330: Holistic Habits and Success Stories (Part 2)

Kellyann Andrews And Ashley James


  • Oil pulling, music and having the right mindset as part of the healing habits you can do
  • Knowledge and the acceptance that you only have one body in this lifetime and that’s where your investment should be focused
  • Listening to the symptoms that the body is saying
  • Our body’s deficiency is something that we have control over
  • Using the Platinum Energy System to alleviate symptoms

We are all exposed to various sorts of pollutants, chemicals, and toxins at some point in our lives. How do we know if these pollutants are the ones that trigger the symptoms that we’re having? Join us today as I interview Kellyann and know the value of cleansing and detoxification with the Platinum Energy Systems.

Educating People

Before getting into Holistic habits, you first have to be aware that the body is in chelation. That’s the thing Kellyann Andrews has always taught people about. The body is the one doing the filtering, it knows where the issue is, and it knows where the toxicity is.

“So, what we are doing is just opening up drainage routes like clogged liver, clogged heart or clogged lungs. The core of the body is made up of cells,” said Kellyann Andrews. “And those cells get ingested with internal toxicity which happens to be man-made chemicals like agricultural chemicals, and industrial chemicals including heavy metal.”

She says people generally feel overwhelmed because of the multiple exposures of these chemicals getting into their bodies simultaneously. Those chemicals start having interaction and create a worse compound. In return, the body tries to keep things under control.

How Platinum Energy Systems Work

With the Platinum Energy Systems technology, there are coils in the water. It creates pressure in the water. And when we put our feet in the warm salt water, it opens up the sweat glands. It allows the body to sweat out into the basin. Then in that content of the sweated particles, the coils attract the harmful particles.

“The technology helps to break up the particles. But what happens around your cells is that you have a liquid layer of fat and it completely clogs up. The health of the body is depending on two things — getting the nutrition in and toxicity out,” said Kellyann Andrews. 

She adds, “But when the cell wall is completely sealed off, the first thing you have to do is clean the aquarium. The internal environment inside the body is either assisting wellness or assisting illness.”

Achieving Wellness

Kellyann Andrews relates that when people come to see her, they are in the ownership of illness. That’s why they have to focus on regeneration. Kellyann Andrews says we need to change over to the visuals of wellness, vitality, and rejuvenation of endless energy and stamina.

“Put that visual, whatever that is representing in your mind and move into ownership. Don’t put your attention on your symptoms, your illness or what’s missing in your life,” Kellyann Andrews said. “Focus on what do you want to experience. And own it in the now. It has to be in the present tense.”

Unconscious and Conscious Life

Kellyann Andrews educates clients, telling them that they need to address the issue at the beginning of the upset. Whether it be a physical symptom, emotional feeling or mental thought. We have to learn to make distinctions between our conscious life and unconscious life.

“The unconscious life is when we are on autopilot. You catch yourself in the midst of having a reaction or an upset or whatever. And you stay conscious in that moment, and we choose what you want the result to be,” said Kellyann Andrews. 

She adds, “The more you stay conscious, the more you realize what is going on, on a mental level. You have to catch yourself in moments of life and re-train yourself to stay conscious. All of our challenging moments are impacting the emotional, mental and physical aspects.”

Kellyann Andrews also shares that if you’re moving to reactive mode, you are not helping your body at that moment to heal and repair. Having Holistic habits is all about having the right lifestyle choices and healing habits. 

Finding Hope

The Platinum Energy Systems technology works not only at the moment during a session. It continues to assist your body after the session.

Kellyann Andrews says a lot of people come to see her because it’s either their liver is not working at all, or it is faltering. After I did my past episodes with Kellyann Andrews, many of my listeners have sought her help. The health issues are endless, yet the success stories using Platinum Energy Systems are inspiring.

Kellyann Andrews recalled having a dialysis patient. Her practitioner worked with the patient and did 2 to 3 sessions a week with her. Her whole body was clogged with internal pollution. So, the primary goal was to clean the cells, so the functionality will come back. After several sessions, that woman’s health dramatically improved.

Kidney function can also improve significantly. One patient was no longer a kidney dialysis candidate after using Platinum Energy Systems. It baffled that patient’s doctor because there has never been a reversal of kidney failure before.

“Heavy metals will affect the mitochondria. In the mucky aquarium, you have high acidity and low oxygen. It’s the number one cause of the proliferation of virus, bacteria, fungus, and mold. The good guys thrive in high oxygen,” Kellyann Andrews explains.

Children also get how significant the Platinum Energy Systems is to their body, and Kellyann Andrews says they just completely chill out. The body is very understanding of the significance of the sessions. Most patients claim that after doing several sessions, their energy is up, breathing is more natural, they feel happier, lighter and brighter. Ultimately, they find joy in living again.


Kellyann Andrews says the body knows what it needs. Our body is so brilliant at helping us and also communicating to us what it wants. What we need to learn is to hear what is a yes and what’s a no.

“The wisdom of the body knows if it’s toxic and going into the danger response. Women have thyroid nodules but often will also have chronic skin issues as well as other autoimmune issues. One source of toxicity is nickel,” said Kellyann Andrews.

Nickel is found not only in dental amalgam but also in braces in the mouth and jewelry. Other sources include electronic devices, household appliances, batteries, lotion, vitamins, tobacco, tap water, transit railing, and many others. It’s being absorbed through the skin, that’s why people have all these flare-ups on their skin. 

More Holistic Habits

When clients know something is driving them crazy on a food level, Kellyann Andrews gets them to chart all the foods they eat and how they feel after. By doing this, you will find patterns starting to occur.

“The mood part is the mirror. One of the things that work well is how you start your day. How you start the day will set the tone and mood the entire day,” shares Kellyann Andrews. 

She adds, “When I get up first thing in the morning, I will drink glasses of water to flush the digestive tract. Then I do oil pulling. Using raw cold-pressed sesame oil is the best. It pulls stuff out of the brain as well as clean out the sinuses. Even pulls stuff from the lungs.”


Music is a significant aspect of Holistic habits. It is the one part that gets into us through vibration.  So ideally, put on your favorite music and completely absorb the vibration. Allow that beautiful energy to help you start your day.

“But behind the music, also do gratitude. Let go of the mindset of illness and move to the mindset of wellness. And let go of the dinosaur way of thinking and dinosaur way of being into the light and love that is so healing on this planet,” said Kellyann Andrews. 

She also advises everyone to do something nice for yourself to raise your vibration. The only point of choice in life is right now. Not the past nor the future. We must not focus on anger because anger only hurts yourself. Your choice is this moment and what you choose to focus on and what you choose to own.

“Think about this for one second. Where are you investing your time, energy and money? You only have one body in this lifetime. And that’s your investment should be focused,” Kellyann Andrews said.



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[02:16] Ashley James: Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is episode 330. Can you tell us more about it? I know we’ve talked before and you’re limited as to what you can share because of the proprietary technology. Is there any more you can explain as to how it stimulates the body to detox or is there any more we can get into the details around it?

