156: Finding The Root Cause of Diseases

Resolve Underlying Issues That Make You Sick

When we acquire illnesses or diseases such as cancer, it's not all about our genes nor the food we eat. My guest Trina Hammack went through severe health issues which led her on a quest in finding the root cause of her illnesses. I can't wait to share her story with you. She's such a ball of energy!

Not many know that emotions play a big part in our healing. It is frustrating how Western medicine plays it down by masking our symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs. Because of this, Hammack made it her mission to empower people by using natural methods to heal.

Battle One: Lyme Disease

Hammack was living a blissful life in Big Sur until one day in 2003. Developing a rash after a mushroom harvesting activity with her son, Hammack initially thought that it was because of poison oak.

However, when the increasing symptoms went from bad to worse, it set off Hammack's alarm bells. The exhaustion gradually became consuming, and Hammack found herself often catching her breath. Trying to sleep likewise was an effort after she started having seizures.

What made it more frustrating for Hammack was that even doctors were clueless about her condition. After countless efforts to finding the root cause of her illness, the verdict finally came out—Hammack got Lyme disease in the brain.

The news came as a surprise to Hammack. How did she get the disease when she led an active lifestyle? Apparently, Lyme disease hides well in the body. Despite that, Hammack was determined to find a cure through natural methods since she already had reservations about conventional medicine.

Hammack's healing journey included homeopathy, biofeedback, as well as nutrition and detox protocols. Going down the path of Natural Medicine proved to be a good move since Hammack eventually got better.

Battle Two: Heavy Metals, Molds Poisoning, and Parasites

While Hammack seemed to have healed from Lyme disease, it was apparently too early to rejoice. She eventually found out she had an infected root canal and poisoned with heavy metals like mercury and lead.

In addition to that, Hammack was also mold-poisoned after she moved into her house that time. It got so bad because the micro-toxins were building up in her system. Apparently, clearing up molds turned out to be a regular job because the layers are deep.

To make it worse, Hammack, later on, learned that liver fluke parasites were feeding off the heavy metals that were poisoning her. She found it out through a quantum analysis process and hence, needed to do a liver fluke protocol.

Battle Three: Ovarian Cancer

One would think the worse is over, right? Wrong. In 2008, Hammack received the biggest blow — she had ovarian cancer. She was understandably devastated and shocked. The avalanche of emotions was simply overwhelming!

Getting a grip on what is her biggest challenge, Hammack was determined to fight a different battle. This was after Hammack witnessed the futile chemotherapy treatment of her mother for breast cancer.

Understanding How Cancer Works

It's so easy to jump on the treatment wagon especially when it is something as serious as cancer. However, Hammack says, no matter how hard it may seem, we have to calm down to first clearly understand how cancer works.

“Trauma from early on is a trigger to cancer now. When you have trauma or shock, and you don't resolve it, you carry that in your brain until you resolve it,” Hammack explains. “You'll see patterns play out in your life and your subconscious is getting you to address it.”

Hammack further explains that after you ‘let go,' that's when cancer shows up. And because while you are in that conflict, either one of two things is happening—you're breaking down tissue, or you're building mass.

Hope 4 Cancer

Turning instead to her friend Dr. Antonio Jimenez, Hammack sought remote treatment at Hope 4 Cancer. In this institute, Hammack worked on finding the root cause of her cancer and was eventually healed.

Looking back at her health journey, Hammack realized that we must not stop searching for answers. Consequently, digging deep for questions sheds light on the real reason why we get sick from illnesses like cancer or toxins.

“The more root factors you have, the bigger issue you can trip. When there is inflammation of the cell wall, it blunts the hormone and nutrition receptors,” Hammack explains. “So you can't get the nutrition in, and you can't get the toxicity out.”

The Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy

One may ask, what is so special about Hope 4 Cancer? Well, for one thing, they uphold the seven fundamental principles of cancer therapy which is a new approach to fighting the disease.

The fundamental principles cover the mind, body, or spirit that is affected by cancer. Furthermore, these principles are essential to allow the body to heal and recover from cancer.

According to the Hope 4 Cancer website, the seven key principles include:

1. Non-Toxic Cancer Therapies
2. Optimize Immune System
3. Full Spectrum Nutrition
4. Detoxify
5. Oxygenate
6. Eliminate Microbes
7. Spiritual and Emotional Integrity

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy

Do you know that cancer and other illnesses can be healed with light and sound? It sounds crazy but it's true and it has been proven.

Hope 4 Cancer offers the Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy wherein sound and light were used to destroy Hammack's cancer cells. The institute claims it to be an effective therapy, with a 20 to 30% reduction in tumor size in a short span of eight to ten days of treatment.

