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Goat Milk Stuff

More people are shunning cow milk from their diet. And for an excellent reason, too! Cow milk can be hard to digest, not to mention inflammatory for some people. On the contrary, goat milk has a lot more benefits, whether you drink it or use it on your skin. My guest today, PJ Jonas, will tell us why.

Making The Switch

PJ Jonas is a mother of eight children, all homeschooled. Yes, you read it right. Eight children! She turned into such a big advocate for goat milk after discovering the harmful ingredients in bath soap in 2005.

Not wanting toxic chemicals on her children's skin, PJ Jonas went to look for natural ingredients that are both gentle and moisturizing on the skin. But since it was illegal to purchase raw milk in Indiana, PJ Jonas decided to get some dairy goats instead. And lo and behold, it turns out that goat milk was healthier than cow milk!

“The main difference is the digestibility of the goat milk. There is no adverse reaction, unlike cow milk. Plus, it has a lot of nutrients,” explains PJ Jonas.

Goat Milk

Developing The Goat Milk Stuff Brand

Apart from soaps, PJ Jonas eventually learned to make cheese and gelato using goat milk. Developing the brand for three years, PJ Jonas started giving out product samples in 2008.

Apparently, Goat Milk Stuff is very much a family business. PJ Jonas proudly reveals that all her kids are involved. From the production to paying their taxes, managing accounts and dealing with customers, everyone contributes to building the brand.

It was, however, not all smooth sailing for PJ Jonas. During the time between 2005 and 2008, the family experienced a budget shortfall. Despite the setback, the whole family was able to pull through.

“Sometimes it's the things that you think are the biggest disasters in your life, are pushing you exactly where you need to go,” said PJ Jonas.

PJ Jonas says that when you're building a company, it takes cash to fund and fuel that growth. And lack of money flow is what usually puts companies out of business.

“Very few companies go out of business for growing too slowly. But many companies go out of business because they grow too quickly,” observes PJ Jonas.

Goat Milk

Benefits of Goat Milk

Goat milk is a viable option to those who have a hard time digesting cow milk. Only two percent of goat milk is curd, whereas cow milk has 10 percent. Goat milk also has fewer allergenic proteins. Hence, causes less inflammation.

If you're worried about your calcium intake requirement, you'd be surprised to know that goat milk is richer in minerals than cow milk. It's also high in fatty acids but low in cholesterol.

“Goat milk itself has healing properties. It is high in selenium and good for the skin,” explains PJ Jonas.

Success Stories

PJ Jonas first tried out the goat milk soap on her husband Jim, who dealt with cracked and split fingertips for years. Within two to three days of using goat milk soap, his fingertips were healed!

She also observed that her children's skin looked better. Furthermore, the children rarely got sick anymore because they consistently drank goat milk. Because of this, PJ Jonas decided to get the message out so more people could benefit from it as well.

In 2008, when PJ Jonas started giving out free samples, the response was very positive. Moms of kids who had eczema called in to report that the Goat Milk Stuff soap improved their children's skin considerably.

Apart from that, many others shared that the goat milk soap alleviated the symptoms of many other skin problems. Slowly but surely, the Goat Milk Stuff brand gained a lot of publicity. People were just amazed!

“When you make a difference in someone's life, all the hard work is worth it,” says PJ Jonas.

Looking Ahead

The Jonas family is currently looking into building a larger barn to accommodate their Alpine goats. This year, PJ Jonas says that they will be milking 80 goats twice a day and offering the milk products for sale on their website.

PJ Jonas, however, cautions those who plan to get into the goat milk business as well. She stresses the importance of finding a good breeder who makes sure the goats they breed are in tip-top shape.

Goat Milk Products

If you look at the Goat Milk Stuff website, there are a plethora of products. Apart from the different kinds of bar and liquid soaps, the brand also offers solid lotions and deodorants with a detoxifying effect.

Another great product to try is the laundry soap. PJ Jonas explains that the soap has special oils intended to break down grease stains and help fight bacteria.

PJ Jonas reveals that the conventional laundry soap has an optical brightener. Apparently, it tricks your eye into making your clothes look brighter than they are. It has to bind to clothing, hence, causing a lot of irritation.

“Everybody is different. Take time to find something that works well for you and understand its limitations,” advises PJ Jonas. ” Our liver is excellent at detoxifying your body, but it is just overwhelmed. So we have to get rid of as many toxins as we can. Finding the things that are good for you is worth the effort.”

PJ Jonas is a business owner, goat wrangler, entrepreneur, and mother. After getting goats to provide healthy milk for her eight children, she decided to put excess milk into a batch of handmade soap. That decision was the start of Goat Milk Stuff Her Goat Milk products have been featured on The Today Show, The Doctors, and the “O” Oprah Winfrey magazine. 

PJ Jonas puts her systems engineering degree from the University of Virginia to good use while managing her business, farm, and family. This is a great story of how a business was started in her kitchen and grew it into a million dollar business.

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