[02:46] Kellyann Andrews: Huge part is the body knowing. The body, it isn’t a chelation. That’s a thing that I really have to educate so many people about because they automatically think, like you did, heavy metals but then they automatically think it’s chelation kind of concept. It’s not. It’s the body that is doing the filtering. When we first started out people have, they have a sinus issue or a muscular issue or digestive issues. Whatever their issue was, we saw them have a transformation around that. In the beginning we were still scratching our heads, how can this technology know what part of the body is actually the problem? Of course, one day the light shone in my brain and it was like, “Dang, it wasn’t the equipment. It’s the body.” The body knows where the issue is, the body knows what the toxicity is. The body knows whether it’s storage closeted out of the circulation as a protective mechanism. What we’re doing is just opening up the drainage roots where the person has a clogged liver, a clogged heart, clogged lungs. Seeing in pneumonia or any kind of lung issue. Whether it’s a gallbladder issue or a pancreas issue. Basically at the core of the body is one thing, cells and those cells when they get congested with internal toxicity which happens to be man-made chemicals. Agriculture chemicals, industrial chemicals including heavy metals but what is occurring as to why people so overwhelms is because of the multiple exposures of these chemicals getting into the body simultaneously. Here’s the bummer on top of everything is that those chemicals start to have interaction and create a worse compound. The body, in its wisdom, is trying to keep things broken apart. The liver’s main job is to try to change the chemistry when it can but with something like heavy metals or some of today’s man-made agricultural chemicals, it can’t do anything with them so it’s only choice is to storage closet them. With your friend, any kind of skin issue is classically a toxicity sign. Edema is a toxicity sign. One of the reasons the body creates edema is to try to dilute the toxic chemicals in that zone. Where actually brain fluid into that area trying to dilute the concentration. With our technology, there’s coils in the water and those coils are – an anode and cathode coil. It’s positive and negative coil. What it does is actually creates an osmotic pressure in the water. That osmotic pressure is a higher gradient than what’s in the skin and now we put the feet into warm salt water, open up the sweat gland. Allow the body to sweat out into the basin and in that content of the sweat particles and those particles are positive or negative. Now the coils work like magnets, the negative coil is drawn to the positive coil vice versa. That’s one of the mechanism how does this actually transport. The body has designed the conveyor belt. It’s designed the lava tube already which is the lymphatic system. The limbic system is the way of exiting toxic content from the core to the mouth to the cells to the surface. What the technology does is that literally helps to break up the particles, the molecules, the massive molecules into their particle state now the body can deal with them. What happens around your cell, we have your lipid layer, the fat layer around the cell and it just completely clogs up with this internal pollution both on cellular, externally and internally. When you’re talking ages and ages ago about the nutritional component, yes, the health of the body is dependent on two things, getting the nutrition in and the toxicity out. If now the cell wall is completely sealed off like IV on a fence, no nutrition are getting in and no toxicity getting out. The first thing you’ve got to do is clean the aquarium. The internal environment inside the body is either assisting wellness or assisting illness. In that assist illness when’s it’s all clogged up in toxicity and assist wellness when its full of nutrients, that’s what we talked about in the previous podcast about the chicken cell, the heart cell, speaking of your friend and heart. The heart cell stayed alive for 30 years because they changed the water every day. They gave it electrolytes, the nutrients that it needed for its survival. It kept going. The only reason it stopped because they forgot to change the aquarium water in the petri dish that day.

[09:03] Ashley James: Just to reiterate. You’re talking about a university study where they had cells from a chicken and they were able to keep those cells alive for years and years and years as long they continue to clear out the toxins and give it nutrients.

[09:26] Kellyann Andrews: The electrolytes it needed for survival.

[09:27] Ashley James: Then the day that they forgot to clear out the toxins is when it died.

[09:36] Kellyann Andrews: Exactly. That’s what Bruce Lipton became so famous for his biology belief was that he was teaching med students at the university that genetics was the significance of why we were vulnerable to disease. Then he was going to the lab and he was working the stem cells, these were identical stem cells, identical genetics. What he realized it wasn’t through the genetics of the stem cells that made the difference, it was the environment in which he put the stem cells in and what he put in that environment that changed the stem cells.

[10:20] Ashley James: Correct me if I’m wrong. Was it Louis Pasteur that also said that? Was it him or was it someone else? I’m just totally drawing a blink. Someone said that the end of their life they said –

[10:34] Kellyann Andrews: Yes. It was Louis Pasteur. Admitted that it wasn’t the genetics that it was the environment.

[10:41] Ashley James: Environment of the body which is one of the principles that naturopathic medicine bases their philosophy on. It’s that we need to clean up the environment of the body. I recently had an email last night and I’ve been thinking it’s actually been preoccupying my mind as to how crafting my answer to her. Long email from my listener. If you’re listening, hello. She’s talking about how she’s lost all hope. She’s tried everything. She has enough hope to reach out to ask for some guidance. It’s just very interesting because my answer to her is going to be a little bit about this, about how we need to stop looking at “How do I correct my thyroid? How do I correct my fertility? I’m only looking at that one aspect.” It’s when we get that 3,000-foot fuel of our whole body as a system and go, “How do I create that optimal – what does my body need as a whole, what do I need to stop doing in my life? Emotionally, mentally what do I need to do that is healthy? Behaviors and activities and environment? Do I need to ask myself out of that are not healthy? What things that I need to incorporate that are and then nutritionally, how can I bring in the nutrients and how can I support the body bring in the nutrients and getting out the toxins as a whole?” When we do that as a whole the innate intelligence of the body will start correcting the different systems. What I find fascinating because I have been working for the last 7 years with clients and supplements is that when some has a nutrient deficiency, let’s say vitamins C. Let’s say they have scurvy, they brush their teeth and every time they brush their teeth their gums bleed. And of course, if you have scurvy on the outside, you have it on the inside. All your blood vessels are very weak. You likely have plaque build-up because your body’s trying to compensate. Vitamin C is needed to produce, I’m just using vitamin C because everyone’s heard of vitamin C but there’s 16 vitamins the body needs but vitamin C is the one that we all know about. It’s one of the –

[13:08] Kellyann Andrews: Antioxidants are huge to health.

[13:11] Ashley James: Right. It’s a raw building block of collagen, elastin that kind of thing. If you don’t have vitamin C or a smoker’s a classic example. You see that their leathery skin, they look 60 when they’re 40. That leathery worn-out skin on the outside is actually what going on the inside as well. If you don’t have one nutrient, let’s say one nutrient that’s low, everything is suffering on the inside. Then when we give someone, let’s just say we're giving them vitamin C because that’s what they’re missing which never happens in reality. In reality, nutrient deficiencies are like wolves they travel in packs, you never just deficient in one thing alone.

[13:53] Kellyann Andrews: Domino effect.

[13:4] Ashley James: Right, exactly. When we give that person the nutrients they were missing, the scurvy doesn’t go away first. Within a few days, the gums just stopped bleeding. That’s not how it works. The body does triage. Which if found fascinating, that the body has so much intelligence. That it goes, “Okay, what’s most important is the heart because if the heart’s not beating we’re dead instantly.” The body, if you take in the vitamin C, the body first gives it the heart first uses up the vitamin C and then the next organ, the next organ, the tissues that are needing it for survival first will absorb and utilize it. When you’re taking great supplement, you’ve had maybe thin hair, your nails are brittle and always cracking, you’re not happy with your skin health. That doesn’t correct in the first month, or the second month or even the third month sometimes. Depending on how worn down that person is or how deficient they were. Even though skin takes days or weeks depending on the layer to replace itself, you’re giving yourself the nutrients. Sometimes it’s 6 months or more until they start to see, “Wow, my nails are harder. My hair’s growing in thick. My skin is nice.” I have a friend on Facebook that was completely bald. Couldn’t grow hair. She has now hair below her shoulder this was all based on nutrients.