The treatment has been proven more effective with Holistic nutrition practices and detoxification programs. This led Hammack to learn other types of health alternatives such as Germanic New Medicine, Homeopathy, Functional Nutrition, and emotional, physical as well as energetic components of healing.

Frequency Specific Micro-current Therapy

When Hammack started her journey in finding the root cause of her illnesses, she eventually learned how to work with frequencies' micro-currents. The Energy Medicine is actually not a new kind of treatment. In fact, the healing method was invented way back in the 1920s.

“I use a machine on my clients to take down the trauma and inflammation in the brain, as well as the nervous system in one session,” said Hammack. “I can mix and match different frequencies with the conditions and problems, so it is also great for emotional stuff.”

Cellular Detoxification

According to Hammack, her cellular detoxification program is likewise an effective treatment for clients who are looking into finding the root cause of their illness. A primary purpose of the program is to find ways of detoxing the cells.

Success Stories

Hammack recalls a female client in her 30s who is a mother of two and had a stressful job. Since the woman was not responding to chemotherapy, she sought out Hammack for treatment.

“Chemotherapy doesn't work 97% of the time, especially if there is an emotional trauma in the brain. The chemotherapy procedure stops the healing phase from finishing itself,” explains Hammack.

Because she had breast and bone cancer, Hammack deemed it best to first work on the emotional aspect of healing. When treatment commenced on June 2014, the results were not immediate.

However, with continued energetic and emotional healing methods, things started looking up by September 2014. By December that same year, Hammack happily shared that the woman was finally cancer-free!

“Most people don't die from cancer itself. They die from an obstruction or from treatment,” Hammack said.

Co-Relation Between Emotions And Healing

The late Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer's Germanic New Medicine apparently found a co-relation between emotions and healing from illnesses. According to his study, trauma marks on the brain can be seen via a CT scan.

Hammack strongly affirms this fact. It turns out that her ovarian cancer was linked to a childhood trauma wherein she was taken away from her father at the age of 3. Since Hammack didn't see her father for 43 years, that signified a deep loss conflict.

“If you look at my brain scan, you can see my trauma marks. It represents a particular type of conflict,” Hammack explains. “That type of conflict co-relates with a very specific organ. As for my ovarian cancer, it was because of a deep conflict.”

Hammack says this concept applies to other health conditions as well. The following are some examples of conflicts which Hammack says are co-related:

Lungs – relates to a feeling of dying
Breast – relates to somebody taken away from you. This can also signify a home or work conflict.
Bone – relates to a deep self-devaluation about not being a good mother.
Liver – relates to survival conflict
Colon – relates to holding on to anger in the family.

Weight Loss And Healing

Hammack says weight loss likewise has an emotional component. Apparently, we put on weight as a protection for some kind of trauma.

When we start beating ourselves up for having extra weight on, we put on more weight. Putting on weight protects us not only from our original trauma but also from ourselves. Hence, that is why we get fat.

“A root factor of weight issues is also molds and micro toxins that your body can't filter out. It can be tricky to detect because it is invisible,” said Hammack.

Hammack's Website

Hammack's website is so empowering! Hammack is aptly dubbed as the “Root Cause Warrior For Health.” Leaving no stone unturned, Hammack teaches others how to reclaim their strength and vitality while making each step feel natural and effortless.

Hammack is also currently preparing to launch a new treatment program called Cancelling Cancer. The 2-part program first works on the with the physical toxic load and detox at the cellular level, while the second part works on the emotional aspects of healing.

Resolving Emotions For Healing

Lastly, for those who wish to try Hammack's method of healing, she suggests that you look at the emotions surrounding something in your life. As you write down the first emotion, follow it up with the next emotion.

Once you have completed your list, look at the set of emotions and think of what it reminds you of earlier in your life. This way, you can find patterns in what you need to resolve as well as identify its co-relation to a particular disease.

Trina Hammack CHC, FDN is an internationally sought after holistic Health and Wellness expert working with people who desperately want to reclaim their health and vitality. She shows them how to ditch the band aid approach and resolve their underlying Root Cause issues once and for all so they can look and feel terrific.

Having healed herself naturally from Lyme Disease and Ovarian Cancer, Trina understands how it feels to be faced with a serious diagnosis. Trina has made it her mission to spread the word on how to become empowered and heal using natural methods.

Her amazing story and teachings have been featured on The Truth About Cancer Docu series, The Chronic Lyme Disease Summit, The 21-Day Body/Mind Detox Summit and The Global Health and Healing Summit.

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