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Homeopathy Choice

Homeopathy Choice is getting famous as one of the top organizations fighting for the protection of homeopathy. But unfortunately, here in the United States, in particular, there is a serious roadblock that may hamper our freedom to use homeopathy. Today's guest, Paola Brown will elaborate on her fight to make sure homeopathy is a choice that will always be within reach.   

Humble Beginnings  

Paola Brown is a mother of three who lives on a Texas farm with her family.  She was initially an immigrant when her family moved to the United States from Brazil when she was three years old.   

When Paola Brown's family first moved from Brazil, she recalled that her mother brought a homeopathy kit with her. Her mother knew the family wouldn't be having regular health insurance since they were a poor immigrant family and her dad was going to school that time.  

When her dad graduated, he eventually got a job shortly after.  Relieved that the family was going to get real medical care, Paola Brown's mother threw away her homeopathy kit thinking there was no need for alternative methods.   

Personal Health Issues  

Fast forward several years later, Paola Brown developed bladder issues. As soon as she got married, she kept having urinary tract infections and had to take a lot of antibiotics. That eventually opened the door to Paola Brown developing autoimmune diseases like chronic bleeding.   

Doctors recommended painkillers and even joining a support group for oncoming addiction. Paola Brown, who was only 25 years old that time, was offended by the recommendation. Because of that, the doctor encouraged her to look for other alternatives which led her back to rediscovering homeopathy.  

“I searched for a long time and tried a lot of things that made more sense than homeopathy. But I, later on, went back to what my mom used. It 100% cured my health condition,” said Paola Brown.  

Paola Brown says that Cantharis 30 or 200 were essential in her bladder healing. She also used Staphysagria 30. Paola Brown also believes that if only had used Staphysagria for honeymoon cysts when she got married, she most likely wouldn't have to suffer from the chronic bladder condition for years.   

Understanding Homeopathy  

Paola Brown explains that homeopathy is a specific paradigm within Natural Medicine. It is commonly found in health food stores. Homeopathy uses ultra-diluted natural substances, but after they are prepared into the homeopathic form, they become entirely non-toxic.  

And that's so interesting about homeopathy. You can use some poisonous substance, dilute it, and it becomes a homeopathic version of that substance.   

“There's a specific process for the diluted solution. It has to be well done and done by a pharmacy,” explains Paola Brown.  

I am a firm believer in homeopathy. It's a safe way to treat many health conditions like migraines and fever.  I even use it to treat my son when he has gas, colic pain or teething pains.  

Paola Brown says it is not as easy to learn as essential oils. It takes time, effort and energy. But the effort is worth it because it feels almost like magic when you find the right one.   

Recommended For Moms  

Paola Brown recommends that moms, in particular, should learn about this specific natural method of healing. She has been teaching homeopathy to moms for several years. And she gained many students, enough to form an organization uplifting the benefits of this natural method.  

“We currently have seventy-five volunteers contacting our senators. And we have two main missions,” said Paola Brown. “One is to get the attention of President Donald Trump to talk about the unfair actions on homeopathy of his FDA appointee, Scott Gottlieb and congressmen/women/Senators who sit on the FDA's oversight committee.”  

Homeopathy Choice  

In hoping to gain the attention of the President and decisionmakers, Paola Brown is encouraging the public to help circulate their letter from their Homeopathy Choice website.   

“The FDA is currently not issuing any new regulations on homeopathy. They're not trying to take homeopathy away from us right now literally, so we have to be careful not to make that statement. Because if we make statements that aren't true, the discussion is over and we lose,” Paola Brown said.  

Homeopathy Choice has a scheduled from to Washington, D.C. on February 24 to March 4. Hence, Paola Brown is also inviting people to raise their voices regarding this issue.  

FDA Draft Guidance  

For those who are unaware of the current issue that Paola Brown and her organization HomeopathyChoice are fighting for, it's connected with the recent announcement of the FDA. The FDA announced in December 2017 through their Draft Guidance Document that they plan to withdraw the Compliance Policy Guide 400.400 (CPG), which is a document that has benefitted the homeopathic industry for three decades.  

Prejudice Against Homeopathy  

Comparing one FDA press release on homeopathy and five FDA press releases on the Tamiflu, Paola Brown says there is an apparent prejudice against homeopathy. She says the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as medical doctors, are participating in a type of ‘medical cleansing' of homeopathy–a smear campaign to suppress the science and healthcare choice of seven million Americans.   

