift you receive is your Self. 

As a Spiritual Healer, Psychic, Medium and Exorcist, and animal talk and healer, Eric Thorton has found a profound new avenue to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual healing for you and your pets. He has accomplished this by combining the gifts of healing with those of the psychic, medium and exorcist.  

Eric Thorton’s unique abilities are now available to others for both therapeutic and healing processes, in person in the Seattle area and remote sessions anywhere on the planet. 

Eric Thorton points out that we spend much of our time taking care of the conscious mind and body for ourselves and our pets that we often lose sight of the essential parts, how our subconscious mind and our spirit play in the delicate balance of our health and that of our furry loved ones!

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