140: How To Tap Into Your Intuition

Discovering Your Life Purpose, Intuition, Spirituality, and Angels

I am so thrilled to have Veronica Drake on the show today to talk about life purpose, practical spirituality, and intuition. If you want to be healthy physically, we also need to address all the other planes of existence.

Holistic health is not just about the physical aspect. If you're missing something emotional, mentally and spiritually, there's not enough kale in the world to fix that.

Tumultuous Past

“I'm always mindful that our biography, our story, becomes our biology. The life that we live becomes a physical reality so for a long number of years, I was spinning my wheels,” shared Drake.

“I was ignoring everything about my life that hurt. I lived in a bubble. I wasn't raised with any image of a God. In fact, I have a very dysfunctional background.”

Drake's mother is schizophrenic and bi-polar. Her father was an alcoholic. Drake says her childhood reminded her that she wasn't good enough. She had no support system. It was scary.

Drake married young just to get out, and the one she married took care of her which she needed desperately. She wanted to be wanted. Drake had her first son at 21 and her second son at 24.

She thought that was the answer for everything but life got worse. Drake became addicted to Xanax and pain medication after suffering from a back problem which she ended up having surgery for.

Drake says her story led her to make decisions based on other people's definitions of who she should be and what she should want. So when she felt she couldn't do that anymore, Drake was about 32 years old. She wanted to commit suicide.

Divine Intervention

When Drake was on the brink of ending her life, she felt this incredible warmth and light come into her car. She felt hugged. Her foot came off the accelerator, and it was in that moment of November 1996 that Drake found God. The God of her understanding.

Drake believes that God can be who she or he is to you. And the God of her understanding was one who put her on the path to spirituality, to understand her role in the world.

Practical Spirituality

“Spirituality is a simple process. We have it in us. After I had tried to commit suicide, I was waiting for the next epiphany,” explains Drake. “The Divine put obstacles where I had no choice but to surrender to what was.”

how to tap into your intuition

It was 1998 when Drake got serious about getting on this spiritual path. It started with her collection of quotes. She would get magazines, cut out quotes and place them on her desk.

When Drake looks back at those quotes, it was everything she teaches right now. She took those quotes to heart. One of her favorite quotes is, “You change when it becomes harder to stay where you are.”

“I imagined I saw my life as is. I knew that I was here for more than what was happening in my life,” Drake said. “I just put this imagery in my brain. And the brain cannot distinguish from the reality of living it or imagining it.”

So as Drake was feeling this life of being an inspiration, slowly it began to happen. She says we are all born with a sacred contract that identifies our life purpose.

Communicating With Angels

There were a lot of things going on in Drake's life and a big obstacle was her addiction to wanting attention. Self-talk, quotes, and understanding that she was never alone, to begin with, Drake began to communicate with the angels.

“I'm skeptical and same with my intuition. When I started to get rapid fire answers about what to do, I would listen to directions,” said Drake.

Angels are fascinating to me. When my mom passed away, I met a woman who did angel readings. All of a sudden I'd feel this presence. I've had moments of despair where I feel loved and supported.

Getting Into Coaching

Drake started a women's group called the Lady Bugs, and the only rule was that you couldn't complain about the men in your life. She started out in her house with eight women then it grew to 30 plus women before she pulled the plug.

“I was scared of all the attention. Fear kicked in. I shut it down, went to coaching academy and became a life purpose coach. It plays out when you're open to hearing it,” Drake said.

Finding Peace

“I'm an excellent listener. And non-judgemental. Coupled with the fact that I am curious, bringing my intuition, and so happy, it makes people naturally drawn to me,” shares Drake. “I love life. I love ‘what it is.' All parts of me began to understand what it means to live in harmony. And that's when I found inner peace.”

“When our truth collide, and there's no willingness to be forgiving or accepting, that's when struggle happens. That's when energy gets depleted, and that's when you get sick,” said Drake. “The preliminary work to purpose is building up self-esteem and self-confidence along with self-awareness.”

Tips On How To Make A Difference

Drake suggests becoming aware. Awareness can happen on so many levels. Start a soul journal. This is the communication between you and the universe.

Write every day and answer the questions, “Who am I?,” and “What is my life about?” Ask your spirit angel to reveal what is in your highest and greatest good at this moment.

Not so favorable thoughts will also come out of writing every day. Circle the not so favorable things and analyze what the root cause is.

Success Stories

Drake had a client who had a dysfunctional marriage. They worked together, and that client divorced, picked up and moved. Eventually, she found work in a Holistic center doing what she loves, and she's never been happier. She is living her life on purpose.

Women also come to Drake all the time and ask where they can find their soulmate. She says that we attract what we are. There was one time that Drake worked on a client who was searching for her soulmate. She began to draw a different kind of man, ended up finding her better half and lived happily ever after.

Understanding Intuition

Drake says we don't often reference our intuition or the place of intuition which is our body because it's not mainstream yet. She also has a technique called the intuitive voice method that helps clients understand themselves better and practice radical acceptance.

“I believe that as someone who uses her intuition, intuition is our first nature. We were born to be intuitive. It's how we survive.” Drake said.

Veronica Drake is an international life coach, author, spiritual teacher, speaker and an intuitive. All this combined with her quick wit and warm heart she entertains and educates her audiences.

Drake's own twenty + year spiritual journey has prepared her to teach. She is taking all her experiences and sharing them with her audiences. She openly and honestly shares her journey with raw emotion and quick wit.

Her focus is primarily on the development of unlocking the Soul's potential and living life on purpose. While sharing her personal life story and bringing to light issues previously thought taboo, she creates hope in her clients.

Her style is intuitive, inquisitive, witty and humorous. She loves to laugh and finds laughter to be great in releasing our authentic selves. Curiosity is second nature to Drake and she finds it brings an ease and comfort to the Self-Development relationship.

A Woman of Love And Compassion

If you are looking for an inspirational, God loving, witty, compassionate woman to inspire and motivate your community to look no further!

Her credentials include:
• Coach training at the International Coaching Academy
• Active Member of the International Coaching Federation
• Certified Practitioner in the Law of Attraction
• Certified in Mastering Life's Energies
• Alumni of The Holistic Learning Center
• Author of Several Books: The Unconventional Road to Emotional Freedom & Prosperity…The How-To Guide for Today’s Heart-Inspired Entrepreneur; Thoughts, Food, W(h)ine & Bubble Wrap…A Woman’s Journey to Self-Acceptance and 3 Keys to Unlocking Your Divine Purpose

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