“It is appropriate for the FDA to regulate the manufacturing of homeopathic medicine, but they should not prevent our right to access this medicine simply because they don't epitomize it,” said Paola Brown.  

Furthermore, Paola Brown says that FDA's homeopathy press release states, “People may be placing their trust and money in therapies that may bring little to no benefit and that the FDA has a responsibility to protect the public from products that may not deliver any benefit.”   

Americans for Homeopathy Choice takes issue with these statements because:   

  1. a) The majority of mothers who use homeopathy are highly educated individuals who have the right to use this medicine in their homes. 
  2. b) Even without a college degree, people are smart enough to figure out how to use homeopathy. Around 100 million people from all different walks of life in India use homeopathy as their primary form of healthcare. And given a chance, Americans can use homeopathy successfully and efficiently.  

According to Paola Brown, the FDA should not be infantile the public by saying we are not capable of identifying the benefits or alleged lack thereof, in homeopathy.  

“I'm suspicious that they want that confusion. Because the FDA can say that we have a hard time complying or that we're confused,” said Paola Brown. “It could be used as their reason to formulate some new regulations. And justify the move by saying they need to regulate this industry more because the public is having a hard time. That's when we lose our freedom.”  

More Pressing Issues  

Paola Brown says that according to the FDA, homeopathy is just a three billion dollar industry. And the pharma industry has so much more. But think about it. For every one dollar spent on a homeopathic product, that could be the equivalent of multiple in the pharma industry.   

“Think of all those drugs that I could have taken for my medical condition. All those procedures and the medical devices. Cantharis 200 was a huge help in curing my health condition and cost $8 to buy. The trick is finding the remedy you need,” Paola Brown said.  


Paola Brown believes that moms have a unique voice here, and a unique relationship with homeopathy. And she says her organization is particularly offended by what the FDA draft guidance is doing.   

The FDA said in their Draft Guidance, “People may be placing their trust on money, in therapy that may bring little or no benefit. The FDA has a responsibility to protect the public from products that may not deliver any benefit.”  

Paola Brown reacts by saying that looking at a mother's perspective on that statement; it comes across as the FDA thinks we are too stupid to be able to determine whether or not a remedy works. Ironically, mothers who use homeopathy, especially in the United States, are highly educated.  

“I realize that the FDA has to regulate or protect the lowest common denominator, the most vulnerable in the population. So meaning, they don't regulate the educated moms. Instead, they regulate who they think is the dumbest person in the crowd,” said Paola Brown.  

She adds. “The result is that the entire market gets dumb down. So basically, the FDA is enabling the public to get more stupid. The FDA is sacrificing the power of the consumer to use and learn homeopathy under their guide. They are disempowering us by depriving us of our choices.”  

Hyland's Baby Teething Tablets  

There was a time when FDA went into homeopathic pharmacies and ran inspections. The FDA allegedly found varying levels of belladonna in those teething tablets. But Paola Brown says the FDA failed to mention the truth.  

Apparently, even if the levels of belladonna were varied, they were all still well below toxic levels. Paola Brown also learned that one had to take 12 bottles within a short amount of time to maybe reach some toxic level. Despite that, the FDA said it was at elevated amounts which made it sound dangerous, but they weren't.   

“It became a scapegoat to badmouth homeopathy. And it is the only reason why the FDA wanted to revisit this draft guidance and CPG,” Paola Brown said.   

She adds, “The fact that people are capable of finding value, people choose things based on the perceived value. There is something here that is marginalized and prejudiced. And for homeopathy to survive this long, it is because people find it valuable. That's how we learn.”  


Paola Brown is a wife and mother of 3 children, and they live on a homestead in Texas where (at peak production) they raise about 80% of their food. She has been a college professor for 13 years and is an activist advocating for homeopathy.   

Paola Brown sits on the board of the Texas Society of Homeopathy, but most importantly, she is the President of Americans for Homeopathy Choice (HomeopathyChoice.org). She is not a homeopath but is a mom who is passionate about homeopathy, using it as the primary form of healthcare for her family and animals. Because Paola Brown is not a health professional, she can speak freely about homeopathy, and how it has cured her of her many autoimmune issues.  

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