[15:30] Kellyann Andrews: How awesome. Absolutely awesome.

[15:33] Ashley James: She’s amazing. Her name’s Emily. I’m going to have her on the show actually. She has a wonderful story. I’ve been friends with her when she was, I couldn’t grow any hair and she had skin issues and everything. Now, she’s nutritionally corrected everything and it all came back in. This is the point, is that the body is going to do triage work. People notice 6 months into the supplement program. Of course, again, we have to do lifestyle and diet. You can out supplement a bad diet. You can’t be in the toxic environment and take a vitamin and think it’s all going to get better. It has to be everything. Three or 6 or 9 months down the road that’s when they start to see the less important tissues in the body like nails which are not meant for our immediate survival. They start to get healthy, the skin starts to get healthy and the hair starts to get healthy. That external looking health is a wonderful reflection that all the internal organs have been bathed in nutrients they needed and have taken what they wanted. Now it’s time for lesser important tissues to have their turn. The body had this triage work. I thought it’s really fascinating to see that time and time again that the body has innate wisdom. Like you said with that with your system, the detox system the body has this innate wisdom. Think we’re so smart that we know all the science but were just beginning to understand that. I love learning from doctors and scientist who especially like immunologists who go, “We know nothing.” The ones who have known huberous big open-minded they know a ton of stuff but they go, “We don’t even scratch the surface when it comes to understanding our body. Our bodies are amazing so complex and so miraculous.” Go to a doctor who thinks they know everything and just wants to give you a drug because they think they know everything that is so detrimental because the body has this amazing ability to heal itself if we support it too.

[17:43] Kellyann Andrews: It has it’s own pharmacy internally. That’s why your analogy of the hair, the skin, the nails, the external symptoms of wellness are so huge and that’s why the one thing is the healing habit daily is to stand in front of the mirror and just look at your body in terms of acknowledging how beautiful it is. Then putting a photograph of yourself when you were at your highest state of your well-being. Or put a photograph of someone who looks like a model on a health magazine cover and put that up as your visual of someone that just represents perfect radiant health to you whatever that image is. To stand in front of it. Sometimes having a visual is so wonderful because you just look at that visual and you just own it. That is one of the key things that I see on the path of wellness is that when people come to me, they’re in the ownership of illness. They got the title and they’ve got to focus on degeneration like that person who wrote you that long email. She is so into watching the illness movie and her whole mind is focused on all the things that are going wrong. We need to do this, we need to change the movie. We need to change over to the visuals of wellness, of vitality, of rejuvenation, endless energy, and stamina. Put that visual whatever that is representing in your own mind. In front of you every day and literally move into ownership and say, “This is what I’m creating now.” and not put your attention on your illness is your symptoms or what’s missing or lacking or whatever. A hundred percent focused on what do you want to experience. Own it in the now, not the future, it’s got to be in the present tense. Focus and bring it into your actual reality today.

[20:14] Ashley James: Mindset is so important when it comes to healing. I’ve talked about this before and I have a course it’s called free your anxiety. I definitely encourage the listeners to check it out. If you go to learntruehealth.com. Right there on the right-hand side, on the banner, you can click to sign up for the free webinar. Where I teach some of the stuff afterward if you like, you can purchase a course. I do a 21 days course. Of course, you can take 3 months to take the course it’s just every day gives you content. It’s about 45 minutes worth of content everyday for 21 days and I teach this tools. Programing tools for shifting your mindset towards healing. That shift your whole body. All your cells are listening to that. There’s so many studies that prove that the mind-body connection is real. That by shifting your attention, your focus. You are lowering the adrenaline, the cortisol, you’re lowering that stress response which increases the healing. You either have one or the other. It’s the autonomic nervous system. Either you’re healing mode or in stress mode. The body is listening to the brain. Listening to all our thoughts and all of our focus. So you start to focus on what you don’t want, you’re going to get more of that. It’s amazing how this complex system works. Our body is listening to our thoughts and our brain. I’m not saying just think positive and ignore your body symptoms because we talked about we need to listen to our body and become even more aware of our symptoms. Those whispers on how those bodies are telling us so we can take that information. Like if you woke up with a headache, go and say instead of just grabbing an Advil and moving on go “Oh, that’s interesting what happened, what’s going on with my body that my body is talking to me.” If we’re in that mindset of a victim of our circumstance of our illness then we start lamenting on it. “Oh, I hate having a headache. This hurts so much. When am I going to feel better? I’m never going to feel better. This is never getting better. This is going to affect this. This is going to affect that.” I know I’ve been there. I have totally been there feeling like a prisoner trapped in a sick body. Suffering all the time, crying all the time because of how much it hurts emotionally and physically. I’ve been there. One of the biggest things I’ve done to help heal so many of the conditions that I’ve healed in the last 10 years is shifting my mindset focusing towards what I do want but at the same time listening to the symptoms of my body instead of judging them. Instead of going judging the headache go, “Oh that’s interesting, my body is telling me something. Maybe it’s dehydration, maybe it’s mold exposure, maybe it’s,” go on the list, “Maybe I ate something” at least it’s telling us. Something now it’s whispering to us so we can start to look and see what do we need to give it. What do we need to avoid giving it? Focus on the end result being that you’re healthy. Bringing that your tension towards your end goal of health and listening to the symptoms of the body saying, “I want to hear my symptoms so I can make little adjustments. I can get the health that I deserve and focusing of that feeling of what would I feel like if I was totally healthy right now.” I love you pointing out then we look in the mirror, we were always looking at our flaws. I’m always looking for if I have a chin hair I have to pluck [crosstalk] always looking at what I have to brush my hair. Yes, the correction, right.

[24:11] Kellyann Andrews: What needs correction. You see, school taught us that. The news teach us that. It’s always what’s wrong. But so I love what you were just saying, it’s yes, take action now. The key which is what you’re still pointing out that the so vital is to do it at the onset. Do it at the budding stage of some signal. Not when you’re flat in your back and not able to move. The key thing that I find and I’m sure you do too is to educate clients that they need to address the issue at the beginning of the upset. Whether that upset happens to be a physical symptom. An emotional feeling or a mental thought. If you could catch yourself in the moment because you know, we have 2 lives. We have our unconscious life and we have our conscious life. Our unconscious life is when were are on autopilot. Which Bruce Lipton, he’s so funny he calls it the default. When we're going back to our default which is our programming, our first 7 years of our lives. Our autopilot, our remote-controlled, our robot self. You catch yourself in the midst of having a reaction or an upset. Whatever and you just stay conscious in that moment and you choose what the end-result to be. The more that you stay conscious and the more you realize on a mental level of what is going on, somebody is pushing your button and you find your hackles rising up and you just feel the whole reactiveness coming up the body. Like the other day, this is such a simple illustration but I ran a saltshaker. Here’s a simple quick task to do in life in between everything else going on the express lane of life. I go into the kitchen store to get a salt grinder. The one that I buy, I take home and it won’t grind the salt. I’m like, “What the heck.” This place is not near me so now I have to drive all the way back there, replace the thing and I take it back she said I can’t take it back because it’s used. I’m like, “Hello? It doesn’t work.” What it turned out was the salt that I was using was a wet salt instead of dry salt. A little bit of acting could have done it anyway, here’s the point of the story. I was having a complete eruption occurrence to out myself. I was like, “You’re telling me you can’t take this back because it’s used? I didn’t use it. It wouldn’t work.” You catch yourself in that moment because that negative feeling wasn’t going to affect her. If I had an eruption, it might but the thing was that, who is it going to affect? It’s going to affect my heart. My hands would start sweating. That whole fight and flight response. That whole amygdala limbic response. Of course, that does not joy juice around your body. You’ve got to catch yourself in these moments of life and retrain yourself to stay conscious.

