84: Jill Mattson – The Science of Sound Healing

Music Healing: The Soothing Your Way To Optimal Health

I’m really intrigued that we are affected by energy. How do sound and music affect us? My guest today is an award-winning musician, healer, and author—Jill Mattson.

Music healing is what Mattson will explain to us in detail. She will teach us all about how we can use music, vibration, and sound to bring balance and healing to our body.

Mattson’s Journey to Music Healing

Mattson was a musician since she was 3 or 4 years old. It’s always been a core of her life. But in her midlife, she was writing a book—an autobiography of God. It was a spiritual quest.

That time, Mattson says she was a very conservative Christian. She decided to rewrite the Old Testament from the viewpoint of God.

“I was horrified that God was moody and did some nasty things. And I had an epiphany,” she said. “Whatever concept I had of God, that is going to reflect on who I am.”

So Mattson decided to release all dogma other than God is love. She started to search the world for this. Mattson looked for a new bible and that led her to the Kabbalah and other teachings.

That started Mattson’s 25-year quest. When she read all the inner teachings of all the great avatars on earth, she discovered something.

Mattson discovered all had secrets wherein they could transform or manipulate people. It was the underlying mathematics of music. Carefully crafted to give you a certain emotion.

These masters she said, consider this to be very powerful. Hence, they were careful in making sure it does not get in the hands of selfish people.

The Power of Music

Mattson says she spent 25 years understanding how to calculate, device, create frequency matrixes, rhythms, and patterns to do anything. Hence, this power can be used for health, generically and specifically, to transform personal qualities.

In addition to that, it can be used to fill your aura full of light. Or balance your intestines. Furthermore, it can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Music has such an effect on us because science shows that our heartbeat, feelings, and thoughts are around us.  It’s amazing how many unheard little frequencies we ingest.

Secret Sounds Ultimate Healing

In Mattson’s  book “Secret Sounds Ultimate Healing,” she talks about the work of Sharry Edwards who had this extraordinary hearing. If she walks past you, she can tell if you have an illness.

If your body is correcting something, it always creates the same frequency. Just like little cell transmissions or communications. To tell the body how to heal itself of any malady.

That led Edwards to develop a software that aligns with the frequency of everything in our world. It gives new hope for diseases of which modern medicine has nothing to offer.

Deep Wave Beauty

Mattson’s Deep Wave Beauty CD can make you can look at the soundwaves. And go in and alter them.

It is a gorgeous, new age classical music CD. Furthermore, it contains frequencies associated with music healing the body.

“Everytime you feel a negative emotion, through the science of resonance, that negativity is going to transfer some place in your body,” Mattson explains. “And you’re going to store it.”

She also said the sound is a subtle energy so listening once is not enough. You have to absorb enough for music healing to make a difference.

Ancient Sounds Modern Healing

In her Ancient Sounds Modern Healing book, it explains that after one listens to patterns of sound, their aura is filled with light. And that’s the “white light” energy that you feed into your body.

Furthermore, Mattson suggests listening to healing sounds to lower stress. In addition to that, sound travels in different volumes and in different methods in the body. Hence, the most powerful method in music healing she says, is in subtle tones.

“All my music takes you right down in a real good spot. And the background I have all my frequency healing going on,” said Mattson. “So it works both ways. The frequencies work and the music calms.”

Binaural Beats

Originally, I was trying to find an expert on binaural beats. Consequently, my friend lost a bunch of weight and it took was listening to binaural beats of athletes.

I thought it was crazy and could not do it for more than half an hour. As a result, I felt high as a kite.

The I felt my body was detoxing. Yet it was amazing. So I had to do binaural beats in small chunks.

“Binaural beats dependent upon using headphones, measuring the cycle per second of a brain wave. It dials up a certain brain wave in your head,” explains Mattson. “Consequently, there are sounds that you can only hear in one ear. Hence, we hear in surround sound.”

Protecting Ourselves from Energy From Others

First of all, Mattson says if you play transformative music, you heal everybody in the room. It’s like drive-by healing. They won’t even know what you’re doing.

“The stronger wave always overcome the lesser. If you’re full of peace and love, just feel it,” said Mattson. “Your very being can be the stronger wave. And it can be you that alters them.”

Does Volume Matter?

There are two kinds of volume:

  1. How many times you listen to it.
  2. How loud it is.

You don’t want the volume so high that it hurts your ears and damage hearing. The more you focus on the music, the more you ingest it.

Mattson says our body is conscious. And when you need a frequency, interval or harmonic pattern, your body is going to release endorphins.

“Music through the ages, it sculpts us on a more individual basis,” she said. “Making us more our own person.”

Feel the Change

Finally, Mattson believes our body needs all of the frequencies for health. The best sound generator is our voice.

Music healing tips to try:

  1. There’s an ancient method called toning. In the morning, start with a deep pitch.
  2. Keep on that tone until your voice moves on its own. It will slowly start to go up.
  3. When you get stuck on a tone, you need that tone for health.
  4. Hum until your voice gets up again. The whole process takes 15 minutes.
  5. Keep doing the toning exercise to slowly heal yourself. Your body absorbs sound. And it’s intelligent. It will pick out the frequency that you need.

Jill Mattson is a prolific Artist, Musician and Author. Jill is a four – time author, and widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound Healing! 

She has produced eight CD’s that combine intricate Sound Healing techniques with her original International Award Winning musical compositions (The Lost Waves of Time  Best Book of 2016 and Best Alternative Science book of 2016, Deep Wave Body Healing CD Best Sound Healing CD of 2016, Contacting Angels & Masters CD  Best CD of 2015 and Deep Wave Beauty CD  Best New Age CD  Silver Award). 

The CDs consist of intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques – with sound energy & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits.

Get Connected With Jill Mattson!

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