138: Finding Inner Peace

Finding Inner Peace Through the Seattle Peace Project

What I love about my guest's mission today is that you are inspired by the belief that our thoughts and finding inner peace do have an impact on the external world.

Troy Reicherter's mission aims to help so many people in finding inner peace through detox and meditation.

Chinese Connection

Reicherter earned a bachelor's degree in history from Sacramento State University, then spent five years in Taiwan studying Chinese culture, language, and religion.

After that, Reicherter went to Kunming, China in 1996 to study traditional Chinese medicine, then returned to the United States.

There he earned a master's degree from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco.

Working as an acupuncturist in the San Jose area, Reicherter went to San Jose State University to become a teacher. He taught history for five years in Fremont, California, before moving to the Seattle area in 2008.

In 2010, Reicherter earned a second master's degree in Education from City University and has been teaching history for 14 years now.

The Seattle Peace Project

In addition to teaching about history, Reicherter has always wanted to make history, and that is what this project is all about.

A meditation for peace experiment conducted in 1993 inWashington, D.C., showed a 23% decrease in violent crime.

Consequently, around 4,000 meditation experts got statistically significant results. Despite that, the project had no other large-scale experimentation, until now.

Furthermore, the Seattle Peace Project is looking for volunteers to spend time daily meditating or praying for harmony and finding inner peace in Seattle from June through September 2017.

Downloadable App

A downloadable Andriod app is free and available to allow all those who wish to join.

Hence, they can log in from wherever they are in times of prayer or meditation and participants can be a part of a community or make time finding inner peace alone in the privacy of their home.

Consequently, the violent crime records will be scrutinized to see if there is an apparent decrease, and statistical analysis used to determine the possibility that any decrease is due to chance alone.

“If we can prove that finding inner peace through meditation and prayer can effect an entire city, it would have a significant impact on the future,” explains Reicherter. “The project could make everyone from all over the world re-prioritize their lives, and start allocating a time every day for finding inner peace through prayer and meditation.”

Reicherter believes this could lead to a deeper understanding of our real potential, further holistic experimentation, and a true cultural shift in the direction of finding inner peace and wisdom.

This experiment completely depends on volunteer effort, and Reicherter says they do not intend to use a penny of donated funds.

Reicherter is asking everyone to join in this project, regardless of an individual's particular religious affiliation, or lack of it.  Even those who are not from Seattle proper can participate.

So for those who want to start having a meditation practice, you can start now until September for a few minutes.

“Set a goal for yourself on how much time you are going to spend finding inner peace through meditating. You'll start to notice that you'll feel different and become for confident. Your heart will radiate out so much energy at will,” says Reicherter.

For Beginner Meditators

There is a link at the bottom of Reicherter's website to help guide you on how to meditate.

To the people who do not know how to start a prayer for peace, you can try this non-denominational visualization.

You can adapt it to your personal beliefs if you feel like it.  It is best if you do this sitting down, completely still, breathe deeply and slowly, stay completely focused, with eyes closed.

Meditate with undivided attention for a minimum of 15 minutes daily:

  1. Concentrate on a golden light from above
  2. Descending into your body
  3. Filling you with light and warmth.
  4. Let your heart well up with love
  5. Until you feel the heat
  6. Glowing like a dynamo
  7. Shining out like a supernova
  8. Picture energy radiating forth from your heart
  9. In an expanding circle of light.
  10. Let your light grow to encompass the room,
  11. Your house,
  12. The entire neighborhood,
  13. And the whole city.
  14. Let love permeate the spirits of all who live in Seattle.
  15. Let all people's hearts be calm, patient, and peaceful.
  16. Let everyone act out of wisdom, consideration, and compassion.
  17. Let no harm be done by anyone, to anyone.
  18. Let all interactions be harmonious.
  19. Let us treat everyone as we would like to be treated.

“I use my hands, and I imagine this big energy orb coming out of my heart. I keep imagining it until I go feel it,” said Reicherter.

Reicherter adds, “And then take the city of Seattle like you're looking down on it until you are bigger that it so that it fit inside the space of your heart or the space of the energy that you project. Try to make it as realistic as possible and bless the people who live there.”

How You Can Help The Seattle Peace Project

There are many ways how you can help this project move forward:

  1. Share this project idea with all your friends.
  2. Volunteer to help plan the project and organize events.
  3. Promote the project on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  4. Post fliers at local businesses, markets, coffee places, restaurants, on community bulletin boards, parks, libraries, etc.
  5. If you belong to a religious organization, spread the news with other members, and ask your leaders to participate.
  6. Consider organizing events for group prayer/meditation, or participate in those held by others.
  7. Ask local media and magazines to cover the story.
  8. Pledge your support/participation to the cause.
  9. Have your name or the name of your business to the project's honor roll.
  10. Download the Android app to record the times you pray or meditate.
  11. Send your calming, loving, harmonious thoughts to the entire city.

