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Eric Thorton And Ashley James

Energetic boundaries play a significant part in healing. It’s so powerful that we do have to understand how it affects us to be able to make it work in our favor. Energetic boundaries cover protection and spiritual healing. My guest, Internationally-recognized Metaphysical Counselor, Exorcist, Psychic, Healer, and Author Eric Thorton will explain how energetic boundaries affect karma, suicide, anger, frustration, exorcism, and possessions.

Energy Exchange

To understand energetic boundaries, we must first learn about energy exchange. Energy exchange is about learning to exist in this world. According to Eric Thornton, we need to look at people in the range of sensitivity being old souls and younger souls. Younger souls would be less sensitive and aware of the things around them.

“The way I describe it is they would have a small radar dish. The people that are sensitive have a large radar dish. Every person is in a different class,” said Eric Thorton.

He adds, “If you have a large radar dish, you’re doing to have to take in way more information. Even the sound of the way people talk to you will draw a different way of you absorbing it. Like anger. You can feel it before it even happens. The computer can pick up that frequency so we can read the frequency.”

Four Levels

In the energy exchange, Eric Thorton says four significant areas spell our energy boundaries. It’s here where we can look at the different responses in those four areas which are daily, institutional, contractor and regret levels.

“The daily level is our interaction with everybody every day. Apparently, positive and negative interactions have different yet significant effects on our hormones,” said Eric Thorton.

Thought Forms

Eric Thorton says talk therapy is one way to level out our hormones. If you do something that’s not particularly pleasant, pull your energy back. This daily or everyday level applies to everything we do.

“If someone comes in here and I work with them, when they leave, I give them their energy back. Not the energy that we got rid of. We do this with all types of energy,” Eric Thorton said.

He adds, “If you’re taking a lot of information, you’re trying to get serotonin and dopamine from your interactions. When you find yourself in a challenging situation, visualize the energy and send it back out. That is a thought form.”

Eric Thorton says thought forms are the energy our brain created. It can be peculiar. We need to consider that these thought forms are bombarding us at all times. And they stress us. Whether we’re aware of them or not. And that stress level can be recreated all the time, all day long.

Stress and Paranoia

Stress and paranoia involve another set of energy boundaries. When we are stressed, Eric Thorton reveals it means our subconscious mind has gone through the entire scenario. It happens so fast, and it comes out of you whether you’re covering it up consciously or not.

Eric Thorton also says paranoia is also a thought form. If you have enough thought form of paranoia and you haven’t done anything about it, the thought form is going to build up enough to attract its possession of paranoia. Then you become a paranoid person.

“You open more doors of energy to come in. When a possession comes in, you think the energy of what you’re hearing is the inner voice that use your brain power to influence you,” said Eric Thorton.

Anger, Suicide, and Frustration

Other significant negative emotions that we have to keep in check are things like suicidal thoughts, anger, and frustration. The energy surrounding these emotions are strong and will most likely lead to something bad if not addressed.

The human body is designed to create filters for different situations. Eric Thorton says we develop these filters for anger in particular due to our biological make-up. That energy of anger makes your anger so bad.

“And when you learn about your anger, and you learn about what happened to you, you can heal the wound. It inspires you to heal,” Eric Thorton said.

Creating Something

Eric Thorton says the contractor level, in particular, is everything we create. It’s when we put our life into everything we do with our hands and our voice. You have to learn to write, learn to think in everything you create.

For example, before you press send, or before you file the document, you look at it and pull the energy out of it. Then it comes back to you. You depend on your brain and your history to keep the show going.


Even how much we eat says a lot about our energy boundaries. There’s a mental, psychological and emotional factor around food.

“Are you allergic to food? We crave what we are allergic to.  You have to see what the components that are causing the behavior that they don’t want,” said Eric Thorton. “You also have to consider an individual’s ability to change their meal pathways slowly. The bigger brain has sound and sight. The digestive brain has feelings.”

Spirits and Healing

The pain and level of possession can affect your energy. For example, the energy of a poltergeist can control every aspect of your body. It changes your personality. A ghost can also influence your energy field.

“If you can make it safe for people to explore who they are on a soul level, that’s when they can get through the human drama and come out on the other side of the sphere,” Eric Thorton said.

Utilizing Your Gift

There are a select few who have been blessed with an extraordinary gift. Their senses are way above the rest. However, some do not know how to use it properly. Hence, it is essential to be aware of how we use our gift to make sure it does not cause pain or harm to yourself and others.

“Some people have gifts like the gift of sight. You can experience things that can break your brain. So, you have to be psychologically ready for that,” explains Eric Thorton. “And anyone who says he wants it is not psychologically ready. That is the first dead giveaway. You learn techniques and get certificates to say you mastered something.”


If something changes in a person’s life, the guides will create karma. Generally, karma also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect. This is where the intent and actions of an individual can influence their future.

Good intent and good deeds lead to good karma and future happiness. On the other hand, bad intent and bad acts contribute to bad karma and suffering in the future.

“I live it, too. I have made serious errors and judgment because I was taught incorrect information. And I have to admit those errors. It gets worse when you deny it,” said Eric Thorton.


A session with Eric Thorton internationally recognized metaphysical counselor, exorcist, psychic, healer, and author of Educating the Soul, Spiritual Healing, and Our Eternal Psychology® can awaken the spirit within you. Healing and liberation through clear channels by a gentle, loving and humorous man. The gift you receive is your Self. 

As a Spiritual Healer, Psychic, Medium and Exorcist, and animal talk and healer, Eric Thorton has found a profound new avenue to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual healing for you and your pets. He has accomplished this by combining the gifts of healing with those of the psychic, medium and exorcist. 

Eric Thorton’s unique abilities are now available to others for both therapeutic and healing processes, in person in the Seattle area and remote sessions anywhere on the planet. 

Eric Thorton points out that we spend much of our time taking care of the conscious mind and body for ourselves and our pets that we often lose sight of the essential parts, how our subconscious mind and our spirit play in the delicate balance of our health and that of our furry loved ones!

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