14: Hypnosis Is For Transformation


Roberta Fernandez is back on the show to share more about the power of our mind, using self-hypnosis for pain elimination and how our thoughts become things!

Roberta is most famous for helping her clients overcome chronic pain and weight problems by teaching self-hypnosis.

“There is NO pain processing center within our brain” Roberta shares. She elaborates in the interview how our nervous system processes pain and how we can easily use that when eliminating pain through self-hypnosis.

Roberta knew she wanted to help others with hypnosis after she was able to eliminate her arthritis pain completely, and again when she was able to recover from a double knee replacement surgery, using only self-hypnosis to manage the pain.

Roberta clears up the misconception that when in trance you are susceptible to taking in any suggestions, like robbing a bank. “I can’t make you rob a bank. The suggestions we take in are those that are in alignment with our morals, values, and ethics.”

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • The difference between meditation and hypnosis.
  • The definition of self-hypnosis.
  • How to become a hypnotherapist.
  • How to find a good hypnotist in your area.
  • Hypnosis is for transformation.
  • There are hypnotic techniques to help children and students learn to focus and eliminate attention issues.

Health AH-HA Moment:

Hypnosis is not about clearing your mind so it’s blank. Self-hypnosis is about being so focused on one thought, intention, suggestion or goal that it’s the only thing you are concentrating on.

Your Challenge:

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