“Our thoughts alone are incredibly powerful when we focus them on something good. It's like lighting candles,” said Reicherter. “When we all light candles all over the city, you would be able to see all that light coming up in the darkness.”

Furthermore, Reicherter says one person with a candle says, “I'm going to change things,” it doesn't illuminate very much. Unless other people come and light their candles and pretty soon the whole thing is glowing. And then you can measure that.

“Then we can take that to other cities.  I'm hoping people from other cities see it and take it themselves and replicate the experiment,” Reicherter said.

Creating Holistic Health Research

Reicherter says there will be those who don't believe and there will be those who will try again and disprove that. He believes that at least he got the ball rolling and have people thinking about these things because right now, most of the research, is in the direction that isn't very good for human health.

That's why Reicherter created Holistic Health Research. It's his way of instead of teaching history as a teacher; he's making history which he hopes someday people will look back and say this was the beginning of a spiritual revolution.

“Regardless of your political, spiritual or religious stance, we're all human, and we all can come together and meditate or pray towards finding inner peace for yourself and others,” said Reicherter.

When my husband and I lived in Las Vegas years ago, my husband and I were very conscious of how energy and how intention could manifest what you don't want over what you want.

People who have a negative attitude tend to have bad things happen to them all the time. Whereas individuals who have a positive outlook on things attract positive things.

Reicherter also says Holistic Health Research uses 100% of the donated funds for needed expenses.  There are just volunteer effort and no administrative salaries.  All experiment results will be made public.  He says without donations, there will be no more detox tests and results.

Detox Experiment

Back when Reicherter was in Taiwan in the 90s, there was a group that required him to fast for a detox. The first time he did it, he thought he was going to die. But he got over it.

Reicherter says that fasting is used in all cultures and religions as a means of spiritual and physical purification. Fasting allows our body to cleanse every cell in a way that no other process can achieve.

Since the 1990s, Reicherter learned about Chinese medicine, scientific method, toxins, and physiology.  He learned that at least 90% of cancers are due to environmental pollution, and there is still no solution to remove synthetic toxins from our bodies.

He also learned that breastfeeding women are passing on their toxic load into their newborn babies, who are most likely to suffer from the harm brought about by the toxins.

Because of this problem, it is necessary that we find a way to detoxify our bodies before having kids and teach the next generation how to protect themselves better.

Aside from trying to avoid toxins, the only other solution is to learn how to cleanse toxins from our bodies effectively.

Holistic Detox Experiment

Hence, Reicherter when through a holistic detox experiment has been since May of 2015, wherein he gave blood to form a baseline of toxicity levels.

In a succeeding test, Reicherter fasted for 21 days and went on a detox program that included supplements, colonics, acupressure, saunas, and massage, among other things. Blood was drawn again in January and July 2016, and January of 2017.

The four tests for pesticides in the blood and PCBs cost over $13,000.  Another round of fasting detox is slated to begin in June of 2017, and Reicherter needs $8,600 to fund four more blood lab tests taken at six-month intervals on June and December 2017, June and December 2018.

Main Goal Of The Funding

Reicherter's goal is to cut the level of lipid toxins by over 50% from the baseline measurement of May 2015.  With $16,200, Reicherter could fund tests like this for two persons, including an individual who has never fasted before.

“If we could raise around $40,000, we could fund much more extensive tests for one individual.  With an amount of $80,000, we could do more extensive tests for two persons,” Reicherter said.

With even more funds, the experiment could have different groups of co-ed individuals in varying ages and body types, participate in various detox programs and compare the outcome.

Call Of Urgency

Reicherter says no one else in the world is doing these desperately-needed experiments: not governments, universities, or corporations.  Hence, he is urging everyone to help learn how to detoxify our bodies best so we can all decrease our chances of getting cancer and other serious illnesses.

Reicherter keeps hearing from medical experts who say fasting doesn't work or it's not good for the health as far as detoxing is concerned, and he has always wanted to rebut that.

He admits his test from a few years ago had too many variables. But now he knows what to do to make it more streamlined, so it will pretty much be obvious that the fasting has an effect.

“Hopefully I'll be the first person to prove that there is a way to detoxify our blood of these synthetic chemicals. I want to empower individuals in a way that they can detox themselves. It will change the culture,” said Reicherter.

The Founder and Director of Holistic Health Research is Troy Reicherter.  Born in May 1968, between the killings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Senator Robert Kennedy, he carries with him the spirit of the 60s and a sincere hope for a better world.  

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