[27:45] Ashley James: I love it. If the joy juice isn’t flowing, we need to take a breather.

[27:54] Kellyann Andrews: Well, you’re not healing and repairing your body in the moment of eruption. You’re doing the opposite. You’re melting down your internal zones and putting them in heat overdrive shutting down the cell gates, the mitochondria which are your energy producers are using up energy that could’ve been used constructively and it’s being used destructively. It requires you to stay conscious. It require you to evolve and say, “what is the outcome I really want here?” on the verge of erupting, “Chill out. Chill out. This isn’t going to get us anywhere. You want to replace this saltshaker to something that work. That was the purpose for coming in here.” In the end, I took a discount on my refund. She got to keep the salt shaker. I didn’t get to keep it and I got a salt shaker that worked for me. It’s so amazing that moments of life that challenge us. Whether it’s your spouse, your husband, your child, your co-worker, someone in traffic being very rude and obnoxious driver. All those moments you challenge they’re all impacting you emotionally, mentally and physically. If you’re moving to reactive mode, you’re not helping your body in that moment to heal, repair and feel happy.

[29:29] Ashley James: I love it. I always love talking about this because it’s something we have control over. If you have a magnesium deficiency sometimes – if you have a nutrient deficiency if there’s something like that’s something external, you have to go get it and put it in your body somehow absorb it somehow either through IV or magnesium footbath or taking an oral supplement. Somehow, you’ve got to get it in you. Not always easy to do if you have issues like absorption problems. It is very physical. Get magnesium, get it in your body that’s what your body needs. But this aspect of shifting mindset, shifting focus, that is so relevant. As relevant as addressing nutrient deficiency, we have 100% in control of it. We don’t have to go outside ourselves to go to a supplement store for example. It’s a hundred percent we have all the capacity and it’s a matter of learning these tools. Of learning first to catch ourselves to get conscious of it and to start to require our thinking. First, it takes to be very conscious and intentional and catching ourselves. You have to catch yourself in your tantrum around your saltshaker and we have to catch ourselves in traffic when we’re having a little tantrum about, “That person shouldn’t have cut me off. I’m going to show them. I going to flash my lights. I’m going to rev my engine.” Whatever. Now that I have a toddler, I can see were all just a bunch of kids. We’re five-foot tall toddlers.

[31:07] Kellyann Andrews: We’re little kids with big bodies. I know. It’s just so fun to watch but if you get in the entertainment of it. It's’ as if it’s a movie. What we’re really talking about is making right lifestyle choices. Healing habits in the moment. We have this man who was actually the father-in-law of a client. She was one of the line patients and it was her as well as many others that has said to me, “My god, your platinum system is my go-to.” She had a diabetic father in law. He phones her up and he tells her that at his blood sugar is 440. You can imagine if his blood sugars at 440. What’s he even doing, he’s not making healthy choices. Anyway, he comes over for a session then he retests his blood sugars the next morning, the next morning they’re now down somewhere into 200. She didn’t know exactly where they were. From doing one session. Get this, that day is the day before thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day, this is one when retested himself and his blood sugars have dropped. That night what does the diabetic do? It’ll just give your head a shake. He goes to his family thanksgiving dinner and not only does he eat the marshmallow sweet having sugar, sweet potatoes, he also eats the two pies for dessert on top of the turkey dinner. An absolute perfect way to upload pure acid. So he’s taking the next day his blood sugars are going to be at 600 but this is 2 days after the session, his blood sugars on Friday morning after thanksgiving dropped down to 118. What happens is this technology not only works on you in the moment of you having the session but it continues to assist your body the days following. When he did this massive upload of sugar, his body knew not to take it in and dump it out. That was just so brilliant. Again, we're going back to the lifestyle habits. We’ve been dealing with people who have kidney issues. We have a number of patients that come to us because their kidney is either not working at all or it’s faltering or been missing a kidney.

[34:08] Ashley James: While you’ve been telling the story, I just had to say because I remember you emailing me going, “Oh, my gosh. We have this dialysis patient and I got to tell you the results.” I forgot to ask you so I’m so glad you’re remembering to tell us because I am beside myself thrilled for you to tell us about the dialysis patients result.

[34:31] Kellyann Andrews: Absolutely. This woman the dialysis patient herself, I have two stories here, the one’s full story is about her kidney but the dialysis kidney herself is 75 years old she happens to go to a practitioner of ours who was at the same age. The practitioner knew how this woman was in quite a state. As a matter of fact, the woman came to her after being in the hospital for a month and almost dying, she had been down in Arizona and had pneumonia. They had to fly her home and she almost died in the hospital. Her kidney functions was down to three. This practitioner started to work with her and did two or three sessions a week with her to get her opened up because again, it’s the kidney, the kidneys not working or the pancreas isn’t working or the thyroid isn’t working. They’re clogging up the internal pollution. Now you get the cells clean and the functionality comes back. Now, this woman’s kidney function is up to 15 but the real funny story that I had was a client who he was up the same age category. He started out with his kidney function down at nine, because his function was so low. His MD sent him to a kidney doctor, Nephrologist. The nephrologist wanted him to go on dialysis. It wasn’t a suggestion the guy literally hounded. This poor patient and just stay on and on. This patient is totally resisted. Not only didn’t he want the lifestyle or being a dialysis patient but lot of restrictions he looked quite further into it and wasn’t quite what he was into. Anyways, he ended up at a clinic that had our system. That doctor knowing he had a kidney, “You should put him in our system.” Within a couple of months, his kidney function came up to 11. He ends up purchasing the system. Two weeks ago, he phoned me because he was thrilled because now his kidney functions up to 13 and when he reaches 15, the nephrologist will stop saying hello because he’s in a moment of freedom because he’s no longer kidney dialysis candidate. Here’s with the best part of the story is that the nephrologist who’s an old-time doc has been in practice for decades have never ever in his entire history as a nephrologist see kidney failure reverse.

[37:26] Ashley James: Exactly. I’ve worked with some really cool old school naturopaths who have been practicing along time and they have been able to reverse get the people off dialysis. It’s amazing how every single time the MD is just like, “This shouldn’t be possible. This isn’t either they were, the tests were wrong or something.” They have no belief that the body could heal itself or reverse the disease.

[38:02] Kellyann Andrews: What I just told them is we’re moving more and more into mainstream medical. We just had an MD in the last few months purchased a system with us. She was working with patients that she’s had for years. One of her patients the woman who literally was completely depended on a cane to get around and after series of session on our system that patient phoned the MD back and said, “I don’t need my cane any longer. My muscle pain has completely gone.”

[38:42] Ashley James: Oh my gosh, I love it.

[38:45] Kellyann Andrews: Yes, she’s one of your listeners.

