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Health Goals for 2018

Health goals are usually on top of most people's lists as their new year's resolution. However, how many of us follow through and achieve our health goals by the end of the year? It's only been a few days after the holidays, and we're so lucky to have Adam Schaeuble back on the show!  Read on to check out his excellent tips on how we can become the best version of ourselves this year.

Younger Years

For those who have heard about Adam Schaeuble for the first time, you'd be surprised how huge he was during his younger years. He weighed 185 lbs. when he graduated from high school. Consistently gaining 20 to 30 pounds in college, he weighed a whopping 327 lbs. after graduation!

But because Adam Schaeuble felt unhealthy, he wanted a change. It was not long before he did lose over a hundred pounds! In fact, Adam Schaeuble was so motivated achieving his health goals; it eventually inspired other people in his town to follow his example. Now is the goal is to help people all over the world to lose weight.

“There was no quick fix and no hacks.  The key to successful health goals is to remain consistent in your efforts,” said Adam Schaeuble.

Workout Challenge

Good news! Adam Schaeuble has developed a 14-day course, which is a daily workout challenge. The 10-minute video is unique because it has his clients leading the exercise.

“People are going to get a lot of insight and make sure that it sticks. Because it's New Year's Resolution time right now, people are fired up to get going and ignite that transformation. That's why I call it the starter course,” Adam Schaeuble explained.

However, Adam Schaeuble cautions everyone to be realistic about their health goals.  He said his workout challenge is not going to solve everything. However, he promises that this video will get people started on their health goals and lay the foundation for what could happen.

TransformationCoach.Me Podcast

Adam Schaeuble began his podcast to fulfill his goal of reaching many people all over the world and get them motivated to start their health goals. It's honestly a fantastic source of information on how you can start and maintain realistic health goals.

“I try to paint a picture so that people can visualize the process and see where they are at. Then I put together a process called the transformation timeline,” Adam Schaeuble said.

Going Through The Process

Let's face it.  Getting on the health bandwagon is not an easy task.  It takes a tremendous amount of willpower mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally to achieve our health goals.  While most people can be motivated to start fulfilling their health goals, the real test is whether they have the right mindset to go through the process.

“The basic question is whether you are going to be coachable. What I'm looking to assess is the balance in their lifestyle and health. Are you willing to give up control? Are you willing to learn something new?,” said Adam Schaeuble.

Essentially, what Adam Schaeuble is trying to point out, is that will you be willing to let someone else tell you how to do the process. That is why he asks people to switch their focus toward health for a specified period and let go of that lifestyle.

Program Duration

Ideally, Adam Schaeuble recommends clients to stay on his transformation program for six months. This gives ample time for people to focus on their goal and the why behind the goal.

Furthermore, Adam Schaeuble says we need to simplify things and focus on the fundamentals. Questions to ponder in gauging your self-assessment include the following:

  • Am I following a dedicated nutrition and exercise plan?
  • Is my transformation strategic?
  • Am I doing all these things consistently?

“That's where we start to see results towards our transformation. Stop the negative momentum and focus moving forward. And also get a good support system,” advises Adam Schaeuble.

Lifestyle Rehabilitation Statement

By developing the lifestyle rehabilitation statement,  Adam Schaeuble mapped out what he wanted to achieve, set health goals and a deadline. If you recall, it wasn't also easy for Adam Schaeuble.

“I realized I could learn so much from my clients just by taking some time,” said Adam Schaeuble. “I started a group at my online academy. I sit in and listen, and work through it. It gives me so many ideas to create just by sitting and listening to other people.”

Taking Action

Ultimately, Adam Schaeuble encourages people to seek all avenues where they can soak knowledge. A more significant challenge is also learning to let go of one major limiting belief.

If you have that little voice, Adam Schaeuble says we have to motivate ourselves to go through the goal-setting process. Remind yourself of your health goals and feel the passion behind those goals by assuring ourselves that we are worth it.

“Look at the entire year and set goals for 3 to 5 different areas for the year. Divide it into quarterly amounts. There will be ups and downs but don't give up,” encourages Adam Schaeuble. “Go through the process. The key is never to stop moving. Tell yourself that this is the year that everything changes.” 


Adam Schaeuble is a former Ph.D. (Pretty Heavy Dude). He once weighed 327 pounds, and after losing 100 pounds himself, he opened up a gym in his hometown of Bloomington, IN. Adam Schaeuble took what he learned from his 100-pound weight loss experience and applied it to his hometown clients. In a five year period, his hometown clients lost over 35,000 lbs.! 

Now Adam Schaeuble is on his One Million Pound Mission. He is taking all of his successful programs and strategies that he has used for his transformation and his hometown clients, and he's putting them online with the hopes of producing a one million pound impact across the globe. 

Adam Schaeuble has a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Indiana University and has the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification from the NSCA. At his company, TransformationCoach.Me, he holds the positions of Head Coach and Lead Transformologist. 

He is also the host of The TransformationCoach.Me podcast where he dives into his best transformation tips and strategies, and he interviews people that have had amazing transformation results to extract their best tips and motivation for the audience. 

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