77: Jan Elliott – Plan For A Joyful Retirement

Motivation and Guidance

Retirement planning expert, Jan Elliott, works with women in close-knit workshop settings, to offer motivation and guidance in creating a vision and plan for retirement.

Jan Elliott is the author of the book Faith Full Retirement: The Woman’s Guide to Finding Joy in Her Later Years.

“I like to think retirement planning (actually all areas of life) falls into four categories. They are:

  1. Money Matters and Mindset
  2. Passion, Purpose, and Prayer
  3. Health and Wellness
  4. Relationships.”

In our interview, Jan Elliott teaches powerful keys to living an empowered life. A big lesson is forgiveness. When we hold onto anger, resentment or judgment we are poisoning our own life.

Jan also teaches the importance of letting things go so we are not “offended”. Being offended can create a disconnect from joy and drain our energy, creativity, and passion in our life.

Jan Elliott Gives 4 More Keys To Living A Happy, Healthy Life:

  1. Eat clean. Which of course means organic fresh wholesome foods. Within 3-5 days you will have more energy and over-all just feel better. Start searching Pinterest and make boards with healthy 3-5 ingredients. Planning ahead is key
    Then pull the recipes up on your phone, get the ingredients and get cookin’.
  2. Smoothies for breakfast or an anytime snack. PLEASE, no more cereal, bagels, donuts or the wrong kind of smoothies as not all smoothies are the same. There are some great recipes in the book, The Omni Diet, by Tana Amen and also on Pinterest. I am currently working on a list of my favorites that will be posted on the website.
  3. Last but NOT least. Essential oils. Frankincense is the most powerful of all the oils. But make sure all oils are therapeutic essential oils.
  4. One more, if I could mention it. Little pricey, but so valuable. Have all of your metal fillings replaced and never allow another metal filling in your mouth or in the mouth of anyone you love. This mercury has been linked to many diseases including cancer and inflammatory aches and pains.

Learn more at FaithFullRetirement.com


Faith Full Retirement: The Woman’s Guide to Finding Joy in Her Later Years – by Jan Elliott

The Purpose Driven Life – by Rick Warren

The Bait of Satan – by John Bevere

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