141: How To Prevent Cancer?

How to Prevent Cancer Naturally

I have a very impactful and mind-blowing interview for you today on how to prevent cancer and how to beat cancer.

I sat down with Valerie Warwick, who is a nurse and has been a nurse oncologist for over 17 years wherein she started to see how people cure their cancer naturally.

Eventually, she quit her job and focused on methods on how to beat cancer and how to prevent cancer naturally.

Warwick and I also talked about “The Truth About Cancer” documentary series, and she is from that documentary. If you'd like to watch that series on how to prevent cancer and how to beat cancer, please go to www.learntruehealth.com/cancer, and it is free for you to watch.

Dealing With Cancer In The Past

When Warwick was growing up, her mom and grandmother were both a nurse. So it felt like a natural progression for her to go into nursing. When I was in my 20s, Warwick's mother had multiple sclerosis, and her father has throat cancer.

Warwick took care of her parents for a long time and eventually went to nursing school. That led her into oncology. I got a lot of experiences on how to prevent cancer and how to beat cancer in the allopathic world for 17 years.

When Warwick's friend was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, she knew the traditional treatments would not work on her friend. So that propelled Warwick to start doing research.

First it started with diet, and eventually, Warwick learned about alternative treatments on how to prevent cancer and how to beat the cancer that was working for people.

Understanding Cancer

The more Warwick learned about integrative oncology; she didn't see people as sick patients because of cancer. But she saw them as someone who has been wiped out by chemotherapy.

One day, Warwick met two people in different interactions. They both cured their cancer with cannabis oil in four months, and they did not change their diet.

When we have cancer, we need to build a team around us with members who are experienced, knowledgeable and can support us to navigate our treatment. Do not stop in one opinion.

In 2009 Warwick ‘s focus began to change after experiencing her health challenges. Using whole food nutrition, and the principles and practices of Functional and Orthomolecular Medicine, Warwick realized a change in her health as she did the same practices into her own life.

Warwick also realized that treating cancer by suppressing symptoms and the body's immune system never brought healing to anyone.

Warwick realized that micronutrient deficiencies and toxins are the most widespread and dangerous health condition in this generation. Hence, we need to remove the burden of toxins and restore the immune system through nutrients, movement, real – nutrient dense food, sunlight, water, oxygen, spiritual awareness and the joy of healthy loving relationships.

Cannabis Oil

Warwick says there are different ways to use cannabis. The oil extract can be used orally or rectally. And it can be used topically. So if you have a skin condition, you can use cannabis oil directly on the skin.

There are different strains–Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indicia. The Sativa is more stimulating, and the Indicia is more sedating.

“You can use the high THC strains to help sleep well at night. It keeps your blood levels more consistent,” explains Warwick. “When you take them rectally as a suppository, it bypasses the first phase of the liver breakdown. And you're able to take a higher dose.”

Warwick also says there was a child who had an inoperable brain tumor. Cannabis is excellent for brain tumors because it doesn't cause swelling. It causes cancer cells to die cleanly.

I lost my mom to cancer when I was 22 years old. So I made it my life's mission to help people learn about all these natural remedies on how to prevent cancer and how to beat cancer.

Testing For Cancer

“A lot of people don't realize that there's testing that you can get, that will help guide the practitioner and you to know which substance to focus on,” said Warwick. “From the testing, you can formulate a treatment plan. No two cancers are the same.”

This comes down to what cancer is. Is it a gene-disease? Or a disease of genetics? Or is it because of environmental toxins?

But if the disease is genetic, wouldn't the new generation get healthier? Because the weaker people die off and the stronger genes get passed on. So why are we getting sicker especially in the past 50 years?

“The cancers we see today are the result of environmental toxins and poor nutrition. It's an environmental disease and disease of lifestyle,” Warwick said.

Warwick also says that if you're looking for answers through genetics manipulation like allopathic medicine is, you're looking in the wrong direction. If you deprive cells of oxygen, the cells change metabolism.

Our body is so resilient, such that it can survive despite the chemotherapy. It is so powerful and can heal. We need to adopt that mindset.

“Radiation makes cancer cells more aggressive. Because radiation doesn't kill the stem cells,” Warwick reveals. “Not all cancer cells have the ability to form a tumor. There are also studies right now saying repeated mammograms cause cancer.”

Thermogram Option

Warwick says that a better option is a thermogram. It detects heat and inflammation in the body, giving us more time on figuring out how to prevent cancer and how to beat cancer.

Thermograms can be used for the abdomen, as well as the jaw and neck. That's a great tool, used along with a simple test called oncoblot. This test will detect 28 types of cancers early, 8 to 10 years before they develop.

Tips for Prevention

• Take vitamins like vitamin C
• Eat more vegetables
• Take supplements
• Take a good dose of Omega 3 product

My Wellness Tutor

Warwick's specialization is chronic disease prevention and health management. She also educates her clients on how to influence specific genes and how they are expressed. You may refer to her website for various services.

She explains that all of us are born with a particular genetic code, and we can influence the expression of those genes by turning them on or off using environmental influences.

A combination of moderate exercise, improved nutrition, stress management techniques and increased social support can turn on or off over 500 gene expressions in a matter of a few months.

Valerie graduated with her nursing degree in 1997. Her nursing career led her into Oncology where she spent 17 years in direct patient care, in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. During that time Valerie obtained her certification as an Oncology Nurse Specialist and developed a strong clinical background in all aspects of patient care.

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