128: Healing Herbs

Healing Herbs You Need To Know About

When you learn more about Naturopathic Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and Herbal Medicine, we look more to the traditional styles of healing. They would look at the cycles of the moon and seasons.

We would want to consume healing herbs in this cycle that would help us in a different way. It could boost out a body in a certain way. Healing herbs can actually be delicious.

There are times when taking healing herbs for energy is great. And there are also times for supporting the body to heal and just rest.

I wasn't a big fan about Herbal Medicine before meeting my guest, Dr. Megan Saunders. She educated me on how gentle, effective and beneficial Herbal Medicine is.

Saunders' Philosophy

Saunders has a deep underlying belief in the innate healing power of our bodies. She became a Naturopathic Physician to help others achieve their health goals through natural means.

“I work with the body to support healing instead of disease and symptom management,” said Saunders.  “My role is a primary care physician or as a specialist in natural health.”

History of Herbs

Healing herbs are the medicine of our ancestors. This is something we've been using for thousands of years.

What happened with pharmaceutical medicines is that we lost touch with nature. There are so much more healing components in herbs.

Saunders taught me how to take healing herbs and I totally felt a difference.  I feel relaxed and calmer. Basically, I feel ready for bed whereas before I'd be so wired till late at night.

“Healing herbs are amazing for the body. They have so many different constituents that combine together,” said Saunders. “Creating a multi-acting medicinal product that's going to help improve your health.”

Good Herbs Line

The Good Herbs line is formulating the product to get a good combination of healing herbs. Consequently, It targets a range of symptoms.

Saunders says the quality of the products is very good. Most noteworthy, you don't want to be taking healing herbs that are perhaps dried in a factory line drive-by.

Nervine Herbs

First of all, Saunders says nervine herbs help calm the nervous system. In addition to that, these healing herbs are good for people who are over stimulated or have depression.  Furthermore, it is also good for people who have stress, anxiety as well as any pain conditions.

“When herbs are grown in the wild, the active constituents of the healing herbs are part of the plants' immune system,” she said. “In addition to that, if it's in the wild, it's going to be making more of the chemical constituents in a stronger quantity.”


  • A constituent in Nervine herbs is skullcap.
  • Safe for pregnant women who have sleep issues.
  • Gentle herb but powerful.
  • Calming without being a sedative.
  • Good for people who have panic attacks or anxiety.
  • Helps people with epilepsy.

Saunders explains that pain has something to do with your mental state. Consequently, Nervine herbs reduce that, combined with white willow bark.

White Willow Bark  

  • Aspirin is inspired from this herb.
  • Has Salicylic acid in it.
  • If you have a clotting condition, try this formula.
  • A person who is allergic to aspirin can take this herb.
  • If you have chronic stress there is often inflammation and people have pain. Hence, white willow bark helps to counter that.


  • Not only used to make beer.
  • Tastes bitter so it is a digestive herb.
  • Anything that is bitter is going to stimulate the gall bladder, bowel production, and liver. So it's most effective if you take it before meals.
  • Has a Phyto-estrogenic effect.
  • Simulates estrogen receptor for people that are low in estrogen.
  • Used in some menopausal formulas.
  • Addresses inflammation issues.

“Most Nervines are going to help with digestive issues because they have multiple actions,” explains Saunders. “People who experience liver stagnation might take a while to get used to this herb.”


  • A lot of European societies regard this as a sacred herb.
  • It's very calming to the nervous system.
  • May be taken as a tea that you can drink on a daily basis.
  • A digestive herb.


  • It is a strong sedative herb.
  • Primarily for people who have sleep issues.

Your body will prevent it from overdosing. Because this is also calming and anti-inflammatory, it also addresses pain issues. Furthermore, usually, two droppers is the right amount of dosage.

“Basically, all these healing herbs benefits overlap and each contributes in healing the patient. Yet the beautiful thing about herbs is, it's hard to take too much of it,” Saunders said.

Adrenal Herbs

Saunders advises that for adrenal formulas, it doesn't matter whether you take it in liquid or capsule form. But in the liquid form, you can adjust the dosage.

Here are the key constituents of adrenal herbs:


  • The main ingredient of adrenal herbs.
  • A synergizing herb which means it makes all other herbs work better together.
  • Has so many medicinal properties like being anti-viral.
  • Extends the half-life of your cortisol.
  • Used for people with digestive issues.
  • It is an incredible liver herb.
  • Because Licorice stimulates the adrenal glands, people with high blood pressure should use this with caution. This dosage should be taken usually in the morning or mid-afternoon.

Royal Jelly

  • It's the product made by bees.
  • Extremely nutritive.
  • Must be tested cautiously.
  • This cannot be given to people who have bee sting allergies towards.

“With adrenal fatigue, there are a lot of co-factors that your body needs to create all of these hormones to function properly,” Saunders explains. “B-vitamins, magnesium and minerals—this is a dense, nutrient-rich product.”

Holy Basil

  • Has a calming effect.
  • It also has an insulin-balancing effect.

Finally, Saunders also clarified that often with adrenal issues, we have blood sugar swings and feel tired. Hence, she claims Good Herbs formulations can eradicate all those medical conditions over time using her treatment plan.

“It's a long-term treatment plan usually 3-6 months in terms of assessment.  Hence, you should be feeling better after a month,” Saunders said. “By the end of three months, one should start noticing the difference.”

Dr. Saunders graduated from medical school in Bastyr University in 2013. Her specialties include Naturopathy and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Pain Medicine.

She says she has a passion for empowering patients with the tools to create a new standard of health. This she says, improved their quality of life through natural health.

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