[38:47] Ashley James: Tells us about our listeners. I know that you’ve had probably a hundred phone calls from our listeners and I know last time you told me at least 30 listeners had bought the platinum energy system. That numbers probably gone up since then because you told me that number a few months ago. You’re not paying me, you’ve gifted me with some arrays, I’m so grateful for that. I want to get everyone healthy. I want to help everyone. When I find something that works, I want to tell everybody about it. You’ve had tons of wonderful contact with the listeners. Tell us some of the stores of success from the listeners. I know they’ll love hearing their success story on the show.

[39:31] Kellyann Andrews: Yes. Well, one of them following the woman who had muscle pain. I thought this would be interesting. This is a woman who’s been a dancer all her life. She’s always had tight calf muscles. Just tightness in her body altogether because of – then the neighbors used to have to do with her body. Anyways in the process of her having sessions, she noticed that her calf muscles were now looser. Her saying was that she’s felt like they were 10 pounds lighter. That her legs were more agile and that she had better range of motion in the back of her thighs and upper back had released. Now, this is a woman who is very in touch with her body. She could ever feel her hip reflexes were more open but she had been in a state of pain for quite some time. Huge discomfort, her pain level was an 8. Now, in a couple of sessions, it dropped down to 4. The tightness that she was also experiencing in her lymphatic system up in her chest area had gone. What was really interesting which I see so much especially with the woman being so real is that she said her sense of dread had gone. And depression had gone. That she had experienced before now had gone and that the fog had lifted. She was more present. The big thing that she noticed was that her energy levels were up. Now one of the things that was really interesting was that heavy metals would actually affect the mitochondria. The mitochondria like your little power of cells like a battery inside your cells, the metals are actually, it really affecting the mitochondria. As people dump that heavy metals, outcome their energy levels. Another person had got the day that she received the system she had a sore throat. Usually, we set up a time when you get it to do the session. Well, this person launched immediately because she had a sore throat. Anyways, we were able to arrange that, in her first session, the sore throat completely disappeared and then what she experienced later was – a week after she then started to experience a bladder infection. She had her second session and the bladder infection disappeared. She told me was she was feeling better and better. She noticed that her energy and stamina increased. She felt brighter and more alertness was her main comment.

[42:35] Ashley James: Why is it that it helps people though infections so quickly? Is it the general it’s helping clean up the environment of the body, draining the rain barrel and cleaning up the environment so that the body can do what it’s supposed to do? Is that it? or is there more technical things as to why it helps blow out infections so well?

[43:06] Kellyann Andrews: It’s the environmental aspect again of course because remember that analogy we used in the last podcast? The 292 and 293 was we talked about when you have a murky aquarium full of industrial chemicals, artificial substances, heavy metals all of that. That environment if you just think of the slimy yucky green algae looking aquarium like swamp kind of look, that aquarium, the fish in there is not doing so good. That’s the environment that induces. That the environment where fungus, bacteria, and viruses thrive because they also thrive in that internal pollution. Now, you got the pressing clean aquarium then take the pool of fish out of the first one, put it in the second one. Then as you said, feed them the right food, they go from barely surviving to completely thriving. Why is that? What’s the difference? The difference is the aquarium environment. In the murky aquarium, we’ve got high acidity and low oxygen. Bingo, number one environment for endorsing the proliferation of virus, bacteria, fungus, and mold. Now in the pressing clean one you’ve got high oxygen and low acidity which is where the good guys thrive. The bad guys thrive in a hyper acidic environment and the good guys thrive in the oxygen which is what you’re talking about earlier. So with this woman that’s why it shifted her over. It was interesting because another woman, her son was coming down with the flu. It’s hanging around for a couple of days. She phoned me up and said would it be good to put him in and I said, “Immediately” so she put him in and it just stopped it completely. Then she started some of the creepiness was in her body that was trying to catch hold of her and so she immediately got in and had a session and it stopped it with her. She felt calm and more relaxed and altogether just more at ease after the session. What was interesting, she told the story of how after that, the entire citizens in the small town, the whole entire town came down with it and they were the only two that didn’t get it.

[46:01] Ashley James: That’s really cool. Do you have any stories of success, interesting stories of healing from listeners who have been using the platinum energy systems?

[46:13] Kellyann Andrews: One of the ones is that these people have, they live in a small town but that small town has a chemical company that is manufacturing multiple different chemicals in that town. The entire town is sick from these chemicals. A lot of the people in the town are actually employees of that chemical company. Everybody in the town is being exposed.

[46:46] Ashley James: Where is Erin Brockovich when you need her?

[46:48] Kellyann Andrews: I know. It is that kind of story except for this is a known source rather than an unknown source. What happened was that these were practitioners and they got the system to put in their practice. Now they’ve been having the people of the town come in. One of the people that worked in it was that woman that I actually take the session on usually is the training. This woman was incredibly sick. Her sinuses were so congested, you can tell she was just completely fatigued. She was just one step under at being a couch potato. We did a session on her and in that session, you could hear the whole respiratory system open up to. The tone of her voice was different she said her energy levels were different. The fog cleared. Her brain she was more alert, she was more present, she was more awake, she was more relaxed, the pain that is in the body subsided. The energy level had come up. You could just hear the transformation in her body but get the garbage out of the body. It’s just like a sink after you wash the dished in the sink and it’s all the murky water in there. Of course, the environment internally in the body is the same if you’re not getting it out. I always say health is putting the right stuff in and getting the wrong stuff out but illness is putting the wrong stuff in and not getting the wrong stuff out. What happened with one of your listeners was it’s was a mom and her two children. The mom had issues and she was just continuously had a very low head on several symptoms manifesting in her body. She wanted to get the system on herself but then she wanted to use it on her children. Both of her children were very vulnerable. The little one was definitely autistic. I think both of the children actually were. Anyways, the little one when she was not feeling great she could completely withdraw. She would just basically shut down. The mom started doing sessions on her and she started feeling so great that the two of them would do a session every two days. They started feeling fabulous. This little one goes to school and the teacher asked the kids to draw their favorite family activity. The little one draws herself having a foot spa and mom putting the water in the basin. Isn’t that sweet? What the mother noticed in terms of behavior and this is what we see with the ADHD children and autistic children is that when they have a session, their whole entire body calms down. The agitated behavior completely starts to ab out. The little ones would sit through the whole session which is what I’ve mentioned in the previous one with the 40-year-old wouldn’t sit still for 3 minutes now sits still once his mother sets up his session and then completely sits still through the 30 minutes. These kids are just so amazing because they so get how significant this is for their body. They just completely chill out. The body is really understanding the significance of the session and one of your listeners, this was a great one, she said, “My mood significantly changed. I’m so much more up. My energy is up. My breathing is easier, my PH is up. I feel happier. Lighter, brighter.” Here’s what really caught me when she said, “I can find joy again.” And one of your listener’s husbands, he had debilitating pain in the upper part of his back, he was literally immobilized by this pain. After a series of sessions, his back pain completely left. Another one of your listeners called me because she had a toothache and the toothache at the start of the day was like 9 out of 10 on pain. She phoned me up she said, “You think this would help?” I said, “Yes because your nerve is going crazy and your tooth because of the hyperacidity and we’ve got to get that acid level down.” Of course, she tested her PH and of course, she was very acidic. After the session, the pain went down to a 1 and her PH went up.

