35: Gratitude For Health

Angus Nelson

Today’s episode crosses over to how our spiritual, mental and emotional health directly affect our physical health. Through an attitude of gratitude today’s guest, author, speaker and executive coach, Angus Nelson, shares how we can transform our lives to have more happiness, connection and a stronger sense of purpose and belonging.

In the western world, we are taught to focus on goals to achieve. We beat ourselves up for not having the body, the car, the house, the job, relationship or the income we want. Those who find themselves dissatisfied with an aspect of their life end up achieving nothing more than unhealthy levels of stress and inner conflict.

In today’s podcast interview, Angus teaches how to shift our mindset so we can increase our happiness and become grateful for what we have in the now. This gratitude is just the beginning. It opens our life up to feeling levels of joy, purpose, and inner satisfaction that we have been yearning for.

Gratitude fosters generosity within ourselves and for ourselves. It opens us up to seeking new opportunities that we were too afraid to take.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

Angus shares the 3 greatest needs we have in our life.
The need to be unconditionally loved
The need to feel that you are valued, have worth and have purpose
The need to know you are not alone

Angus shares stories and insights around how he has shifted his life from being a victim of his life to generating and owning his life. His life focus is to teach others how to gain the control and happiness that he has achieved through his personal growth journey.


Angus is offering his ebook to Learn True Health listeners for free!

BOOK: Love’s Compass: Hoe Do You Recover After a Lost Relationship by Angus Nelson