07: Feldenkrais: What Is It? & Will It Help Me?


Ashley James interviews Peggy Protz, today’s guest on Learn True Health.  Peggy is an expert in movement and how the quality of your movement directly affects your quality of life.  She has been a professional dancer, a pilates instructor, and, since 2002, a Feldenkrais practitioner.  Feldenkrais aims to reduce pain or limitations in movement.

It is for those who have not had success with traditional physical therapy. Feldenkrais is designed to break up habitual patterns and introduce new ways of functioning so that you’re not tied to your habits.  Interestingly it looks at the whole system—the area that hurts may have its source from another part of the body.  Feldenkrais helps the body reprogram itself.

It is also very effective with neurological challenges, such as MS and recovering from strokes, anything that affects the way you move and the way your brain and muscles are connected to each other

Peggy points out that this technique is not a conditioning approach, like yoga or pilates.  She trains athletes not to be stronger but to learn to use their bodies more efficiently, to correct habitual movement patterns.  Each body is unique with unique patterns. When you rebalance your body, you feel a sense of lightness, you see more options around you and life seems easier.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

If you’re bent over because you’re at a computer all day, the Feldenkrais technique will reset your posture so your body learns to sit correctly.

This technique was designed by Moshe Feldenkrais (1904 – 1984), a physicist and engineer, with a black belt in Judo.

If you have “cell phone neck,” you’re not alone.

Feldenkrais will teach you how to use your body more efficiently.

Health AH-HA Moment:

We’re walking around stuck in our habits.  It’s time to learn new ways for our body to function.

Your Challenge:

List the long and short term skeletal pain that you have had, for instance back, neck or shoulder pain.  Consider having a this treatment to experience relief. One session will make a difference.