[52:19] Ashley James: That’s what’s actually we haven’t talked about in today’s interview. I was absolutely fascinated at how you can take your PH of your saliva and urine before platinum energy systems only 30 minutes and then afterward take the PH of your saliva and it’s shifted tremendously. You can take your PH all day long and as long as you’re not eating because that’ll shift obviously the chemistry in your mouth. I found nothing that will dramatically make your body more alkaline that quickly than the platinum energy system has. I thought that was really, really interesting. A lot of people feel it. They feel good like, “Oh wow, I feel good.” sometimes we need to plug into the proof. Let’s do some labs, let’s do some proofs and so immediately right away, you get some proof. Like do the PH and you can see there’s physiological change. I think you told me that one of the listeners had children who had such a profound result that their teacher noticed they were better in school?

[53:39] Kellyann Andrews: Yes. The teacher actually said, “What did you do to these children?’ so the mother said, “What?” she said, “I’ve never seen them respond like this.” The little boy who’s normally the Tasmanian devil he’s just hyper to the max. He sat down and read a book. The little girl who was completely not sociable went and played with the other little girls. That was also the mother who I was just telling you about. What she did notice with her child was that, as she had the sessions, she became more affectionate, more outgoing, more cooperative and just all together pleasant. The mother always knew when was the right time to do the session because her happy mood turns sad again.

[54:31] Ashley James: Wow. I love it. I love hearing these stories.

[54:35] Kellyann Andrews: The body responds. The body knows what it needs. That’s what we talked about. Your body is so brilliant at helping you also communicating to you what it wants. What we just need to learn is to hear what’s a “yes” and what’s a “no”.

[54:55] Ashley James: I’ve got some questions. Do you have results around supporting the body to come back into balance in terms of thyroid illness? Have you seen people with grave’s disease, hypo or hyperthyroidism? Or an autoimmune thyroid condition come back towards balance? Towards health when using the system?

[55:26] Kellyann Andrews: Yes. This is an interesting area because it is in multiple dimensions. One of the biggest things that we notice with people and even the functional medicine doctors are now allergic to these. When they see a patient as a thyroid issue, they realize the thyroid is the yellow canary in the mine. The miners take the canary down to test how that air quality is and whether it’s safe for them to breathe that air. The thyroid is the first gland that is offended in the body by toxicity because of course, it’s in the mouth –

[56:15] Ashley James: Also, the whole purpose of the thyroid is to concentrate. It takes the iodine and concentrates it a hundredfold. That makes so much sense that the thyroid would be affected when there’s toxicity because that takes what’s in the thyroid and concentrates it, right?

[56:31] Kellyann Andrews: Yes, that’s when we go back to the body wisdom and the cell-body response again. The thyroid is doing both of those simultaneously. The wisdom of the body knows it’s toxic and it's going into the danger response. It’s trying to counteract what is current but what is right beside the thyroid is the teeth and the dental issues that everybody is experiencing especially the amalgam fillings. One of the things that we have found especially prevalent in young women who have thyroid nodules but often this woman who also have chronic skin issues as well as other auto-immune issues is also one of the sources of their toxicity is a nickel.

[57:26] Ashley James: Where does that come from?

[57:28] Kellyann Andrews: The nickel is coming hugely not only for dental amalgams and also braces in the mouth, orthodontal braces but jewelry, Jewelry worn right there on the skin. These women like one of our listeners, she actually was she created jewelry and she had stopped doing that because she started experiencing extreme nickel allergy. Other sources of nickel, of course, are coin but cooking ware, heavy metals are leeching them out. So they’re increasing the acidity. There’s food, food that has nickel in it. IPhones apparently are having nickel aspect to them. Electronic devices, household appliances, batteries, lotions, vitamins, tobacco, tap water, transit railings, it’s just amazing. It’s increasing the auto-immune response. It’s being absorbed by the skin. People have been having these flare-ups on their skin 24-48 hours after wearing the jewelry. Nobody could figure them out. They have pierced ears or pierced body parts, or they have a job with metals or they’re hairdressers. Nickel is huge and as a matter of fact there something called SNAS. Nickel allergy syndrome. People could look it up, nickel allergy syndrome, SNAS. It may be the root cause of Hashimoto’s. It’s very common for people with Hashimoto’s to have a nickel allergy

[59:30] Ashley James: That’s very interesting. That’s the first that I’ve ever heard of it. How would we go about testing that? Would you think that blood or hair analysis would be best in testing nickel toxicity? Or is it just better to focus on detox and not pay for all the test? It’s kind of like this catch 22. You can spend thousands of dollar on all these very complex tests to figure out where your heavy metals are. Where your body is in terms of – plus you can test for different pesticides, herbicides at the environmental toxins. Then now you have this list of all the things you, “Okay now, we see what’s in you. Now we have to go dig it out.”

[01:00:02] Kellyann Andrews: I know. That is the million-dollar question. I’m of the old school thought, when in doubt leave it out. If you think it might be a problem, it probably is. You wouldn’t be even having the cue but then again, our whole conversation is, what is your body telling you, is it a yes or is it a no? Do you feel good when you’re around it? Do you feel good when you drink it? Do you feel good when you eat it? Your body is giving you cues and clues all the time. One of the things that has always been done which I’m sure you’ve made everybody aware of. That elimination concept you think food is an issue then eliminated it from your diet for x, y, z time and then reintroduce it and see if you have the reaction. In that sort of everything in life including toxic people. Minimize them. What I do is you know the computer, “Okay, let’s hit the minus button on the computer.” Minimize the screen if someone is driving you crazy in our life. Just try to minimize their influence. What we want to do is maximize the positive and minimize the negative.

[01:01:46] Ashley James: One of my clients this morning texted me and said, now she has been so good. I wish I have a hundred clients just like her. She has been the best client. Sometimes I feel like I should be paying her. You know, because she’s so amazing and she’s probably listening to this so, hello! We’re coming up on and working together three months now. She has not eaten bread. We’ve eliminated a bunch of foods that her body was not responding to. She has been just filing her life with more and more joy. I love how you can say joy juice. She just filing her life with joy juice. We’ve eliminated some foods that were really harming her. Food is only like 10% of it. So much of it is mental-emotional, spiritual, energetic once we dialed in diet and supplements. That’s just 10% then there’s the rest of the work to fill life of with joy and shift habits. Here she is, she texted me because her brother’s in town. She’s celebrating, she goes, “I ate bread yesterday. I know you know that was my cheat but I feel horrible this morning. My blood sugar is higher,” still within an acceptable range it’s not like 400 but it’s not a healthy level. She was like, “My blood sugars higher, I have brain fog. I just feel gross. What can I do besides drink more water, what can I do? This is lesson learned, my body does not want this food.” She’s eliminated it for long enough time. Just like you eliminate grains and then go back to them. If you feel brain fog gross or a few you haven’t eaten barley, wheat, rye, and oats then 2-3 months later, you have the bagel and you just can’t stand to. You can’t stand how you feel. She can’t feel the symptoms when she ate it. She was having fun. She was with family, she was enjoying herself. The next morning she has the food hangover. Sometimes it takes a few days. Like you said, sometimes because that immunoglobulin response sometimes it‘s not immediate. Sometimes it’s 3 days later after you’ve had that exposure to that food or that substance. I gave her some advice. I do this too, once in a while we’ll test the waters and go “Maybe I can handle this now. Whatever.” It’s better to know. At least you know. I never drink alcohol. When I was 19, I was a bartender because in Canada you can be a bartender sooner than 21. I was a bartender I got so turned off of alcohol because you know, if you babysit a bunch of drunk people, for me I guess some bartender goes towards alcohol, I went totally away from it. Once in a blue moon, every 10 years when I drink alcohol I do so knowing the next day I might not feel good. It’s that thing it’s like if you’ve eliminated sugar from your diet and you know how good you feel off of it. If you’re going to choose sugar for one night because it’s your friend’s birthday, you know there’s a chance you’re not going to feel good the next day, at least you know why. For the people who don’t know why they feel bad every day or every week, that not knowing drives us crazy. Again, we're focusing on what’s wrong, what’s wrong. Whenever we feel these little symptoms come up of not feeling good, any not feeling good if we don’t know what’s wrong that not knowing drives us crazy because then our brain goes to the worst possible, “It’s cancer, I’m broken, I’m dying, what’s wrong with me? I’ll never feel better again. I’ll always feel bad.” That self-talk.

