157: Tips On Finding the Right Diet That Works For You

Simple Ways of Finding the Right Diet

People nowadays are getting more health-conscious. Food just used to be a source of survival, but it is now a primary way to help our body reach optimal health. But with so many diets around, what is the best technique in finding the right diet?

My guest today, KJ Landis is not a stranger to dieting. Like me, Landis struggled so many years finding the right diet. But despite Landis' active lifestyle, the weight just couldn't stay off. It was frustrating!

To those who have not heard of her, KJ Landis is a fantastic author and health expert. On this episode, Landis shares valuable tips on finding the right diet and how to maintain your ideal weight. Her weight loss journey is truly inspiring.

Recovering From Pain

Landis revealed that used to be obese as a child. The sadness she felt seemed endless and overwhelming because apparently, she was molested by relatives from age 7 to 12.

When she turned 12 years old and celebrated her bar mitzvah, Landis finally took hold of her life. With her newfound courage, she finally faced her perpetrators. When Landis refused the abuse, only then was she able to shed her pain.

Battle Of The Bulge

Life seemed to pass by in a blur. Years later, Landis landed a job working at the Hilton in San Francisco where she stayed for 15 years.

As years went by, Landis gradually packed on the pounds. By the time she was 46 years old, she has gained a total of 50 lbs. Hence, Landis decided to undergo liposuction.

Landis was all set after paying a down payment for her liposuction. However, her husband insisted the procedure is pointless. He believed Landis would gain all the weight back if she didn't focus on finding the right diet instead.

“I looked into other options, and HCG intrigued me,” Landis shared. “After seven weeks of daily research, I decided to go on an HCG diet.”

HCG Diet

Landis began the HCG diet in January 2012. She followed HCG Body For Life protocol with Colin F. Watson. Then in 60 days, Landis lost 50 pounds. Now that's amazing!

First of all, HCG is a hormone that is naturally found in every human. And Landis says that for one to use HCG, you have to use an injection aside from getting a prescription.

The next important thing to remember when you're on an HCG diet is to drink water. In fact, Landis drank a gallon of water everyday. Consequently, when you increase water in your diet slowly, Landis says you can identify if you're hungry or merely emotionally and socially hungry.

“The HCG is not meant to be a yo-yo diet. It's intended to be a permanent lifestyle change. All diets are eating lifestyles,” explains Landis. So if I want my eating lifestyle to be a permanent change, it's to re-educate how we are supposed to eat.”

Eating The Right Kind Of Food

However, Landis didn't stop there. Losing so much weight motivated her to research how to keep the weight off. Making an effort to stay gluten-free and dairy-free is not easy.

Even eating whole foods can be a challenge.

But all successful endeavors take some amount of effort before it can be achieved. Apparently, the secret lies in being able to identify every ingredient in the food that you eat.

Consequently, the hard work paid off. When Landis succeeded in proving the benefits of choosing the right kind of food to eat, people started asking advice. That's when Landis decided to create her protocol.

Basic Rules of Eating Healthy

“Re-educate yourself on how humans are supposed to eat in the ancient ways,” said Landis.

The following are some of Landis' suggestions on how to gradually change what you eat:

• Slowly increase calories and fat.
• Eat healthy protein.
• Add fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates to your diet.
• Rarely eat anything made from grains or processed, refined sugar.
• Eat lots of fish and seafood, organ meats and raw, unpasteurized dairy.
• Avoid processed food.
• Eat high fats and healthy fats.

Eat Well, Be Well Protocol

This is the 9-week solution that Landis developed. Many clients have attested that it is efficient and the results are amazing! An overview of the program is as follows:

• Week #1 Increase water
• Week #2 Eliminate gluten
• Week #3 Reduce all grains
• Week #4 Reduce fruits from your diet to one or two times a day
• Week #5 Reduce fruits from your diet to one or two times a week
• Week #6 Swap out the fats
• Week #7 No more sugar in any form
• Week #8 Consume raw dairy, pasteurized eggs and chicken, wild crop meat, and fish
• Week #9 Give up beans and legumes

Solid Support Group

Landis credits her weight loss success to a support group, most especially her husband. She says that because her husband believed in her ability to write a book, Landis now has four publications sharing her knowledge on finding the right diet.

Initially, Landis started her information campaign via health and wellness workshops at the San Francisco Public Library. The free workshops covered a broad range of topics like good and bad fats, fermented foods, as well as health benefits of chocolate, wine, and yogurts.

‘I Am' Statements

But what good is changing what you eat when you are not entirely convinced it would work? This is why Landis says you must learn to align your emotional and mental mindset. She recommends keeping a journal to write down your big ‘why' and repeat it every day.

“Write down three things daily, and write these statements starting with ‘I am.' When you have an ‘I am' statement, it is a positive psychology statement,” explains Landis.

Furthermore, Landis explains that when you consistently repeat the ‘I am' statements, you create neuro pathways in the brain. Hence, your life will have a new belief system. The new belief system in effect will create an action that will model the lifestyle that you desire.

I think Landis' technique is useful. Because when you verbally declare you want something, it creates conflict inside. There is resentment, and you tend to blame others.

On the other hand, when you say ‘I am' and ‘I have,' you are in effect, taking responsibility. It allows you to see an image of yourself in the future.

To further illustrate, Landis recalls a period wherein she had a back problem. Because it was inflamed, it took her a month to recover. Throughout that whole time, Landis felt like a failure.

Landis initially doubted her credibility to be a health coach. But then she reminded herself of the ‘I am' statements for her to change her life. For 30 days, Landis repeatedly told herself that she was pain-free. True enough, she was back in action in 30 days!

Super Self With KJ Landis

Landis' website is such a wealth of information. One aspect that everyone should check out is her section on recipes. Most of the recipes can be made in 30 minutes or less. And it tastes just as good as it looks for sure!

KJ Landis is an author, educator, former model, health and life coach, photographer and role model. She has inspired thousands with her holistic approach to health and wellness. Her ability to communicate effectively, compassionately, and with patience has helped build the self-esteem and attainment of others' life goals.

Landis grew up the youngest of five children in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was taught that food equaled love, and she was greatly loved. At age 12, she was 5'2″ and 173 pounds.

Her doctors told her parents that if KJ continued to eat in a current manner, she would be a heart attack candidate within months. This scared her parents and the 12 year old into learning about portion control and nutrient dense foods that were beneficial to a young girl's wellness.

The next two years saw a 40-pound weight loss, a height increase of 8 inches, and a newfound love of exercise. Then the pendulum swung in the opposite direction. KJ had a fast metabolism from ages 14 to 16, and her weight plummeted to 102 pounds at her lowest, where her height was 5'10.”

This made her extremely happy, as now she could eat anything she wanted and she didn't get larger!

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