32: How To Meditate

A Simple Step-By-Step Guide

Forrest Knutson, an expert in Yogic Meditation, is back on the show to teach us all HOW to meditate. He gives us a simple step-by-step method to begin meditating each day, and for those who have been meditating for a while, he covers techniques to go deeper.

This particular type of meditation can be a spiritual experience, in that you are encouraged to utilize your spiritual beliefs within your meditation. Christians can incorporate Jesus, Catholics can incorporate Mother Mary or one of their favorite saints. Others may choose Buddha, an angel, Allah or the Divine Light. Whoever you have a personal connection with.

Forrest explains how to incorporate your spirituality into your meditation for an inspiring and profound experience. If you do not have a defined spirituality, do not worry, you can still use meditation for its many benefits!

How To Meditate and Go Deeper

Here is a summary of Forrest’s step-by-step guide:
1) Quiet Room or corner of your room.
2) Sit on the floor or sit with your back straight on a chair.
3) Straight spine with one vertebra under the other.
4) Place a pillow under your sacrum to tilt your pelvis slightly forward when sitting. This will aid your back in aligning itself.
5) If you can, sit in a half or full lotus position. This is sitting with your legs crossed.
6) Sit on a wool, fur or silk blanket.
7) Pitch dark room.
8) It is nice to prepare an altar with an image of your spiritual ideal. Jesus, Buddha or perhaps the divine light, etc… someone you connect with personally who inspires you, who you want to connect with, this is your goal.
9) Sway a little side to side and back and forth to align your spine.
10) Double breath – Listen to episode #25 for Forrest’s detailed explanation of the double breath.
11) Watch your breath.
12) Hong-Sau Breath.
13) Gently lift eyes to look at your spiritual eye (between and slightly above eyebrows).
14) Feel and watch frontal sinus inflate while breathing.
15) Start doing this for a few minutes at a time each day and build up your endurance.

Please share this episode with those who you know would love to learn how to meditate and receive all of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual benefits that daily meditation has to offer.


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