207: The Healing Power Of Silence

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The Healing Power Of Silence

Silence is a powerful healing tool. However, many people take it for granted. To further expound on how silence dramatically contributes to our overall well-being, I'm ecstatic that health and life coach KJ Landis is once again on the show today!  

Dark Past  

For those who missed listening to KJ Landis' past guesting, I'm re-introducing her before we dive into the topic for today's episode.  You'll be so blown away as to how KJ Landis survived a dark past and transformed herself to become a fantastic coach today.    

First of all, KJ Landis was an educator in the mid-80s.  However, before that, she reveals that she was obese as a child.  As a victim of sexual molestation by some adult and teenaged male relatives, KJ Landis used food and music as comfort.  

Throughout that time, KJ Landis kept silent. Fast forward several years later, KJ Landis found herself again struggling with weight issues during her mid-40s. She eventually found ways to lose the weight and sought ways to maintain her weight.  

New Forms Of Silence  

KJ Landis found that silence was the solution for her to keep the weight off. However, unlike the kind of silence she went through during her dark past, this was an entirely different kind of silence. 

“The focus for me was doing new forms of silence like meditation, eating healthy, yoga, hiking or anything that compliments the scientific facts of what to eat to maintain a healthful life,” said KJ Landis.  

silence as a healer

Empowering People  

KJ Landis' personal experience led her to become an expert in empowering people through her workshops on essential oils and knowing the benefits of good fats. She also offers workshops on helping people eat right by educating them on the kinds of organic foods.  

“I want people to feel empowered, healthy, and enlightened. There are different modalities of silence that have helped me,” said KJ Landis. “These are also what I recommend to my clients.  It includes the negative thought pot, hiking, yoga, meditation, walking, bathing, candles, oils, prayers, reading, writing and sleep.”  

Negative Thought Pot 

This concept of throwing away negative thoughts originated from one situation KJ Landis had with her daughter. To help her daughter get rid of her negative feelings that time, they wrote down negative thoughts on pieces of paper and burned it in a pot.   

The negative thought pot is a wonderful solution especially for those who need to visualize getting rid of feelings that hamper ourselves to be positive. KJ Landis says this exercise can either be done indoors or outdoors and the act of burning is essentially a form of healing.   

“When you physically have that mind and body connection of writing it negative thoughts down, going through the head and heart on paper, you remember the memory that you physically destroyed it,” KJ Landis said.  

She adds, “It's like slamming the door with the negative thoughts. It's about opening your mind to new possibilities once you close the door on things that are holding you back.”  

Getting Enough Sleep   

According to KJ Landis, sleep is the easiest way to enjoy the silence.  Many of us underestimate the power of sleep. We're usually so wrapped up doing so many things and end up taking sleep for granted.   

To those who have a hard time sleeping, KJ Landis suggests establishing a time to wind down for the day and get rid of thoughts that prevent us from having a good night's rest.   

Tools like scented candles, soothing music or eyemasks may help. Once we resolve to allow ourselves to wind down, we will eventually sleep deeper and better.  

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Bathing In Silence  

Now, this is one of KJ Landis' favorite methods of enjoying the silence. She shares that bathing in silence with scented candles and essential oils feels terrific! Having no windows in her bathroom also adds an extra layer of silence.   

“All you hear is water. It is highly enlightening and meditative. Plus, the layer of scent allows your imagination to wander and simmer in your memory,” said KJ Landis.  

Reading And Writing  

Reading is something that a lot of people find relaxing. KJ Landis says reading is a silent healer. Back in the old days when there weren't that many gadgets, we get lost in another world just by reading books.   

Just like reading, a lot of people also find writing to be therapeutic. In fact, when I was younger, I went out with a guy and was oblivious to the fact that he was emotionally abusive. Journaling did help me cope, and I certainly learned a lot from that experience.  

“Writing is so powerful because it's coming from knowledge. It's also coming from pure divine inspiration from whatever is around you,” KJ Landis said.  

Meditating In Silence  

KJ Landis has tried meditation since she was 15 years old. However, it was only five years ago that she felt her meditation sessions were successful. Apart from meditation, KJ Landis likewise practices yoga.  

There are advanced sessions for meditation, and KJ Landis advises beginners to take it step by step. Both meditation and yoga entail correct breathing techniques which takes time to master.  


We have all heard that when everything else fails, prayer prevails. And that's so true! Prayer helps us tune in to the deepest core of our spirituality. And to pray in silence attracts a fantastic sense of peace and empowerment.  

“The difference between prayer and meditation is that prayer is honoring an outside source or making a request. Praying is a quiet intention, yet it is an amazing healer. That modality is as powerful as meditation,” said KJ Landis.  

Nature Walks  

KJ Landis says that hiking and walking in Japan is called ‘shin-rin yoku' or forest bathing. It is the most popular recommendation by Japanese doctors to treat patients with anxiety, stress, high blood, bipolar, depression, high cholesterol.   

“It is communing with nature and engaging our five senses. Being in touch with nature is important to our biology, physiology, and emotional wellness,” affirms KJ Landis.  

Sensory Deprivation Tank  

Not many people are familiar with this method of healing, but KJ Landis says this process costs money. It essentially makes you feel like you're in outer space and taps into your sixth sense which is your instinct.   

KJ Landis shares that although she failed to feel a sense of enlightenment, other people have succeeded in releasing anxiety through this method.   

Happy Healthy You Book  

To know more about KJ Landis' methods for recharging your mind body and soul, her book is an excellent resource for tips and tricks on how to be healthy inside and out.   

The book teaches you how to get rid of all your emotional and mental baggage. It also educates you on how you can make time to enjoy the healing powers of silence.   

“When creating a space of sacred silence or ritual silence, work at it as a present to yourself. Because you deserve to be the best you that you can be for all of your life,” said KJ Landis.   

She adds, “Once you realize that everything out there is a part of nature and you figure out your big ‘why' to be silent, it can help you in other areas of your life. Once it becomes regular, you'll feel better.”  

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KJ Landis is an author, educator, former model, health and life coach, photographer and role model. She has inspired thousands with her holistic approach to health and wellness. Her ability to communicate effectively, compassionately, and with patience has helped build the self-esteem and attainment of others' life goals.  

Landis grew up the youngest of five children in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was taught that food equaled love, and she was greatly loved. At age 12, she was 5'2″ and 173 pounds.   

Her doctors told her parents that if KJ continued to eat in a current manner, she would be a heart attack candidate within months. This scared her parents and the 12 year old into learning about portion control and nutrient dense foods that were beneficial to a young girl's wellness.   

The next two years saw a 40-pound weight loss, a height increase of 8 inches, and a newfound love of exercise. Then the pendulum swung in the opposite direction. KJ had a fast metabolism from ages 14 to 16, and her weight plummeted to 102 pounds at her lowest, where her height was 5'10.”   

This made her extremely happy, as now she could eat anything she wanted and she didn't get larger!  

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