[01:05:39] Kellyann Andrews: Doomsday thinking. I know exactly but you know what’s really interesting is that on the note of what you’re saying just last week, as a matter of fact, came across a sight in which they were doing before and after blood analysis. They were showing dramatic differences before and after. I was cured of ever wanting to eat gluten by this visual. They put up on the screen the person’s blood as it looked normally. Then they had that person eat whatever source of gluten. They put the blood back up and it looked like huge snowballs in the screen. Like the whole thing was absolutely littered with this snowballs. They said this is the result of the gluten. What happens with the gluten is that the gluten can actually cause leaky gut syndrome. Then we have a cascade of issues following suit with all of that getting into the bloodstream.

[01:06:43] Ashley James: Was that white blood cell analysis?

[01:06:45] Kellyann Andrews: Yes. White blood cell analysis.

[01:06:46] Ashley James: That stuff is interesting. Very interesting. We’ve been gluten-free for coming on 8 years now and rarely have I cheated. I can probably count on one hand and every time I go, wow the next few days I don’t feel a hundred percent and I know exactly what it is. I’m very fortunate to have discovered as part of my healing journey that barley, wheat, rye and that’s just not my friend.

[01:07:20] Kellyann Andrews: They’re not your friend. One of the things that I do with clients when I know that there is something driving them crazy on a food level. What I do is I’ll get them to just chart over a period of time. A few days at the most a week. All the food they’re eating and then, to follow that with how do they feel afterward. Every time they have the meal then record how they’re feeling following and what you’ll find is that will actually flush up for you who the offenders are because you’ll see the pattern starts to occur. When you eat this particular food, this is how you feel and you can find that who is this causing the problem.

[01:08:10] Ashley James: Food mood journal. I love it.

[01:08:13] Kellyann Andrews: It is the neat aspect. A lot of people will have you do write down the food part but they don’t have you write the mood part, the mood part is the mirror. It’s so huge and one of the things I want to share along in the idea of healing habits is, one of the things that really works very well is how you start your day. How you start your day sets the tone and mood for the entire day. When I get up first thing in the morning, I will actually do things like have a little bit of clay and drink a cup of glasses of water so that it just flush the whole entire digestive tract. Following that, I would do oil pulling. Put oil into your mouth like a teaspoon or a tablespoon then you an actually put essential oils in it like peppermint, lavender, or something like that. Just a drop or two then swoosh it around your mouth. It’s a little weird if you’ve never done that at first have an oil in your mouth. It’s quite yuck at first then it actually goes very thin. You do that and you swoosh that around your mouth for 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes, by the end of the time, It’s like this different colored substance but it’s amazing for cleaning up the whole mouth environment. The other thing it does is pull stuff out of the brain. As well as it’s a fabulous methodology for cleaning out the sinuses. You’ll find that you just have these globs come out down to your nasal passages and even up from your lungs. You’ll start to cough the stuff out of your lungs when you take the essential oils into the oil pulling method.

[01:10:14] Ashley James: With oil pulling, I have been told by ayurvedic practitioners to only use raw cold-pressed sesame oil.

[01:10:26] Kellyann Andrews: Yes, sesame oil is the best oil. You know why that is? In Ayurvedic medicine, medicine that comes out of India centuries ancient medicine which is really great when you look back at the forms of medicine that have been for hundreds of years and thousands if not millions of people used it then you get some wisdom come out the line. Why they say sesame oils specifically is, the Indian ayurvedic medicine has three different what they call Doshas. Three different kinds of personalities. All three Doshas can handle sesame oil. That’s probably where that’s coming from.

[01:11:11] Ashley James: Very interesting. Very cool.

[01:11:12] Kellyann Andrews: Then actual fact in ayurvedic medicine they say to put it in your skin like completely coat your whole entire body with sesame oil and then go have a shower. You know what, I just find that a little bit top-heavy.

[01:11:28] Ashley James: I’ve got an ayurvedic practitioner who gave me some oil. I still have yet to do it. She told me how to do it where you heat it up and get in a warm room, have the heater in your room and cover your entire body. Just massage your entire body including your scalp and your hair. Your entire body in this warm, very, very warm, so you have to heat up the oil and you just massage your whole body. There’s herbs, its ayurvedic oils with herbs in it and it stokes the fire, it stokes the heat, it balance the body, closes off the body from the cold. She’s just convinced that I need to do this and I have the oil.

[01:12:17] Kellyann Andrews: Here’s a day in the life of us on the expressway, right? Who has the time and the method is not easy. It’s not streamline methodology. My practical nursing side comes in there and goes, “I don’t have the time nor the inclination.” That is why I converted over to the oil pulling because if you’re putting the oil into the body it doesn’t have to be volumes. If someone has a gallbladder issue or no gallbladder, you do have to be careful with doing oil and the lymphatic system is getting clogged up. All of this orientation to putting all these oil in and on the body, you do need to be careful because that can have the opposite effect. But that’s why I like the oil pulling in the mouth method because your getting it into the body not in voluminous amounts it’s extracting the stuff out you’re not actually swallowing it, you’re getting the effect. It’s such an easy pleasant, fast and convenient methodology.

[01:13:25] Ashley James: It’s so much fun too. My mouth has never felt cleaner. You can go to a dentist and get your mouth cleaned for an hour and it’ll be nothing compared to 20 minutes of swooshing around. It’s a very little amount of oil that you’re using. A teaspoon, 2 teaspoons, it’s a very little amount. Like you said, you’re not swallowing it, you’re spitting it out. Oil pulling is pretty amazing. Your mouth feels so clean afterward. That’s helping to pull toxins out of your mouth and also clean all the bad bacteria but leave all the good microbiome alone.

