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GetWellBe is a fantastic health resource for those who would want to be armed with a wealth of knowledge. More and more people realize that there are better and more natural ways of healing. And GetWellBe seeks to empower those who want to make a significant change concerning healthcare. Adrienne Nolan-Smith is the woman behind getting GetWellBe, and we'll learn more about it in this episode.

Lyme Disease

Adrienne Nolan-Smith was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease when she was just 11 years old in 1996. Her younger brother was similarly diagnosed, but his situation was worse.  Nevertheless, to find a cure, the siblings were accompanied by the mother to several conventional doctors.

The siblings were soon put on a common antibiotic for Lyme disease. Not satisfied with the treatment, Adrienne Nolan-Smith's mother researched about the disease shortly after the antibiotic didn't work.

Continuing Struggle

Adrienne Nolan-Smith was brought to strange therapy places by her mother in an attempt to get cured.  Her diet was drastically changed and was even made to try Chinese herbs. It paid off because two years later, Adrienne Nolan-Smith was tested negative for Lyme disease.  That became Adrienne Nolan-Smith's eye-opener.

Five years later, Adrienne Nolan-Smith went to college. Everything seemed fine. But picking up a parasite during China trip when she was in her late teens posed another health challenge.

In another effort to get well, Adrienne Nolan-Smith changed her diet drastically. She lost her period for two years from 2004 to 2006. Adrienne Nolan-Smith went to several doctors. They looked at some of her bloodwork, and some even suggested taking birth control pills to regulate her period.

Mental Illness

Everything seemed okay when Adrienne Nolan-Smith went to a Naturopath. She cleaned her diet, took more Chinese herbs, supplements and even tried acupuncture.

But while she was on the road to health, Adrienne Nolan-Smith's mother had a manic episode in 2010. Adrienne Nolan-Smith's mother eventually committed suicide while she was on antipsychotic and antidepressant medications to treat schizoaffective disorder. According to Adrienne Nolan-Smith, it was a hard battle for five years going in and out of mental health care facilities.

Turning Point

Losing her mother was devastating. Because of that, Adrienne Nolan-Smith decided to switch careers. She moved to Chicago and eventually met her husband there.

“There's a whole different way of practicing medicine, and a whole different way of living,” said Adrienne Nolan-Smith. “I knew I didn't want to see patients. But I wanted to start a business that had something to do with integrated medicine and wellness.” 

She adds, “The only job I could get that could pay me was this patient engagement software startup. I was the 30th employee, and I ended up working for hospitals for three years.”

The Insider

Adrienne Nolan-Smith also shares that working in hospitals was grueling and depressing. She likewise saw many patients and how the healthcare treated chronic conditions.

“I heard mainstream people talking about Functional Medicine. And I was so excited because, for the first time, I found other people like me. Furthermore, Naturopathic doctors were excited about changing health care,” Adrienne Nolan-Smith said.

Starting GetWellBe

Adrienne Nolan-Smith shares that during her honeymoon, she was writing in her journal at the beach. Right then and there, Adrienne Nolan-Smith decided to start a media company. She was convinced it was the perfect career path for her since she has ample experience doing research.

“I thought awareness and education was the number one thing I had to do. So, I quit my job. I knew I wanted to tell patients stories of health recovery,” said Adrienne Nolan- Smith. “There were also other people like me who trusted the system. Many people went through it and realized they needed another form of healing.”

How the GetWellBe Name Originated

The name GetWellBe is unique. Adrienne Nolan-Smith says WellBe connotes wellness and well-being. It's more of a play on well-being because it sounds catchy, which is perfect for her audience who are approximately 25 to 45 years old.

“WellBe.com wasn't available in 2012. So, I thought of a variation. Putting the word “get” reminds people that being healthy doesn't just happen to you,” shares Adrienne Nolan-Smith. “It's a lot of work every day to do all the things that will keep you healthy.”

Baby Steps

In preparation for establishing Get Wellbe, Adrienne Nolan-Smith started collecting stories of health success. She also built a list of Functional and Holistic experts who can help people.

Launched in July last year, Adrienne Nolan-Smith's Get Wellbe website also has animated video guides. There's also a weekly newsletter, and the company enjoys a significant presence on Instagram and Facebook.

Company Philosophy

Trying out something new and unfamiliar can be scary and daunting. That's why for those who are seeking alternative treatments, Adrienne Nolan-Smith felt her company's mission is to arm people with a wide range of knowledge about health.

She says there are so many harmful elements that terrify and make people depressed. It can be drugs, over-prescription of medicine, misdiagnosis, what's in our food, and dealing with issues like roundup.

“Research is important to us but so is storytelling. We make sure that things are palatable and not fear-mongering. My job is to try to present that information logically and conversationally that makes you want to be an advocate. It's been a wild ride.”

Advocating For Ourselves

Adrienne Nolan-Smith acknowledges there are a lot of good Holistic doctors and Naturopaths. But ultimately, she believes we should learn to be an advocate for ourselves. One easy way to take care of ourselves is realizing how important water is.

“Filter water, not using plastic and staying hydrated are three of the most important things that you can do for your health. It's such an easy way to keep yourself from getting sick. Hydration does so many amazing things for the body,” advises Adrienne Nolan-Smith.

Adrienne Nolan-Smith also says that the microbiome needs good and bad bacteria. But the problem is, in the industrialized food system, especially in a globalized one, a lot of our produce come from other countries with different microbiome, sanitary conditions, and regulations.

“That's why I am conscious about using the grapefruit seed extract because according to what I read, it's strongest of the non-toxic produce washes,” said Adrienne Nolan-Smith.

Extra Resources

For more information, GetWellBe has a link on their website where you can download a free PDF on how to get to the root cause of a chronic health issue. Most of the document is around all of the different places where you can find Holistic or Naturopathic doctors, as well as practitioners.  There's also a list of the top 10 questions to ask a doctor.


It's not easy running a company like Get Wellbe. Adrienne Nolan-Smith says she gets some of the revenues from affiliate partners. She has non-toxic products put in a store and has several other brands lined up. Women indeed have gone a long way from being homemakers to running their own business.  

“Many different revenue models make sense for media. And no media company on earth gets all of their revenue from one source. It's just about deciding what revenue channels make sense for my audience,” Adrienne Nolan-Smith said. 

She adds, “From my twenty-year health journey, the system we live in is not set up to prevent or reverse chronic disease. It's quite the opposite. If you want to live a happy, long, full and well life, take control of your health. Advocate for yourself in healthcare situations, demand more from your brands and institutions and never, never give up.”

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