119: Healing Foods

Metabolic Balance and Healing Foods

Cooking healthy helps optimize our weight. Predigestion Specialist Sarica Cernohous teaches us how cooking Healing Foods is actually fun, easy and flavorful.

How our Food Choices Evolved

I love traditional, holistic medicine. There is a medicine that we have been using for thousands of years. In the last 150 years, we turned away from nature to use chemical compounds.

Nature will help you survive. We completely forgot that it's food that nourishes us. Food is what feeds every cell in our body.  Hence, we should learn the art of cooking healthy.

Consequently, whatever we eat does have its consequences. One in four women gets cancer while one in three people are pre-diabetic. An alarming statistics is that fact that one in sixty-eight children are born with autism. Whereas 30 years ago, it was one in ten thousand.

Cooking Healthy To Maximize Nutrition

I have learned so much from Sarica Cernohous. Her years practicing holistic medicine, helped people shift and start cooking healthy. As a result, this maximizes the nutrition they are getting out of their food. In addition to that, it also boosts all the health benefits from just cooking right.

“One of the hats I wear is the foundation of my thinking. Because it is related to my practice of traditional Chinese medicine. That's like a 5,000-year old pursuit,” says Cernohous.

Cernohous further explains, “When I first learned the theory of this medicine, I felt that it was a language that I had lost. It was such a common and reasonable yet sublime and powerful way of looking at the world. Hence, that has really infused in everything that I do.”

The Funky Kitchen

If you're struggling with weight issues, there's a link between gut and healthy bacteria.  Especially relevant is that healthy bacteria in your gut helps maintain weight. Cernohous' course teaches you how to do this. Furthermore, the six-week course educates you on how to repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria by cooking healthy. This is also based off her book with the same title.

“First of all, I began studying how the foods of our ancestors were prepared. It is not just about bringing healthy foods into your diet. These healing foods should be prepared in a manner to extract their maximum nutrition. Hence, the Funky Kitchen was born.”

A distinct factor of Cernohous' course is how to the proper preparation and benefits of fermenting foods.  She also advises to properly space out the times of your meals, preferably every five hours.  This is to give your body time to break down the nutrients.

“Fermentation allows us to take a large molecule. And through the activity, it leaves out these more macro-components into their more micro-pieces,” explains Cernohous. “It takes this big, obnoxious gluten protein molecule. Finally, through the enzymatic activity of fermentation, that is cleaved out to smaller amino acids.”

Cernohous also adds, “This creative design of life vitality wants to just express itself. It doesn't take a whole lot to begin to shift things. But it does require a commitment to doing it.”

These are the modules covered by the course:

Week 1: Sourcing, Tools, and Overview

  1. Identifying the best tools for the kitchen
  2. Guidance on top-notch resources for the ingredients you’ll need
  3. An overview of some of the concepts and practices we’ll be covering in the weeks to come

Week 2: Culturing and Fermentation Basics with Water Kefir and Yogurt

  1. Discover the #1 thing that has been missing from the foods you’re eating
  2. Go beyond the basics and learn how pre-digestion works to relieve strain on your digestive track
  3. How to make culturing and fermenting easy, safe, and affordable

Week 3: Fermenting Veggies

  1. Short-ferment and long-ferment recipes with safe techniques to get the maximum nutrition with the minimum fuss
  2. How to integrate fermentation into your diet if you have health issues with your thyroid
  3. Easy ways to use the ingredients, spices, and herbs, as well as using the foods available

Week 4: Nourishing Broths

  1. Discover the power of long-extracted broths to boost your health and vitality. Vegetarian recipes are also available
  2. Easy broth recipes
  3. How to extract deeply-held amino acids and collagen and put them into a delicious broth

Week 5: Soaking, Fermenting and Dehydrating Nuts and Seeds

  1. Delicious preparation of  nuts and seeds
  2. The best preparation methods to eliminate the parts of nuts and seeds you don’t want to eat
  3. Easy long-term storage solutions with delicious serving ideas

Week 6: Proper Preparation of Legumes and Grains

  1. This information is transformational even if you’re eliminating gluten-bearing grains from your diet. And if you are a vegetarian, this module is KEY to your healthy experience with nutrition
  2. How to properly remove anti-nutrients and how you process the grains can start to break down gluten
  3. The best ways to make the difficult-to-digest components of these foods easier to digest and put to use in your body so you get the maximum health benefit

“Another thing is that grains when prepared properly, can give you a nice hold between meals. Protein is the most important in terms of what it does for the body. It's also the most challenging to put to use. Hence, keep it to one protein per meal,” advises Cernohous.

Lapis Lifestyle Method

This program, on the other hand, focuses on the relation between weight loss and food.

This is a compilation of the best aspects of her practical and clinical experience.

Especially relevant is that it is a metabolic and lifestyle restructuring for her clients.  It is basically a roadmap for living a balanced, joyful lifestyle.

“This is my free webinar where I discuss why weight loss is such a struggle.  I discuss why keeping it off for the long haul is equally hard.  Finally, I suggest how real, whole foods can be the final answer to your struggles,” says Cernohous.

Main points of the training include:

  1. Why the usual approaches to weight loss have been such failures
  2. Why modern approaches to weight loss make it nearly impossible to keep the weight off for the long haul
  3. How to balance metabolism in 8 steps

Cernohous shares, “The diversity is such an important thing. Consequently, that comes by eating a diverse diet. But eat a diet that is nutrient dense. But what I see people doing is they think nutrient dense also means ‘complex'. That is not the case at all.”

I believe weight loss should be a by-product of the healthiest living possible.  Cernohous agrees, “And that is why I don't call it weight loss. I call it weight optimization. I'm not here to make everybody skinny. I just want you to be the best version of you.”

Sarica Cernohous, L.Ac., MSTOM, BSBA is a nationally-certified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine, practicing Japanese-style acupuncture.

She also practices Japanese-style acupuncture and a coach for Metabolic Balance of Germany.  In addition to that, she serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.

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