[01:14:07] Kellyann Andrews: Exactly, exactly. This was all along the healing concepts, the healing habits that we’re doing. It’s how you start your day. How you start your day sets the tone. One of my mentors taught me was music. Music is the one part that gets through to us. Vibration. Put on whatever music it is. Maybe the 60s the 70s or instrumental music or jazz or local or whatever it is that literally rocks your socks. Put that on and just it completely absorb that vibration and allow that beautiful energy to completely encompass and cocoon you. Start your day and when you notice that your mood is starting go on the slippy slope downwards then put the music back on because the biggest thing that we can do for our health and our healing is two things. Music but also behind the music due gratitude. As you’re listening to the music start to think about all the things that you’re so joyful, that you’re so thrilled to be alive for. I must admit that when I was on my low end and didn’t want to be here, that was a hundred percent the opposite spectrum. Now, I am so happy to be here. To be a part of the revolution that is happening on this planet. The letting go of the mindset of illness and moving into the mindset of wellness. Letting go of the dinosaur thinking and dinosaur way of being into that light and love that is so here on this planet. It’s so easy to express and to be a part of. If you focus on love and gratitude throughout your day, all the things you love to do. Do today something that will make you happy. Do something really nice for yourself today. Get out in nature. Dance. Have a bath. Do aromatherapy. Whatever it is that races your vibration, do that today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Sometime in the future, because your only choice in life, your only point of choice is right now. It’s not the past, it’s not the future. This is the only time that you can change. So if it’s to be, it’s up to you. So that all the expression if it’s to be, it’s up to me. To really own that, you deserve it like so many of us have grown up with guilt just laying down on us and we have to be adults, we have to be serious. Look at the kids, look at puppies, just play and be joyful and join in that celebration of life and acknowledge all of the beautiful things that are here. The nature, the beauty, the people. You know Ashley and all of her brilliant guests that have come through and have dropped pearls of wisdom into your life and have changed any ounce of your orientation in life and then you just take all that little ounces and make them up into lots and lots of liquid and drink that every day.

[01:17:58] Ashley James: The joy juice.

[01:18:00] Kellyann Andrews: The joy juice. Let that saturate your body, joy juice because you so deserve it. You so deserve to have the most awesome life. The most awesome body. The most brilliant brain. Just the feeling of complete wellness and happiness. If there’s anything that I could give to you right now, it would be all of that because you so deserve it. You’ve got to open up to receive it. Let go of whatever it is that buries you from that. Let go of all your limitations, all you lack, all the forgiveness to yourself. In this moment, let’s just take this one moment of time and completely forgive everything that has ever happened previously in your life. No matter what is was. Whether you did it to someone or someone did it to you. Let’s just totally in this moment, send absolute complete love and forgiveness to the past. Know that you and your true being haven’t done anything wrong because you have come here to make a difference in your own evolution to make this wonderful choices for wellness and then radiate that awesome loving vibrant sunshiny energy into your day. Into your life and into the lives of everybody you touch.

[01:19:36] Ashley James: I love that you brought up forgiveness, we have to remember that by hold on to that by holding on to anger, resentment or that hurt or betrayal is only hurting ourselves. We so desperately want our holding on to our anger and betrayal to hurt that person that have offended us, that hurt us. Right? We want to hurt that person who abused or victimized us and yet not forgiving is just perpetuating hurting ourselves.

[01:20:07]Kellyann Andrews: Anger only hurts you. Doesn’t [crosstalk]

[01:20:10] Ashley James: Right. It doesn’t hurt the person you're angry at.

[01:20:13] Kellyann Andrews: You know why in your own mind, you would never take a cup of substance knowing it was poisonous and drink it yet you put yourselves in the environments that are like that. You create emotions that are like that. You hang out with people that are emoting those emotions. You hang out in toxic environments and why would you logically, Spock in Star Trek would say, “Not logical human, not logical.” Why would you expose yourself to that and absorb it? It’s their stuff, it’s their evolution, you can’t change them. That’s their story. Their choice. Your choice is this moment and what you choose to focus on and what you choose to own.

[01:21:08] Ashley James: Beautiful. Wonderful. We can all focus on that and to love ourselves is to forgive so that we can heal and move on and stop letting that person who hurt us by forgiving and by loving ourselves. Focus on the joy juice and loving ourselves. Listening to our body and using those little whispers of the symptoms as our guide towards our health. Towards the vison of true health that we’re looking to achieve. Thank you so much Kellyann for being a part of my healing journey. It’s been such a pleasure having you here again. I know listeners who are curious about your platinum energy system. They can call you up and they and go to platinumeenergysystems.ca. They can call you up I know you’re giving a discount to the learn true health listeners. That’s very generous of you. I have to say that Kellyann’s customer service is phenomenal. If you got to learn true health Facebook group and search through, you’ll find, not just me, don’t take my word on it. You’ll find listeners talk about their experience with Kellyann. How amazing she is. What a big heart she has to help each and every one of us to gain the health that we deserve. I must applaud you in your very diligent efforts to help all of us to detox and nutrify our body and come back into balance. If you’re interested in learning more about what Kellyann does for her day to day routine, she shared in episode 292 and 293. She shared some interesting cocktails that she drinks that are healing to the body, healing to the gut. You go back and see that, you can go to learntruehealth.com to read the show notes of those episodes as well which have the recipes. I believe we posted them in there. Kellyann, thank you so much. Is there anything left unsaid? Is there anything you’d like to say to wrap up today’s interview?

[01:23:14] Kellyann Andrews: Just one thought. In your life, think about this for one second, where are you investing your time, your energy and your money? There’s one thing I want you to go away with, is the knowledge and the acceptance that you only have one body in this lifetime and that’s where your investment should be focused.

[01:23:49] Ashley James: Absolutely. If you’re listening to the show, I know that they’re absolutely investing their time in their healing. Ignorance is bliss when we’re only 20. Ate whatever we wanted to, pulled all-nighters and we can get away with it. Now, we ate one wrong thing or we miss a few hours of sleep and it’s like the end of the world.

[01:24:15] Kellyann Andrews: Exactly. It’s just that as you get clean your body wants that environment. So why wouldn’t you want a beautiful sunny day instead of the stormy, cloudy, horrible wet day. It’s the choice of what you expose yourself to, what goes around comes around. Put yourself in the environments with the people and the life that support you to be your best self because that’s who you really are.

[01:24:51] Ashley James: Brilliant. Thank you so much I look forward to having you back on the show again sometime soon. Also, I definitely look forward to hearing from the Learn True Health listeners in the Facebook group about their continued experiences with your platinum energy system. I just love that there’s another tool out there that can help us to get where we want to go quickly. Speed up the healing process so we can have more joy juice in our life. Thank you so much Kellyann. It’s been a pleasure having you here today.

[01:25:27] Kellyann Andrews: It’s been a pleasure to be with you. God bless everybody.

[01:25:32] Ashley James: Are you looking to optimize your health? Are you looking to get the best supplements at the lowest price? For high-quality supplements and to talk to someone about what supplements are best for you, go to takeyoursupplements.com and one of our fantastic true health coaches will help you pick out the right supplements for you that are the highest quality and the best price. That’s takeyoursupplements.com. Be sure to ask about free shipping and our awesome referral program.



Kellyann Andrews' background is biochemistry, nursing, and holistic, alternative and energy medicine for 40 years. She is always digging deeper into the core of “well-being” – on all levels. 

Kellyann Andrews is a health coach by nature and trade. She does not have any specific certifications. She was at university and nursing school until a sudden family death which left her grief-stricken and devastated. Due to this experience, Kellyann Andrews stepped away from traditional medicine. 

Kellyann Andrews continued to educate herself by researching all areas of health recovery. This is now her life's work – sharing discoveries and her recovery with others on the same path. 

When both parents died prematurely, and Kellyann Andrews suffered poor health, she was inspired to find ways of creating wellness at the cellular level. She is the President of Platinum Energy Systems, her husband and her own business – specializing in detoxification for health recovery and prevention. They have clients (home-users), medical clinics, and practitioners all over North America.

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