39: Herbs For Energy

You can use herbs for energy! Dr. Megan Saunders teaches how to support our body’s “energy hormones” using all natural herbal tinctures. Youngevity has a line of high quality herbal tinctures that contain strong botanical medicine designed to support the body in achieving balance and optimal health.

Each herb used in the Good Herbs blends, Dr. Megan explains, are wild crafted or organic, a good indicator of their quality and potency.

Dr. Megan explains that herbs are a safe way to stimulate and support the body’s endocrine system while also supporting the body, and it’s systems, as a whole.

You will also learn when to take your herbal tinctures, how much to take and, most importantly, HOW to take them!

For any questions, or to order high quality supplements that support your adrenal and energy health please visit http://takeyoursupplements.com/