26: Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Leiann King

Leiann King, originally from California now lives in Utah with her family. She is a farmer’s wife and homeschooling mother of nine children. She has spent a lifetime learning and exploring natural and alternative living. She is an advocate of home birth and natural parenting, birthing five of her nine children at home with the support of her loving husband. She is a certified Master Herbalist through The School of Natural Healing, an expert on the therapeutic uses of essential oils and has begun practice in the field of iridology. She is a raw food enthusiast and believes in the enhanced spiritual benefits of eating close to the land.

Leiann is an energetic and informative speaker with a treasure trove of experience and insight. She walks her talk. A passion for working with nature and blessing the lives of others are foremost in her life.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

What are essential oils / aromatherapy
Different ways to use essential oils safely
How to NOT use essential oils
How to support your health using aromatherapy

Health AH-HA Moment:

You can use essential oils instead of pain meds to decrease, or eliminate, pain naturally! You can also use them to boost your immune system, uplift your mood, increase your memory and promote skin health!

Your Challenge:

Get lemon or orange essential oils. For the next 7 days, sniff the cap of the bottle and then rub one drop on each big toe and walk around for one minute.

Chose lemon to stimulate the left side of your brain, to uplift your mood and support your body in fighting bacteria.

Choose orange to stimulate the creative / right side of your brain, to cheer up and regulate your thyroid healthfully.


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