147: Truly Heal Cancer Protocol

Truly Heal Cancer Protocol And Chemotherapy

How to heal cancer has long been a controversial topic. While chemotherapy has been the traditional choice of treatment, its success rate and a list of side effects have diverted people to seek alternative ways of finding a more efficient cure, one of them being The Truly Heal Cancer Protocol.

Spearheaded by Marcus Freudenmann, The Truly Heal Cancer Protocol is backed up by a fact-based research on what causes cancer. This episode will educate us on several natural options available for us to treat cancer minus the adverse effects of chemotherapy.

Finding A Cure

I learned about Freudenmann through Ty Bollinger's “The Truth About Cancer” video documentary.

Freudenmann's story is so inspirational.  He has traveled around the world and has met hundreds of doctors who are curing cancer naturally. He ended up making a documentary out of it.

Consequently, he dedicated his life to educating people and sharing these cancer curing remedies after a dear friend died of cancer. What I love about his story is that he has gone to find doctors who are getting very high results and finding out the real cause of cancer.

Risks of Chemotherapy

“I think the biggest problem we have is being completely helpless. My friend was diagnosed with cancer, and the doctor immediately suggested chemotherapy,” narrates Freudenmann. “It was an early stage of breast cancer, and I felt that the treatment was wrong.”

The doctor made it so urgent so that patient followed suit. After the very first round of chemotherapy, more like the first two injections, Freudenmann's friend immediately got terribly sick.

Consequently, Freudenmann's friend died from the side effect of the treatment on her third session. Freudenmann was upset and argued with the doctor. They tried to look for solutions, but it was way too late.

“When you don't know the facts, and you don't know the background, it's very complicated. So I started reaching out to the best clinics in the world,” said Freudenmann.

Together with his wife, who is a Naturopath, and their four children, Freudenmann traveled for around three and a half years from one cancer clinic to the next searching for the best treatments, latest discoveries, and cutting-edge solutions.

Freudenmann said he had met people who had 50 to 60 rounds of chemotherapy and they are still functioning. He believes they must have had the most outstanding liver to be able to go through that.

Once Freudenmann was able to gather enough material for the free video documentary, that's when he started to put together a training program which comprises The Truly Heal Protocol.

Research Challenges

Freudenmann said that finding a common thread was a big mission. Europe, Asia and other places all have different modalities treatments and possibilities. The biggest challenge was to decipher why a treatment worked for someone and not for someone else.

It took Freudenmann almost eight years of research and working with doctors. The trick question there was what causes the disease in the first place since it is not the same scenario for every patient.

“So it dawned on me that it's not about treating the patient, killing cancer or getting rid of cancer,” Freudenmann said. “It's about finding what triggered cancer in the first place and removing that cause.”

Early Patients

Freudenmann recalls that there was one woman who was searching for the problem. None of the treatments worked. When they made her undergo a non-toxicity test, she came back with an extreme load of rat poison.

Freudenmann's group then looked at the cause. It turned out that somebody previously threw rat poison in the attic of the woman's house to get rid of rats. Through the years, the rat poison disintegrated and seeped into other corners of the house making everybody in her family sick.

“We started a complete detox program on the woman and activated the detox pathways in the liver. All of a sudden, the tumors began to shrink. This proves that first and foremost, we need to figure out what causes cancer and why isn't the body healing,” concluded Freudenmann.

Freudenmann also realized that it's a very emotional business and that as soon as they started working from the back end, that's when the results came.

“We work with different clinics now where we look at what is not working in your system and how can we get rid of that. It is wonderful to see results in patients,” Freudenmann said.

The Truly Heal Cancer Protocol

Freudenmann explains that when one has a cancer tissue and healthy tissue, the difference between the two tissues is 20 to 40,000 times higher heavy metal concentration in the cancer tissue than in the healthy tissue. So it's like cancer cells become hogs for heavy metals.

In The Truly Heal Cancer Protocol, they test for different factors. First, many people do not address infections and infectious diseases. Infectious diseases have a lot to do with latent infections.

“Antibiotics do not cure bacteria. They just scrape the membrane off those cells. Which means the bacteria is still alive,” Freudenmann said. “There are many side effects from all those bacteria that are still alive.”

Furthermore, Freudenmann said that if you have no oxygen in your system, the enzymes that protect the cells are not produced. The immune system goes down, and we are susceptible to infection and virus.

The Truly Heal Cancer Protocol also looks for deficiencies because according to Freudenmann, we eat so many foods but it is often mineral deficient.

He advises that we need to be conscious of what we live in because we need to avoid all further problems. It can be the stress level, the food we eat or medicines we take that can cause havoc in our body.

Freudenmann also noticed in many patients that they do anything want, they have the best treatments in the world, but they fail to reduce the stress levels. Hence, they cannot succeed in getting well.

Emotional Factor

Freudenmann's friend had a 29-centimeter long sarcoma along his spine and was initially doing extremely well. He did all the treatments and removed many of the causes, and his body was healing. The sarcoma completely disintegrated.

But Freudenmann narrates that his friend's wife told her husband that she originally wanted to separate from him if he didn't get any better. The emotional state out of this confrontation exploded the tumor overnight. Within a week, it grew to 48 centimeters, and it choked his friend to death.

Freudenmann says this proves our immune system responds to emotional stress more than anything else. In fact, in some countries, like Austria and Switzerland, they do some acupressure on the feet to release emotions.

“There are plenty other co-relations. Traumas and emotional events that have not been released can trigger weight gain,  cancer, and other illnesses,” Freudenmann concluded. “And that is why having an environment that is conducive to health is a significant factor to recovery.”

Loving Cancer Course

Aside from The Truly Heal Cancer Protocol, Freudenmann made a unique course available for patients. The course helps transform one's fear of having cancer into what is cancer trying to do to you or what is it trying to teach you, what is it trying to change, what is it bringing into your life that you can be grateful for.

The program helps patients go through the areas and search the different factors on what would be the benefit of having this disease. According to Freudenmann, it's a journey of consciousness and awareness.

Other Website Resources

Freudenmann's initial resource is a program educating patients on how to prevent cancer.

This is apart from his video documentary and blogs containing several informative articles on the truth behind cancer and efficient treatments.

Another big part of Freudenmann's program is his Ozone treatment. Freudenmann explains that we lack oxygen in our system and although it is not a cure for cancer, it does have a lot of advantages. It teaches you how to energize, strengthen and build your immune system.

However, Freudenmann stresses that the main thing they do is educating health coaches. He has put together a protocol by developing an app which takes you through the protocol where you get to work hand in hand with a coach or a doctor.

While there may be several options available to battle cancer, Freudenmann says the most important thing is to stay calm.

“The biggest problem we have with cancer and with most diseases is we panic and get into that reactive mode. If you go into the pro-active form, that's where you will find your cure,” Freudenmann said.

Cancer Is Curable Now

Marcus Freudenmann has a wealth of information to share and has inspired millions of people around the world with his seminars, workshops and common sense videos (over 3 million views on YouTube alone ). He has produced the bestselling documentary “CANCER is curable NOW” and co-authored the book “HEALING CANCER with COMMON SENSE”

Together with his wife Sabrina ND he founded the TRULY HEAL academy where health coaches and health practitioners from around the world learn how to use an advanced form of functional medicine to reverse chronic degenerative diseases. Marcus offers many programs for patients, coaches as well as health professionals to speed up their awakening to a simple form of medicine which provides lasting results.

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