159: How To Detox Metals From Your Body

How To Detox Metals

Having done a lot of episodes covering different health topics, I noticed that one of the most requested ones is about detoxification. So here's a treat for all of my listeners! I have with me today, Wendy Myers, an expert who is going to teach us how to detox metals.

I was thrilled to find out Myers is a past graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  I'm likewise set to graduate from the same Institute soon. So for those who want to pursue a career in Health Coaching or just enrich your knowledge in Health and Nutrition, I highly recommend IIN.

Discovering Her Mission

Myers confirms that there is indeed a link to exhaustion and chronic fatigue. And I agree! I have likewise made a great effort changing my diet as well as take supplements or herbs to increase energy. But doing detox protocols is the only way to go if you want to zero in on getting rid of toxins from your body.

On the other hand, Myers said that she started to get into learning how to detox metals when she first became pregnant. Aiming to achieve optimal health in anticipation of the birth of her child, she devoted a lot of time reading books on how to detox metals.

Zeroing In On Metals Detoxification

Her commitment to teaching herself how to detox metals further escalated after she gave birth and her dad being diagnosed with esophageal cancer shortly after. Understandably, Myers was devasted!

Throughout her research, Myers discovered that toxic metals are the cause of many types of cancers. Hence, knowing how to detox metals is part of cancer recovery. However, because Myers dad was also a heavy smoker for the past 40 years, he died just six months after his cancer diagnosis.

In hindsight, Myers was not discouraged in pursuing her thirst to know more about how to detox metals. In fact, her father passed away because of his cancer treatment and not because detoxification wasn't effective.

Right after Myers' dad passed away, she pursued further education in nutrition school. Within three months, she launched her website which focuses on how to detox metals in honor of her father.  What a great tribute!

Benefits Of Bioenergetic

Myers currently has two podcasts. Live to 110 focuses on how to detox metals and all other subjects while her Supercharged podcast launched just last August 3. Supercharged focuses on Bioenergetics and different ways to increase your energy.

“Bioenergetics is the future of medicine. One of the problems I have in wanting to get healthy, is that we're trying to elicit a change in our physical body,” said Myers.

Myers further explains that conventional medicine uses drugs while functional medicine uses supplements. But what we don't realize is our body functions energetically. Incidentally, Myers said Einstein likewise had the same view regarding how our body works.

How Our Body Functions

“The majority of information transfer in our body happens in our body's energetic field,” Myers said. “So when I started implementing the Bioenergetic program about six months ago, people starting feeling dramatic changes within 30 days.”

According to Myers, there are various causes of energetic blockages.  Some energetic blockages include EMF, emotional trauma, adverse childhood events, abuse, and loss. These issues cause physical problems as well.

However, Myers says Bioenergetics is not the same as Homeopathy. According to her, the problem with Homeopathy is that it's hard to pinpoint where in the problems in the body are.

“In Bioenergetics, we have software to do a scan where you can see the problems in the body,” explains Myers. “This is because symptoms don't co-relate to what the real issue is.”

Bioenergetics Success Stories

Myers recalls one client who had a terrible panic attack. It was so bad that she couldn't find the energy to go to work. However, within just a month of doing the Bioenergetics program, she was able to go back to work.

Myers says what drives certain behaviors is still not entirely clear.  However, by doing a brain scan under a protocol developed by Dr. Ryke Hamer, we can see trauma marks in the brain.

Furthermore, Myers says you can resolve those traumas. Resolving traumas can be done by doing the protocol recommended in the Bioenergetic program since Dr. Hamer's therapy is incorporated in it.

“The body starts working better because many pain is emotional. And by addressing emotional traumas, people find a resolution,” Myers said.

How To Find The Right Practitioner

Myers recommends linking to her website for inquiries on how to find a good practitioner for you. Knowing how to detox metals properly does need proper guidance for it to be effective.

“Detox is like a lifestyle. It is not something you just do for a few months,” Myers said. “Furthermore, while there is no perfect testing, tests have to be safe and slow.”

Aside from getting proper testing, Myers also recommends her Mineral Power program wherein clients are given minerals needed to give the body more energy to detox.  And while she is not a fan of fasting for detox, Myers recommends a modern Paleo diet.

Symptoms Of Heavy Metals Exposure

Heavy metals poison enzymes that transfer nutrients into the mitochondria. Hence, it was difficult to detect what kind of heavy metals causes what health problem.

However, Myers says people in an industrial environment pose a significant risk. Common symptoms include brain fog, adrenal thyroid dysfunction, heart disease and high blood pressure.

In addition to that, skin conditions can be caused by mercury while aluminum affects the nervous system. On the other hand, nickel, cadmium, lead and again mercury, interfere with the proper function of hormones.

But to my surprise, I was shocked when Myers revealed there are also metals in supplements and organic foods! Apparently, because glyphosate found in the food we eat, it can also cause gut dysfunction.

Taking The Right Protocol

“It takes 2 to 3 years to remove a majority of metals. And because we are constantly exposed to metals, we have to continue doing various protocols like Mineral Power,” said Myers.

Myers also recommends taking the BioSil supplement. According to her, BioSil grabs metals and remove it from the body because it has a binder capacity. Furthermore, taking BioSil with citrus juices makes it absorb better in the body.

Aside from taking the right supplements, Myers recommends doing infrared sauna as well as coffee enema twice a week.  As far as diet is concerned, doing a basic Paleo diet is good since we need apparently need animal protein to detox.

Limitless Energy Book

Myers believes that you will never achieve true wellness with heavy metal toxicity. Her book, Limitless Energy: How to Detox Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue is likewise an excellent resource to educate us on how to detox metals.

“My aim is to educate you about what metals are causing your health issues and how to detox them,” Myers said. “I'm thrilled to take you on this journey to save your life or the life of your family.”

Wendy Myers is a functional diagnostic nutritionist in Los Angeles, California. She attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and had a degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California. 

Myers uses Hair Mineral Analysis and other functional medical tests to design custom Mineral Power programs. This is an individualized targeted nutrient therapy program to facilitate toxic metal and chemical detox, heal the adrenals and thyroid, regain energy and brain function and reverse and prevent disease. 

Myers' site Liveto110.com aims to inform you about how to achieve optimum health, energy, and vitality. One that empowers you to improve your health through the Paleo diet, Mineral Power, detoxification and natural treatments for your health conditions.

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